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  1. thats awesome!
    she has huge balls, punk-ass muthafucka! i hope she continues to love it all her life and the mundanes dont get her down.
    you kick ass lady!

  2. i love it.

    My first thought was, she must have a kick ass job that lets her have that. but
    i guess foundation could cover that pretty well if she ever wanted/needed to cover it.

    i bet she has really good skin too, cause I know if I did that, my acne would tear it up. lol.

  3. if she’s a “scene” kid then i hope she stays that way! “nana, why do you have spots on your face?” “well tommy, nana used to be scene.” heh, makes me happy. more power to her, though.

    i wonder if she has stars anywhere….

  4. if she’s a “scene” kid then i hope she stays that way! “nana, why do you have spots on your face?” “well tommy, nana used to be scene.” heh, makes me happy. more power to her, though.

    i wonder if she has stars anywhere….

  5. “Scene” or not I love this piece, it fits the shape of her face and looks really well executed.
    Leopard print is not my cup of tea but I can appreciate it’s aesthetic, it suits the wearer.

  6. I think this is one of the few facial tattoos that I really like. It’s subtle (well, as subtle as a facial tattoo can be) and absolutely gorgeous.

  7. So pretty and feminine. Always think facial tattoos are very bold! Yes, it’s very ‘scene’, but labels suck 😀 It’s just gorgeous.

  8. It indeed looks subtle, probably because there’s no harsh lines in it 🙂 I think it’s pretty.

  9. Beautiful and the girl is very pretty as well, this kind if makes me want to get another tattoo.

  10. Scene, stars, young or not, tattoos are a way of life. This is a beatuiful piece that I sure would be proud of having showing every day of the rest of my life, and I would be ridiculously excited if my grandma had a facial tattoo!

  11. I wonder if he asked her if she has a steady job or a profession first. She doesn’t look more than 21 at best. Don’t get me wrong, I support facial tattooing, but she is really young and I’m sure has no idea where life is going to take her. Why doesnt she get her knuckles done like the rest of the “scene kids”?

  12. To the various smart asses like “LOLA” blabbing on about how she’s in over her head or this is some “scene” thing, she’s had the other side of her face tattooed for quite some time and is perfectly aware of what she’s facing.

  13. woo Shannon kicking butt’s and taking names…

    haha no seriously, it’s gutsy to get that done
    reps to her

  14. i don’t see why it would even matter what her career is. she can use some dermablend or mac concealer.

  15. That comment was made with a tongue-in-cheek tone. Even though she has previous facial tattoos I wonder what her profession is. What complications she faces? Understand that I completely support facial tattoos (I my self have them) being such, it concerns me when I see such young women doing very obvious modifications. If her career path is one that allows open creativity then awesome, I’m excited for her. If not then facial tattooing can bring on so many problems.

    Also, I think in a forum such as this, it is okay to ask questions like this. Sure we support all forms of expression. And yes, the art work it self is beautiful, but shouldn’t we question the ramifications they bring?

  16. just because you have facial tattoos doesnt mean you cant have a corporate job.i have both :).it’s not a limit if you dont see it as one….

  17. True. With a bit of dermablend anyone can be “normal”. Bronte (who is a former IAM member) is the perfect example. However Bronte was past 30 when she made the decision to be facialy tattooed. When we are in our 20′s our lives can take so many directions. I wonder if being 20something is old enough to decide that specific life path.

  18. hey LOLA, if you have facial tattoos are and 100% behind your posts why would you choose not to have a link connected to your post? see if i called someone scene and questioned their motives i would feel confident enough to post a link to a personal site. the same would go for when i called someone out for being a troll on modblog.

  19. Actually, I really hadn’t thought about linking my IAM account to this. It wasn’t an active effort to hide my identity in order to make false accusation’s. I am HeHadItComin on IAM. I have nothing to hide.

