Unlikely but True: Achilles Piercing

The last posting of an Achilles piercing here on Modblog generated a number of whiny complaints about how unviable and dangerous it is from conservative piercers**. Now, my feeling is that in what I hope will always remain a rebel artform — rather than an “industry” — that there’s no space for conservatism (or whining), so with that in mind there’s a Mr. Tetanus interview pending.

Mr. Tetanus, a performance artist, wears a self-made 10mm spike through his ankle, behind the Achilles tendon, and has had it now for about twelve years. In the picture below you can see it now, as well as a photo looking through the hole and showing the displacement of the tendon. He doesn’t take it out much because the hole closes up within about a minute, and begins to reseal itself within half an hour.


He uses the piercing in performances, swinging bowling balls and other weights (another performance artist — “Angel” — has actually hung from meat-hooks worn in this piercing), so it can definitely take quite a bit of abuse without crippling him. That said, he emphasizes that he doesn’t recommend anyone else try this, and notes that even after twelve years it’s never truly healed (that said, it’s not as if tongue piercings ever “truly” heal for many people either) and in theory continues to put him at risk.


Risk, Schmisk!!! Anyway, I’ll post the full interview soon, but I couldn’t resist putting up a teaser and a photo of his remarkable ankle!

** Note: Since there are some serious comprehension issues with this entry getting people even whinier, let me be perfectly clear: I couldn’t care less if a piercer feels that they don’t want to do this, and personally I don’t think this should be offered on the walk-in public. Where I have a problem is if people say that no one should be doing or getting this modification (or other heavy mods). Body modification is where it is today because people informed themselves about the risks and tried new things, often with what seemed like serious dangers at the time — and when that ends, body modification begins to die.

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  1. It’s things like this that make me smile about modblog, BME and the whole modification world. The fact that people continue to push against the “limits” of what society (and increasingly, the mod community itself) deem possible refreshes me time and time again, looking forward to the interview!

  2. Am sure there is a picture of him hanging upside down from it in Simon Dwyer’s Rapid Eye books.. .

    Definitely impressive.

    I wonder where his weak spot lies now then ? :-)

  3. WOW that’s really impressive, and it’s good to see some uncommon stuff on Modblog from time to time.
    ( not that I don’t like the BME-girls/boys articles though ^^ )

  4. the first thing i thought when i saw this was “fucking ouch!” percing it must have been quite an experience, but stretching it must have been worse.

    i wonder does it affect him day to day, i.e. that spike must catch? or does he have shorter jewellery for day to day and night to night wear?

  5. Interesting as it is, I wonder how many body modification “enthusiasts” out there will actually take seriously that “he emphasizes that he doesn’t recommend anyone else try this, and notes that even after twelve years it’s never truly healed”
    Who knows, maybe already someone realized they absolutely “need” this? :P
    Interesting post, though; makes one think … in many ways;)

  6. that shit would be beastly in a fight.
    but it’s beastly in general, i love how he made his own jewelry for it.

  7. Not that I would want or attempt this, but I would be worried about banging it up on a daily basis, just from walking around and sitting. I had to be really careful with my heel when I got it tattooed.

  8. few things make me cringe on this site, this made me flinch a little.
    i dont like tendons,
    cant wait to read the interview tho!

  9. #10 – exactly how I feel. This is why I love BME, I always see new things. We don’t know the full potential of the human body yet.

  10. I’m not knocking it, but I will say as a piercer myself, that you could not pay me enough money to attempt that piercing on someone. Simply because if your needle is an eighth of an inch off, that person may never walk again, and I just wouldn’t want that on my conscience. Maybe I’m a “conservative” piercer, but I guess I’m OK with that. Its pretty wild that the human body can handle that though.

  11. I get the vibe that the ‘conservative’ piercers who strive to provide the best, safest piercings possible aren’t really welcome on bme anymore. go extreme or go home.

  12. #20 “not welcome…go extreme or go home”

    I can’t see where you’re getting that vibe from. For years BME has pushed the same salient points over and over – sterile technique, qualified practioner, knowledge of risks, don’t try this at home. Yet also featuring DIY procedure, far-out body ritual, intense blood letting, boundary dissolving practices. Seems pretty balanced to me.

    The piercing itself looks beautiful. The split ring retainers give an industrial look that makes me think of tow-trucks, cyborgs and medieval slavery.
    To carry what I suppose you could call an open wound for twelve years takes some impressive control over your body.

