Charlie Brown Tattoo

Now this is a truly brilliant, completely hilarious tattoo, done by Sick Dogs Tattoo And Piercing in West Westminster, CA. Getting this photo made my night!


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48 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Tattoo

  1. Ha, love it. I like when people don’t take themselves or their tattoos too seriously. Not that there’s anything wrong with serious tattoos, of course.

  2. that’s so so amazing! i never realized how low charlie’s stripe was. is there one small spot left to fill in or is it a strange trick of light?

  3. this probably get me alot of grief for saying
    but im kinda just a wee bit dissapointed with the new bme
    one of the (many) reasons i loved bodytwo was because of the
    inspiring and amazing stories that went with the picture posts
    is this going to be the same for BME?
    i know that you, Shannon, must be terribly busy, and it sounds like im pooing
    on you but those stories were truly inspirational and i would be fantastic to see them on BME
    just a bit of veiwer feedback

  4. Sarge beat me to it hahahaha

    I’m assuming its being done in patches or something cuz I can’t help look at that tiny last lil bit where her fingers are and go: “Why not just finish that last bit” unless they were simply on a break

    also in response to jonnycore’s post…as usual its damned if you do and damned if you don’t…People will ALWAYS be complaining about something…sadly.

  5. Because, you know, getting BME up and running again wasn’t a task in itself, along with a surplus of ModBlog posts. Why does everything have to turn into a criticism of someone? Just enjoy the stuff that’s posted, a lot of the posts have stories to back them up. If you want a touching, inspiring story that badly, flip to the Hallmark channel.

  6. I totally didn’t get the Charlie Brown thing until I read the comments. I thought that it was a big, jagged, tummy-goblin mouth.

  7. i knew people would start caining me for it as soon as i said it
    in NO way was i saying that i disliked bme or shannon, in fact
    i have am massive respect for the guy and really want it to be
    known that he’s done so much to get over ‘this all’
    i just really loved BodyTwo, it seemed so much more personal and ‘cuddly’ in a weird way
    i’ve been a BME reader for years and i wont stop now

  8. holy crap!

    if you squint you can see a face with the tattoo being the mouth
    and his nipples the eyes!


  9. not really caining, I charge extra for that ;P I’m assuming you’re aussie jonny cuz I only ever hear aussies use that term lol which confuses me cuz when someone says caining,etc I think of anesthetics.

    I’ve been a BME reader for quite a long time now, since 2000-2001. I’ve even gone from the very first ModBlog post right up to current posts,etc and even compared to BodyTwo posts and I can’t help but see a similarity in many of the posts…Sometimes they’re short and sweet other times they come with lengthy statements/stories,etc.

  10. I WANT HIM TO BE MY BEST FRIEND. Maybe he can be like my Roo-spiration and I’ll copy the exact same tattoo. Haha. So jealous.

  11. I actually agree with jonny, and I hope noone else takes it into offense, I did enjoy the more ‘personal’ feel of BodyTwo. However i am really excited to see BME back up and running again, of course! I really just started to love the interviews and stories/backgrounds, some of them were inspirational, as well as just funny/entertaining. Maybe we will see some (not saying it has to be every entry) of those in the mix with BME as everything starts to return back to normal

  12. Warren Hiller~ :D ha, yeah i am
    you’ve got a point, now that i think about it, there’s always gonna
    be the short and sweet ones
    and the long and inspirational ones
    haha, i thought i was the only one to do that with the posts!
    took me like weeks to get through all of them, so worth it!

    i’m probably just jumping the gun and, like melsgam said, we’ll get
    a great mixture of both when everything returns to normal!

  13. hahaha @24!!! i dont get it either…would probably help to know what charly brown is^^ to google it…

  14. jonny – I’m having to focus on getting caught up on backlog, but I definitely enjoyed being able to include a little more info like I did on BodyTwo and don’t plan on giving that up.

  15. this has got to be a sticker– look how the point comes off the body on the farther right downward pointing arrow. also, the dude isn’t completely shaved. seems a little “off” to me.

  16. yeah i thought as much shannon
    hey, as long as you keep posting, i’ll be a BME fan for life
    reps to you for making this site and community what it is

    haha :D thanks estrojenn

  17. i think the tattoo coming “off” is just a trick of light due to the plastic wrap and camera glare. he is quite a hairy guy, but if you look close enough, there is a perfectly shaved rectangle. also, why would he go through the effort of making a sticker and not fill in that last little patch.

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  19. its actually real. thats me in the picture. my name is Sal the chick is lindsey lou. we did it for a commercial for sick dogs tattoo. look it up on youtube is you dont believe me. we missed the last spot to fill in on the tattoo so we can film it being finished on the location we were shooting at.

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