Double Shot

In terms of BME/HARD content, one of my favorite kinds of photos are those that illustrate the fact that moments of extreme pleasure and extreme pain often are one and the same, and that the two sensations play off each other and can be used to amplify each other.

The explicit photo is after the break.

If it’s not obvious, the lower shot is blood and this photo was taken at the pinnacle of a CBT session.


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35 thoughts on “Double Shot

  1. i agree, pain and pleasure are one in the same. they are both just tactile feelings. to each his own, one man’s pain is another man’s orgasm!

  2. Dimruthien, do you wonder the same when suspension images are posted? It’s not just body modification that BME is all about. Body play/ritual are huge facets in this community also, hence BME/HARD and BME/extreme.

  3. I do have to agree with what Isabel wrote Dimmy…BME is not just about what you’re referring to its about Body Play/Ritual and you can find those categories on BME, not just in the Extreme or Hard Section…although this is what category it falls under, Hard,etc.

    All I can keep thinking now is “Blood And Semen” and wondering if there is a movie titled that…and if not, wondering why the heck not! lol

  4. Dim – BME is about body modification, body play, body art, body ritual, etc… BME is about this subcultures’ ways of exploring and communicating with the world through manipulation of the body.

  5. warren: we can make that movie if you wanna ;) also, fun bit of trivia, the album cover of metallica’s ‘load’ album is blood mixed with semen, and ‘re-load’ is blood and pee.

  6. my though process upon seeing the image :

    1. he must have just shaved.
    2. there’s a japanese (?) box in the background… wonder what it says?
    3. that’s really useful to have an outlet in the counter!
    4. they must have used an extremely high shutter speed…

    i think i may be desensitized.

  7. I heard that the cover of Metallica’s 1996 “load” album was a picture of blood and semen. Bit of trivia for ya.

  8. Maybe this is just the catholic school girl in me talking, but when i saw this i thought of the divine mercy images. You know, the ones where Jesus has has dual rays of red and white emanating from his heart? Google image “divine mercy” if you’re not familiar.

  9. I would love to know what happened during the session to get this result. That is amazing and lovely.

  10. I agree with #17. I was totally confused. I’m like.. wheres the second picture?! (lower shot)

    That pic is rediculously awesome.

  11. fucking awesome – minus the tan :)
    it’s interesting how the different viscosities make the two fluids travel at different speeds…

  12. 13: The box says “wet tissue” (katakana ‘uetto tishu’). The outlet… useful, maybe, but it’s not grounded, so rather limited.
    A faster exposure would have been nice – it would be really cool to see individual droplets.

  13. I was looking around for a good few minutes for the second picture thinking “Blood? What? I can’t see anything”. How stupid I am. Very well timed shot, nevertheless.

  14. I feel a strong urge to listen to Cannibal Corpse now. Song of course: I Cum Blood.

    8: There’s a black metal song by Beherit called “Werewolf, Semen and Blood.” It’s track 11 on the album “Drawing Down the Moon” from 1993.

  15. Warren, i absolutely promise you to make a film called “blood and semen” next time you’re in canada.

    this photo is absolutely perfect. kudos.

  16. Wow that guy can do a strawberry shortcake all by himself. Takes me back to the night I got my P.A., and the night I ripped it out, and the night I got it redone. I just can’t resist touching myself, especially when there is blood involved.

  17. I totally agree with #17 and #21. It actually took me a while to figure out that shadow from the semen was really blood, I was so confuzzled. haha.
    What an awesome shot! So fascinating. Wow.

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