    See what I think is funny about this is that I am merely posing the question. Is facial tattooing something that a 20s is prepaired to handle. So with that said, I was 24 (I believe) when I got mine done. Had it been done in something other than white, it would have caused problems in my line of work. This is not a confontation, just an open ended question. Isn’t that what these forums should be about? A place to discuss modification with all forms of educated answers accepted aside from the “dude that is nasty” response?

  20. It was a comment mainly directed towards another comment made “if she’s a “scene” kid then i hope she stays that way!”

    BTW, I have my knuckles done too. I am heavly visually modified including scarification. And I am 26 so I can easily talk about the effects that it has on my self and my person and social life. Being a woman who is modifed can be very difficult. For men it seems to be easier. Like it is more accepted. Would I go back and not have sleeves, dot on my chin, my knuckles tattooed or have scarification? No. As with me it is her decision. And perhaps the way I initially worded it sounds like I am being a “jerk”. I appologize.

  21. i personally think that any form of tattoo/piercing is
    a big leap into the modified world, wherever it is on your body
    anything you do to your body is going to pose issues
    somewhere down the line with one thing or another

    hey, life’s about taking risks

  22. heh! So very true. I think that, at least from a personal point of view, I get so numb to the outside point of view to modification. (at least until I do something and I hear it from everyone around me) I think a lot of us surround our selves with modified people. So when there is opposition from an outside point of view we think “fuck you”. Hell I do it all the time. But really is there an age of reason?

    BTW… Im bored, I never give forums this much attention.

  23. i like facial tattoo’s this however smacks of fail.
    eugh,try explaining that when you are fortyfive, it looks like a black eye of badly drawn leopard print ffs.

  24. yeah LOLA your point of age of reason was exactly what i was thinking when i saw the pic
    i personally don’t think i’ll get my imagined heavier mods
    until i’m at least a dew years older just because theyre so permanent and sooo many people end up regretting them

    buuut, that said, if you’ve made up your mind where you want to go, gosh darnit go do it and have fun!

  25. (just to add my two cents from a sixteen year old’s perspective)
    First, I really love this tattoo even though I usually hate leopard print.

    I love facial tattooing (or any other really “out there” mods) because it forces you to never have to settle. You are physically no longer able to compromise your “self” in order to fit into society’s view of what you should be. It forces you to really aim for your dreams.

  26. i’m just a little curious as to why questioning the future of a mod is completely invalidated? it’s a perfectly legitimate fact of modification that a large number of people will regret their decision. i don’t think anyone said this woman didn’t think about her decision, i’m very certain she most likely did. but why is it so wrong to speculate about the possible ramifications? that’s kind of the point of a forum – to discuss ideas and opinions. you aren’t going to hurt her feelings – i’m sure she’s probably thought through them all well enough already. it’s my idea that this could be an interesting conversation in the future. personally, i would tell questioning kids i got it from not eating my vegetables but that would probably lead to a lot of childhood malnutrition.

  27. I agree with questioning the future of very apparent and/or unusual mods.

    But I’m sure that she’s made her decision in an educated way and is secure with the future of her facial tattoo. If she’s not in that position, that’s no one’s fault but her own.

  28. beautifull.
    if she already has the other side done, i’m sure she realises the ramifications, and if not, as has already been stated, makeup is an easy fix.
    i think it looks great on her, and i normally hate animal print 🙂

  29. I think it’s gorgeous!
    Don’t usually like animal prints too, but this one blends in very nicely with the shape of her head and it looks somehow very natural. Like it is supposed to be there.

    I really don’t understand the “scene” talk.

    #50 shekaste: Totally agree with you! A mod like this is definitely going to be a big change in future directions, but that might as well be a very possitive change.

