Are they getting popular?

I can’t imagine this is going to be a trend or anything, but I’ve seen a few more eyelid piercings lately, in addition to the one from Bulgaria posted a few days ago, this reader in North Carolina describes this as their favorite piercing.


In Tennessee I think they’re a little more cautious, at least in this horizontal placement — basically just a surface piercing on the eyelid — by Darby at Great American Tattoo Company in Kingsport.


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47 thoughts on “Are they getting popular?

  1. I dont doubt that these kinds of piercings are rare and pushing boundaries, but they cannot in any way be good for your eye. I just feel like that time I had a sliver of steel in my eye from work. That was not fun in any way shape or form.

  2. Fun to look at, but I think I would go insane if I had that anywhere near my eye (I freak out when I get some sand even close to my eyes o_O).

  3. The first one looks really good!

    The second looks less like it’s in the eyelid and more like it’s in the tissue above it. More like a really low eyebrow surface….

  4. Wow! The second one looks like a weird face.. The balls are the eyes, the eyebrow its hair and the eyelid a a strange mustache. hahhahaahaha…..Just silly though on a practical thought

  5. The first one looks a little bit upset, like it’s tearing a little bit. On the other hand, that person has really lovely coloured eyes!!

  6. the first one’s eye is really nice, it has that yellow circle in it, making it really unique.
    i think these piercings are cool looking but definitely not for people with contacts or glasses.

  7. I will never think these are anything but incredibly stupid. Eyesight is not something you fuck around with in my book.

  8. so the piercing heals and when jewelry is removed and no longer irritating your eye, you are left with a nice hole in your eyelid to let all sorts of bad things get in there? perfect.

  9. im not going to bash anyone, but as a client/canvas, you need to TRUST your piercer, thats a scary place to be unsure of.

    trust is a scary thing to have, but they look awesome. i wouldnt do it, but thats in a bucket of a lot of things i wouldnt do.

    more power to you all!

  10. That first eye… Wow… Amazing.

    I don’t know how I feel about this piercing. I just spent a lot of money to get LASIK, and anything affecting my eyes is a scary prospect. But I guess if you are comfortable with the risks, good for you.

    I will say that its really unique.

  11. the first one is phenomenal. I thought the yellow ring was a symptom of a heavy metal poisoning…

    regardless, I’m wondering if some of these people prepare for this piercing like, trying to pull the eyelid out without the eye freaking out, a ‘desensitizing’ of sorts.

    Plus when it heals, a very small gauge plug would probably be a lot more comfortable.

    It’s unique, and a lot less risky than the people piercing their eyeballs.

    I’d still never do it

  12. stephanie, if fully healed they can easily stay open. i havent worn jewelry in my septum in months and i can still get a 16 ga in. you should never depend on the hole closing completely. not a chance id be willing to take with my eye.

  13. I just can’t stop staring at the first one’s eye. Beautiful. So are the piercings. I wouldn’t mind having one. If I just dared.

  14. those just seem way too annoying for me to handle. i can’t even stand heavy eye makeup without my eyes watering constantly

  15. Kids in Kingport, TN, are crazy. I live about 20 mins. away from there. Darby is quite good at what he does and he has very nice prices. He did my septum and it was a good experience.

  16. it LOOKS very cool…its also completely INSANE to risk your eyesight in this manner…but whatever…I’m sure it was ‘well researched’ and the client was informed of all the risks…

    here’s what i know about the eye…this next couple of quotes you can thank google’s endless supply of web doctors for…most of this info is from an eye injuries website wrote by doctor’s to help people save their eye sight when things obstruct it…”Injuries to the eye are the most common preventable cause of blindness” …”Do not touch, press, or rub the eye itself”…”Do not try to remove any foreign body except by flushing, because of the risk of scratching the surface of the eye, especially the cornea”…”a particle can scratch the cornea and cause an infection”…this last one i’m printing, mainly cuz i saw a modblog piece with a TATTOOED EYEBALL in it “Many chemicals, even those found around the house, can damage an eye.”

