Navio Mara Hope Suspension


As they say… location, location, location!

Along with a boat full of suspension gear, Valnei and friends rowed out to the wreck of the Mara Hope, an old tanker ship that sunk just off the coast of Fortaleza, Brasil in the early eighties.


More photos continue after the break…


Rigged to the boat’s crane, they did a guerilla two-point o-kee-pa style chest suspension… I’d wager this is the first suspension off a shipwreck?





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20 thoughts on “Navio Mara Hope Suspension

  1. everytime i see a great supsension done somewhere else it just makes the united states look more and more lame. i feel like so much more goes on outside my country and i doubt we’d be able to do anything like that around here, new york has such high security and bla bla blah

  2. What does tetanus have to do with anything?
    They brought their own suspension gear, and therefore hooks – so one would assume their hygeine pratices would be the same, wherever they were…

    beautiful location!

  3. I`d join in the choir of all those who said “beautiful”.
    I absolutely love it when you feature these unusual suspension locations!
    And the only concern I`d have here would be with the size and state of that dinghy they used to get out there – it definitely doesn´t look especially seaworthy…

  4. I cant help but to think about the statement “hope floats,… well shit floats too”


    A truly amazing location though. The color of the water is so pretty.

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  6. ok, im with melsgam on this one. theres too much security bullcrap here in newyork. theyd never let us do ANY thing like that around here. ive seen a couple spots that would be a fairly decent place to do one, but theres the security issue. and theyd probably think its a form of suicide with how retarded some people are around here.

  7. Yeah, i live in fortaleza and i see this ship everytime i go to the beach (Iracema’s Beach), but someday i will go there (not for do this oO), but only to see it :P

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