Mr. Urethra, meet Mr. Anus

This cut on a Japanese BME contributor is the deepest subincision I’ve ever seen I think, as it’s beginning to extend past the point where the urethra turns up and toward the bladder. A full photo is after the break, and the next update, which I expect I’ll post on Monday, there are lots more shots as procedural pictures as well.

PS. Since I was asked last time, for those of you who want a great introduction to the “why” question, this interview with “J” is a good start (pardon the mid-90s era HTML).



51 thoughts on “Mr. Urethra, meet Mr. Anus

  1. are those piercings actually through the testicles .. they looks kinda inflamed .. but the sub looks healed pretty well

  2. Thanks for linking to that interview with” J.” It was very interesting and informative. I really like the piercings he added to complement his subincision.

  3. Healed well? Are you serious?

    Hey, here’s a question, if this guy takes a shit and then wipes his ass in a downward motion, how much of a risk do you think he runs of a really mean infection- and I mean an infection worse than the one he’s already got.

  4. perhaps the testicle piercings are fresh. pretty much ALL new piercings look inflamed.

  5. I like how he managed to keep the PA, and the sub really opens up the different types of jewelery you could have there.

  6. What is going on the side? Right under the top of the O in the MODBLOG logo… i can’t stop staring at that. Also, the bottom part looks like a vagina.

  7. That’s a pretty awesome sub! I didn’t really imagine it being possible to get that far down, any ideas on how long it took him?

  8. Re: “testicle piercings”
    Those are not testicle piercings, they’re just fresh scrotal piercings. To the best of my knowledge he’s a eunuch.

    Re: Commodore Josh
    Um, you may be haphazard in how you wipe your ass, but someone with this particular modification isn’t going to be.

    Re: SadieJames
    It’s a bead implant.

  9. Scrotal piercings look fresh and not cleaned recently to me. Maybe I am getting jaded, but no shock to me. But I am always amazed at how far people will go on modifications. Wow! Of course, what is extreme is different to each one reading about this.

  10. Commodore Josh > He’ll just have to wipe upwards; just like the female half of the population.

  11. so is he an eunuch by choice? looks like he has the tool for the job, just doesnt plan on using it? maybe.maybe I dont understnad but I thought the point of the subincision was to enhance sex, or maybe it is also for one to gain control over their body, or just because…..what the hell do I know, other then I dont want to slit my dick down the middle.

  12. I agree with #15, but the hair doesn’t put me off!

    As far as “wiping backwards” [or, forewards??] there’s this thing humans invented, quite handy really, called “soap”, it turns most excellent when paired with the natural substance “water”. Crazy, I know! I recommend it for anyone fearing infectious fecal matter.

  13. shannon-that kinda goes against the definition of an eunuch, unless mirriam-webster has led me astray.

  14. IIRC I read somewhere that it’s only young boys who are castrated before puberty who lose all sexual function…and I hope nobody here’s into THAT.

  15. i’m having a hard time breathing right now… kudos for having the balls go that far. reminds me of the episiotomy i saw when my son was born. that was the most painful looking thing ever

  16. Really impressive. And I’m assuming its a DIY. I’d like to see this guy interviewed because he seems interesting all around.

  17. wow that guy has balls (I no, I can see them)

    The interview was really great, thanks shannon 🙂

  18. wow, one has to wonder how that affects his peeing? wouldnt it all run down his scrotum?

  19. Wow, that is intense. I wonder how infection free it stays and if he has trouble with bladder infections a lot.

  20. i cooked a hotdog in the microwave today and it kinda looked like that. this baby needs relish:) haha

  21. so he’s cutting back far enough that he’s about to expose the bladder? obviously he can do whatever he wants, but I would like to know how well he will be able to fight off Urinary tract infections. the urethra is as long as it is to keep bacteria OUT of the bladder, to say nothing of staph. this circumvents all that biology and evolution.

  22. Everyone I think there is something you need to know, shocking as it may be. Girls poop too, yes, its true. And they do not have penes to extend the distance from their bladder to their urethral opening, and most all do just fine in their lives. I’m sure he is just fine.

  23. Oh my god that interview! That was one of the defining points of me doing my sub. I even ended up talking to J on the phone a few times. It was him and iam:subcision who coached me through the whole thing when I had no experience with sutures or lido. Godamn, I am getting all nostalgic. Does anyone have current contact info for J?

  24. That’s impressive. And I have to say that all of you folks freaking out about infection risk are probably worrying for naught. The testicular piercings would actually be more likely to develop problems.

    At this point, what he’s doing goes from subincision to perineal urethrostomy, though typically those don’t open the entire penile urethra. And to everyone concerned about infection and such–opening the urethra at the level of the “bend” there is a relatively common surgical procedure in veterinary medicine to by-pass urethral blockages. It will probably heal just fine, as urine is sterile.

    And #36–no, he’s NOT about to expose his bladder. He’s just altered his urethra to be equivalent to a woman’s. So he’s now exactly as likely to have serious urinary tract infections and issues as your standard human female.

  25. Being a eunuch I’m not sure if he can ejaculate, don’t know much about that, but I think this is a good way of haing safe sex! You don’t even have to stop, it’ll just dribble out onto the bed and you can keep going for round 2!

  26. I’m not gay & i never think or say something like this…
    I like to touch or lick this cock, is so erotic! I just like your cock! Nice nice nice

  27. OMFG – so i just realized that he had to cut his ball sac in half to complete this procedure…fuck that would be hella risky – and it now makes complete sense why this procedure has made him a eunich

  28. hy, a great opening to the root….
    and two exciting rings for ball-pulling…
    the onest problem i see with peeing! in standing is over.
    only with my half opened length i have a problem…

  29. Чё за блять хуйня!?!?!? Какой долбаёб это мог сделать?! Я бы ему лично набил ебало. И всем выше перечисленным америкозам или кто там они блядь

  30. that look so hot to me, i am on my way to a total subincision too, and #44 i have cut my sack in two also but i am not an eunuch, i just have one ball in each sack now with my subincision passing between them.

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