  13. cellfire – Piercers who slag those who draw a more extreme line have never been welcome. Piercers who are conservative but are OK with others drawing a different line (a la Seth’d comments above) are very welcome.

  14. WOW! :l Just when you think you’ve seen it all..

    I LOVE this new “Unlikely but true” series!

  15. holy sweet lord. it took me a minute to realize the second picture was the hole! i’m suprised that loading all of that weight on it doesn’t thouroughly piss it off.

  16. I think “What BME is all about” is whatever you NEED it to be about…
    I never once thought I “would never have been welcome” because I’m “conservative”…
    This guy is walking around with an open wound in a very important area of his body. That’s not safe, but it’s his perogative. It’s his body.
    I would never in a million years offer this to a client who asked me to do it. (And there HAVE been clients who have asked me to do it)
    What makes this piercing successful? The fact that he can still walk and didn’t suffer crippling consequences for the sake of “extreme”? The fact that he must wear something through it or it will close up? <br<
    Calling cautious, skeptical piercers “Whiners” is completely inappropriate.
    I still think it’s very important to inform the public that while these piercings CAN heal (healthy, clean people can technically heal almost anything!) it’s not necessarily a good idea to go out and do it to yourself or other people. There is a GREATER chance of failure than success and I believe the mark of a good piercer is one that doesn’t cater to whim without being realistic.

  17. shannon – i’ve never been against the extreme. i am against articles that say “Risk, Schmisk!!!” to me that means “fuck it, do it anyway, you may not be able to walk again, but if it heals, won’t that be awesome?”

  18. When I first read “self made 10mm spike” I was definitley not thinking 10mm diameter and then I was blown away when I scrolled down and saw it.

    I honestly don’t think any other picture of any bodymod, even the “hard” stuff. has blown me away like the one of the empty piercing.

  19. That’s incredible, I’m glad there’s people out there trying new things, pushing the human body like this. It’s shocking and wonderful in a very “zombie mods of the apocolypse” meets I don’t even know what way. Best post in a while!

  20. nothing is impossible, and I agree with shannon. This has been, is, and always will be a rebel artform. We are modern primatives and no one can deem to me what I can and cannot do to MY body. (inspired from Modify, the movie)

  21. that makes my heels cringe. At least he won’t have the same piercing as everyone else :P

  22. Lexci/cellfire – No one is saying they’re low-risk. The point is that people can make their own decisions about their own bodies and actions.

    I don’t think that YOU have a responsibility to do this for a client who asks. In fact, I’d suggest that you have a responsibility NOT to do it on a client you don’t know extremely well, even if you were OK with doing it. My singular issue is with people/piercers who make blanket statements that it’s wrong and thus start to propose encroaching on the personal rights of others.

  23. My understanding is that Shannon photoshops just about every picture that appears on the site, actually. I don’t think he actually added in the hole, mind you, but we don’t see anything without some tweaking happening to it first.

  24. awesome for him, but i would be scared shitless to attempt this.plus, i know how my attention spam is and i’d be the one to slice the tendon.

  25. “My singular issue is with people/piercers who make blanket statements that it’s wrong and thus start to propose encroaching on the personal rights of others.”

    I have no idea why people on modblog/BME keep confusing “I think that’s fucked up” with “I don’t think people should be allowed to do something that fucked up to themselves”.

    Yeah, it’s more complicated when we’re talking about people doing something “fucked up” to other (paying) people, but “rebel artform” is still a shoddy excuse for ethical abdication.

  26. the first word that came out of my mouth at the sight of that puncture hole was “UGHHhghdghgAAaahuhh?!?” that is so so extreme. man, i love this website!!!

  27. “Now, my feeling is that in what I hope will always remain a rebel artform — rather than an “industry” — that there’s no space for conservatism (or whining)”

    #27-Piercers who are conservative but are OK with others drawing a different line (a la Seth’d comments above) are very welcome

    make up your mind shannon, is conservatism acceptable or no? God I miss yttrx.

  28. paleblue – Where is the ethical abdication in freedom? As I see it, informed risktaking is completely ethical. The issue is “informed”.

    bill – The issue is with people forcing their attitude on others. I don’t care how restrictive a person wants to be with their own actions. I do care when they start telling others to restrict themselves.

  29. The issue certainly is “informed” if you’re talking about the continuing tendency of the community to withhold information about extremely fucked up practices.

