19 thoughts on “Autopsy-Pattern Microdermals

  1. Anyone got a full write out of what her scripture says

    I read
    “….. to the blood whose flesh is singing”

  2. It looks gorgeous… although it does make me a little sad when people get exactly what I was thinking of right before I get it.

  3. Does anybody have a real autopsy scar? After you’ve had an autopsy, it’s a little late to be growing scar tissue, isn’t it?

  4. worthlesswords, how long have you had these microdermals? I’m particularly interested in how the ones that would lie right in the middle of your cleavage are doing. Does movement in the area or maybe being squished between your (very lovely in a non creepy/pervy way) boobs make them angry at all? I’m interested in getting microdermals in that area (think the 3 studs right under the branched part of the “y-incision”) but I have bigger breasts and so I always thought that microdermals in that area wouldnt last. Did you do anything special to protect those particular studs when they were first healing? I wonder if underwires in a bra might cause any irritation.

    Haha, sorry for the 20 questions. This is really awesome, probably the biggest microdermal project ive seen.

  5. queenofhearts, the ones around my sternum are a couple months old and they healed really well and fast with no problems. I didn’t do anything special to cover them or protect them and I don’t think my boobs have had any effect on them. The fourth one down gets caught on my bra sometimes when I’m sitting in an awkward position but I just fix it and it’s fine. The only one that’s really given me any grief is the second one down from… well, from other people’s sternums rubbing against it :). And by “grief” I mean that it just stings a tiny bit if I push down on it and that’s the biggest complication I’ve had.

  6. I love seeing new ideas, the microdermal design is so awesome and she is so beautiful with amazing skin!

    And the bra issue!?? Im shocked that its problem free! Thats really great that its not a discomfort. I’ve had various nipple piercings that were always getting stuck in bras and getting irritated. I guess its the difference between microdermal and piercing.

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