Martin: Genital Evolution

Some of you already saw this amazing interview back when it was posted on BodyTwo, but I’m reposting it here now that it’s no longer available at its original source. Martin is quite inspiring in terms of his various transformations, and a giant thank you to him for offering us such an intimate look at what makes him tick.

Click here for the interview, and then come on back to comment or discuss!

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38 thoughts on “Martin: Genital Evolution

  1. Oh man, thanks for this!

    It’s a pretty damn interesting read, and really puts my experiences of Meatotomy sessions bleeding too much into perspective. F’ me that’s some intense DIY.

    Pretty harrowing though. I was doing ok until the part about his testicle breaking free!

  2. I’ve only gotten through half the interview because I have to be in class, but so far it’s good. It’s surprising though, that he doesn’t have a partner simply because of his genital modifications…I think his penis looks nice.

  3. intersting history, by the way martin…you should meet/date somebody, i know that person will love you the way you are.

  4. This is pretty interesting. I’m not into ‘heavy’ mods myself because I’m pretty comfy with my body as-is, and my boyfriend would lose his shit if I went further than piercings/tattoos/stretching – he already hates those. I LOVE seeing and reading about heavy mods though. I can see a total spiritual side to it, and how amazing it must feel to have complete control over the shape of your body parts. He is a brave and interesting man indeed, I’d love to see more from him.

  5. holy crap how can his cock handle that!! interesting read though.
    and the same as #4 is it still in working order? I’m guessing so! good for him!!

  6. Interesting interview, thanks for it !!
    Psychological motives could be largely developped on this type of Mods because it’s always really interesting…

  7. Wow, that was an absolutely amazing interview. With all that he’s done, I simply cannot believe that he’s never gotten an infection or worse. I really loved reading about his experiences. I was wondering about the photos, did he have a camera set up to take them? I was really surprised to have accompanying photos for his story about deflating his cock. I have to say that seeing the blood fountaining from his glans was a bit of a turn on for me.

  8. The only thought that came through my mind was ‘damn, the human body can endure a lot’…!
    It’s so weird how after all these things his cock looks quite normal…
    and I’m glad for him that there were no infections or severe damage.

  9. Good read :)

    -Psychological motives could be largely developped on this type of Mods because it’s always really interesting…

    “I never intended to cut it anymore but then I guess I was already becoming addicted.”

  10. wow!
    I am getting pain when stretching a PA but he must be able to endure, or enjoy, a huge amount
    excellent read too

  11. I have have had a PA and will have one again and have six other piercings so I am no stranger to modification but this one just does not sit right with me. I am fortunate in the F’d upped world to have my foreskin and it brings me so much enjoyment that I would never get rid of it. But my philosophy is if you are an adult you can modify your body how you want.

  12. It took me like an hour to read but it was DEFFINETLY worth it. Like i’m not into Heavy set Genitial mods like some, but i don’t dislike or like them. I feel that this was a great interview and i look forward to many others. P.S That’s the fattest cock i’ve ever seen.

  13. All i wish to say is that Martin, you have a lovely cock no matter what you do it it. If i was a man I would be very interested in meeting you. The best of luck on your future mods.

  14. i close up and reopen my cock 2 times and is very painful…
    i like to meet you! you are very interesting man. love waht you’r donig…
    but im from europe and im not good in english, so i hope sand you a mail some day. maybe i reopen my cock today :), or not. is heavy!!!

  15. Yes, it was indeed a fascinating story..
    But common man..
    It seemed like you had a great cock to begin with..
    You might have been lucky so far, but what if your luck runs out.. And you’ll be left with nothing…
    Havent you had your share of DIY-ing to call it quits??
    Body mod is one thing, this is just being utterly irresponsible!! Back to earth!!

  16. Amazing, it was almost as though I was reading about my own play sessions ! For years I have been heavily into cock torture and really pissed off that I don’t have anyone to my fetish with. The things I have done and still do would make a lot of people cringe. Nice to know there is someone else out there who enjoys it as much as I do. ZZ.

  17. Hi everyone, I am Martin as in the interview!
    thanks to everyone who gave such nice comments, it was a pleasure to read all your comments, and for once nearly all were good ones, which makes a change, but i think its because we are all here because we like mods!
    I am looking to contact others with extreme cock mods, as well as meet others,(i am in the UK) and i really want to find out what women think of my mods, would a woman date a guy with a mod like mine?

  18. I started out with similar mods, did a partial subcision, split my scrotum in half, pierced the head/tip of my penis, etc. that was not enough. After a few years I started to fantasize about castration, then I had my left testicle cut off. A few years later, my right testicle. Now I’m a eunuch and I have pictures to prove it on BME. What I’m saying is that the more you mod yourself, the more you keep looking for newer unique :) ways to mod yourself. You’ll be a eunuch someday, maybe sooner then you realize. I like being a eunuch, there are a lot of benefits. But as a eunuch I no longer mod, the desire went away along with most of my sexual desires. Food for thought Martin.

  19. I liked all the details of your mods.I want to split my sac
    in the near future so the info helped me out. I’am looking for more info to help me on my mods.Thank you for sharing

  20. Martin, why on earth would you do that to yourself? I’m not here to blame or sling insults. I just simply don’t understand the extreme lengths you’ve gone through to modify your penis. It is completely and totally unnatural.

    It’s also dangerous, and leaves you much more prone to STD’s with that open tissue. What scares me the most, is that it’s far beyond body modification. It almost seems masochistic, and self destructive. Do you hate your own body image?

    I have no idea what else to say. It looks really painful, and I just can’t understand why you’d mutilate your own penis. I’m so overwhelmed with disgust and sadness at those images. It makes me reminds in a very disheartening way, that not all is right with the world. – Steven.

  21. In response to Steven’s response — what scares me is that there is more than one person out there who likes doing this fucked up shit to themselves. Wow. You people are indeed in need of SERIOUS help from professionals.

  22. Wow, you have some serious mental issues if you enjoy splitting your cock and balls, are you a middle aged emo wtf? You fail at life.

  23. I haven’t read most of the article, but I did look at the pictures. Thats some amazing stuff. The furthest I have ever gone with my cock is a PA (which I ended up taking out). Once I can afford it, I want to do some cock mods. Probably piercings. Although I have become intrigued by bisection. The trick is finding someone who is competent to do more extreme cock mods, since I don’t trust my self to do it.

    Thanks for sharing pics of your mods

  24. the one question i have to you is could you cut the shaft skin where the fore skin was at and to make it longet?, if so how much would it cost and how long would it take to do?, i will need some kind of answer by the end of this month. i will be needing a address so i can get a hold of you after dec 20-08, i will not have no computer to get back on to here the answer then.

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