Nomadic Modifications

Cat‘s mods, obtained on her various travels, include a seven month old belly scarification, a one month old arm scarification, various facial piercings, and four and a half year old sternum piercings. The piercings are all by Raphaelle of Magic Cirus in Paris (who’s since retired to the less invasive job of hair dresser), the belly scar is by Juan in Buenos Aires, and her arm was done by Miguel in Mexico City. She’s originally from France, now living in Buenos Aires, and as well as what you can see in the picture she has a couple tattoos that were done here in Canada. Of herarm scar she writes,

…it’s my Mayan kin of the Caminante del Cielo, the sky walker, the eternal wanderer.


37 thoughts on “Nomadic Modifications

  1. Actually, Shannon, my belly scar is a traditional Argentine design from Catamarca – it’s the forearm that’s my kin. 🙂

  2. Sorry Cat, just corrected it.

    Archetype – Yes, we’re back to the old way of doing it, which I think is in part why we’ve seen much more active discussions.

  3. YAY! photos had a good start 😛
    Esta presentacion de vos es como un dating service announcement, solo falta el “she likes long walks on the beach, her birth sign is *insert here* and is looking for a gorgeouse latino man hahaha 😛 kidding…
    All in all I liked how both scars healed even though your tummy healed completly opposite of how i thought.
    HAHAHA u have tattoos done in Canada? o_0

  4. Travel Mods! I personally think its one of the best and most meaningful times to shape your temple. Gorgeous girl.

  5. really nice. could do without the cheek peircings though… hehe.
    the scar looks really cool.

  6. comments?Well i have to say the girl is absolutely gorgeous,the eyes,her sultry look and the scars?I tend to overlook them because I love what’s inside and what’s not to love?her beauty,her intellect,her talent to write and the adventurous soul that lives within.I love her cuz she’s my baby!!Much Love MOM

  7. you are sooooooooooo prettttttyyyyyy I almost forgot it’s been so long 🙂

    And your arm and belly are very nice btw

  8. mon dieu, cela cest etrange, je sui sia, je tes rencontrer cette ete a creston, le gar noir avec les dreds et plein de piercing, on etait sur la petite coline de gazon deriere le centre d’information de creston, epuis je tes vue au canyon(riviere) un jour. je voulais juste voire si tu me raplait. je vie en vancouver maintenent, ou est ce que tu est rendue?

  9. sia! biensur je me rappelle de toi! putain comment ca va mec, t as reussi a trouver dla job en fin de compte? moi je suis a buenos aires maintenant… envoie moi un mail un de c 4, eurotrashed at gmail dot com

  10. as always, you look tremendous. come back to montreal, bella, and i’ll put some more ink in you. it’s about time again, hm?

  11. well you are so beautifull and i like your style but…allons enfant de la patrieeeeeeeeieuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, ouai c’étais juste histoire de faire le con, t’as vachement maigrit quand même, faut vraiment que j’arrête de boire. Pfffffff

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