Maybe I don’t get Norwegian humor?

Oddbjorn says that he figured out the “huge all important question of…”

What do you do with your hands and feet while in a resurrection suspension?

You just:

1) Hook both your wrists in a loop behind your back.
2) Put both your feet into the loop.
3) Pull and enjoy.

He also sends out thanks to Haavve and the Wings of Desire suspension team, which I can definitely agree with! This was done at the December 27th Susday in Oslo.


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7 thoughts on “Maybe I don’t get Norwegian humor?

  1. i just get the wonder if what was to happen if he passed out, everything gets much heavier when you’re muscles relax… it’s nice to see one of these suspensions, mostly we get suicide suspensions or knee suspensions.

  2. The ‘humor’ was actually just calling the question “huge and all important”
    As it seemed a bit trivial to be conserned with ones hands and feet while hanging in a ressurection suspension.

    I loved the rig too :)
    WoD have quite a few really nice custom rigs.

  3. Yey, Norway!!!!
    I think it is great, not everyone can reach their feet with their hands while doing a ressurection. Clever!
    Cant wait to hang that way again!!!
    Håper det gikk kjempe bra, obbe!

  4. There would be no problem with muscle relaxation, as the rope
    is not held in my hands.
    I am just holding my hands in a fist.
    The rope is actually hooked into to each of my wrists.
    The angle of the photo makes it a bit hard to spot.

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