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  1. Is this the return of the “Guess What” game?

    I’m going with the majority and saying testicle.

  2. hmmph… one of the few things I CAN’T take, probably because I love my own testicles so much! hahaha

  3. Well, as “Isabel” said, name of the picture is “eat-my-nut.jpg”.
    And how is this related to modblog?
    PS: I don’t like it.

  4. Does he eat the whole thing? or just suck on it for a bit then spit it out. I have no nuts but I must say with my high pain tolerance……OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Stigmatic – Self-amputation is a type of body-modification, you know… therefore it fits in with the ‘Body Modification e-zine.’

  6. And though I have never posted anything here before, I have been looking at most of the entries at modblog, (and bodytwo) for a little more than a year now.
    And I read an article I think Shannon posted a link to here about self-amputation.
    But in this case I just failed to conect the dots 🙂

  7. If it *isn’t* a testicle, I’d sure like to know what materials were used to stage the image so I can reproduce it for my next Halloween party.

    You will never find me objecting to people self-culling from the breeding herd. Visual confirmation is just bonus. 🙂

  8. even before reading any of the comments, the first thing i thought was “that has to be a testicle” though this could be a result of bmeing on bme almost seven years..

  9. oh that’s just naaasty. (said in cleveland from family guy) But then, I can see the thoughts behind this… (much like some people keep all their teeth from the dentist, and bits from the doctors, so as not to leave themselves behind…)

  10. Shannon…is that really his testicle? I have a bet going with my brother…who thinks its a bull testicle. (He claims he disected one and thats exactly what it looked like.)

  11. I might be a sick fuck, but i want to see proof, show me his nutsack, i want to see if its really his !!!

  12. It looks more than the testicle of some big animal then a human one. Perhaps a big dog or some kind of sheep/pig/godknowswhat…

    Ask the guys at eunuch.org for more information 😉

    Gross though, no matter, if it is an animal or his own (or the ones of his boyfriend)…

  13. At firs it looked like some weird ripped off chicken leg to me… but hey, I’m not gonna argue if people say that’s really a testicle. It does seem rather huge though :/

    Oh, and eww.

  14. Cannibalism isn’t a modification though and I doubt that this image (without any explanation) holds any artistic, educational or spiritual value to be honest with you.

    It feels pretty gratuitous.

  15. Giles,
    What is extreme for one is a walk in the park for another. Just because you found your limit why should everyone else fall into line with you?
    If this makes someone feel happy and complete, who are you to judge?

  16. it’s not that it’s a testicle, or that it’s his own, it’s that it raw… i can’t even eat sushi. But, hey, if it was thinly sliced and pan-fried with some garlic, mmmmmm.

  17. >>If this makes someone feel happy and complete, who are you to judge?

    You are making a huge generalisation here. There is nothing to explain what the picture is actually showing (legality?) There are no notes claiming this is in any way making the person feel complete, this could easily be someone else’s body parts for all we know.

    Whether this is too extreme for me is irrelevant, the fact is that it is neither a modification (regardless of what Wiki says) and has more in common with BIID. Quite why it is here is anyone’s guess.

  18. Self Cannibalism has a very close association with negative body syndrome and pica. It is quite often part of a developmental disorder leading to patterns of behavioural disturbance.

    Essentially it is a means of satisfying an end. Psychological disorders (for me anyway) should not be laid bare for the great unwashed to shout “cool” at.

    They should be dealt with sensitively with a strong emphasis on educating the viewer not entertaining them.

  19. Mmm.. Tastes like chicken.

    Giles, I can see your point.. but this is more intellectual education as the photo is very conceptual. I’m very intellectual and the photo itself, without text, HAS educated me.

    It’s opened up my eyes to a whole new concept that I want to resarch and get into the psychology of. That’s my education. It’s telling me “If you want to know more, pursue it”

    And I wouldn’t call it a Psychological disorder. Necrophilia is a psychological disorder.. this is just extreme. And extreme has never been bad in my eyes.

