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  1. thats gutsy. it makes me cringe thinking about it. i know how irritated my eyes (and contacts) get with a simple eyelash in them.

    it looks amazing. I hope it lasts.

  2. i really like it…but could never wear it because i freak out when theres an eyelash in my eye let alone a hoop!!


    i agree with dayna. when i get something in my eye i FREAK out and i’m like, “BLOW IN IT! THERE’S SOMETHING IN MY EEEEYE!”


    but props to that person!

  4. 🙁 im sitting here thinking…id also be scared to get that due to thoughts of my eyelid drooping turning into a crazy lookin lazy eye:(

  5. Any pictures of eyelid piercings I’ve seen I can’t help wondering what damage it does to your eye??

  6. While I certainly understand the attraction of the site for piercing, why not pierce the lid but not go through the mucosal side? Or a dermal assuming one does not have a heavy epicanthal fold? Not as dramatic, sure, but eliminates the irritant to the globe issue altogether.

  7. Would it not cause permanent damage to the surface of the eye? I think it is beautiful but I hear that even wearing contacts not properly measured can damage the surface of your eye and I think that the damage this kind of rubbing from blinking and what not would certainly be worse? Beautiful piercing beautiful photo but I’d like to know more about this!

  8. I agree with Sun. It looks good but I think it’d be an iritation at the same time. I’d be worried about eye damage. ouch!

  9. I have to agree to all of you.. but it’s really such a wonderfull picture!! I love it – well done!

  10. Now we’ve had tattooed eyeballs it’s only a matter of time until someone tries piercing one..

  11. I really like this and it was nicely done. I do agree with people about how that could be irritating but maybe not so much for this person. All people can handle different things. I would want to know about the healing process.

    All in all I love it.

  12. Then they could wind up with a punctured globe, Smurf. The anatomy of the eye is fluid (vitreous) wrapped in tenths of a millimeter of tissue (sclera). Give the fact your retina is underneath the sclera (and choroid), risking vision for the piercing would certainly need to be taken into consideration.

  13. Punctured globe as a result of an eyeball piercing, who woulda thunk it? Perhaps I’ll put the safety pin & cork away for now.

  14. Perhaps a microdermal could solve the irritation? Although im not sure it’d be possible with the skin being so thin =/

  15. amaaaazing photo
    plus i wish i had eyelashes like that. they’re so long and dark and pretty 🙂

  16. For those of you freaking out about the pain of irritation, it’s probably not at all a big deal. If you look in the mirror and try, you’ll discover that you can touch the whites of your eyes without any pain– the pain comes when you touch the iris/pupil. That being said, I wonder if she flinches if she looks to the side?

    I do wonder about the long term effects on the eyeball, though.

  17. Who’d thunk it is right. I play CPT Obvious on TV because not everyone necessarily knows their anatomy. As they say, some “don’t know much biology/don’t know much about a science book”.

    🙂 x ∞

  18. I’m sorry but i think this piercing is kinda ridiculous.
    I’m sure other than the irritation its just really uncomfortable, no? I think something with a flat back would be much easier to deal with rather than a cbr.
    would it reject easily? If this person looks far to the side without turning their head its gonna hurt their eye lol.

  19. Wow, that looks amazing, but I would be worried about needles being so close to my eye… I freak out if I get an eyelash!

    Does looks good though, and I wonder if it’s long term or temporary?

  20. that guy is from Bulgaria?! 0.o awesome hah I’m form there too :D:D:D the piercing ownz^^

  21. Stretch it and put in a tinted glass plug, so you can choose between normal vision and sunglasses just by closing your eyes…

  22. Ewwww Shannon… the day I see a person with a stretched eyelid piercing is the day I stop reading modblog… haha, nah that wouldn’t stop me.

  23. makes my eyes water just looking at it :S

    be a good one to have though if you were willing to give it a go

    I must say I’ve also never seen an eyelash this close up before, they look like little spider legs 🙂

  24. I was *one of* the first piercers to publish eyelid piercing pics. at the time I knew of one that had ever been done. Now I look at the gallery and I see many. On one hand it makes me feel good others are trying it. On the other hand it worries me and I hope no one is reckless.

  25. Beautiful piercing & beautiful picture! Love it!
    But I think, especially for this piercing the jewellery should be absolutely mirror-finished. To bad, small effort, huge improvement.

  26. I think its a beautiful piercing, and seem to have come across it on here a good few years ago now. Although, I cannot see a way that it can logistically work (as in heal). Of course, many people have said that about piercings in the past and have been proved wrong.

    ‘accents the soul’s window’ – that’s so beautiful.

  27. This is absurd. I wish we could focus on safety and progress a little more in practical methods of modification rather than giving all our attention to who does the wackiest or most dangerous procedures. Seems like it’s just fueling the fire.

  28. I was thinking about how awkward that must have been to have done.. and then I realized it can’t be half as awkward as having your eyeball tattooed. So now I’m back to that phenomenon again.

  29. Haha awesome.
    Looks like photoshop to me though!
    Also a really silly place to get a Piercing.
    What happens in a barfight when you get punched in the eye?..

  30. good point about the barfight.
    there could be really bad results if you walked into a wall or fell out of bed or did anything clumsy with it in.

  31. i have this piercing and i love it. it does feel like you have an eyelash in your eye, but you get used to it. healing is not so bad. crusty in the morning but hot compress or morning shower takes care of that. i use H2O on the lid and similasan eye drops for the inside. i have no lasting redness on the eyeball itself. i have a toddler that has hit it a couple of times and it does get sore but no more than if he had headbutted me in the eye with out it. for me though it hurt like hell getting it done! i think it was worth it though and am happy i had the guts to doit.

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