Lane’s Really Gross Leg Gash

Continuing in the drama that is Lane‘s leg-boob implant-gone-wrong (see also: part one and part two), Lane updates us with his healing, which like the implant, seemed to be going well but then turned out far worse than expected. He writes in describing his ordeal (and includes a gory picture of course),

Thursday night I had to take out the stitches that had been put in ten days earlier. My leg once again decided to let a great deal of clear lymphatic fluid out through the wound. Once I finished draining my leg I carefully removed the stitches. As I did so the wound opened right back up a second time. This time the tissue around the wound looked purple and dead. I cut away the dead tissue and decided it was time to stop screwing around and visit the hospital. I flushed the wound with saline, packed it with sterile gauze, then sensi-wrapped it and headed to the hospital.

All the way there I thought of a million excuses I could give them in order to prevent anyone from getting into trouble. Once in the parking lot I decided it would be in my best interest to just come clean with the truth in case something more serious was happening to me. I went up the the front desk, told the nurse that I had a large wound on my calf from an implant extraction that was going to require stitches. She immediately took down my info, filled out the forms and brought me to the suture room.

Ten minutes later a nurse approached me with her clipboard and documents and asked me what happened. Instead of unwrapping my leg I pulled up the images on my blackberry and showed her what we did, what had happened, and how it was looking now. She smiled and said “wow, that’s amazing”, followed by “I hope you did this all sterile”.

I explained all the precautions we had taken and the setup we used and the implant material, and then waited for the lecture as she left to get a doctor and surgeon to come look at the wound. To my surprise not one word of “you shouldn’t have done this” came out of their mouths. They checked my Blackberry, looked at the wound, and then told me, “good call on removing the dead tissue”. They said they wouldn’t suture it back up because the skin was too tight in this area and believed that it was part on the reason it keeps weeping and looks irritated. They said to clean it once a day with sterile saline, gob Polysporin over it and cover it with new gauze, then wrap it back up. I was told to expect it to take four to six weeks to heal, and six to eight months for the scar to turn white.

I was really expecting to have to deal with the health board and get a few speeches about the dangers but they were actually very helpful, gave me a few reasons most implants reject and every one was the same as BME or Brian had discussed already. They felt it was a simple case of rejection and the wound being too tight and sent me on my way saying there was no sign of infection and keep up the good work looking after it. WOW!

These days almost all “medical encounter” stories I hear are quite positive… Either way, if you have a problem that feels like it might be moving into territory that’s beyond what you’re comfortable with, do what Lane did and visit a doctor!


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15 thoughts on “Lane’s Really Gross Leg Gash

  1. Gotta love pictures of irritated leg wounds. My mom looked over my shoulder at an unfortunate time..haha…

    Anyways, props to Lane for being in tune with his body. And good luck with healing!

  2. Thanks again to Lane for sharing his story. I’m really impressed by the medical staff’s professionalism. Thanks again for sharing with us Lane, and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  3. When dealing with the medical community I think your approach makes a big difference. If they can see that you know what you are talking about and that you have taken all the sensible precautions then they don’t really have anything to lecture you about. On the other hand, if you have patently been a complete idiot then they have a duty of care to point out to you what you did wrong to help make sure you don’t do it again.

    I was amazed the last time I had an operation. I was asked about recreational drug use and rather than brush the issue under the carpet and risk complications I came clean. I was expecting a lecture but instead the doctor and I had a very intelligent conversation which culminated in her giving me three options and effectively letting me choose my own anaesthetic. I bet most patients don’t get that. I got no lecture and she was actually very interested about a lot of my experiences. The fact was she could tell that I knew my body, knew my mind, did my research and did these things as responsibly as you possibly can. There was nothing she could really lecture me about, so she didn’t.

  4. That wound reminds me ofone my dad had on the back of his leg from a nasty dog bite … it had to be packed with saline-soaked gauze for a month before it started to close up. I hope it heals up well!

  5. These updates on Lane’s rejecting implant have proved to be one of the most interesting and informative posts that I’ve seen for a while.

    I’m glad that the medical staff were nothing but professional and understanding. Having this attitude towards their patients will make people more willing to seek professional medical help when things like this happen.

    Thanks to Lane for keeping us all in the loop on your healing progress.

  6. #8 – More than likely it’s pus or blood plasma, or whatever to body produces to seal an open wound (the sort of thing that makes a burn scab, or at least thats what I think.

  7. ackk somebody get the sutures quick.or at least try to glue it shut.or is it to late in the healing stage to close it.

  8. I was really surprised to hear BOB FM (Ottawa radio station) talk about this this morning. They were not nice at all *coughsidiotscoughs* calling Lane stupid and rash. I was surprised tho to see that people have so little understanding and sympathy. Had it not rejected they would’ve high fived him (it’s a horrible machismo station… type that would go “yay boobies”)… but seeing it did they allowed themselves to insult him. What is up with that?

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