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  1. Those are awesome, took me a minute to figure out I was looking at them upside down 🙂

  2. this tattoo would be soo hot if she was wearing, say, a short skirt and black heels. as it is, it does nothing for me. the sweats and sneakers are so bleh.

  3. 14 – does it matter?

    15 – ‘slut’ isnt always a negative word… and i really dont think it was meant negatively here 🙂

    love it!

  4. i love that she’s wearing running shoes and sweats. sorry, gentlemen, even girls with tattoos are not porn all the time.

  5. I had to turn my laptop around to read it! Nice font. I think that heels and skirt would have made the photo sexy looking (b/c heels and a skirt always do that) but its still a nice photo.

  6. Even though they’re not sweat pants, sweat pants are still sexy! I’m gonna have to agree with #22, we’re not dolls. And what the hell, people complain if there is too much gratuity and people complain if there’s not enough!

  7. Slut is a derogatory term, no matter how you try to spin it just like the, ahem, “N” word. When people try to reclaim it, all they do is degrade themselves and others.
    Just because it’s a sexually themed tattoo, she doesn’t have to be dressed for it. Honestly, who gets tattoos in fuck-me pumps? A sexual person doesn’t equal some stereo-typical Barbie and Ken effigy.

  8. If it is a private tatoo then legitimately a person can say that regardless of the subject matter, it’s sensual. If it is somewhere on the body that can easily be seen by others and presumably will be seen by others then yeah, that is a fairly clear statement that you are naughty by nature. ie; slut. In other words, I kinda doubt that anyone who had “hold here” tattooed (beautifully) upside-down on their ankles would rankle at the idea of being called a slut. Unless you are saying there’s something bad about sluts? There are far worse personality traits than being slutty. In my opinion.

  9. “Unless you are saying there’s something bad about sluts?” That is not what I was saying at all.
    What I was saying is, slut is such a damaging label. There just has to be a more endearing term for someone who has had multiple sexual partners and isn’t afraid to be perceived as sexual.

  10. I just think it’s counter-progressive to refer to a girl who is comfortable with her sexuality as a ‘slut’. While there is obviously nothing wrong with taking control of your sexuality, the term ‘slut’ implies that it is wrong.
    It’s rude and sexist, and obviously she doesn’t apply the term to herself
    i.e. “and i’m not a slut. i’m just funny.”

    I love red tattoos with no outlines, and it looks like a weird language -super cool.

  11. I think people who get all ate up and PC about words are the ones making them still offensive. Let it go.

    And that tattoo rocks, I’m still thinking of different positions where they could apply.

  12. i agree with #39 — if no one were offended by the term, it wouldn’t be considered offensive. let it go.

    also, i’m assuming the wearer of this tattoo probably has a decent sense of humour about her sexuality, considering what her tattoo says. =)

  13. I tend to think that those who bash people who take offense at insults have never been repressed with them in the first place and have no idea what it is like to actually be persecuted and hurt because of other peoples perceptions of you.

    And number 37, you defend misogyny and your unapologetic ignorance with a further insult to unabashed and unrepressed women. Bravo.

    I’m done. Good bye. (“we never needed your opinion anyway, good riddance, hur hur hur”)

  14. This Tattoo Is FUCKING AMAZING.
    I wish I had thought of that!
    I love raunchy-ish tattoos in nice script like this.


  15. And number 37, you defend misogyny and your unapologetic ignorance with a further insult to unabashed and unrepressed women. Bravo.

    If only you.

  16. The term “slut” can be taken offensively or humorously, same as bitch. Don’t tell me y’alls don’t refer to your best friends as bicthes sometimes (ie: “Yo bitch hand me a soda pop.”). Anyway, I don’t think anyone was trying to offend me by calling me a slut, especially since there’s nothing on my page that would indicate me being so. Sure, it could be seen as a slutty tattoo, but to me, and to the guy who tattooed me, and to all my friends, it’s just a funny tattoo.

    Say hi to me if you have any questions about it.

  17. if6was9I’m pretty sure I’ve called Alyssa a slut. I’m pretty sure she’s called me the same. 🙂

  18. I’m 100% for women reclaiming the term “slut” if they’re comfortable with it. But I think it’s strange that valentxne doesn’t identify as a slut, but Shannon felt free to label her one because of her sexually themed tattoo. That strikes me as inappropriate.

    Part of reclaiming a term is that someone claims it for *themselves*. It’s not reclaiming if someone else labels you with it, no matter whether they claim it’s in a positive way or not; the point of reclaiming is to claim agency along with the word and being labeled by someone else doesn’t give you agency.

  19. im a slutty dyke 🙂

    i dont think im degrading myself at all.
    i agree that social stigma and loaded language exists, but ive always felt that language can be challenged, and that self-identification is really important in doing that. my body modification has been a large part of that… i dont think its invalid.

  20. Kristin – The label is what she put on the photo. I certainly wouldn’t apply it unless I knew the person was OK with it!!!!

  21. Past all the jargon… It’s a great tattoo! When I see stuff like this, I always wish I had thought of it.
    Very cool!

  22. first, i really like this tattoo.
    second, i find it quite amusing everyone is commenting on her attire. Maybe its just me, but it appears that she just got the tattoo done, and the picture was taken in the tattoo shop. Who would honestly wear heels and a skirt to get a tattoo on their ankles done? I sure wouldn’t, I’d want to be comfortable…

  23. Oh, OK, cool, Shannon, my mistake then. I thought I saw her comment that she wasn’t a slut and ASSumed that meant she wouldn’t refer to herself with the label but evidently she did.

  24. sorry that I’m beating that horse, but, if it’s on her body and she likes it, who cares???
    (I think it’s rather sexy by the by…)

    and, as far as the “slut” comment/war, it’s quite simple, actually. if you acknowledge it, you own up to it. hence, I’ve been called the “n” word a few times since I’ve been on this rock, b/c let’s face it, some people have nothing better to do.

    but I am far, far from being one.

    just a thought.

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