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  1. Sorry — the nipple story was on BodyTwo — I’ll move it across here when I can. When my IAM access is restored and the BME Bi-Weekly meetings start up (it’s quite difficult to organize them until then), I hope I can create a team of volunteers that can help with things like that.

  2. Nice looking guy.
    His penis is so large I feel rather confident it would not fit in me. I have dildos smaller than that I cant get in without pain.

  3. I’m kinda wondering how he’s managing to cover the whole thing with his hand in the first pic.

  4. The round Captain America-shield kicks ass! 🙂 The chest-tattoo looks somehow like a logotype for a company though?

  5. I feel humbled. If I had a reason to be gay, it would be him. But I’m not, I just think he looks cool. XD

  6. I REALLY like the sleeve, the chestpeice not so much,
    and dislike the missing nipples (but still kinda curious n’ interested about that)
    LOVE the penis display though, he he (-:

  7. wow. What is it with large penised men and comic book tattoos? the two largest penises (peni?) I’ve ever encountered were on people with comic book tattoos and now there’s this guy too.
    and I love seeing removed nipples. They’re quite interesting.

  8. I really didnt notice the nipples to start with but I guess that’s to be expected! I quite like the removal, gives a smoother look to his chest.

    I am also feeling very smug that my boyfriend is just as well endowed 😀

  9. *pant pant pant*
    that…… is…….a……..penis……
    im cumming just thinking about it
    god damn

  10. I’m so with #13, I love the “jack in the box” idea, now thats a “pow” I wouldn’t mind.

  11. wow ! thank god A penis .. that dosnt make me think Omg that must have hurt ! ouch ! ouch ! ouch ! why1?! lol …this one is just Nice

  12. although looking at it it does make me think ouch ! for the women or men hes with !!!

  13. i wish he were holding the captain america shield in front of his penis. that would be much hotter.

  14. thats given me something to think about:
    Didj = difficult to say no to.

    im loving the nipple removal, i find it overly masculine, which is in no way a bad thing!

  15. *faints*

    my boyfriend just had a fit seeing this over my shoulder. hehehehe i’m a bad woman. i am gonna get more naughty time tonight than ever

  16. Ohhhh I must say I really enjoyed this post a lot more then the nipple removal one he was in, not that it wasn’t interesting and all, but well… yeah… who doesn’t love male nudity, specially with a hottie like that.

  17. holy CHRIST i wouldnt mind having fun with him in a dark room! 0.0 hey Joli you ah….woludnt wanna share would ya?…hehehehe

  18. Oh my indeed… And I love the nipple removal as well, that was some entry on Bodytwo. This one’s even better though 😀

  19. I like the fact that this picture seemingly has caused more dirty comments than most the bmegirls do, hehe.. That guy has a proper porno cock, no two ways about it (but maybe three)! 😀

  20. Why don’t they use hot guys like him for those silly Abercrombie and Fitch ads? I’d totally shop there if his pic was in the window

  21. *sigh* ..and so my feelings of inadaquacy are heightened 10 fold for today. Really like the sleeve though.

  22. O_O

    i’m normally a thoughtful, conscientious girl, but i dont think i have ever been as shallow as i was 30 seconds ago. i feel happy in my happy place right now! 😀

    and i love the tatts and lack-of-nipples, someone is a lucky girl 😛

  23. 89 comments!! I think this goes to show we need more penis than boobies on here!

    I actually like that its not pierced…. looks like fun.

  24. i have to say i didnt even notice the nipple removal until someone pointed it out lol XD

  25. Despite what some folk say, he’s not that pretty.
    Just like some folk say, he has a wonderful cock.

    More importantly, like number 73, escapist says – Put A Ring In That Thing!!!

  26. i think the angle the picture’s been taken on is making this cock look a LOT longer than it really is….

  27. hey lou if you think its just the angle go check out the rest of the pics on my page. Besides it not the length that counts but the thickness 🙂

  28. I don’t just think didj has an impressive penis, but I think he’s cute as well. I liked him before I clicked through 😉 (I’m also glad I didn’t end up clicking through when I was at work!

  29. Daaaaaaamn. Just…hot damn, boy!
    Not only is he handsome, that’s one hell of a cock he’s got there. I’d be on that in a second.
    Oh, and the tattoos are great too. ^_^

  30. The only thing I’m really jealous of is the freaking hairline. I’m pretty much happy with everything else, and it’s pierced. 🙂

  31. “i think the angle the picture’s been taken on is making this cock look a LOT longer than it really is….”

    Yeah, a straight on frontal shot sure is a tricky angle, that’s why you see it on myspace so often when people are trying to hide something.

    Not. He’s got a sledge-hammer for a dick.

    Unless you were the guy right behind him in line that got none, don’t hate on him just because he got two helpings of cock.

  32. ah don’t be such a prude giles, not everyones here because we see some deep holy meaning in mods – some are just interested in aethetics and sensuality. in a post-modern age with no divide between the high and low of culture i think thats fine.

    and yeah he is hot.

    – sam

  33. >>Oh Giles, we are only human.