    just cuz you CAN pull something like this off, does it mean you should??? there are certain areas of the body you should just leave alone to function as they were intended to…if getting modified will jeapordize your eye sight, mobility, or even worse-YOUR LIFE…maybe you should leave it alone…this isn’t about mod censorship, before i receive the backlash of ‘freedom replies’, this is about common sense…i saw a piece where someone actually injected tattoo ink into an eyeball…tattoo ink isn’t FDA regulated and sometimes the questionable contents can cause a reaction in skin…especially red…a person who has had no previous reaction can suddenly, and without warning, develope an allergy…fortunetly in skin, this isn’t really dangerous and is a totally fixable situation-but in the EYE, A VERY SENSITIVE MEMBRANE, it could cause blindness…

    all i’m saying is certain things that will leave you with a POTENTIAL HANDI-CAP should perhaps be left alone…

  17. Laura – Do you apply the same logic to the rest of your life? If so, we should ban extreme sports, driving cars, and lots of other risky things.

  18. What shannon said….i think it looks great, although wouldnt have it done personally. I think its quite a classy piercing.

  19. Hmmm. I wonder how long it will be before people start to stretch their eyelid piercings. Think about how cool vision-obstructing 1″ plugs in your eyelids would be! Kind of like the body mod equivalent of an emo fringe.

  20. According to a Harvard University study, cell phones cause over 200 deaths and half a million injuries each year. Now that of course doesnt touch non specified causes of automobile deaths which are the NUMBER ONE cause of death for people ages 6 to 27. You think people are foolish for having eye modifications? I would suggest that if as many people who use automobiles (of which I am one) were to modify their eyes in some way,and not use cars, the numbers of injury and death would be drastically smaller. While body modification can be seen as more of a choice than driving, driving too is a choice. I have a friend who has never driven in her life. She walks to work, rides her bike to the grocery and has for over 30 years. Hell, just today on GMA it was announced that on average 36 children every year die due to being forgotten about by their parents and left in their vehicle. Maybe “Mom” should have focused less on impressing the Jones’, focused more on raising her children. She could have stayed at home, a smaller home, made do with less materialistic goods and services and pierced her eyes to her heart’s content. She and her kids would probably be fine. But who am I to say?

  21. This is a risky piercing but if people realised the risks and are aware of the ramifications of their decision…why not!?!
    The first picture is beautiful, the second is not to my taste particularly but I’m sure the girl who’s just had the piercing is thrilled, I hope it heals well.

  22. that first eye is amazing looking. id love to hear from someone that has this piercing to know how irritating it is though, also i want to know what the chance for perminant damage is

  23. i realize throwing statistics around about cars and cellphones in someway validfies points with you guys, but driving a car and putting body jewelry THRU YOUR EYE LID, and possibly risking BLINDNESS is two entirely different things…as for banning risky endeavors? I am not saying call in a world wide ban on eye lid piercings…it would just be nice if COMMON SENSE would actually for once become a factor…but whatever…when this becomes an issue, and someone looses the use of their eye sight from having a piece of jewelry scratch against their cornea all day, causing infection…i’m sure these statistics will be very helpfull…

    geez…did it occur to anyone that certains applications, while you have the freedom to perform them, are just not in anyway safe or the slightest bit practical? i’m not running under pics of implants or facial tattoos and saying anything…i do believe you have the right to adorn your body how you choose…but i am well within my right as a trained professional-IN PIECING for 10 years, to point out when something is just not a good idea…if it will leave you with mobility impediments (like say BLINDNESS) then its likely a BAD IDEA…and you can hurl all the statistics you want at me on how my cell phone is killing me-it will still be a BAD IDEA…what would be a GOOD IDEA, and helpfull to those modification artists out there, whose freedom you worry about infridging on-is perhaps if while showing these pictures(that will make all the scene kids run out and want one) you perhaps let these kids know what their risking, because i suspect that their not getting the whole story in some of these situations…that way they can have a more informed choice in their blindness :) it would also be considered well rounded journalism-because all your angles are covered…

    and i cliff dive up to 50 feet almost every summer and have TONS of speeding tickets under my belt…i’m not moderation mary or safety sally over here…just someone who has an opinion in a debate. what’s that saying that mother’s always tote? oh yeah…”ITS ALL FUN TILL SOMEONE LOOSES AN EYE”
    …sorry…couldn’t resist

