Tattoo removal, emphasis on “removal”?

More like tattoo replacement…? Or maybe this is one of those Merchant of Venice type removals where one has to debate exactly what’s getting removed to come up with a pound of flesh.


This customer of Shawn O’Hare‘s came into Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing not particularly liking his old cliché of a tribal tattoo, so Shawn replaced it with a nice hefty keloid version of itself that’s much nicer. They got almost all of the ink out, but it looks like a few specs stayed as a ghost.


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24 thoughts on “Tattoo removal, emphasis on “removal”?

  1. hahahahahahaha “pound of flesh”. I havent heard that in ages but yeah, I guess he paid his!

  2. i dont know, i feel that he could have gone in a lot of directions with the tat. The scar looks alright though, i wish i could keloid like that though my scars would be intense!

  3. I like the way the edges look with a bit of the tattoo left. Might be an interesting effect to try on something (leaving just the edges of a tattoo in). Was the scar supposed to be asymmetrical though? Seems like the tattoo was pretty symmetrical but the scar isn’t — I wonder if the wearer was just tired of the asymmetry?

  4. sleepwalker, maybe it only looks unprofessional because the had to make sure they removed the ink too.

  5. pretty awesome. I’ve been thinking about that to get rid of my tattoo that i’m allergic too, but i don’t know how it would work on a small scale

  6. the scar looks way better. but shit…i remember vividly how painful my chest piece was…canNOT imagine getting something cut out of my chest…yeeeouch!

  7. This is fantastic.
    Who said “if you can’t say anything nice come sit by me” ?

  8. personally its not the best removal but its also not the worst I’ve seen.

    The final outcome definitely scarred well but you can still clearly see tattoo pigment in the piece and the way it scarred it just looks like a puffy/blobby former of itself.

  9. how can you tell if it’s keloid or just hypertrophic? will it continue to grow if it’s keloid? i know it’s sort of less desirable, but i prefer the look of fine, barely raised scarification – but that’s just me. as far as this scar goes, i think the black edging looks pretty cool. all in all, i prefer the look of the scar, but i’m sure he knew it wasn’t his only option as far as augmenting the tattoo went. anyone know if it’s his only scar work?

  10. Fair enough – if he was looking for a big (sloppy looking) scar then he should be pleased with it and so should we as he got what he wanted. If he just wanted to be rid of the tribal though, It looks like it was a pretty good candidate for a cover up tattoo job.

  11. eh…it scarred nice, but the points seem a bit wonky, and the little flecks of remaining ink make it look kinda dirty…but i don’t know much about scars though…

  12. I do like the scarification but it doesn’t look that well done. it’s asymetrical while the tattoo wasn’t.

    it’s nicely raised tho! ;)

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