Pretty Girl Deficit No More

Wait, have I been focusing too much on real content and too little on weekend pinups? Before I wander off into the wilderness to drink moonshine with wolves crash into slumber because I’ve had a long day running around the museum with my daughter and her friends, let me quickly post Danielle’s cut here spinal tattoo — quite fresh as you can obviously see from the tape “scars” — to help make up for that a little.


I also wanted to share Jennifer from France’s pretty DIY “Captain Lou” piercing. Last time I posted a piercing of this type is wasn’t very well received, but Jennifer’s is much daintier. It’s fresh here, and I don’t know if it’s lasted, but I have seen these ultra-small gauge surface rings last for many years in the past (hi Sandrine!).


24 thoughts on “Pretty Girl Deficit No More

  1. both are really pretty in very different ways. I love Jennifer’s eye make up.

    i’m curious if those bandaid marks are from actual bandaids, tattooed, or painted on for the photo? either way, they look really interesting.

  2. Jennifer’s piercing definitely looks better with the tiny ring compared to the huge one in the older entry.

  3. i don’t really like the fact that there are two pairs of scissors. And the actual scissor designs don’t look that great. But other than that solid, simple, black work usually looks nice.

  4. Didn’t someone else have a small piercing similar to this, the micro-piercing? I believe it was a bit closer to the eye however.

    I really like both photos,

  5. I agree with StrawDog.
    The piercing looks really good, I also like her medusa jewellery.
    She’s got very pretty eyes as well.

  6. I really love the tattoo, although I’ll agree that I also wondered why there were two pairs of scissors. I do think it looks fantastic, and it reminded me of Banksy’s cut-out graffiti as well, Kristin!

    I love the piercing as well, I think it looks great on her. And her eye-make-up is so pretty!

  7. I really like the look of those micro piercings, I understand those are big in France, but can you get them done anywhere in Britain?

  8. Either this is an old photo of her fresh tattoo, or this is an exact reproduction of a tattoo I saw about a year ago by one of the french tattoo artists that have been doing this style… Yann Black or Lionel, I believe.

  9. this is a really common piercing in france, i’m so surprised it isn’t in the us/canada/rest of the world yet.

  10. I hate to be negative about any piercing or tattoo, but that piercing really doesn’t do it for me. Such a beautiful part of human anatomy; disturbing it, well, just doesn’t do it for me. 😀 Cool tattoo though; reminds me of dismembering Sunday dinner’s chicken, with the shears. Nice and crunchy!

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