Unlikely but True: Finger Ring Piercing

Visually I’ve always been a fan of “finger ring piercings” — kind of like the finger version of a frenum ring. Unfortunately, they don’t tend to heal very well because not only do they take a lot of abuse, but they’re exposed to huge amounts of foreign bacteria. My friend Dominick from Starlight Tattoo in Belleville, NJ just sent me a picture of one that he did that’s now about two years old and looking quite impressively healthy.


If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that almost anything will heal on someone, no matter how difficult or prone to rejection!

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32 thoughts on “Unlikely but True: Finger Ring Piercing

  1. Wow, that’s pretty impressive.
    Not only for it’s healing, but that piercing would drive me up the wall. I generally don’t like wearing regular rings, never mind one that would be under my skin.
    Looks pretty cool though.

  2. i guess that this is less prone to rejection than a regular surface piercing due to the fact its held in place (sort of) by the top of the finger, acting as a sort of anchor to stop it being pushed out by the skin.

    right? or am i completely off?

  3. That’s so pretty. I could never have that, I have fish.. I’d get all infected and diseased from the water..

  4. Wow, that’s really attractive. But I don’t like how it squishes their finger, nothing worse than a too-tight ring, especially for two years.

  5. SOme people have really good luck when it comes to healing complicated piercings… Sad I aint one of them…

    i dont really like how it looks but its interesting non the less…

  6. Wow, that’s gorgeous. I love wearing rings, but damn, I’ve had my regular rings catch on stuff and pull, I can’t imagine having that sucker ripped out.

  7. Wow, that’s brilliant. Maybe, though its difficult to tell from the photo that the ‘ring’ fits tight enough around the finger to stop too much movement and help the healing?
    Or she’s lucky.

    Either way it looks awesome. I love rings but I lose them all the time, and this seems like a nice alternative :)

  8. Impressive that she’s kept it so long and in such a good condition – but – Wouldn’t the same effect be achieved by just sliding the jewellery onto the finger like a “normal ring”?

  9. Ive honestly never seen a finger piercing done like this before- looks awsome !! I think an option like that would be kinda cool for people who like the idea of wedding ring tattoos at least its not as permanent.

  10. BOLLOCKS! I had this idea years ago and had never seen it before! thought i was original! damn it!

  11. everytime i see finger piercings i miss my old trans-fingerling. It was a pain to heal and deal with on a daily basis but still one of my favourites.

  12. ive got to agree its really awesome.. but it does look kinda tight… it seems like it would get annoying. and would hurt horribly bad if it got caught.

    but im really distracted by the nail polish

  13. Dominick is awesome, I have received a variety of piercings from him and like him a lot. I knew he was talented, but this is incredible.

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  15. Impressive!!!I like lots, but can’t have one since I drive all day, and it wouldn’t heal.

  16. I just got a surface piercing on the top of my middle finger a few days ago and i really hope it lasts as long as that one has. im in love with it. that one does look a bit awkward and uncomfortable though. mines a bit sore, but other than that hasnt bothered me at all. folks if you want this piercing, PLEASE make sure you find a piercer who knows what they are doing!!!!

  17. Hey I have one but instead of underneath its on top. 2 me its not uncomfortable and I get compliments all d time which I love. Lol. I like being unique and my 2 nose rings were not enough of a “diff” piercing :-) :::: I was my hands about 20 times a day and clean the earring n used neosporin @ the beginning.

  18. I just got a surface piercing on my middle finger as well. I spontaneously did it at the Tattoo Expo without thinking but I got through reading all the stuff about it being rejected…..Should I just take it out? It is only 3 days old??? I know, I know , I’m a WUSS>…lol

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