Jonathan’s Facial Cutting from Phuket

Along the same lines as the previous two entries is Jonathan‘s stunning facial cutting, another piece that just makes me so happy to see because it’s also so striking and beautiful.


Jonathan writes,

The design was an idea I’d had in mind for maybe 18 months to two years and was umming and ahhhing over whether to get it done or not. When I went out to Thailand I was lucky enough to get to hang out with John Durante and Ron Garza and had a chat with them about some possible work I’d been thinking about. Since I was in Phuket for the Vegetarian Festival which, essentially, is a festival celebrating blood rituals, I couldn’t think of a better time to get them done to go through my own blood ritual.

The initial plan was to get both sides of my head done in tandem, one side by Ron the other side by John but Ron had to leave before the festival ended so it was just John doing both sides. We spent about three hours lining them up, and then about half an hour cutting. I’m so glad I had them done. Even in a not so perfect environment he was excellent, hygienically, and professionally speaking and I’m happy to have met so many wonderful people including Ron and John on my journey

Joathan says there’s no specific meaning in the design, and that he just wanted something symmetrical that suited his face. Mission accomplished! Anyway, continue for more pictures.




The fresh photos are, of course, fresh, and the healing pictures are at about three weeks. Once our video facilities are back in full gear we’ll update this with a procedure video as well.

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20 thoughts on “Jonathan’s Facial Cutting from Phuket

  1. I am absolutely in love with the first picture where there is blood on the floor.

    Great cuttings, and they do compliment his face very well.

  2. that looks so TIGHT!!! i havent seen Jonathan since i had to leave the festival early that night of the walking on the ladder of blades… SO BUMMED i missed out on the ending of the festival as well as cutting jonathan.. Beautiful clean work John.. sorry i missed it

  3. Nice one Jonn…you made ModBlog.

    Jonn’s facial cutting is really deep, leaving two sets of three very visible and striking lines. Complements his facial features so damn well.

    A truly amazing mod…with a great story and video as well.

    Such a nice bloke too!

  4. Hah, awesome thanks shannon :) Good to see you posting ‘properly’ again

    and thanks all you guys for your nice comments

    And yeah you’re who I forgot to mention Jason, you looked after me that evening by bandaging me up :) thanks man

  5. Those are some good looking scars!! I want somthing done on my forehead to, looks sooooooooo freaking nice. They really digs in to his skin!

  6. thats beautiful, im so jealous i wish i had the guts to get such a hardcore mode in a visible place.
    Much respect and congratulations.

  7. Those are so beautiful!

    Oh and Courtney I have had countless modified teachers throughout my education (my year 2 teacher had stretched lobes she was the shit!)

  8. Hell yea!!! That was such an amazing day, and an honor to cut Jons face, I will never forget walking into his guesthouse room later, once he removed the wrap on his head… Bloody goodness, that bathroom tasted like pennys!!!!!

  9. Haha yeah John that was awesome the way I couldn’t leave the bathroom for about 3 hours for fear of getting blood on the carpets :P

    hah, seriously though, it was an awesome experience :)

  10. Very very glad these pictures got on Modblog, one of the bleedy face ones is a fantastic picture of Jonn.

  11. ive seen a lot of sloppy cuttings but ive got to admit these are amazing, when chloe brought you up to manchester for the weekend it was a plasure meeting you mate your one of the nicest guys ive ever met :]

    p.s ive cut all my hair of youll be happy to know!

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