  20. Well there is plenty of evidence that suggests self-cannibalism is a psychological disorder with very strong ties to extreme self harm (where the it is often cited that the harm causes one to feel whole or alive).

    Whilst many here will simply comment (“yuk” or “wow”) the fact remains that someone with quite a serious ‘problem’ is being used as a form of entertainment to titillate the throng. It just feels wrong to me.

  21. …oh dear Giles, you’re not (whisper it) using reasoning skills & scientific evidence again are you? Surely you’ve realised by now that the only opinion welcome here is along the lines of ‘Yay, cool, I wanna do that too!!’ So unless you’re ready to set your bollocks on fire, gouge out your own eyeballs, staple your arse shut & post the resulting photos here for us all to shout ‘Yay, cool, I wanna do that too!!’ at, you deserve all the stick you get. Repeat after me: How & why do not matter; it is not your place to question, how & why do not matter…

  22. Yeap, that must be one of the dude’s balls he is chowing down on … did he eat them both or is one still attached to him?

  23. >>How & why do not matter; it is not your place to question, how & why do not matter…

    I’m starting to think you are right…. 😉

  24. I don’t really think that its ANYBODY’S place to question why unless their honest intent is for the story behind it.

    People really don’t come here for psychoanalysis, they come here because it’s like a home, where you’re supposed to be free from that type of judgment.

    I’m not saying that nobody here has a psychological disorder. People everywhere have disorders. For example, I have a personality disorder. But ModBlog really isn’t the place for that to be the topic of debate.

    I understand your intentions, honestly. I just think that they’re a little displaced.

    And I don’t think the only opinion welcome here should be “That’s cool”.

    I think that we would get a lot more out of things if we sat there and talked about them. Not debating the sanity or the morality of them, but discussed their procedures, our experiences with them, and our other opinions on the subject.

    I just wish that more people here had that same mentality. The way I look at it, that’s what this place is for. It’s not just a “show-off-and-stare-at” situation.. it’s got social aspects as well.

  25. Understanding & judgement are not the same thing. Just because I want to understand why someone does something (& in this case, what exactly it is that they have done), it doesn’t mean I’m questioning the morality behind their actions,or judging them as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. And I’m sorry, but there is no way of avoiding the fact that psychological issues & illnesses are involved in some of the things we see on here. To say that those aspects shouldn’t be discussed here is very narrow minded & exactly the kind of censorship that many people here claim to be opposed to.

  26. Lalala, I was talking to Giles, not you.

    I’m not saying it trying to “censor” anyone. Just enlighten. And I never said that psychological issues weren’t involved.

    As quoted directly from my previous post – “I’m not saying that nobody here has a psychological disorder.”

    I think that’s pretty direct and to the point.

  27. The moment we stop asking “why” is the point where we fail to justify what we do, not just to ourselves but to those who watch.
    If we can’t be critical of ourselves then we throw ourselves open to those happy to do it for us.
    We need to differentiate between those mods which we do out of a ‘natural’ need and those which are done for ‘social’ reasons. We also need to be very clear that we are not simply barbaric masochists acting on impulses that we cannot control. There is a grey area between those mods that we do because we feel they ‘make’ us and those mods we do because they address an inadequacy in other areas (BIID etc).
    If you start throwing in modification done for aesthetic appeal alongside those done by people who feel they have no choice you present a blanket coverage where people outside see no difference between someone being tattooed and someone removing a limb (for example).
    It can either a) classify all those who get mods as having psychological disorders or b) classify those who have serious mental instability as simply aesthetes.

  28. Terribly sorry Airi & Giles, I didn’t realise I was intruding on a private conversation! 😉

  29. Oh, but Giles, you are too quick to make assumptions.

    Always ask why. Question everything. But asking why doesn’t require overanalysis of any situation. That’s what the word “Why” is for. it can be used simply on it’s own without a theory next to it.

    In psychological matters, perhaps this could be to the same degree of cultural exploration. It could be a trial of self exploration.