  24. I don’t think I would ever be able to have this piercing. Even when I wear eye makeup I alway forget and rub/scratch my eyes, and even getting mascara in them sends me into an itch-cazed frenzy, so I can just imagine the horror and carnage that would result from me getting an eyelid piercing…

  25. I don’t know. I don’t really see the dangers other then perhaps irritation. The piercing is far enough to the side that you aren’t risking scratching the cornea or the lens or anything like that.

    And the eyelid seems to be elastic enough that it could be pulled far enough away from the eye during piercing to minimize the risk of getting a needle in the eye.

    I think some of the reactions are a bit over the top. I understand the initial feelings of wow, thats scary. Its way close to the eyeball. I felt the same way too. And I still wouldn’t do it. But I don’t think it would be as risky as I initially thought.

    Its funny that someone mentioned you are never even supposed to touch your bare eyeball. When I got contacts a long time ago, the doctor told me to practice for a week just touching the corner of my eye, in approximately the same place these piercings are.

    In response to “just cause you can doesn’t mean you should” I would like to reply with “just cause someone said you shouldn’t doesn’t mean its bad.” (Thats not a personal attack on your Laura, just a response.)

  26. Jessica, even if the hole closes to 16g (which is a very small entry point) I doubt it would let in more hazards then say a normal eye thats open?

  27. so you need a hole in your eye while you sleep? ive yet to see a valid reason for someone to put their eye health, and thus sight at risk.

  28. actually I personally think the Horizontal one would have a much better success rate if placed properly. As its in an area that plastic surgeons are literally often removing pieces of when giving people eye/brow lifts….I’d say maybe a 16ga or 14ga flat surface bar would be suitable there. and it wouldn’t put any serious pressure on the cornea,etc.

    again though I think these should only by experienced/knowledgeable artists.

    Matt: Looks can be deceiving I assure you that there is most definitely pressure being applied to the cornea, which is the worst part…Not so much about the scratching,etc. Also it increases the chance of debris getting into the eye, that’s where the irritation/scratching can occur.

  29. the ONLY concern would be “droppy eyelids” like what you see with older generations of people…although I might say that this piercing is probably not catered to that generation, more so the young and still in the “superman/woman” view..(ie: “nothing will harm/kill me”)

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  31. the “…”Do not touch, press, or rub the eye itself” was from the list of eye injuries, i believe that’s in reference to having a foriegn object obstructing it…the jewelry would no doubt rub against the eye whenever she will blink…you don’t think that elevates the risk of scratching the surface of the eye? if say the jewelry retained any nicks during insertion, there’s an elevated risk for that to happen…i’m just saying its a bad idea…the picture’s cool, but i doubt it lasted that far past that point…but whatever…do what you want…its your eye ball…as for the surface lid…i just don’t know…that’s brave…but when they showcase different mods that are potentially disabilitating, perhaps they should do more to list the possible risks…just in case interested parties need to hear it again…

  32. jessica, yah but how many “harmful” things are going to creep into a tiny almost closed hole on the side of the eye. Anything small enough to get through there will surely get washed out by the tears the eye makes – dust, sand small particals would wash out much like they do if you get sand in your eye. This happens even when your not awake.(For example if you wear makeup the stuff you find in the cornnor of your eyes when you wake up is what your eye is flushing out while your sleeping)

    Now if they go trying to shove tapers, rings, posts ect through the hole then yes you could risk poking your eye or scratching it but I hope theyre not doing that randomly while awake and deff not when theyre sleeping.

    Im not saying I would get this done myself- I think it would annoy the hell out of me haveing something hanging from my eyelid but the “hole” argument isnt the reason it would stop me from doing that. I dont see risks in getting things inside the eye from the tiny hole a piercing would leave behind once taken out.

