I’m nearly through BME’s backlog of images (everything other than submissions via IAM pages are done) — within a few days I’ll be completely caught up. Hopefully soon some remaining issues will be resolved and I will be able to start adding new features and capabilities to ModBlog and BME (to say nothing of IAM as well, which I am very much looking forward to being able to return to) and the site can move forward. A few more interesting interviews are on the way (including an amazing — and very explicit — DIY eunuch feature). Anyway, I’m off to play in the park and so on, but I’ll post more later and hopefully by the time I return an update will be done uploading and I can post that as well.

Please note: If you submitted images via the submissions system or via email before January 21st, and you have not yet gotten a reply, please resubmit them. I believe that the majority of email submitted in October and the first two weeks of November has never made it to me.

Until then, Morgan’s striking mountain of facial piercings.


33 thoughts on “Demonic

  1. very impressive stretched bridge, and although the photo quality is poor it looks like a very happy stretched bridge

  2. I’m curious, how big is the big bridge?

    I’ve seen smaller stretched bridges, IAM:Cork for example and a guy who lives around here has one. However that looks a fair bit larger.

  3. does he have more piercings in the second photo (lip and high nostril) or did he just switch up a lot of the jewelry? i can’t tell.

    also, i’d like to see him from the side because i love seeing how much piercings can distort the profile. bridge piercings are like a new nose for some people.

  4. These look great on him! I’m not normally a fan of huge numbers of facial piercings because it can look cluttered on a lot of people, but his suit his face really well. And I really love the stretched bridge; I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to stretch it that big – it looks like a good 8 or 10mm!

  5. #11 he has a nassalang in the second pic so yeah there is more. He also has a medusa which I dont think he had before.
    Wow its like playing spot the difference!

  6. i’m amazed his bridge hasn’t rejected and, from what i can tell from the picture, it’s looking healthy. the piercings compliment each other really well.

    and i’m envious of his forehead microdermals.

  7. Damn everyone got there before me re. the stretched bridge and eyebrow scars! Those all must’ve been a bitch to heal, I wonder how long it’s taken him to get to this stage?

  8. I’d rethink his choice of labret jewelry, if I were him. Those are some sad-looking lower incisors.

  9. I doubt he wears that big ring in his lip all the time. It may have just been for the photo. I can’t imagine he wears it regularly, eating with big rings in is a pain. As a matter of fact, I have a dentist appointment in 2 days because I cracked a bunch of teeth accidently biting down on my lip ring, and it’s only a 10g right now (was a 2g).

  10. the bridge blows me away
    normally this looks very bad on people but all the piercings look amazing on him
    again, i REALLY love the bridge, never seen one of that size

  11. i’m glad i’m notthe only one who saw his teeth efore aything else.oh well,i like all his piercings, although i wouldn’t get them all.

  12. B-r-i-d-g-e.

    Woah. That’s really impressive, and for some reason I just want to touch his face! Does kissing him become impossible?

  13. i really would love more photos of him, perhaps better quality, maybe a little blurb about how long it took to acquire all of them. I’m very interested, I must say!

  14. is that a cbr in his forehead? I actually think he looks fab !! Not something I would do myself but hey thats some dedication right there !!

  15. Just……wow. I always thought it was impossible (or at least a very bad idea) to stretch a bridge piercing. You learn something new everyday!

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