The Star of Almog

No, it’s not a magical talisman from Lord of the Rings, it’s body modification by Almog of CyberTattoo, Poland CyberTattoo, Israel.

Let’s hope it doesn’t wander too much!

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(It’s a shame the subject isn’t a girl because if it was and she wanted children, they truly would be born under a wandering star.)

24 thoughts on “The Star of Almog

  1. i’m thinking your’e wrong about the location.. there’s hebrew writing about the studio at the beginning of the film. (also, Almog is a hebrew name). i’m pretty sure this is from Israel.

  2. nope, Yuli, he’s totally right! It’s from Poland all right and let me use this opportunity to complain about such “monsters” as “bizuteria piercingowa” or “kolczyki do piercingu.” I do understand that’s the way people are talking these days but c’mon, don’t disfigure your native language when there are some decent (even if a lil longer) alternatives in your own language. Using English terms all the time doesn’t make one either look or sound or be professional. This “problem” appears also in other languages (German to name one) but it’s certainly a question “local” people from the industry could do something about!
    It’s cool Poland is featured on BME one (good) way or another but it’s not cool to copy English without doing some thinking first 😛

  3. Roo – The hebrew writing at the begining says “Cyber tattoo, your trade mark” (It’s not totally accurate but it’s the best option ’cause if I would try to translate it word for word it would be something like “your mark of recognition” or something silly like that 🙂
    Anyway, ALMOG is *definitely* an israeli name, it means coral in hebrew.
    But all of this doesn’t mean there’s a location mistake – maybe it’s an israeli artist working in Poland and for some reason decided to make the slogan at the beginning in hebrew.

    And personally I think the artist is WAY cuter than the client (-:

    Not a big fan of navel peircings, so I got nothing 2 say ’bout that (-:

    Have a great weekend everybody

  4. I love that piercing job. I never wanted a belly button piercing. Now I want one just like that!

  5. Reout – Wicked, thank you!

    I probably didn’t explain my previous comment to Ania all that well, I was multi-tasking at the time..

    I ‘guessed’ it was from Poland by Googling the studio name that was included with the video, narrowing down the options, and also that the sender of the video had a distinctly Polish name. If anyone knows who Almog is let me know and I’ll edit this post, I’m still waiting for a reply from the sender.

  6. hey, Im almog shem tov and Im the owner of “cybertattoo” in israel and the piercer!

    please change the country of this movie.

    and I wonder why didnt you ask us?

    almog shem tov

  7. I really like this. It’s actually something I’ve wanted for awhile. It was nice to see it being done. I already have a typical navel piercing so I guess if I was gonna do this I’d have to take that out. Idk how that current hole would look.

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