36 thoughts on “How do geeks express emptiness?

  1. thats awesome and i can truly apprecate it because im currently taking a html class and i just had to use that same line like millions times.

  2. I really really like the idea of the tattoo but the placement is a bit odd. But yeah, gotta love geek tattoos 🙂

  3. why does it have to be sad… a link to nothing is pretty rad.. it can also mean that he is his own person… linked to nothing.. he stands alone.. that’s a warrior tattoo you fools

  4. Yeah, I think that Sarvas’s idea is a nice way of interpreting the tattoo differently. Either way, great ink.

  5. i feel that way for 3 fucking long years, than i just get tired of it, i simply stop care about (because hurts feel that way), and i feel wonderful now, and so much to say , and i dont have that emptiness no more.

    i’m happy to share my feelings whit you guys. thank you

  6. lol thats awesome but for some reason it reminds me of steve-o and his ass tattoo “your name here”

  7. Never in my life have I seen a design that was more perfect. I have been trying to think of a way to express this feeling for years and it just makes me want to sob and give that guy a hug. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful

  8. hugz for him
    deeepressing, more then bein up at 5:20…
    and its snowy…
    but its a sad tattoo..
    i’m sure we all can relate to it a bit huh

  9. whats with people getting lonely emotional shit tattooed on them, waste of canvas. get happy shit, if you feel shitty why waste money and time getting it tattooed on you just to remind you?

    being lonely enough to the point of wanting it tattooed seems barely a step away from the point of suicide, why waste 60 bucks on a crap ass tattoo if you’re just gonna step into traffic anyway

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