51 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. I’m captivated with how the light sparkles off of him.

    It reminds me of the commercials for diamonds, it’s the “gift that lasts forever” and the pretty female hand turns the ring so the diamond catches the light and glares at you.

  2. Isabel, I agree!
    I do think that is the only thing that has ever grossed me out in the years I’ve been on bme. Good work!

  3. This would be cool if I hadn’t read “Guts” by Chuck Palahniuk a few too many times. If you haven’t read it, Google it and you’ll see why this squicks me out.

  4. blackandblue – Does any combination of ‘a’, ‘n’, ‘a’ and ‘l’ rhyme with ski?

  5. You know what, the only thing I was looking at was the dudes ass hairs and thinking, what my ass hairs looked like

  6. Eep. Not for me, but hey if it makes them happy go for it. I wonder how it feels afterwards…and it is shiny!

  7. i love chuck palahniuk. haaha
    anyway, simply hilarious that the sample picture is sparkling.

    ski jumping
    anal pumping

  8. I always have these five seconds of inner conflict during which I’m trying to decide to click through or scroll down.
    I always click through, and I always wish I hadn’t

  9. i’m not really sure what’s happening in that picture?
    does it go back to normal soon after?
    it just looks really painful and uncomfortable. and not really very healthy!.
    but if he enjoys it then that’s fine 😀

  10. hot !!! I love all kinds of things like this… prolapse aka the pink sock takes the top for me though nothing hotting than watching a rectum pop back out 😀

  11. I am pleased to see that it’s clean. Does anyone remember the article about anal piercing with the picture of someone’s arse opened up with a speculum and a big turd lurking behind it?

  12. paleblue – Yes, it’s very clean. It’s disturbing how many photos of guiche piercings I’ve gotten where there’s “leakage”, “wiping deficiencies”, and similar grossnesses…

  13. Surely, that’s a rectal prolapse? And how does he get it back in? The mind boggles… Though as you point out, that is a commendably clean arse. In summary, I’m impressed!

  14. I’ve always wondered what the recovery is after a session of this.
    Shannon, do you know much about it?
    Does it need to be phisically pushed back in, and what sort of risks are associated? I guess it is a silly assumption, but I am just imagining it prolapsing accidentally at in-oportune moments!

  15. I got that soooooooooooooooooooo wrong.

    But I wonder how it comes out? Or how it goes back in? Or what if you had to carry it around in a jar forever…??

  16. when i saw the teaser picture, i immediately thought, “ooooh. shiney!! it looks like some sort of shiney sea creature!” 🙂

  17. kids with cystic fibrosis often experience rectal prolapse. when they present to the ED, guess how they put it back? sprinkle granulated sugar on it. no joke.

  18. hahahHAHAHAHhahahHAHAha… its great that i was just thinking about this sort of thing a couple of days ago. it wasnt so much “i want to pull my ass out of my ass”.. more like “how would one pull one’s ass out of their ass?”
    yeah. thanks

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