Sudanese scarification-inspired UV facial tattoo

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One of the reasons I posted the Sudanese facial scarification in the entry below is because Stephanie had her face tattooed a few days ago — which is why it’s still quite red and obvious in the daylight picture below — with U.V. ink by Katherine at DFX in Edmonton (thank you to Lane for the tip and pictures), having been inspired by the scars from that region. I’m really moved by how beautiful and striking this piece is… It really brings me intense joy to see this type of forehead/facial work.


19 thoughts on “Sudanese scarification-inspired UV facial tattoo

  1. That is so cool! How does it look once it’s completely healed? How long will it retain its fluourescence?

    It reminds of the way that spiderwebs look in the morning when its foggy and they’re all covered in dew. Except with a pretty girl’s face in the middle instead of a spider.

  2. That is so beautiful. I don’t usually comment unless I have something profound to contribute, but I just had to say: that is so beautiful.

  3. umm… im not really feeling this one. it looks too busy on the forhead. im curious to see it fully healed though.

  4. In a word, beautiful. One of the best uses of UV ink I’ve ever seen. She looks like she could be a Celtic diety.

  5. It’s a sudanese scarification-inspired TATTOO…not a scarification for the person who said it just looks like bad acne. Looks great by the way.

  6. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to see how it looks in the daylight after it’s been healed more.

  7. A beautiful design… Thanks for sharing this with us!
    I too would love to see pictures of this once it’s healed in the daylight… I’m really curious how visible the scars are.

  8. so like how do u do these UV tattoos and manage not to miss a spot or have it so evenly colored, bit by bit and occasionally check it with a black light…just curious really, looks really cool though, id like to see the look on peoples faces when shes on a club or something, hehe.

  9. Aww…it kinda looks like she has a tiara except it`s on her forehead. haha. I love it! And she looks really happy in the pictures too. 🙂

  10. I love it, it looks really good on her. I have UV tattoos, and I have to say that they aren’t really noticeable unless under strong blacklight concentration….not really noticeable in most clubs I have been to. Looks good though!

  11. I’m not big on tattoos with five-point stars, just for how simple they are and how often they’re used. But ignoring all that, this is pretty much super-gorgeous. I’m looking for tattoos around the eyes just to see how they look before I get one, stumbled across this. (I DO have bad acne on my forehead, so I don’t suppose I’ll be getting anything like this, but I love it on her!) ^_^

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