    In terms of self exploration – it could be a need for higher understanding of the nature of humanity, the discovery of one’s own body. What we taste like is part of our attribute as human. Would I do something like this? No. Would you? No. But other people have natural curiosities about anatomical science. This is just a deeper, more extreme form. No matter how you look at it, it’s still a self discovery experience. He’s tasting his own body in it’s raw form. It’s certainly not socially acceptable, and really more known to be deviant, but sometimes you can put validation to your own curiosities above the way that society will percieve them.

    In terms of cultural exploration: Is it likely? Not perfectly, no. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely impossible. Cannibalism is a part of MANY cultures. Even self cannibalism. Just because it isn’t socially acceptable in our society doesn’t mean it’s not worth leaps and bounds to other cultures. There still are Asian and African tribes to this day that practice cannibalism ritualistically because of their beliefs and spirituality. Sometimes in situations very similar to the way this man has done.

    My place right now is only to redirect the myopicness which is being thrust toward more extreme content lately. It’s not the fact that “Why” is being asked.. it’s the fact that the whole question “Why?” is being negated by theories which always link to correlating someone to a psychological problem. It’s like making a statement in the form of a question. And also at the same time accusing.

    He may have a psychological problem. Someone who only has a couple of tattoos may have a psychological problem. Someone who has no mods whatsoever and no intentions of ever obtaining any may have some psychological problem.

    ModBlog really isn’t the “Lets sit around and decide which ones we think are the most hopelessly fucked in the head” place.

    There may be people, yes. They may need help, yes. But the term is being used loosely now.

  30. lalala – Your input is more than welcome, as is anyone’s.

    Airi – Certainly as a self exploration it has worth but it stops becoming a self exploration when it is held up in front of thousands for their entertainment. With many people who operate in extreme ‘deviancy’ it is a deeply personal experience, like you say a personal voyage of discovery. Certainly not something to be rated, gauged and demeaned. The fact remains that cannibalism has strong associations with a lot of seriously negative practices that need proper mature academic analysis, they don’t need to be paraded as something your average piercing fan could do. Getting onto ModBlog is seen as quite a status symbol for some. Am sure you can see where I am heading with that !

    As for comparisons with other cultures I think we need to place a firm line between those done in ‘primitive’ cultures and those done in (and I hate this term) ‘civilised’ society. There is simply no comparison. We live in a society where knowledge is abundant, where the ability to question and psychoanalyse situations and practices is rife, where the full extent of anything we do can be seen and felt everywhere. It would be wrong to claim that someone practising cannibalism in the west shares the same values as someone in (for example) Papua.

    WRT psychological problems I think again we need to look at those who have a problem as an aside from their modifications (someone with a piercing suffering from depression) to those whose actual problem leads them to their ‘modification’ (someone removing limbs because they feel incomplete).

    I find it uncomfortable to watch someone’s psychological disorder displayed for the baying crowds, again it just feels wrong.

  31. Can I just point out that we STILL don’t know exactly what we’re looking at in this photo? And don’t get arsey now, this comment isn’t directed at anyone in particular.

  32. It’s a testicle, the right one to be precise. Get a BME membership, and all will be revealed.

  33. though this isent my cup of tea and yes i am new here so hi!

    i think its kinda cool to express oneself with body modifications and should be cosidered art,but man…..to cut of your nuts thats a whole new type of pain,i squirm getting kicked in the sack i cant imagine how excrucateing it is to cut them off.

  34. Thanks for the info Veal, but I think I’ll pass.
    In fact, I may disappear from this site altogether before I see something that I really don’t want to;
    ‘I find it uncomfortable to watch someone’s psychological disorder displayed for the baying crowds, again it just feels wrong.’
    Giles summed up exactly how I feel about this kind of thing. Much as I love tattoos, piercings & suspensions (the main reasons that I found myself here in the first place) I just don’t think I can justify this to myself anymore. I don’t want to be in any way, even indirectly, responsible for people hurting themselves & the more people look at & comment on these sorts of photos, well, I don’t know. I think a line has been overstepped & my conscience is not impressed. ‘An if it harm none, do as you will’ – the only rule I’ve ever adhered to, and if I’m not breaking it by being part of the ‘baying crowds’ I’m certainly bending it.