  30. just to help everyone to get over the fact of whether or not she has a profession , yes she does..
    both her and her fiance have there CDL licenses and they drive truck cross country and are both very heavily modded people..
    they actually share a route so they can be closer to each other..
    No shes not a scene kid.
    and Yes i always ask about the persons life plans and where they think they are headed as well as whether or not they have fully thought out certain mods . As a tattoo artist I feel we do have the obligation to sometimes sit with a customer and learn more about them before we go any further with some of there ideas, plus I feel it gives me a better understanding of the people I work with and where they have come from

  31. oh and yes Lola, Hehaditcomin, Sarah, she was actually 23 and had a profession that she loves when she got the piece..
    Im actually pretty sure though that when I did your facial tattoo, the only reason you got it in white and not black was because I talked you out of the black because you werent set on a career path at that time. You wanted black and I said no just like you wanted your knuckles tattooed as well and i didnt think you should get them because you werent prepared for the hardships in the work force…

    ( lola and I used to date when she lived here in Geneva with me)

  32. and sorry Im kind of heated by this, and Sarah this isnt aimed at you personally, but wouldnt most people agree that this mod would also be an easier choice than say to bare and raise a child in their late teens to early twenties? still lots of commitment but you cant cover a kid in dermablend and go to a job interview

  33. Thanks to DTM for weighing in on this one. I agree that an artist has some resonsability to talk to a person getting the more extreme mods. I tend to run from any shop that sees my shaved head and immediately wants to tattoo it. And your point in #63 is the best one I’ve heard yet.

  34. It really wasn’t a judgment when the question was asked. It was just a question that I was curious about. (Is there an age of reason to facial tattooing?) It’s fair to ask. Its also fair to say that most of the things I say pisses you off so I’m not too worried about it.

    Oh and hey, thanks for making it personal Dan. I wasn’t talking about our past history. So leave it where it belongs, over and done with, a long time ago.

  35. And to #63, I think that making the choice of being a young parent is harder but, like I said before, being a young 20 you still have no clue what the hardships will be. I think that is on the same level as modification. Each has their own set of complications both effecting the work environment or career path. With both you may take a less appealing job due to the complications they bring.

    Oh and on a side note. I regret not getting my chin dots black still to this day. I would have dermablended it. I’m still profacial tattooing, I was just throwing a thought out there.

  36. well, i for one think teen pregnancy and body modifications are different kettles of fish entirely. who honestly sits around and decides between procreation and tattoo placement? i’m a little shocked you made the comparison, to be honest.

  37. I know I’m coming in late on this one but I wanted to throw this out there

    IU am in my mid 30s, and looking back now I wish I had gotten a lot of my heavier mods done YOUNGEr, sooner, than now. I had a lot more ability to heal quickly, less health issues, and more stamina in my 20s, and the stuff I am getting done and have gotten done since my early 20s is the same stuff, in other words, I could have gotten this facial tattoo ten years ago, when my skin was smoother, and it would have healed faster.

    Anyone else wish they’d done things younger, rather than waited?

  38. I know this girl personally. She is not a ‘scene kid’. She has got her shit together more than most people. She knew what she was doing when she did this and she has the right mindset to do so. “nope” you don’t have to be ‘scene’ to tattoo your face or knuckles or have star tattoos. That is the sort of ignorance that girls like her will have to deal with.

    if she’s a “scene” kid then i hope she stays that way! “nana, why do you have spots on your face?” “well tommy, nana used to be scene.”

  39. I was not in my thirties when I got my face tattooed. I was in my twenties. I just happen to be old now. 🙂

    I love the “scene” kid comments. Reminds me of random comments people made regarding myself when I began getting tattooed. The lingo has changed, but it’s still basically the same.

  40. i agree with LOLA. its a gorgeous tattoo, but i feel like it will inevitably hold her back from something. to deny that is to be overly romantic about the world. it just seems like something she’ll regret. although i deff wish her the best with it.