    What an odd excuse for poor behaviour !!
    132 comments with only about 10 commenting on his mods. That is fucking poor even by ModBlog standards.
    If large genitalia excite you (and they clearly do) then perhaps there are other sites or magazines you could buy that have plenty for you to dribble over like sexually repressed teenagers.

  34. I loooove his sleeve! The missing nipples are interesting, I wonder if he will minimize the look of the scars or keep them the way they are.

  35. ha! thanks for the offer didj but i think i’ll be able to control myself from perving furthur! hubby loves the capt america shield tho

  36. Giles, if you just sit there and complain about what people say, there grammar and various other things *like in other comments you’ve posted before* and now the natural want for sexual activities with big genitalia, plus the added bonus of a beautiful moified man, why the hell do you stick around?…..

  37. Dookie – *ahem* “THEIR Grammar” not “there grammar”.

    I stick around for the articles on Mr Tetanus, Thaipusam, Mursi, Enigma, Jim Ward, Phoenixology (ASH), Doug Malloy, Mr Sebastian, Gauntlet, Howie, Kalima, PFIQ, Fakir Musafar, Sailor Sid, Lizard, Prowling Cat, Tribes, Diamond Rich, Sri, Stelarc, The Great Omi, Shamanism and much more.

    NOT a man with a large willy, I’ll leave that to the giggling teenagers.

  38. Giles, I think everyone is so excited because it’s a MODIFIED guy with an exceptionally large dick.
    How many thousands of naked or partially naked modified girls are there if you scroll through BMEGirls?
    We hardly get to see a fully naked, exceptionally cute AND modified guy with some interesting mods.
    To add to that – a ridiculously big dick with NO modification to it!

    No one would be this excited if it happened as often as it does with girls. The girls that frequent this site aren’t hoping/expecting to see anything like this – hence the shock and immediate excitement from everyone.

    So be fair, give credit where credit is due.

    Though in no way am i complaining about the massive amount of beautiful modified women Shannon continues to dig up from the galleries – I’m a lesbian.

    Didj – nice cock.

  39. ok, so you stick around for the articles and interviews Giles, and to pick on people when their expressing THEIR opinions about a guy with a big dick?…..oh and to correct people on THEIR Grammar?…..woo…aside from sticking around for the articles and interviews….thats….really mature….nice.

  40. “The girls that frequent this site aren’t hoping/expecting to see anything like this”

    And some guys….just though I’d add 🙂

  41. eh. I’m by no means siding with Giles (I certainly don’t want that connection), but I do feel sorry for this chap, the guy in the photos. He seems to take himself too seriously and has a phallic obsession. I think photos like this and the stuff on his page show how lonely he is. If he has such a nice cock and if he knew how to use it to create deep and meaningful relationships, why would he feel the need to broadcast it? I certainly don’t know why. But I”m a bit of a hermit/recluse/prude?

  42. he must be really flattered, i don’t anyone on modblog got so many messages!!! anyway i love him and it too!!!!

  43. Your nipples have really healed up nicely, I first saw the removal on bodytwo. I am sure your ego is about to explode but what the hey, your an exceptionally beautiful man.
    (Whoo hoo, penis!)

  44. i think its hillarious that i didnt even notice the nipples.. or lack there of, until after my eyes caught a comment mentioning them. that is one beautiful picture. i think we need to see more like this.

  45. What a wonderful looking man. I had my nipples removed a couple of months back, just like his, but I didn’t end up looking as good as him.

  46. I like the way his chest tattoo really fits into his body and highlights his collar bones. Is it just a tattoo or is there a reason for the design?

  47. I agree with 158 his chest tattoo fits well on his chest highlighting the right things.

    oh…and his cock is pretty nice too!

  48. I’ve had pleasant conversation with this guy.:)
    He’s beautifully sculpted and modified, and is also blessed with a great personality.
    I was going to point out the three-line branding on his hand. it’s very neatly done and subtly appealing.

  49. now that i’ve picked my jaw up off the floor and stopped drooling, i have one question: how the fuck did he fit all of that into one hand??!!

  50. Better in real life.
    I think Joli and I should have a cat fight over him/his cock. Naked. I’m not sure it would settle much, becuase we’re not really fighting, but it would probably get modblogged.

  51. Wow…I so want that…please god let me experience one like that…..ehem….tattoo I mean…erm…

  52. Wow! This good looking guy with a big cock (very nice by the way) some amazing tat work, but I thing the real story is the tit work! That is what intrigues me. What’s the story behind that?

  53. hahahaha i loveee the “how did he fit that in his hand” shit.

    its like the best surprise ever!

  54. Don’t worry nr 149, i’d take your confidence, security, honesty and communication rather than a dick i fear will split me in half. The rest of him sure is yummy though, esp his eyes.

  55. so, a captain america inking is in order, right???

    and, sorry, I’m a girl, and I likes what I sees.
    MAKE MINE MARVEL!!! heh heh,

    nice ink, dear… really .

  56. yes i just read on your tumblr that said picture existed, so i trolled all up in the modblog and found out. hot damn aaron! if ever the opportunity should arise… please and thank you!

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