Josh’s Facial Cutting

Josh sent me a letter about his facial cutting which is pictured below after it was done — there are some great gory action shots after the break as well,

This is a project Russ did on my face about five months ago. The three bars are one for each of my sisters — one older, the bigger bar, and two younger ones represented by the smaller bars. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had mod-wise, excluding my facial tattooing [done after the cutting].

If you visit Josh’s IAM page (his main gallery, currently), you’ll see that he’s in the process of doing an entirely fish themed concept body transformation — his face has already been started with scales. He’s planning on doing scalp scarification so his hair grows into a permanent scale pattern, and implanting three dimensional “gills” on his neck as well.





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29 thoughts on “Josh’s Facial Cutting

  1. A nose tattoo with that placement is a realy nice accent for the face. Beautiful

  2. The final product is great. The thing these type of mod’s always make me realize is what a great relationship you have to have with your artist. The amount of trust involved with a cutting so close to the eyes speaks volumes about the trust between this guy and Russ Fox.

    I love the ink on the nares as well.

  3. Be sure to check out his page to see where he’s continuing on too… His scales are quite something as well.

    (If they’re not on his page I apologize, but either way they look great)

  4. The nostril tattoo is very subtle, I like it.

    Dunno how I feel about the fishy conversion mods. But I think the scale implants could be nifty.

  5. Serenity and Mark said it perfectly: that nostril tattoo is fucking stunning.
    He’s a gorgeous man too, in my opinion.

  6. LOVE THIS!!! nose tattoo is amazing and i love the scarification. especially the during shots

  7. Gorgeous man, I love all his mods and how they accentuate his features without being too dominant.
    I like the gory bloody action pictures :)

  8. Gorgeous man, gorgeous mods. I love when people’s work really compliments their features – it all looks very organic! And I have to mention how hot he is – it’s men like this who make me want to move to Canada!

  9. Very impressive scarification and concept design.

    I love the subtlety of the nostril tattoo.

    Both designs really compliment the features of his face.

    Another great ModBlog post!!!

  10. Ya photo credit goes to my old roomate David Davis, if I fnd any site info on him I’ll be sure to post it, thanks for the comments guys I really have tried to make all my facial mods fitting and subtle, but still right there for you to see. Even with the scale work now a huge part of my face, people still like to come up to me and really kinda see what they can find

  11. i really like the way it came i some day would love some facial cuttings i also love the meaning behind it

  12. Wow, great! The meaning behind it is great, and I love his nose tattoo as well. So simple, yet so pretty :D

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