  41. nope- I do have to comment on what you said in regards to DTM’s comparison of body mods and early pregnancy- in most ways, yes they are very separate. But I think what he’s trying to say is that they are equally major decisions. Many people these days tend to think less of popping out a kid than they do putting a new hole in their face or getting a tattoo in a highly visible place. You sit in a tattoo shop long enough and that fact will become abundantly clear. And I don’t think the issue is BETWEEN whether to get pregnant or visibly tattooed, but more so being able to weigh those decisions in regards to the future.

  42. Completely agree with Lola, what is the problem with bringing up the long term effects of a serious mod? To call an insightful opinion “blabbing on” is frankly pathetic and shows the single-mindedness and unwillingness to discuss anything against the “right” or expected response. to be slated for bringing up an original or “not acceptable to sharron” opinion is getting quite boring.

  43. It’s not “insightful”, it’s ignorant and incorrect. Why go on defending a point of view that’s already been debunked?

  44. first of all, i asked “if” she was scene – i never stated that she was and i’m frankly a little surprised that most people believed it to be negative comment. i have nothing against being scene and, evidently unlike some, don’t think it’s a bad thing. i meant it in an entirely lighthearted manner, i assure you. what i meant to express was that it could lead to a funny conversation in the future – particularly to someone (in this case a grandchild) who would have no idea of the social climate at the time. i meant her no disrespect and i’m sorry it was taken that way. when i mentioned star tattoos, it was to reiterate this point. i know not everyone with star tattoos is scene, obviously, but there’s no denying it’s a very popular symbol with scene kids. if you don’t believe this, then you don’t know enough of them 🙂

    as for “why go on defending a point of view that’s already been debunked?,” well, clearly when LOLA said those comments it hadn’t been debunked, had it? and what’s wrong with discussing something even if it isn’t true for this particular case? just because this woman is in a secure job field doesn’t make talking about the ramifications of facial tattooing completely obsolete, at least in my opinion. perhaps we should all be a bit more precise in our comments (clearly i should be) – “it’s not ‘insightful,’ it’s ignorant and incorrect [IN THIS INSTANCE]”

    “wouldnt most people agree that this mod would also be an easier choice than say to bare and raise a child in their late teens to early twenties? still lots of commitment but you cant cover a kid in dermablend and go to a job interview”

    i was being a bit facetious and, probably, petulant, as well. but i think “most people” would probably see no significant correlation between those two decisions as they are born from ENTIRELY different things – social irresponsibility (in most cases of teen pregnancy) and self- expression. just because both require commitment, does not make them comparable. for example, you could say that some one who decides to donate a kidney and someone who chooses to drive recklessly are the same… both are proven to significantly shorten life-span. but i don’t think many would try to argue that – too many logical fallacies, methinks.

  45. I don’t know what kind of time travel game you’re playing, but obviously the followup comments are about the followup posts, not the initial one.

  46. I’m going to say one last thing about this, since I feel you didn’t give ANY thought whatsoever to what I said because you were too busy being defensive. Although I can’t say I entirely blame you for going on the defensive, as it is terribly difficult to understand how a person is “saying” something over the internet.

    Yes, self expression and procreation ARE two entirely different things. Never did I say they were the same. However, it has become evident in the attitude of many people that having a child bears far fewer consequences than such self expression, and as yet is more acceptable. As a young, visibly modified female who is currently expecting a child I can lend my own personal experience to this debate, since most people I encounter are FAR more concerned with what my modifications will do to my future than how my life will change in regards to my expanding belly. Just because pregnancy OUGHT to be viewed on an entirely different level and SHOULDN’T be able to be compared to mod placement, doesn’t mean that that is the way it IS. In fact, having a child has in many ways become a form of self expression- a woman wants to be a mother because she likes the idea of adding “MOM” to her repertoire as well as the idea of snuggling a baby can go do so. The need for affection is the expression. And yet these same women wouldn’t consider getting facial tattoos, even if they really want them, in fear of how it would change their life. But obviously a child has a MUCH bigger impact, yes? Neither of us was saying that the issues carry the same weight, but that we as a people and as a society still view them differently.

