More On Eyeball Tattooing

Please don’t think that the title is a play on words.

John Blake (in the blue shirt) forwarded me some more pictures of himself, Cutthroat (red facial tattoos), and Josh (totally blue eye), who all have eyeball tattoo work by Howie (, along with Andrew S from Swingshift (last photo). Each experienced quite a bit of spreading after the injection.

Eyeball tattooing has got to be my favorite new mod… I don’t know if it’s got universal appeal (but who’d have thought tongue splitting, also decried as completely nuts, would take off like it did). My eye tattoo is now almost one year old (along with Josh and Pauly’s). Here’s some closeup photos of how it’s doing.

As you may recall, it had some problems with a cyst-type structure developing (which was examined by eye injury specialists and ultrasounded, with no complications other than the obvious being found). While it definitely made me nervous for quite some time, it appears to be stable at this point. I’m definitely looking forward to continuing this work, and I’m always thrilled to see more of these admittedly gnarly, mutated-looking zombie-like eye experiments!

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Eye Tattoo Update — Josh

Following up on the last eyeball tattoo photos, which I have to admit looked a little photoshopped and I had my suspicions that they looked “too good to be true”, Shawn Porter snapped this photo of Josh‘s incredible now all-blue eye tattoo. It is too good AND true! There are now around a dozen people in this community who’ve tattooed their eyes to one extent or another (I’m dying to see Cutthroat’s all-black eye) — will this snowball like tongue splitting, although thought to be a potentially terrible idea, did in 1998?

This tattoo was done by Howie (LunaCobra) of course, using eight to ten injections using two colors of blue ink to get the effect… He tells me tomorrow he’s doing an eye using a mix of red and black ink to do a “demon eye”… Damn!

Self-Stabbing Ritual

In relation to the skewer pictures below, here are some current photos that are quite graphic on the subject. This particular photo set is from back in February, and since then the sender has healed without complication and submitted another set of similar pictures of a more recent ritual. Illustration of the depth of the cuts continues after the break.

Josh’s Blue Eye Project Continues!

Howie (LunaCobra) sent me an update on Josh‘s blue eye tattoo project which is looking great! I’m very jealous! Howie’s done a few more eyeball tattoos as well since he did the three of us (Josh, Pauly, and myself) last summer, and a few other people have experimented with it as well, both with machines and injection. Check it out, and there are two more (less “manipulated”?) photos after the break.

More entries on eye tattooing on ModBlog — 1 2 3 4 5 — as well as on my personal blog. I’ll try and post an update on the problems with mine — I have what seems to be a permanent, albeit probably harmless, bump on my eye — in the next few days.

Temporary Breast Enlargement

Master Y in Germany sent in these photos of a before and after (and if you click through, there’s a procedural photo) of him doing a breast saline injection. As you can see, the effects are quite dramatic. It goes without saying that care must be taken in this type of procedure to adhere to good cleanliness standards to avoid risks such as mastitis.

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Inner Cheek Piercing?

I got quite an interesting story from Jeremiah at Akron Ink in Ohio.

“This is a picture of a customer of mine who wanted a cheek piercing. Her family would never allow it, but she wanted it so bad that she said to just pierce the inside.”

“I really wanted to do it, but didn’t have much hope that it would heal. I made a deal with her and told her I would give her her money back if she could get it to heal — she since has become a friend of mine, and, two years later, she still has it and its doing just fine. She says it’s pretty comfortable for the most part, but she can’t help but bite on it every once in awhile.

“These are the pictures of it healed! We just used a 14ga curved barbell, and we’re doin a dermal anchor next on the other side”

I have to admit, I’m really quite amazed as well this didn’t reject!

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Silicone Lip Enlargement

I assume most people have seen my friend “Mister Mark”‘s huge silicone penis (see: silicone penis videos on BMEvideo) as it was featured in “The Perfect Penis” and other documentaries (various free clips are online). Anyway, he’s also been working on his lips for the last five years (which slowly recede in size over time), and he just had them redone and is very happy about it and says he’s sure he’ll go even bigger in the near future.

Mirin Dajo need not be supernatural…

I noticed that recently Mirin Dajo (link to the original ModBlog mention with videa) was on the front page of Digg, and they linked to the absolutely laughable theory put forth by a “doctor/expert” that suggested he had fistulas running right across his body.

You may remember my interview with “the indestructible man” (more, more, more) in which we talked to someone doing very deep and quite large skewer play without apparent long-term harm. I actually just talked to him this morning — he’s still doing heavy play but not this type, but I wanted to show the scars he has from it, which actually somewhat resemble some of the residual scars on Mirin.

The pictures are not particularly dramatic, because the reality is that there are many, many people out there who are perfectly capable of healing repeated serious injuries. That said, as impressive as it was, “FK” didn’t skewer super deep in terms of what he penetrated… Last year I also posted an interview with a friend who’d play pierced a spinal needle through his ribcage so that it was resting on his heart and twitching to the beat, and I’ve posted other deep skewer folks before here as well.

Now, in no way am suggesting it’s “safe”, but I certainly know many people who are capable of surviving deep skewers, including through the inner body cavity and “organ territory”, with minimal adverse effects or downtime. My personal assessment of Mirin Dajo is that there was no trick in what he did either on a sideshow or a supernatural level, and that he was operating in the same general realm.