Joke Lip Tattoo

Dave got this done while serving in Germany by Nikki at Dave’s Tattoos in Kaiserslaughten, which he recommends to fellow military members as a great place to get work done. He says he loves telling people he “got a busted lip down town”… yeah, haha, very funny.


14 thoughts on “Joke Lip Tattoo

  1. Oh dear, has he never heard of the (frankly rubbish) band called Busted? I’m sure they’d be very flattered!

  2. Is Dave’s Tattoos formally known as FTA Tattoos? If so, I got my first tattoos from Dave when I was stationed in Kaiserslautern!!

  3. Haha, nice.

    I thought it was a joke about getting arrested, and searched. Like it a cop ever saw it, it meant he was “busted”. I like it though

  4. doki-doki – Every lip is different as is every tattoo artist. I’ve had my lip tattoo for five months and it hasn’t faded at all. My friend got “hammered” tattooed in her lip last week and it faded immediately the next day.

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