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  1. The tissue there is so soft that there might actually not be a rejection issue — if it was lower on the face there definitely would be… Feel the skin difference on your own face and you’ll see what i mean.

  2. Hahaha. Right so I’ll avoid the shop she got it done at! They seem unable to acquire or utilize appropriate jewellery after all! I hope she enjoys the rejection and the fantastic scars it’s going to leave!

  3. I have to say, I don’t really like either the placement (It doesn’t really seem like an anti-eyebrow to me) or her chances of it not rejecting.

  4. it’s just not an attractive placement. even if it doesn’t reject, it’s just awkwardly placed.

  5. Rejection or not, I think its a little interesting. However, I don’t think it compliments her facial qualities very well.

  6. I might have to agree with Shannon on this one, due to the soft fleshy area of where its placed, kind of like where the horizontal upper eye lid piercing is placed,etc.

    Aesthetically I’m not a fan of this piercing and I would never let my customers leave with that sort of placement…But I’d spitball and say its got a 50%-60% chance of survival….Saying that because I’ve seen WORSE heal, many of us have. But I can definitely say that better placement could have been utilized.

    Main concern against it is the upper bead distorting the lower eye lid skin,etc…As well as the distortion of the channel due to it appearing to be a straight piece of jewelry.

    but yeah seen definitely better placement,etc but also seen worse stuff over the years.

  7. jonnycore: usually a piercer isn’t big on doing piercings that they know are going to reject, or I should say the majority of the ones I personally know…their/our job is to perform a procedure and insert jewelry that is going to heal. Much like if you ask plastic surgeons, dentists, carpenters,etc to do a job they know won’t work, they’ll say no way.

    now if this was a play piercing session it should have been made clear that this was a play piercing session and not a permanent piercing attempt.

    It’s better to say: “Yeah I did this, but it was just for fun and not meant as a viable piercing option,etc.”

    much like how I have photos in the BME submission queue currently of me attempting my first microdermal/surface anchor and it was a 16ga one on a forearm…It was for me to document my attempt and in the description,etc it clearly states: “Practicing Microdermal Procedures On Co-Worker NOT Meant To Be Long Term”

  8. Oh my god that would irritate the hell out of me. It looks so sad, like the person really is crying. Aw. I wonder how long it will last…

  9. it’s not something i’m ever going to get (my eyelids can get a bit puffy when i’m over-tired. i can’t imagine that would look nice at all 🙂 but it’s certainly nothing i’ve exactly seen before. i agree that the skin is soft there and tends not to be really taught, but it does move ALOT! i also wonder how her makeup will affect the healing process. that’s always one of my concerns when i think about getting one – i love makeup!

  10. nope: that’s definitely something to consider, the eye makeup,etc.

    If this is fresh I say: “Why didn’t they clean her eye make up off in prep” or if its not freshly done I ask: “Was she made aware that make up is not an ideal thing to get near a fresh/healing piercing”

    just various things that make you go: “Hmmmmmm”

  11. I usually like a lot of mods tho I may not personally want one.
    This I just don’t care for at all in any way. I don’t think it’s flattering to her, either, tho it would have been if moved further from her nose.

  12. yea, I just don’t find that attractive, the way it’s pulling on her skin. It looks like it wants to burst out.

  13. i would love to see a followup on this. speculation is really interesting, but what should logically happen is not always what actually happens with newer piercings.

  14. “Feel the skin difference on your own face and you’ll see what i mean.” Shannon said.. and I did.. and now Im temped to do a similar piering in the same area, I just like the way the skin is really soft in that area. let’s see how it goes =D

  15. That piercing has a lot of potential in terms of how nice it could look (IMO I am not too fond of it as it stands). Place it a bit more dynamically (like angled straight towards the centre of the iris when looking straight ahead) and perhaps with a 16ga surface bar, I think this could look pretty awesome..

    But that’s just me! 🙂

  16. Warren Hiller~ aha, so we’re discussing this
    either the work of a silly/bad piercer or
    play piercing not described as play piercing, eh?
    im gonna put my bets on the piercer thinking
    it’ll heal well
    i touched my face skin as shannon said, and not only
    did i notice that it was so darn soft, but very
    painful when pulled only a little, no doubt this
    cained to get done

  17. i’ve been pulling on the skin under my eye the whole time i was reading the comments…not a big fan of the straight post, or the placement…i think when this piercing is placed appropriately and with the proper jewelry its quite lovely though…

  18. nope – In I think today’s update there’s a piercing close to the eye that’s infected, and I actually think that makeup was the primary irritant.

