Reclining Nude

I swear, if I ever put out another album of music from BME/IAM members, it’s going to be so hard to choose an album cover from all the amazing photos that get submitted — for example, this great portrait of Monika (tattoos from Junior/JuniorInk, Warsaw) in Poland…


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71 thoughts on “Reclining Nude

  1. thank you thank you thank you

    for putting up a wonderful picture of a woman with a beautiful, normal, average body type, just like meee!

  2. Mmm, boobies.

    Summer: she is gorgeous. I wouldn’t say she’s a normal, average body type- because really, what is normal and average? And why is that good, or bad?

    Lots of variety ftw. I repeat: mmm, boobies.

  3. well, maybe not around the world, but here in the U.S. if you were to take the “Norm” or “average” of all body types, this is what you’d get. It may not be ideal the minds of some, and I know myself, although I can identify with her, would still rather be thinner. In my opinion all that matters is if the person is healthy and happy. She looks very confident, so I’m assuming she’s happy.

  4. Yes lovely boobies. I’m so happy that the era of sexy female photos has resumed.

  5. She is beautiful. I like how her tummy looks just like mine (minus the awesome tattoo). I may keep looking at this picture whenever I need a confidence boost.

  6. Outstanding photography aside and gorgeous subject aside, it would be nice to see Monika standing up so that the whole of her tattoo is visible. It looks like some awesome work, and I’d like to see the rest of it.

  7. I’m genuinely surprised this was posted, as Shannon has in the past indicated that he doesn’t like this female body type [and I can count on one hand the number of zaftig ModBlog features].

    She’s beautiful. And the photo is lovely, too.

  8. does her arm have a surface piercing or am i just nuts? i’d like to see a better picture of her tattoo, just because the colors and crispness look remarkable. i also think the photograph is beautiful and so is she, i just wish her face was a little more visible- i think she may have amazing bone structure from what i can see. whoever shot her did a wonderful job – props to them too.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this picture – finally someone on my screen that looks like me and is cast in such a beautiful light and is completely unconventional at the same time.

  10. A lot of guys (myself included) really find her type of body to be very attractive, thanks for posting such a beautiful picture.. and.. uhm.. BOOBIES RULE! :D

  11. Yay for boobies indeed. I’d love to see a closeup of her tattoo.
    She looks to have the same body type as I do. I’m glad Shannon posted her pic!

  12. The posting of this gorgeous woman came at a perfect time for me. I’ve been felling pretty down on my body after giving birth four months ago. I’ve always been a “bigger” girl, so after delivering my beautiful daughter I’ve been even more critical of my shape. At times I find myself looking at the beautiful, “skinny” women of IAM and start criticizing myself again. My boobs are too big and droopy, my stomach isn’t flat…yadda yadda yadda.

    Thank you so much for posting this BEAUTIFUL photo! It will make me go look in the mirror later tonight and find at least one thing I love about my body. It will let me appreciate my softness and curves, and yes maybe even a roll or two. Even bigger thanks to Monika for posing, you are phenomenal!

  13. I love this pose (but I’d also love to see her tattoo more clearly). She’s beautiful.
    And no, she doesn’t look like me in the least…I’m a slender six-footer. I don’t feel that someone has to have my bodytype in order for me to feel a kinship or to think she’s beautiful.

    I feel a kinship because I’m a woman too.

    And boobies. Boobies are good =)

  14. look at that…a female body that hasn’t had the life sucked out of it by plastic surgery. i love her curves and the way her tattoo works with her shape.

    beautiful photo of a *really* beautiful body.

  15. Hi everybody, i realy happy that You like this pictures, i was post on BME ones (two boobes istlands are mine to)

    Yes I have (i was have in fact) a surface piercieng on arm
    two piercing in nipples
    and one beautiful story tatoo ;)

    more of mine picture You can find on the page:

    my nick name is polishbbgirl
    You can see there also my totoo normaly…

    Thanks again for Your comment and I’m really happy that You like that pictures ;)

  16. Oh, she’s so beautiful. That is a stunning picture, and that tattoo is fantastic. Monika, you are spectacular.

    (And Shannon, thanks for posting this. Someone with my body type on ModBlog, looking this beautiful, has made my whole day.)

  17. Just wanted to chime in with the chorus of those being thankful to see a more average woman on here.

  18. Absolutely beautiful! That post is so striking and the clarity of her tattoo and other mods and just overall is awesome.

    Besides, she’s soft and cute looking.

  19. Thank you so much for posting this picture! It’s gorgeous! It can be so discouraging to not see as many BBW with body mods that they are proud to show off. This just goes to show that you can be stunning, even if you aren’t the “perfect” size 2. I love it! Monika, you make me feel better about myself :)

  20. You wouldn’t happen to have this pic in a larger format would you. say for the purposes of a wallpaper?

  21. If you do another album, you’ll for sure get something from me.

    The caliber of the music, this time around, will be tenfold what was on the last one. And the last one was amazing! That’s just the way musicians, and the IAM community, improve with age.

  22. this made me smile, and not so bad that i’m not that perfect size 2 or whatever…much love

  23. And I’m still carrying on my BOOBIES thing.
    Because every time I scroll down the page I see them and I have to stop and look again. hahaha.

  24. Such a stunning photograph and gorgeous woman. Its such a shame that the constant labelling of “bbw” has to be attatched to every single picture of a non “uber thin” person.

    People are people, beautiful all around in every form. I think representing every body type is crucial, and the main intrest of most. Pointing out the difference kind of takes away from the point of wanting a unified group of equally beautiful people. The main point being UNIFIED, a blend and variation is what makes everyone who they are.

    Either way … fabulous FABULOUS photo and amazing all around.

  25. We really SHOULD put together another album, Shannon. The last one was a blast to work on (I had a track on it), and I’m itching to do another!

  26. Thank you very much for this posting, Shannon. I smiled upon seeing it, thinking, “Hey, someone like my mom and me on ModBlog. Cool.” And thank you to all the “beautiful” commenters, it gives me hope that someday maybe a guy won’t mind that I’ve literally got more to love. Thanks again, and God bless!

  27. Way to go, #34. You’re the only one who implied unattractiveness. Looks like you’re the one to be criticized on this one.

    And I’m willing to bet you’re at least twice her size, and have never even had a girlfriend.

    I think it’s wonderful.

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