Duck Hunt Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Now that’s a hilariously geeky tattoo! Crystal got her Duck Hunt tattoo done by Chris at Chicago Tattoo Company in Winter Park, FL.


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41 thoughts on “Duck Hunt Tramp Stamp Tattoo

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  2. Tramp Stamp is only offensive if you’ve got one.. :)

    Excellent tattoo though, absolutely cute. I think it would be great if she had a boy-type and he got his bits tattooed like the orange gun.

    Though.. I guess the joke would get old after a while. Or if they broke up. Oh well. :)

  3. OOH! I remember I was so good at duck hunt.Yet, strangely I can’t deal with guns now…anyway, I want my old nintendo now!

  4. “Tramp Stamp” shouldnt be offensive to people who get them, because they should know that the tattoo will be labled as such……just my opinion

  5. Man I remember sitting in my friend’s shed smoking pot and playing that game for hours on end, day after day..

    Cool tattoo.

    +1 to “tramp stamp is only offensive if you’ve got one”! Haha

  6. Funny tattoo…as for the term ‘tramp stamp’ it is used by non-modified people in general to make fun of someone with such a tattoo. I, being the proud owner of a beautiful lower-back tattoo, try and make a point of not allowing such comments to effect me (because those who would say such things are usually closed-minded people anyway). However, I DO think it is more than a little out of place on a site where tolerance and acceptance is key. We should not be encouraging the blinkered ideas of society by using phrases which were created to cause offense. Of course, being offended is always a personal choice in my opinion…so if you don’t want to be offended, then just suck it up and ignore what people say. That said, people here should know better…

  7. I think just the original nintendo controller would make the best “tramp stamp”. It gives the guy the ability to imagine he’s playing any game while working it.

  8. I fucking hated that dog with a passion(Not that I hate dogs…everytime you saw him that meant a miss), why would they never let you shoot the dog.

  9. “Tramp stamp” annoys me too, and yes, I have a tattoo there. I got it well over ten years ago before I’d ever heard of the term. I’m certainly no tramp. :P

    As for the tatty above, lol… too bad that it looks like she has grass growing out of her… yeah.

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  11. wait, so you’re supposed to like, splooge the ducks? but if the dog is already laughing at you, doesn’t that mean you missed? firing blanks? i can’t do my thing with that smug fucking dog chuckling at my impotence.

    as far as the “tramp stamp” thing, i think that term originally was about the plethora of shitty tribals that all these chicks are running around with several inches above their asses (and eventually came to refer to any lower back tattoo). but seriously, why else would you get a tattoo there except for…attention. you can’t even fucking see it yourself.

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  13. It will most certainly age well. I got a kick out of the lady who got her tramp stamp well over 10 years ago and now finds the term annoying.
    Oh well, toots, tough shit.

    I have a big (11X6 inch) multi-colored parrot on my left shoulder that I got in the King’s Cross area of Melborne in 1986 and it still looks like new. It cost $80. I remember it took the guy 5 hours.

    The point being, I see teens with tats that are already becoming ink blobs and look like some shit a convict would haveand the tat can’t be more than 5 years old. So a shout to my man in Melbourne. I remember his name was ‘Rick’

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