16 thoughts on “Gladiolus for Strength

  1. Those are great tattoos.
    But am I the the first one who thought the middle flower in the left picture, looks like “girly parts”?
    Just had to get it off my mind.

  2. I swear….at first glance when I scrolled down, I thought “Well finally, it’s been a while since the last vagina tattoo”, haha.
    It’s pretty though.

  3. well flowers and vaginas do have a long history of symbolism and connections and such 🙂

    i really like the blues and purples together. pretty combination.

  4. Agreed, Stigmatic. I think it’s really interesting that most no-outline tattoos look like body paint more than anything.

    Can anyone tell me why tattoos without outlines would bleed more than those with?

  5. If you didnt tell me it was a tattoo i would have thought it was body paint. Personally i dont like it that much but its definitely quite out of the ordinary which i can appreciate.

  6. Oddly enough, I too have no-outline tattoos that were also done by someone from that shop; Doug Bickle.
    I have plum blossoms on my wrists done in a sumi-e style.
    Must find camera…
    Awesome shop by the way. LOTS of great talent there. Like, lots and lots.

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