Time Is On His Side.

Brian had a few hours to kill whilst in Toronto, so he gave Chris (who was apparently in a daze and feeling rather week throughout the entire procedure) the time of his life in the shape of this cutting.. If you’d like a copy of the minutes from their meeting let me know, I’ll have them to you within a month.

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Apparently there was enough skin left for seconds and everything’s healing like clockwork.

24 thoughts on “Time Is On His Side.

  1. That’s really cool looking, I like it alot. And thanks for making me chuckle Roo 🙂

  2. hahahaha. Nice puns Mr. Roo.

    Thanks again Brian for the work.

    And thanks to Sandra for being the camera assistant. Pay no mind to the cockshots, it’s all intentional on her part. 😛

  3. Beautiful work and I’m so glad we’ve got these time-lapse videos back! They’re one of my favorite things about modblog.

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