Jack Yount

Shawn sent me this footage (from some point in 1988) of his old friend Jack Yount and included the following..

“My first contribution to BME back in 1995 was a memorial article for my friend and mentor Jack Yount. The images that accompanied the article, as well as hundreds to be posted in following years to my own spcOnline site (currently offline), gave you a glimpse of Jack’s extraordinary modifications. This video, taken some years before we met, shows the start of his iconic transformation. It’s my hope however that you look past what Jack has done to his body and listen to the kindness and warmth in his voice.”

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Video footage © 2008 Shawn Porter – Scarwars.net

31 thoughts on “Jack Yount

  1. What a great video! thanks for posting that Shawn, and Roo. I’m curious how many “piercers” on this site even know who Jack Yount is.

  2. that was pretty cool. i mean yeah it was an old guy in a bathtub playing with himself, but i think we should all send in vids of our mods, like hi my name is Dom, i got a bunch of stuff done… n blah blah so on and so forth. it would be cool to sort of get a personal look into what we as a community have. and i think it would be sweet to see maybe some of the head dogs in the biz to show us what artists get when they get art done.

  3. I just don’t see what the benefit aesthetic or otherwise is of a subincision or head splitting. It seems like quite a few people have them though, can anyone enlighten me? Even a personal opinion will do.

  4. That was great. I love the history, I feel like we’re losing a lot of it. People give a nod to the tribal roots of body modification but seem to forget the leather men that started the trend we’re all still riding.

  5. “It’s my hope however that you look past what Jack has done to his body and listen to the kindness and warmth in his voice.”

  6. hmmm… it cut me off; the rest was “it certainly shows through. it was interesting to watch. Mind candy appears rarely here but once it does… any chance for more in the history section?”

  7. I was acquainted with Jack Yount. Kindness only begins to describe his personality. I am indebted to him for guidance when I started to explore body modification. He was a unique character.

  8. shawn please find more footage and post it. This to me is what the old bme was all about and i’d love to see more. you made my day :)

  9. Is there any place where I could the find a text? English is not my mother’s language and sadly I can’t understand the whole video.


  10. awww, he seems like a big sweetheart!

    those are some interesting mods.

    very cool video to watch

  11. Awww, thanks jonny!

    Anyway, sorry it took so long..

    If you’d like to open it in a new window so you can read it along with the video click here.. if not, read on.

    00:00 – 00:03 (BME hockey mask logo, just so you know)

    00:05 – 00:37

    Hello, my name’s Jack!

    I just wanna show you what has happened in the body modification field recently.

    *ahem* (joins hands)

    I’m a master piercer and I have been piercing people for over thirty years, erm, also into tattooing, go to a lot of the tattoo conventions, take films, photos, and er, enjoy the whole scheme of things.

    00:39 – 01:07

    My latest endeavour was to try something new for me. Several of my friends have been taking silicon injection in their genital parts, yesterday I made an appointment with my doctor for er, some work to be done, and it turned out very well. I’m pleased with it and I’ll explain a little bit about it.

    01:09 – 01:44

    The erm, part that I wanted enlarged was the shaft (of the) cock, not the balls. Many people have both of them enlarged *ahem*. Well, yesterday I was shaved and, cleaned, very well. A series of Xylocaine injections were made at the base of the penis until there was no feeling at all and then, er, silicon injections were made all over the side of the shaft.

    01:46 – 02:10

    As it turned out there’s quite a bit of swelling and there’s bleeding under the skin which, er, give a, er, terrible bruising effect, but the swelling will go down, the bruising will go away, and the reason why I’m in the bathtub is because I’m supposed to soak in a hot bath every day, for about an hour, that helps take the swelling and the bruising away.

    02:10 – 02:31

    Now for the *ahem* sad look at things right now, you can see it looks like I got hit by a Mack truck, I’m back and blue, swelled up, and there isn’t much length to the shaft right now because, I guess it feels that it’s been mauled a bit.

    02:32 (Jack sits up) – 03:10

    In my, erm, body modification work on myself, I have a split head and a subincision where I’ve opened up the urethra.

    (penis splashing)

    Have to, wash it off a little bit.

    (Jack stands up in the bath, don’t try this at home)

    As you can see some of the marks have been made in here by the Xylocaine injections at the base, the rest is er, discolouration with the needle being put into the shaft, and the injections.

    03:11 – 03:29

    All of this swelling right here is due to blood which has escaped and gone under the top layer of skin, but as far as the shaft itself, it’s quite dense, quite solid, but pliable.

    There’s absolutely no pain to it.

    03:31 (Jack sits down) – 04:12

    It’s not tender at all (slapping his penis), no problem, it just looks terrible (splashing his penis again), but it feels great, another week it’ll be much better.

    I don’t know how this is working out in the bathtub, I think there’s a lot of echo and I’m not sure about the camera, how well it’s doing, but, er, this is the way things look.

    04:13 – 04:30

    This is normal for anybody (more standing up). This is my first session, if I have anymore there won’t be as much bruising next time I’m told.

    I’ll shut it off for now and give you another chapter another day.

  12. Thank you so much RooRaaah. You did a very nice work. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude.

    It’s nice too see friendly people. Thanks again, really!

  13. I have hundreds of hours of this sort of footage, ranging in quality. I DO need an 8mm player/camcorder to convert a lot of it, but soon there’ll be more goodies.

  14. Beautiful, Shawn and RooRaaah! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into Jack’s life, and for continuing to care for his memory. It will be superb to see more of this collection. I’m a bit too overwhelmed at this to articulate the extent of the effect his influence had on me, but to thank you again for bringing this to our screens.

  15. I remember spending more than a few lazy days with Brian at Jack’s house. Can you believe it’s been 13 years since he passed?
    I should be seeing you in a few months, brother. We’ll share a toast to Jack.

  16. I still miss those days profoundly, and will be glad to see you soon! Are you coming through Atlanta, NYC, APP? I’m running around helping people out with the Statim sterilizers with Sandrine in Europe, and will be back soon after the Milan convention. Thanks again for the most excellent and refreshing video! Until that toast-B

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