Permanent Corset Piercing

Skic at ModifikArte in Mexico City did this permanent — as in using surface bars, so as permanent as you’re going to get anyway — corset piercing. Click through for a second photo of the piercing at an earlier stage.



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13 thoughts on “Permanent Corset Piercing

  1. I love corset piercings in general. On the second photo, they look very neatly healed. I wonder how old they are? They look like they want to stay there for ever.

  2. There are a number of photos of these in the set I got from Skic in various stages, so I think these stuck around quite a while.

  3. To #4: I’ve only ever seen slave rings for external threads, like ones I have for my back corset. I discussed the idea of tying my collarbone microdermals together with my piercer and it seems that the most likely solution for internally threaded components is to use a dimpled ball with a thread and appropriately sized ring.

    Personally, during initial healing, I think that surface bars are more…sturdy, for a corset at least. My boyfriend managed to pull one of my microdermals out in the first week when he was cleaning it. If that had happened to my back when my corset was first done I think I would have cried 10 times more!
    Other people are probably less clumsy though!

    It looks beautiful, mind, I love the way it goes further up her back towards her neck.

  4. ^^ I don’t think that’s clumsiness. That is, personally, I completely agree with you on the surfaces are sturdier so maybe better for corsets after all part. If that is the point you made. If not, I’m making it now. I don’t have a corset, but I do have both surfaces n microdermals.

    …and all I ever wanted to post is how much I like this picture…the corset suits her back so well…ha :)

  5. Thanks Kyrenna, that was the point I was trying to make, in a roundabout way. That said, a microdermal corset was recently posted on Modblog, so what suits one person may not suit another.

    I prefer surface bars, I think. I love the versatility of microdermals, but surface bars are more…’there’. You can feel them under your skin and they just feel like more part of me, even though my microdermals will be harder to be removed haha!

  6. this corset looks really awesome and healed for that matter , but it still irks me that some of the bars are crooked. i know if that was my back they’d be out with the quickness, i have this thing about symmetry even a small offset would fuck me up in the head. its really nice to see a collection of surface bars that have made it though

  7. Un trabajo bien hecho no puede causar más que admiración, y para muestra un botón, todos sus trabajos son de una calidad impresionante, el saber trabajar con el cuerpo no es cosa fácil y usted parece hacerlo como por inercia, se llama talento, y usted lo tiene en sobremanera, que se encuentre de maravilla, y no le deseo aquí suerte pq eso es para los débiles y desearle éxito sería irrisorio pues ese se obtiene a base de esfuerzo y no de deseos o hechos azarosos, es usted increíblemente exitoso y talentoso.

    ¡Enhorabuena amigo mío!

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