  19. “Why does everyone have to bitch on here and make out they know best, only time will tell with this !”

    the comment option gives the opportunity to debate…i think its actually a good thing…you really get some valuable insight from some really accomplished piercers, and with that comes alot of different view points…also, with these posts there isn’t much talk of what the risks involved are, so having trained professionals step in and point out pros and cons may be the only chance people interested in immulating these procedures get to hear those odds…i’ve actually been moved to change my position on some things to a degree, just because of the imput offered after these posts…

    besides, most of the backlash that transpires is usually from concerned piercers that are just worried about health risks…and in my opinion, i’d rather have tons of professionals concerned-even if its overly so-than everyone turning their heads and not giving a fuck…

  20. The placement is really unattractive, actually. =/ I agree with the whole makeup thing, too. If it could have been angled a little differently.. maybe with better-suited jewelry…

  21. This is awful.
    I think a picture of this in a month or two’s time would make for a better topic.
    There’s lot of features of “edgy” piercings – everyone debates their viability – I never see a followup. Which leads me to believe that the nay-sayers are correct in saying these piercings won’t work.

  22. It looks terrible! I think it looks like the person who did it wanted to do an anti-eyebrow and just didn’t know where it normally should be. I think the placement looks awful.

  23. this is just hideous. I can’t get over it.
    It’s sad that i have seen so many better DIY / home jobs.
    It’s unforgiveable that this was done by a ‘profesional’

  24. i think its cute, but i don’t get why they went with a straight barbell..its obvious just from the pic its putting alot of tension on the skin, why not at least a curved barbell?

  25. i think Lexci Million has a point…

    i’m trying to exercise restraint, and not blast every crappy procedure i see, so i chose my words carefully in the last post, to avoid all the freedom debate and cellphone statistics that come my way for being negative with questionable modblog posts…but yeah, the placement is terrible…and no matter how stretchy the skin is, a straight post is just horrible in a surface piercing…

    i have to wonder though…if when submitting this stuff for public viewing, shannon does it to see what our reactions are…i mean, someone whose run a modification publication for a long time and has the QOD staff at his disposal, must know this is crap…is it put up for shock value, or to gauge the knowledge of your readers? just wondering…

  26. it would look so much better if it was angled a bit more like an anti eyebrow. We cant see her face but maybe she is smiling so its making it pull on the piercing more? But yah straight barbell isnt a good choice. Anyone know what gauge it could be?

  27. I actually know the piercer who did this and im sure he wouldnt do something like this, and if he did (because it says so) he would have his reasons. I still think the only issue is the straight bar, a curved one would reduce the awful swelling look so much.

  28. Laura: as its been stated many times ModBlog has been established more as a way of trying to get people sucked in…Best way to suck people in is show them the extreme, the odd, the train wrecks,etc.

    Also if you search up names like Jon Cobb and others who have done things that back in the day and still to this day people can’t wrap their minds around…It’s people like that that bring the uninformed in, especially nowadays…and then it gives us, the piercers or the informed, the chance to educate as to why we do things the way we do. Jon did stuff I would personally NEVER attempt in my entire life, yet he managed to do it and it would heal, as its been documented by quite a few people,etc.

    Honestly although some are interested the majority just is not interested in seeing a perfectly placed eyebrow piercing, lip piercing, nostril piercing, navel, nipple,etc…They want to see the horror show…they want to see the extreme stuff, stuff that triggers an actual emotional response.

    fras: Honestly even a curved bar would not change what you’re seeing…Personally I think if he placed it further out towards the corner of the eye and not angled inward to the nostril area and either used a curved or surface bar, the tissue distortion would not be visible at all.

    So as I said my main concerns are: Placement, Jewelry, Makeup…But do I think this person can heal it…Well I’ve seen far worse piercings heal, so why not this.

  29. Hey just want to clear somehing up with all of you, firstly YES I DID THE PIERCING, secondly I know the girl that got the piercing personally, she was very aware that the piercing “could” reject and she was well aware of the consequences of getting such a piercing, we had spoken about it for approximately 2 – 3 months and i researched if there was any dangers in piercing that area of the body, i went to my local GP and had a chat with him about exactly what i was doing and if it would be unwise to do so, obviously he said it would be fine just like any other surface piercing. NOW the girl i did the piercing on, originally got it as a play piercing but she ended up keeping the piercing in for many months as she liked the shock value and that noone else had it, she had no troubles with it while she had it in, it was one of approx 20 piercings all of which i had done, there never was a problem with it rejecting the only reason she no longer wears it is due to job commitments she had to remove it or find a new job. and it is hardly noticeable now, as for the make up she knew the aftercare procedures but as most piercers know not everyone actually follows the aftercare!

    its all good for everyone to criticise such a piercing BUT untill you have done the research and gotten together all the facts but most importantly, seen it be done / done it yourself then you should just appreciate that there are people out there broadening the piercing world.

