“Nies” (“Is Not”) Piercing


Manrique in Costa Rica got “inspired” and decided to do a piercing on himself. Never having seen it before he figured he would have the right to give it a name. He explains how he chose it,

I like to call it the “NIES” which means “it’s not” in Spanish… I call it the nies because its not on the ear and its not on the face, jaja! I simply love my new piercing and would love to see it on Modblog!


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34 thoughts on ““Nies” (“Is Not”) Piercing

  1. I fucking love the placement and name. I hope nobody copies him though, this is truly unique.

  2. Haha! Nice one. I had this idea about two years ago but never acted on it then forgot. Looks great though. I wonder how much contact and/or interference it has with the cartilege.

  3. Looks very similar to a piercing I did on myself about 5 years ago. I called it a ‘Slip Piercing’ then because it was piercing the slip between the ear and face.

    Alas, it’s been slowly migrating outwards over the years. For IAM members, here’s a link to a photo of it from last summer:

    Still, Manrique’s piercing looks fucking awesome!!! Nice one.

  4. Heh – ever since hearing about Dreadlocksmile’s slip piercing earlier this year, I’ve been resolved to pierce it myself, only being halted so far by lack of needles. This one looks a little higher up – maybe a better placement to avoid migration? It looks great, anyway.

  5. it looks very interesting! Is healing similar to that of an earlobe?

    “I hope nobody copies him though, this is truly unique.”
    piercings would be near obsolete if no one “copied” another.

  6. I like it, and id be flattered if someone copied a piercing i came up with as long as it was acknowledged who came up with it. i too would also like to know how healing goes, maybe he should do a bme encyclopedia entry for it.

  7. Gah, I’m so upset that I do not have IAM so that I cannot look at Dreadlocksmile picture! I do wonder if that would heal like an earlobe too.

  8. I could swear I’ve seen that before, a girl I met at a party had both sides pierced. Unique or not, I still think it’s nifty.

  9. you could have the same look with a microdermal (at least on the front) hope it lasts for him- looks great !!

  10. I used to have that piercing!
    (proof ‘s on my IAM)

    But it does look pretty nice on him.

  11. in Costa Rica “ni es” roughly translates to “it is not” as a popular term mainly used for the guiche (it is not dick nor asshole). Manrique is my friend, I actually helped him with the piercing, I put the barbell in and screwed the beads on. It is a great piercing and it came out way better looking than we expected.

  12. I have had this piercing for 9 months! It was named by Cory Jenkins at Adrenaline in Vancouver BC. They call it a “Jenkins”. But i guess theres no way to prove someone named it first…so thats okay. But anyhow, i still have the left one but the one on the right succumbed to a nasty abscess.

  13. I had one like that ten years ago. What made me get it was a pic of Mr Sebastian in PFIQ, I think, sporting one. It looks really great and is one of my favorite piercings.

  14. in spanish, “it is not” = “no es”
    the word “nies” doesn’t exist. “ni es ***” means something like “it isn’t even ***”

  15. i have this piercing but its placed slightly more to the left so its just on the ear, to stop it migrating :) so far so good

  16. ^^
    i recently had my surface tragus repierced (2nd time) aswell on the same ear it actually looks like a piercing with 3 holes :D

  17. the healing on the piercing is doing fine, very quick. I started with a curved barbell but I feel more comfortable with a straight barbell. nies mean something like it is neither for the people who like to fight for a name jaja. I already pierced 2 of my girlfriends with this piercing, the healing is doing fine to. they just love it. im pretty satisfied with the way its going, no migration for the moment

  18. i have this piercing more than 3years and is absolutly OK and healthy. there was little bit of migration but ,,he stop.
    importand is that the barbel have to by light.
    i like it so mutch

  19. i just did this to myself haha, except i didi it a little further towards my ear cause i see that placement migrating to where i have it anyway lol

    i hope it works out, i really like it so far :P

  20. Mr Sebastian had this piercing. You can see it very well in the first issue of Body Art, photographed by Henry Ferguson.

    I had this piercing over fifteen years ago.

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