    You know, Shannon, what I don’t get about you is how you will post about someone using the wrong jewellery for a navel piercing and how awful that is, but you’ll encourage dangerous and unethical practice for “heavy” procedures. It makes no sense.

    I’m all for progress – and I think it’s hugely crass to suggest that anyone who raises objections is not – but a beautiful structure is built on a solid foundation, one brick at a time, not by dumping a truck full of rubble into a cesspool.

    And by the way, if this really were a “rebel artform”, BME would still be a few pages on some rent-a-megabyte server, you would not have internet celebrity status with its according legion of slack-jawed, uncritical fans, and you certainly would not be able to link your posts to “I just wanted to be me” t-shirts on your web store with any hope of being able to make a decent profit from them. That’s not even taking into account your blatant insulting of the people who form the backbone of the industry that makes BME what is is today.

  30. Holy crap, that totally gives me the willies. Yikes.

    I don’t understand why everyone freaks out so bad over this shit. It’s not like Shannon or anyone else is telling the world to go do extreme things to their bodies, or that there are’t incredible risks involved. He is mearly showing what some people do, and what can actually be done, and I think it’s awesome he does.

  31. am i the only one who noticed the rank as towel
    that thing freaks me more than the heel piercing…
    and, tunnel maybe? or would the pressure simply crush it?

  32. I view it as people can do this at their own risk and free will type thing. Either way, it’s good to know for a lot of people that thre are other people out there with the same interests, let that be a common navel piercing or something as extreme. I doubt anyone in the right midn would assume this is perfectly safe. I dont’t think Shannon added this bit for shits and giggles either: “That said, he emphasizes that he doesn’t recommend anyone else try this, and notes that even after twelve years it’s never truly healed (that said, it’s not as if tongue piercings ever “truly” heal for many people either) and in theory continues to put him at risk.”

    I think the interview should be informative as well, and all you people whining about it… it’s not your heal, he’s not your client, and hes not the avergae kid that just walked into teh studio asing for that done. Most of you will never be asked to do something like this anyway, so why worry so much?

    If ths person would get a serious infection in his leg and they’d have to operate… he is aware of that and is conciously making that choice.

  33. Holy fucking shit. I thought I was immune, but ModBlog shocked me. I wonder how it would feel to walk with no jewelry in it… you probably couldn’t without it closing up, but that would feel weird.

  34. Paleblue,

    “… you would not have internet celebrity status with its according legion of slack-jawed, uncritical fans.”

    Don’t use the word sycophant.

    Some of us, aren’t.

  35. I keep looking at it. For the first few seconds my mind declined to accept the hole, instead making it seem like there was still something in it. Odd, no?

    Anyway, I’m merely bothered by the fact that it’s only one heel that’s done. Wouldn’t that make his overall stance and balance kind of weird? I know it would bug the hell out of me.

  36. It’s the term that you have used the in the past. Repeatedly.

    Please, Jumping jesus on a pogo stick,

    no one use the word “sycophant” in the ensuing discussion.


  37. Seth D – Ohhh watch it your opinion might be labelled as “whiny” if it doesnt fit in with Shannons personal view…

  38. paleblue – I realize this is more about you expressing your personal issues with me than raising reasonable points about body modification — and it’s really getting a little boring — but I think it’s obvious that there’s a massive difference between successfully doing an intense procedure (as this entry features), and bungling a simple procedure (as the entry about low-end jewelry and a poorly placed navel ring features). The fact that you choose to ignore the difference shows how desperate you are to grasp at any straws to try and complain.

  39. Yes, there’s a difference. That was the whole point of my post. Holy fuck.

    The fact that you choose to ignore the valid points that I and an increasing number of people on IAM are making shows how desperate you are to grasp at any straws to justify your charlatanism.

  40. Again, you complaining about how people I feature are extremely fucked up, how people who appreciate the posts are mindless in one way or another, and so on is getting extremely boring and really doesn’t add anything of value.

  41. no thank you. oy…. my mouth is still hanging open at the thought. that’s weird that it closes up so fast. I’d be interested to see that phenomenon.

  42. You really don’t need to twist my words to make your point. You will note that I used the term “fucked up” in quotes, thereby implying to any reasonable person reading that I was referring to the opinion of others, not my own opinion.

    I have no problem with people doing whatever they want and it’s disingenuous and quite insulting to suggest that I think otherwise. However, when you elevate it to fashion status and make money off it while dismissing legitimate concerns about safety and ethics, you are doing yourself and the whole community a disservice.

