Is it real or an art hoax?


Will took the photo below and lots more this summer in Lyon, France at a suspension event organized by Lukas Zpira, xEddyx and the guys from Marquis Body Art in La Demeure du Chaos. What’s most interesting to me is the ultrasound above, of which Will writes,

The first picture is of a scan. To get in you had to take a pill — I presume it was vitamin of some sort (I felt no ill effects anyway). Once you took the pill, the owner of the place scanned you and that’s what showed up, a nice little skull!

Whhhaaaaaat? – There were language barriers, but I asked Will to describe this in a little more detail and he explained,

We all queued up outside the main area. There was a big metal container where the guy sat. He introduced himself, asked me a few questions, asked me to take the tablet (a capsule type), and he then put some lubricant on my neck where a madison piercing would be. He scanned me with the ultrasound machine and it made a printout, and up showed my little skull, which I presume was inside the capsule.

The owner has a blog with a few more details in French (more), and here’s a shot of the scan being done


12 thoughts on “Is it real or an art hoax?

  1. It could all well be possible.

    I’ve seen wierder things on an ultrasound and a guy giving you a pill and then wanting to ultrasound your throat/stomach whatever kinda goes to say that there was something that you’re body wont dissolve in there.

  2. I learned the hard way that when a guy says ‘Hey, swallow this pill, it’ll be REALLY COOL’, to say no.

    … but if they said ‘Hey, swallow this little skull and I’ll give you a gnarly ultrasound’, Id totally be up for it.

  3. Art hoax. If you have ever seen film of an x-ray of a person swallowing something it doesn’t stay in the esophagus long enough to be seen on an ultra sound like that.

    Cool idea, though.

  4. I agree with #5.

    A man you don’t know tells you to take pill?

    Answer should be – “Narrr thanks mate”.

    Could’ve been the DEATH PILL.

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