My Friend Boris

My friend Boris from Russia is a man…



…a man with a vagina!

(Interview about his life and surgery pending)

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31 thoughts on “My Friend Boris

  1. for fuck sake, that looks like my freaking dad from the waist up! thanks for scaring the shit out of me!

  2. He’s the opposite direction of Buck Angel — he’s a male that had the bottom half rebuilt, rather than a female that had the top half rebuilt.

  3. Wow! Is it weird that I’m curious for more photos? I’ve always wondered how these types of surgeries work out and what the end result looks like.

  4. I thought Buck Angel was FtM? Female-born and such with hormones. Then never got bottom done. FtM bottom surgery is rarely 100% successful in terms of ascetics AND function.

  5. … buck angel is a born female to male with hormones and surgury. this man in a born man with surgury to make a vagina, is what i gathered from shannons post

  6. so is genital reconstruction surgery now considered body modification? maybe i should wait until the interview before i judge, but this just seems disrespectful to the trans* community in general.

  7. Wow, I’ll definitely be interested in reading this interview when it goes up.

  8. pending – Why is classing trans surgery as body modification disrespectful? If you mean the text of the entry, it’s essentially a quote of how Boris introduced himself.

  9. I have to say #9, if you think this is disrespectful, perhaps that reflects more on your own shortcomings than how the topic is introduced here. After all, it IS body modification, and the only way it could be seen as disrespectful to call it what it is, is if one had a problem with it. Or a problem with the term body modification. Well, that’s how I see it anyway, perhaps I misunderstood your comment’s intention.. :)

  10. However, if genital reconstruction surgery should fall under the (admittedly very fuzzy) umbrella of body modification, couldn´t other type of surgery also be defined as body modification?

  11. 17, that’s how i feel about it as well. where do we draw the line on surgeries being body modification? and to shannon, genital reconstruction surgery is certainly not cosmetic in most cases.

    serenity, my concern here was with society’s long history of glorifying transexuals based on their genitals. knowing that the introduction was based on boris’ own words makes me feel better in that respect, so i will definitely wait for the interview before throwing out any more criticisms.

  12. I’d actually consider gender reassignment surgeries for trans people a sort of reconstructive surgery – putting your body back the way it was supposed to be!

  13. #17 – yeah, I think all elective surgery could fall in under BM.. I realise that this is an opinion, so you don’t need to agree with me.
    #20 – Fair enough.. :)

  14. show us where the gentleman urinates from!! Please… I’m very curious as to how he manages to empty his bladder.

  15. I’m a healthy adult male born with a penis who is planning the same surgery Boris has. I don’t consider myself to be a transsexual, I am not changing my sex to female. I consider this to be a body modification.

  16. Personally, I put modifications associated with transsexualism in a separate category than body modifications that lie somewhere in between like: penectomy, castration, mangina with no breasts, etc because to me modification is about creating something different than the ‘norm.’

    Of course, others may define it differently, and I have no problem with that.

    Can’t wait to see the details…

  17. can’t wait to read the article– i find the idea of a man with a vagina– especially one had his cock and balls surgically modified VERY hot!

  18. meredith, the guy with breast implants is “intshintshile” — … — i’m using his real name because he’s very public about having implants.

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