  43. Oh whatever… I’m not “elevating it to fashion status”, nor do I do this in any money motivated way, and I think you know that BME has pushed balanced awareness of risks and technical issues more than any other resource out there.

    This is about your very thinly-veiled personal issues with me, and nothing more, and again, it’s very boring.

  44. odd how it never heals..
    i’m just surprised that he hasn’t acquired an infection yet.
    hows that for an immune system. haha

  45. Chel – It doesn’t heal completely because it’s almost impossible to cause a fistula to form through it. To get this piercing to heal, you’d probably have to surgically bond skin from each side through the piercing a la how a transscrotal is done… As I mentioned, for many people tongue piercings never heal either, for exactly the same reason.

  46. 1. I would love to know what you mean by my “personal issues with [you]“.

    2. It’s not boring to the multitude of people who email/IM me to let me know how glad they are that myself and others say what we are saying. That’s not even a reflection of my intelligence or relevance, more a sad indictment of the fact that IAM/BME systematically encourages realistic debate.

  47. Yes, I’m sure you’re being flooded with people thanking you for all your insightful comments on Achilles piercings.

    It’s extremely rare for you to comment with any specificity on an entry. Your posts are almost exclusively vague philosophical/cultural criticisms of BME, BME readers, and myself.

    If you want to actually debate a modification or talk about that modification, it will be a wonderful change. If you want to continue to vaguely whine about me or people who feel generally the same, I’ll continue to be bored.

  48. How about you just post something interesting about body modification, and I post something interesting back, preferably with some specific reference to the modification in the entry.

  49. Paleblue, I agree completely. I thought BME was about accepting each other as a community. Not calling cautious piercers “whiners” because they don’t support dangerous and extreme practices. So much for being nice and civil to each other and being one big happy family when the “patriarch” of the family gets on that high horse and calls everyone who disagrees with him whiners. Nice family we have here.

  50. Dimruthien – Yeah, and minorities who complain about racists are bigots themselves? Seriously, I’m not going to apologize for not being OK with people arguing that people who are perfectly aware of what they’re getting themselves into should be restricted from doing it — or even just ridiculed for doing it.

    Part of being an “accepting” community is NOT accepting people who are closed minded.

  51. Here Here Shannon.
    I always like when you post these kinds of thought provoking mods. so controversial.

    And I think what it all comes down to is personal choice. He made a well thought out informed decision to get and maintain this piercing. Good for him.

    People who are modifed but close minded towards other people being lightly or heavily modified are hypocrites.

  52. bluepen (#65)have you ever seen the movie “what the bleep do we know” part of relates to what you said about you’re mind not accepting what you were seeing..that you are only able to see what you believe is possible. very interesting movie

  53. I just want to stick my pinky in it. That’s pretty gross. That I want to do that, I mean… Not the piercing. Even though it does make my right ankle hurt. o_o

  54. I think the point is that slagging an entire group of piercers who aren’t willing to endanger someone’s ability to walk is the issue. I’m not completely sure it has anything to do with anyone’s person problem with anyone else, or the content of anyone’s post. And I’m sure I missed the post where someone claimed how dumb it was that people get heavy mods, but I’d personally be pissed if I was called conservative and whiny when I was just a piercer that did their job and wasn’t completely willing to put someone at risk of something they can control. So yeah, I could see where paleblue and Lexci are coming from.

    But no, it’s completely cool to see what the human body is capable of, and I sure am in awe of what I’m seeing. I’m just not so hip to having a group of people being put down because they aren’t “hardcore” enough to do this. Although, with the way things are on this site lately, I’m not 100% surprised.

  55. brandenlouis – You’re attacking a strawman.

    No one is attacking piercers who aren’t willing to do this piercing. The piercers being attacked are the ones that are saying that NO ONE should do it.

  56. I’m not attacking anyone. I’m just saying that there’s no point in attacking period. And again, slagging “conservative” or “whiny” people doesn’t seem necessary.

  57. brandenlouis – Like I said, I don’t really feel the need to apologize for slagging someone who’s questioning the right of or legitimacy of certain lifestyles to exist.

  58. “slagging someone who’s questioning the right of or legitimacy of certain lifestyles to exist.”

    Now who’s attacking a strawman?

    You are completely full of shit and a lot of people are starting to realise that.

