Lauren’s Phoenix

So Lauren got her first tattoo and wrote in asking my advice so I’m passing it on to see if anyone has ideas outside of the obvious. She had this phoenix done this most recent New Year’s Eve, after what she describes as “a volatile year” (I can relate!)…

It symbolizes my “rebirth” after a really hard and emotionally unstable time in my life. As well as the phoenix it has the script “i am flawed if i’m not free”, which are lyrics to a Rilo Kiley song. The quote reminds me to always live for myself and not other people, and the tattoo as a whole serves as a reminder that I am strong and don’t need anyone else to make me happy. I can’t wait to add some color! Any ideas?

The outline was done by Will Lollie from Empire Tattoo in Asheville, NC.


14 thoughts on “Lauren’s Phoenix

  1. First of all, it’s gorgeous. It looks like you have reddish hair from the picture, so maybe go for some natural reds and browns, something to match your skin, and finish the long feathers on the tail and maybe the tips of the wings with some dark green.

  2. it looks amazing!
    i would honestly just let Will choose the colors.
    Empire is my shop as well and i know Will’s work very well… he’s an incredible artist and anything that he chooses will look perfect.

  3. i agree that it would look great with earthy tones, reds, greens, browns and such. i love the symbolism as well…

    P.S: #7? you are probably the only one, don’t be a baby, she is beautifull and has every right to show that.

  4. kidinthesixties – Unless you know about a tattoo that’s hidden by the lingerie that I don’t know about, it doesn’t seem to me like it’s covering it up at all.

  5. well usually phoenixes _are_ redish yeallow… so that would be fitting. also red is powerful color so maybe it reminds you to be strong…. but maybe you should widen the colorrange in to pink ( your lingerie is so cute so i think youl like some cute pink also?) or so.. i think reddish pink ( and maybe some fade light brown?) and yeah, the end of the feathers would be some other sparkly color like teal or something else you like , violet fading?

    hhmm you guys know better, i’v heard that red in tattoos fade fastest, is that true?
    p.s. srry about the spelling…

  6. My sister’s phoenix tat starts with cool colors at the head – blues, purple – and grows warmer – green, gold body – as it passes downward toward the tail, which is rich reds and yellows. The bird itself is traditionally red and yellow, symbolizing the fire from which it emerges.

    As far as colors fading, just keep sunscreen on it when exposed to the sun and your colors should remain bright for a long time. I have 15 year old tattoos that are just as colorful now as they were the day they were inked.

    Gorgeous choice, Lauren. Hope this coming year erases all the pain of the past. Namaste

  7. maybe right down the feelings involved with the idea of rebirth and then create a color palate based on the emotions linked, maybe that would be a good starting point at least?

  8. will is awesome….but those letters suck….

    can’t wait to see it finished!….

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