Floral Leg Sleeve

I’ll ignore asking what’s up with the meat grinder and the kitchen theme and focus on the great tattoo by the folks from Kipod Tattoo and Piercing Shop in Tel Aviv, Israel. Click through for another shot at higher resolution.



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44 thoughts on “Floral Leg Sleeve

  1. ah, cherry blossoms. i think it looks pretty and well done. the messy kitchen makes me twitch :)

  2. Wow, i totaly love this piece of art! And although i’m a guy i now want this too, thats how beautiful it is :-)

    She also has the perfect legs for this ;-)

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  4. it’s interesting because If you picture the images without the tattoo you can just think “ooh a sexy girl ‘getting dirty’ in the kitchen”,but when the tattoo is in place, it seems to be the focus of the image. I mean obviously i am unsure what the artist was trying to portray, and it could have just been a fun photoshoot to show of her tat, but at the same time, i think it gives a new tone to the piece that wouldn’t be there if she was just plain-legged.

    Either that, or thats the artist in me feeling really jumbled after just waking up….who knows. lol.

    No matter what, that is a gorgeous tat, and those photos are beautiful. They give me some fun ideas for future shoots in the studio I’d love to do :-D

  5. so pretty! i usually hate tattoos on legs because so often they appear to just be floating there.. but this is perfect. plus those are adorable knickers

  6. Why do we call it a “leg sleeve”?

    We should just call it a “pant”.

    If you see this young lady, tell her that I just signed a record contract, or that I own my own software company or something.

  7. I like the second picture more.
    The leg with flour over it suggests hidden fun in our common boring households.

  8. Israeli tats, respect! (-:
    Fucking AMAZING.
    I wish I could bear the pain of getting such a big beautiful piece of art on me. maybe some day…

  9. i like the tattoo, although i’m unsure if the subject is a female.. quite solid bone structure and all. ?

  10. really pretty tat
    and for those commenting on the hotpants
    you can get them at american apparel but
    as far as i know they only sell them in silver and gold

  11. re comment #25; now that you’ve said that, I’m wondering too. Not that it matters either way, this is an astonishingly beautiful human being whose tattoo I am very jealous of. And I SO would.

  12. OH MY GOD! I’ve always wanted a cherry-tree-flowers tatoo, I LOOOOVEE Cherry Tree’s, especially the japaneese ones that are pink..

    So this is absolutely a GORGEUS picture fo’ su’!

  13. Breathtaking! I’m usually not a fan of leg tattoos, actually, never, but this is unbelievably beautiful. She really is the perfect person for this tattoo. It looks incredible!!

  14. I don’t really need the higher-resolution as it’s already quite pretty but there is no click through as claimed.

  15. Why can’t I delete my stupid comment : ( It’s all set up different when you’re just clicking through with the arrows!

  16. I think it’s reminiscent of The Postman Always Rings Twice. You know the part where he comes and they have sex on the kitchen table while she’s making bread?

    That’s my best guess. I’m actually really fond of the tattoo, by the way. And I’m picky.

  17. Stunning tattoos on a beatiful leg, should the artworkz be extended to the feet area. it would be fantastic

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