VRN 1138

Vern (by Taylor). It’s a great, clean shot (“THX 1138-esque” is how Vern and Taylor described them), but it has a personal pet peeve of mine in it… crooked septum ring in an otherwise perfect shot!


25 thoughts on “VRN 1138

  1. he’s got some crazy eyes, yeah the crooked septum bothers me too, overall cool pic, was THX 1138 steven speilbergs first film or was it george lucas’ i cant remember and dont feel like looking?

  2. a fresh and positive future would be very nice, I yearn for that day to come *nods*

    not to be picky but the rings in his lips look a bit “off” as well…Honestly I think it adds to the photo though as everything else looks very magazine-esque

  3. I’m not sure if it’s the same guy, but I think he’s on an LJ community I’m a member of, only wearing a furry jacket-with-hood in his avatar. It’s the eyes that make me think it’s him.

    Nargle crooked!

  4. I love the picture…But I must say, the crooked septum is a pet peeve of mine also.
    I know that when I get one, I’ll carry around a mirror to make sure it’s always straight. Haha.

  5. Heh – when I first had my septum pierced, I wore a 14g circular barbell and I NEVER stopped fiddling with it to check if it was straight! Nevertheless, it’s a gorgeous shot. I think the crooked-ness might add a little something to it, as well.

  6. I wear a metal retainer in mine, flipped down. I have this lip curl thing I do without thinking to make sure the ends are in the same area. I have noticed though, since I have a deviated septum, that when I smile it’s crocked anyways.

  7. one of the lip rings are off as well. just to be nitpicky
    vern always looks so perfect in pictures as well so he gets away with it!
    looking great. and i love that septum, crooked or not!

  8. Nope, it edits it out for me… If you didn’t manually edit it into the comment after posting, then I must be blocked from doing it from not having enough access…

  9. I love his eyes, and the crooked septum.Ok, the eyes just have me because I’ve never seen anyone with eyes that color.

  10. Shannon: Yeah I thought it was him. The eyes are -very- distinctive!

    I admit I don’t like most standard septum jewelery, but I really like the one he’s got. It’s quite nice and dainty, which would be what I’d go for.

    The half crescent of the septum jewelery is mirrored in the crescent of the iris. Only just noticed that.

  11. oh man, crooked septum… i feel your pain. my university graduation photos has a very crooked septum ring in it. i wish the photographer would’ve let me know!

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