Just quickly updating you with what’s going on, the last bits of what’s needed to post an update are done (and much of it is already sitting on the server in anticipation), and both Roo and I should update the main sites tomorrow morning, with regular updates being expected to resume later in the week. Until then, my friend Moritura is thrilled with her new large-gauge lip piercing (10mm, done by Roland from Visavajara), and be sure to check out the great Mentawai Islands tattoo story below.

Argh/Edit: Due to server configuration issues beyond my control, I’m not able to update yet. Roo has been able to post to BMEvideo though, and with any luck the problems restricting my ability to update will be dealt with soon.


36 thoughts on “So…?

  1. that looks awesome
    but is it just me or does she have a fat chunk taken out of her lip?
    just squished by the plug maybe?

  2. I’ve always wanted to know how speech is effected with one of those. Seems like speaking would be incredibly difficult.

    Those are some great cheek piercings, too. I adore her symmetry.

  3. It’s SO good to have you back Shannon!!! The past few months have been pretty empty. Lets just all keep our fingers crossed that one day soon, Zentastic and BME will be yours again ;o)


  4. She has some great mods, sherrie you’re right the symmetry is key, but that pretty face of hers doesnt hurt either! 😛

  5. Beautiful…love the face and love the symmetry 🙂

    When I got my 16mm labret done, I had this lisp…I thought it may disappear as my lip was (obviously) swollen, but it has stayed with me, and I kinda like it as it reminds me everytime I open my gob, that I am happily modified 😉

  6. Yeah, i blatently thought it was La Negra on first glance too!
    Damn if that 2nd pic doesn’t look sooooore. I think the swelling is what’s distorting the lips a bit.

  7. Pretty mods on pretty girl, I like her forhead microdermals most. weren’t her ears pointier, or maybe this picture just doesn’t show them at a right angle?!

  8. I find large gauge cuts a bit of a cheat in general.

    Stretch and show your dedication to your body or pay someone else to cut it for you and take the lazy route.

    There will come a time (or are we there now) where someone simply purchases a modified look rather than goes through the systematic process themselves. Sad but true.

    “Here’s £300, modify me. I can’t be arsed to do it myself”

  9. I just find it funny that the same people say certain things that people do themselves are stupid but other things that people have done by someone else shows that they aren’t comitted..

  10. I used to think like that too, Giles. But really, who cares how one arrives at the look they desire for themselves?

    We all tread different paths in our moddy journeys, why should the opinions of one group of people dictate what another can do? If people want to cut or punch their way to instantly larger gauge piercings, then more power to them.

    I’ve been stretching my septum for years and years and I’m still only at 2g, but that’s MY choice and I’ll get there in the end 😀

  11. Is it REALLY easier to cut than to stretch? Either way, I think she looks amazing, loving the facial expression!

  12. A lot of people likely prefer the immediacy of change and abrupt sharpness that comes with cutting or punching, as opposed to slower processes. It’s not necessarily cheating.

    She is beautiful.

  13. There is no doubt she looks amazing, that was never in dispute.

    However my views on stretching vs. cutting are different to others. I see body modification as something I do to myself, not what someone does to me (tattooing being the only mod where I allow myself to be the canvas to somebody else and their skills.) Every piercing, branding, cutting, tongue split, stretch etc etc has been done by me to me. I simply couldn’t pay someone else to modify me. Am sure others feel different.

  14. oh my god…you did it…looks good!
    Can’t wait to see you again in the summer on the next SwissMod…not sure if I will still recognize you (may be kinda hard with all the new stuff in your face, haha):P
    …du Mongo ! ^^

  15. I think cutting for a large gauge requires a much stronger commitment up front than stretching. Cutting puts you at a point of no return, where during the stretching process (to a point) you can always change your mind.

  16. Incredible, stunning beauty.
    She should just be frozen in bakelite and displayed in schools around the world during a mandatory hour of aesthetic education.

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