  59. Again, I’m not going to apologize for taking issue with anyone who says that people shouldn’t do these mods, and that piercers shouldn’t do them. I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with trying to make this a bad thing, other than being generally obsessed.

  60. I notice that many of the people that are seemingly against this kind of thing are fond of skewing the facts of the risks. one person even made the comment that is the needle was an eighth of an inch off the person would never walk again… what?!?!

    Ok, this is obviously a serious mod with real risks, but frankly the Achilles tendon is not that flimsy or else we would all fall to the ground after trying to make our first steps. A needle jabbed in there is not going to do much more damage than causing a rather painful and to resolve swelling. And assuming by some freak chance you actually managed to sever it, that is hardly ending all walking for the rest of the persons life! That tendon is frequently severed in accidents and even torn from super strenuous sports, and guess what it can be repaired. sure it is unlikely to ever obtain 100% pre-injury status, but you would definately be able to walk again!

    Also, if you “accidentally” you should never have been allowed near a needle in the first place, I mean come on have you ever felt the back of your foot there, the tendon and larger albeit less definable tendon sheath are both VERY obvious to the touch. As a procedural risk i would be much more worried about what ever blood vessels of nerves may be present in that area.

    Ultimately I imagine that infection is a far more real risk than the procedure itself, if something were to get in there and go deep you could be up for some real trouble. Especially if it got to the actual tendon; since tendons are pretty much non-vasular and would be unable to efficiently fight off infection.

    So, while I would never personally dream of doing this, I am none the less very impressed. It speaks volumes about what is possible what you actual know your own body.

  61. “Body modification is where it is today because people informed themselves about the risks and tried new things, often with what seemed like serious dangers at the time — and when that ends, body modification begins to die”

    That’s a misnomer – body modification won’t die if risks aren’t taken… it will just exist in the same state that it does right now. And to suggest (through saying it’ll die *otherwise*) that risks must be taken, as an opinion, is closed-minded. The culture/lifestyle/whatever can evolve without risks being taken.

  62. Risks ARE being taken every day. Even the basic mods are risky… I don’t think there’s a single thing covered here that doesn’t have some element of risk.

  63. YAY! I’m glad there are more pictures and a potential interview coming up about this (I am choosing to stay out of the shit storm debate since I already took my turn talking ethics in the last thread).

  64. Really? Then how about a supporter of your website. Are you saying that someone who doesn’t support extreme modifications, but submits their experiences and photos here to help the site grow, aren’t supporting you and BME?

  65. Dimruthien – As far as I’m concerned, for example, someone who supports tattoos, but doesn’t support heavy modification, does not support BME or what BME stands for. That doesn’t mean they have to *LIKE* heavy mods, but they should support other people’s right to enjoy them in peace. It’s really not asking so much. Live and let live.

    I don’t see why it’s so hard to understand that different people have different interests and different limits, and that it’s worth supporting each other in those interests instead of saying “well, only what I’m into is OK and I won’t support other people’s interests if they go too far for me”.

    To give another example, say some racist donates money to the Obama campaign. That doesn’t mean that Obama has a duty to promote racism.

  66. i’m sure that’s professionally done….right? and i’m supremely impressed if not…i hope that stays healthy

  67. No offense, I just don’t see why this is really worth fighting over anymore. It’s a risky procedure, and the people that won’t do it aren’t whiny and conservative, and the people that say it’s a bad idea might be on to something. This guy had it work out for him and that’s fantastic, but some scene kid is going to decide that he wants to try this and end up in a wheel chair. I only have tattoos and I’m not extremely crazy about super heavy mods– especially with the number of failed ones I read about, so does that mean I don’t have a right to be on IAM or BME? I’ve been reading BME for years and years now, and I used to learn a lot about it, but lately I’ve just been learning that close-mindedness is EVERYWHERE, and logical thinking sometimes just doesn’t apply.

  68. Fer fucks sake… no one is saying that people who won’t do it are whiney. It’s being said that people who say it shouldn’t be done are whiney.

    I feel like this is 1995 all over again and people are freaking out over how the uvula piercing is going to get the entire industry shut down.

  69. And no Shannon, this isn’t an attack towards you or ANYONE. I’m a fan of BME, and that’s all. I’m not picking sides in this ridiculous war on IAM where no one knows what’s going on or why anyone’s in court, or why BME went months without being updated. I don’t care about any of that. I care about the unity that used to be here, no matter what the modification, and no matter who had it, no matter what anyone said about anything. This is a goddamn community, and that’s what it’s about, not some piercing.