    Now saying the eye could be damaged from the jewlery rubbing up against the eye, catching on something, being hit into the eye and what not makes sense to not get it done. But the chances of having something get into the hole are next to nill. Reminds me of the things my mom would tell me so I wouldnt get the piercings I wanted.

    oye this got way longer then I wanted !!

  33. #37: You also have to remember that the areae will almost always show irritation/inflammation from it viewing the jewelry as dirt/dust/debris .

    if you look closely at the picture its pretty red and crusty,etc…Which makes me wonder why she’s wearing make up as well as how old is it in the picture,etc.

    To me its not about getting shit inside the piercing, although the rotation of jewelry in the eyelid can aid in bringing bacteria into the pathway…My worry is the over-working of the tear ducts,etc which are constantly thinking there is something in the eye.

    Plus constant pressure can augment the shape of the eye which can also distort your vision,etc. Much like they have medical situations/concepts to warp cornea’s to a better shape for better vision.

  34. MATT: “Its funny that someone mentioned you are never even supposed to touch your bare eyeball. When I got contacts a long time ago, the doctor told me to practice for a week just touching the corner of my eye, in approximately the same place these piercings are.”

    i’m just curious as to when you got contacts. i just started wearing them a few years ago and my doctor said there was absolutely no reason to touch your eyeball when wearing contacts – they should be removed only by touching the actual lens and moving them should only be done through a closed eyelid. i’m not saying i actually follow all of these (i directly touch the lens to reposition it), but i didn’t know if doctors had changed their tune over time or if it just varies from doctor to doctor.

    that being said, i imagine the irritation would drive me nuts, although her eyes are very beautiful (i’m assuming it’s a girl based on the eyebrow – sorry if i’m wrong!). i would really like to see the second piercing with the eye open – i feel like that’s how the piercing is meant to be seen, anyway.

  35. nope: honestly back when I was roughly around 16-17 I went to try see if I was able to wear contacts at an eye doctors adjacent to a Lens Crafters store.

    I will say that the “doctor” did inform me for me to get used to the feeling that I should wash my hands and try touching the corner of my eye, to get used to the feeling of placing something on my eye.

    However when this “doctor” put one of the contacts in and it felt very uncomfortable and like it was folding onto itself,etc and I asked him to remove it…The contact was in my right eye, and he attempted to remove the contact from my left eye and was very confused as to why he couldn’t see/find it.

    Needless to say I made the decision just to wear glasses until laser eye correction had a 100% success rate, or until I was capable of doing with the bullshit that I was told to do involving contacts.

  36. i think they both look neat, but too risky for me.
    also the first one has beautifull eyes!

  37. if you have contacts you are supposed to touch your eye with clean hands. this piercing is gonna attract all kinds of shit.

  38. As many have pointed out, the first eye has gorgeous coloring.

    I have to ask though, to all the people that are grumbling about health risks, where are your comments on all the other various posts on modblog? I mean, nothing you do to your body, modification wise, is “healthy” in the sense that it’s all injuries that have to be healed. This is just another of those, in another place. As I highly doubt someone getting this piercing or doing this piercing would do it ‘spur of the moment’, I’m sure they’re aware of the risks.

    That said, it’d be really hard for me to deal with the slight itch of healing piercings right at my eye. ;-;

  39. As someone who suffers with short sightedness and astigmatism… I wouldn’t let any extra shit get near my eyes. Seriously. I suffer enough with them and the only thing I’m happy to put in them is my contact lenses. Pretty these peircings may be but I really don’t think they’re sensible.

  40. haha the second one is me, and it was amazing, but its not something i kept in, it healed just fine, if i wanted to have kept it in i could have but, it was kind of annoying in the sense of i kept seeing it in my eye, check out more of his piercings

  41. No friggin’ way. Piercings, in general, are not for me, but this is the worst possible example. I had to have stitches in my right eyelid in 2005…and, in the process, experienced the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Unless I suffer a similar injury, no needle is coming anywere near my eyes!

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