  30. hmmmm now you say that, yeah it probably would still push up because of where its sitting. Im just still a bit confused that he would do something like that….ah thats life.

  31. fras: definitely…hence why I’m a firm believer in people giving certain specifics when they submit pictures…Not a huge story about them, but just specifics tid-bits as to why, details of jewelry,etc. If it was meant to be temporary and shock value or what,etc.

  32. to warren: that actually makes alot of sense…i have only had a computer for 2 years, and only recently been hitting up modblog-until recently my computer was just a hunk of tin to pick up youtube on and check my mail,…so i’m not really up on what’s been previously stated in the past on mod blog…i hadn’t realized the posts were more about shock value that credibility…well a few of these posts definetly shocked me and stirred strong emotional response…so i guess that’s good…

  33. to chris: why did you put a straight barbell in a surface piercing? and what size play piercing did you do that resulted in a barbell that appears to be atleast 16g-play piercing needles are typically way smaller to avoid scarring??? i have done surface piercings in the past with teflon (not a big fan of it) and now surface barbells…but never a straight post…that kind of pressure on a surface piercing will almost certainly encourage scarring and rejection-especially considering its placement…and this comes from years of research, trial and error (teflon days), and taking the time to take seminars to further my knowledge (thank you steve haworth, your surface to surface seminar rocks!)

    and if you say that you’ve done 20 of these w/o out rejection-and you used straight posts for them…i’d probally suspect you were not being entirely honest…do you have a link to your portfollio with before and after pics? if not, and you’re just being defensive, instead of getting touchy about the criticism-i’d try considering what some of the other piercer’s are saying, and opt for something OTHER THAN a straight post in the future…and consider the proper placement for an anti brow…sorry if that comes across as rude-its just an opinion, hopefully you’ll consider it…

  34. #44 I think he ment he has done 20 piercings on that person not 20 of those under the eye ones

  35. i might of misunderstood his claim, given he was talking abou rejection-something that isn’t really a concern with play piercings-given they are supposed to come right out afterwards…

  36. that last part in my earlier post wash harsh…sorry, chris…i’ve just seen alot of scarring from kids coming in where straight posts where put in surface piercings, and it’s just so avoidable…and this might not even have been intended to be an anti brow given the direction, and i should mind my own bussisness…

  37. OK lets clear this matter up…………. I am a fully qualified piercer i have been piercing for quiet a number of years, i am not here to defend my work nor am i getting defensive! to be perfectly honest i love the debate this piercing has started, its good to see that there are people out there who care what other piercers are doing. BUT before everyone jumps on the band wagon and decides to agree with the first person who has a negative thought, why not find out the details? yes i used a 16g STRAIGHT barbell, yes it is larger than a play piercing normally is and YES it could possibly reject, but rejection is based on a lot of things not just the jewellery and or the placement, they are big factors but it also depends on the person who gets the piercing, a piercing you might have no troubles with might completely reject and fuck up on me, done by the same piercer with the same type of jewellery. like i said in my earlier blog, i know the girl personally, the piercing was her own idea, the placement was exactly where she wanted it, therefor it is not incorrect placement. we discussed the piercing for approx 2 – 3 months and i even went to my doctor and had a chat with him about the piercing, there was no direct harm to the girl by doing the piercing where it was.

    so i did the piercing she just wanted it for a laugh, after doing the piercing (one of approx twenty piercing i have done on her, all different) she decided she really liked it, she wanted to keep it for the shock value, her body did not mind it there was no problem with it rejecting, she had the piercing for about 9 months, still never had a hassle, she only took it out because of her new job, (and you can hardly even notice it had been there) work did not approve.

    would i do it again??? yes i would! depend on the person, i only ever do the real wierd piercings on people that i am close friends with, that way we can monitor it closely, make sure it will work, im not a backyard piercer who just wakes up one day and tries to pull off some unreal shit, i study everything i can to make sure something can be done safely, if i cant find the information i need i dont do it.

    so to finish, yes i did it, yes i am proud, yes i would do it again, and yes i will continue to push the limits and shock as many people as i can, by telling me what i cant do, in turn you are telling me what i should do, dont let fear hold you back if its not going to injure yourself or someone else then most times it can be done, thats what body modification is.

  38. like i said, i should of just minded my own bussiness, and just stayed out of the debate…but since i didn’t i should state that my opinions are not about jumping on band wagons, they are simply rooted in what i know about the nature of surface piercings and what jewelry is best suited for them…but i am curious, should you do it again-would you use a straight post? given there is less chance for rejection or scarring using a surface or even a curved barbell? with a surface piercing, healing odds are already a consideration, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to choose jewelry that would atleast lower the chances of rejection???

  39. I don’t think that looks good at all. The placement seems random and at a strange angle.

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