Inspired by SLAYER

I was wondering for how many people the first contact they had with cutting and scarification was Slayer artwork (a la the oft-emulated cover of “Serenity in Murder” in 1995) — I’d wager that for more people than might admit it that Slayer was what “flipped the switch”. Anyway, not that it’s the first time I’ve posted a Slayer scar (remember “GOD HATES US ALL“?), but a couple from the last update got me thinking about it again.

This first one, a nape cutting, and his first time behind the blade, was gingerly cut by Jasn at Pacific Rootz in Maui, Hawaii.


On the other hand, Matias went I think a little more metal with his DIY slayer scar, choosing to cut it first with a scalpel as well, but, not satisfied with the level of damage, followed it up with a recut/burn with a red-hot knife.


17 thoughts on “Inspired by SLAYER

  1. i have that carved into my back….. my friend did it for me, but we did more skin removal/burning

  2. ouch, looks like it hurted…
    thats band devotion i don’t know if i could ever have.
    i mean slayer is cool and all but yeesh!

  3. Lets hope his taste in music doesn’t change in the 50-60 odd years left of his life.

    Almost as dumb as getting your partner’s name inked/cut/branded etc

  4. i once talked to someone who had a tattoo involving some john lennon song. she was like ‘yeah, i know i’ll always like him because he’s dead. he can’t put out any shitty music or do anything to make me hate him now.’

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