  35. Despite all the debate you people are having I can say that stuff like this has almost totally gotten ride of my squeamishness. Since viewing the constantly gross stuff like testicle eating on BME, fear factor and medical surgery shows got nothing.

  36. I can still understand, Giles, but I don’t agree with the way you’re going with this.

    BME is a knowledge pursuit for some. Not a way to just show off. It’s not like being a youtube celebrity, it’s about sharing something with the world. People misinterpret this.

    It’s not being paraded around to exploit everything, it’s simply showing a different point of view that is COMPLETELY abstract to the norm.

  37. “Gimme that
    that nut”
    – Easy E

    clearly, it’s a testy….a tasty testy at that

  38. *Makes an obscene hand gesture at folks who would shamelessly rubberneck at a car crash*
    This is Lalala saying buhbye, it’s been swell but the swelling’s gone down now.
    Be safe, be happy, try to be nice to each other. Peace y’all. xxx

  39. Hahaha, Lest we forget Tank Girl, LaLaLa!

    And I think I have to agree with ResonantEye. Sauteed in butter with capers and olives, complimented by a savoury tomato pesto.

  40. *is allergic to raspberries and is now in the begining stages of annaflectic shock as he waves bye bye to lalala, singing, na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, bye bye,lalala

  41. oh and, has anyone else noticed that the dude with the nut in his mouth hasd really super super white teeth?…*shrugs*….

  42. James…”Are testicles really that big?”

    To pull of something like this, your balls have to be HUGE to begin with.

  43. Regardless of the ethical issues this presents for some, is it not graphic enough to merit a clickthrough? Obviously, the line is blurred in a place like this, but if it’s squicking regular modblog readers…is it really something you want to present to the casual passers-through?

    Also: is anyone else more disgusted at the prospect of eating balls than removing them? How can that be tasty?

  44. Regardless of subject matter, and the subsequent ‘debates’, I totally dig how the bright red of the blood juxtaposes with the muted skin tones. Aesthetic Love 🙂

  45. yeah, if you don’t like it then don’t look at this site. Duh. Cannibalism isn’t a modification but removing a testical is. I’ve looked at this like ten times and thought it was lobster hahaha.

  46. so after reading through a lot of the comments since i last looked at this, i decided to add my two cents – whether you really want them or not 🙂

    i don’t think you can clearly say that this is DEFINITELY a psychological disorder. i’m certainly not that well versed in self-cannibalism (we only briefly discussed it in a disease class – an off topic discussion, i might add), but i don’t think it’s always born from a disorder, like pica. i know for a fact there were artists who have consumed parts of themselves as performance art (not my cup of tea, but that’s not really the point). there was one we talked about in a modern art class that served guests meatballs made from his own fat. my teacher didn’t know if his guests were informed prior to dining, but he ate them himself anyway. i do know that there is a pretty uncommon fetish concerning cannibalism and self-cannibalism. how is that any different from the copious quantities of CBT that has found it’s way here?

    while i don’t necessarily like or enjoy any of those things, i’m not sure why this is where the line gets drawn and amputating body parts isn’t. it’s the same physical harm if you think about it. unless there is some form of rabbit fever that you can get from eating parts of yourself… testicular fever, maybe?

  47. OK… I have to say that I don’t think that’s particularly right. And this isn’t a “past my comfort zone” (though it certainly is) or a “squicking me out” (I’m rather depressed to say that it doesn’t do much of that), but all the arguments as to how there can be a deep enlightning reason for this just ring hollow when all there is… is a picture of a guy voraciously biting into the (presumably) his own testicle.

    There are far more mentally unsound reasons for doing this than mentally sound ones, and the lack of any kind of description doesn’t help lead one into a mentally sound area. It’s akin to uploading a picture of a freshly opened wrist with no explanation.

    Oh, and at the very least blur it. Even in a crowd like this it shouldn’t be assumed we’re ok with random eyefuls of autocannibalism.

  48. Don’t know if I’d want to bite mine, but wouldn’t say no to someone else.

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