    Also, if you hadn’t caught wind of it yet, many of the comments made between two of the posters hold personal innuendo, right from the very first one. To know the both of them as well as their history, lends some insight as to why certain things were said, and how the debate ensued.

  47. I should probably know this but could someone explain to me exactly what “scene” means?

    I’m genuinely confused why someone would be marked out as “scene” if they have a tattoo like this.

  48. Lovely. And I do plan to get facial tattooing in the future as well – speaking as a young female.

  49. Bri, I certainly see your point and now i actually understand what you were saying before. I’m sorry if you felt that I brushed you off.

    Roo, being “scene” originally came out of being very involved in the underground music scene. some one who is scene is very fashion forward, knows all the newest, coolest music (as well as the classics. this aspect is usually very important to them), is frequently modified (tattoos, septum piercings, etc.). there tends to be a lot of scene trends – robots, hello kitty, headbands. all of which have kind of come and gone, but i guess that goes with being fashion forward 🙂 of the scene kids i know at school, their hair tends to be very trendy and somewhat unusual with lots of colours and teasing. it’s usually compared to being emo in that there are trends within the subculture, but it’s way more upbeat and less mopey, i suppose. audrey kitching and kiki kannibal are two people who have literally become famous because they are scene. audrey kitching models clothing for a lot of small, independent fashion companies and kiki kannibal is, like, 16 and makes jewelry or something. google them. the reason someone might think this woman was scene was because she is very pretty and immaculately made up, has a lot of the popular piercings (although i understand other people do, aswell. don’t get upset again), and leopard print was very popular a short while ago – lots of girls got the pattern dyed into their hair. don’t worry, i won’t ever speculate if some one is scene again. i didn’t realize so many people thought poorly of it.

  50. Nope – Wow, thanks. I feel wiser now, some people have too much time on their hands coming up with all these definitions :).

    I think I’ll be scene from now on, yay.

  51. I didnt know this discussion board existed until the artist told me. And I take no defense to the derogative remarks. To answer some questions:

    Yes, I am relatively young. And like a lot of people my age I am more than aware of the consequences of such a obtrusive mod. Thats actually why I really wanted it. It forcefully assured that I could not have a job in which I hate and am left no choice but to work because they simply wont hire me. To tell you what I do do for work, I am a truck driver(18 wheeler.) My “scene” is traveling the country. My fashion trend is grease covered raggy clothes and diesel. And thats it. I will never cover up nor regret this tat. I actually want to continue it further. And I love DTM’s work.

    Sarah Slaughter

  52. Awesome, another leopard-girl! Actually, my face was taken from a South American Jaguar (well, 6 different cats to be exact) but hey, another kitty-girl is awesome. Nice job!

  53. To be honest I looked at the comment forum initially because it was Dan’s work, but the inquiry was strictly because I was curious. When I see a more obvious modification I wonder what the person’s line of work is, what their life style is, and how does it effect their everyday life. I was attempting to have a general conversation and not make it personal. I wasn’t the one who made it that way. But I am glad that other people hopped on board and discussed the ramifications. Im also very happy to hear from the girl who is the owner of the tattoo about her life. If it fits into the way she lives then I am very impressed that she took on an open mind as to making sure her life is lived the way she wants it too.

  54. wow this is quit the discussion! and truckdriver- wow i’d NEVER imagine that, im not sure if thats ‘sterotyping’ or what have you, but i dont think that career would of come to anyone’s mind haha shes goreous and the colours are amazing for a second they reminded me of daffadils lol with the purple and yellow. beautiful colours, i bet they make her eyes pop! im gald she didn’t go with ‘tradional’ colours for cheetah print, this is superb! and definate props to DTM your definatly skilled

  55. scene or not,
    it’s a phase of her life,
    & she’s got the tattoos to prove it,
    i think that’s pretty cool,
    it’s like having photograph memories but more tactile & personal 🙂
    lovely tat x

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