  70. brandenlouis – I agree completely, and just like in a real community, to really truly protect it and its rights, it’s of utmost importance that the “mainstream” protect the “edges”. “Rights and freedoms” are most important in the fringes — when we have a society, large or small, where the fringes are expected to kowtow to the mainstream, we end up with a society that has no real freedom… That’s why I feel so strongly on this subject.

  71. Holy shit…..i think this is the most ive seen you post in one entry shannon! :|….i have nothing to say about whiney piercers or whatnot but i do have one question for ya….why does the hole close up so quickly?

  72. Real mature there, Shannon. Do you often let fights on the Internet get you so riled up and defensive? Good for lulz though I admit.

    I feel like I should say I’m not against extreme modifications. What I am against is being told that if I don’t actively support people getting those modifications, I am not welcome or am not supporting BME. I am against the absolute frivolous way that it’s pandered about that law breaking is A-OK! Especially when the modifications that are being done are being done in dingy hotel rooms by people who couldn’t give a fuck about the customer.

    I’m against all the little lambies bleating about how great it is to put people’s lives at risk. I’m against the fact that keeping people safe when they browse the modblog isn’t a concern for you.

    Yes, I am still very ticked off that you, Shannon, didn’t even bother to send me a reply to that email. I wholeheartedly thought you would consider the safety of others before yourself. I thought there was no harm in emailing you my concerns because as a reasonable adult, you would take them on board and make changes to the general layout of the Modblog regarding ritual cutting in order to keep people safe. Alas, you didn’t even bother to reply.

    That was the first in a series of events that led me to come to the conclusion that you do not care about anyones rights, anyones safety, or anyone really, other than yourself. I quite honestly think your actions are horrifyingly disgusting, and that you are a terrible individual to be at the front of the public’s exposure to body modification.

    So fellow members of IAM, supporters of BME and modified people everywhere, remember that your opinions do not matter unless they are in agreement with Shannon Larratt, and if they don’t agree with him, that’s okay, just make sure not to voice the fact that you disagree. Also remember that Shannon Larratt doesn’t care about safety. Anyone’s safety.

    I’m done here.

  73. Sorry, I had to look up kowtow (I’m not THAT well read). And I deeply respect that you feel so strongly about the whole subject. No, I don’t want ANYONE saying that a heavy mod isn’t a huge deal. Yeah, in a way it could be the next big thing. Not long ago sub-clavicle piercings where in the limelight because of the dangers of them, and microdermals where infamous because they were so unknown. However, when the first person (I can’t remember his name) started talking about his microdermal procedure, no one was around saying that the people who thought this was a bad idea were whiny or anything. This is the same kind of situation: it’s a new concept, and it’s scary as all hell. The thought that someone could lose the ability to walk and that some kids are going to attempt this is almost unfathomable, but already a real problem.
    I’ll be the first guy to see a really extreme mod and say “I wish I had that,” but just like everyone else here (hopefully) I’m just scared of the consequences of what will happen now that this has a potential of becoming mainstream.
    Also, sorry about rambling. Been a long day.

  74. really really cool- glad to see you got the shock factor back on bme- one of the few times I think i actually made a sound looking at something on the computer was a verbal “wow” and thinking thats a hell of a hole. awesome, gladyou and he could share it. :)

  75. 109, why on Earth would someone end up in a wheelchair? My Achilles tendon healed just fine after surgery when it was sliced completely through by a plate that I dropped and shattered. It wasn’t particularly fun, but the surgery, a cast, crutches and a teeny bit of physical therapy and all was well. Why exaggerate the risk is dramatically? It really does not serve your argument at all.

    As a sidenote, I’m a little wigged out by it personally but I fully support his right and choice to do it.

  76. The idea of a large spike behind my achilles makes me shudder only because I’ve had a pulled achilles and that hurts something awful! But props to him for making it work.

    Also, the “nurse” in the pic is awesome!

  77. Pia – Remember how I said some scene kid will try to do this? Also, I just like how you said it healed fine.. except for the surgery, cast, crutches and physical therapy. If you really don’t think it’s that dramatic, then do this yourself. Let us know how it goes.

    I do have to agree with Smash too, it’s nice to see modblog with a good amount of discussion.

  78. I already told you how it went. Yeah, it sucked. Didn’t end up in a wheelchair, though. My point is simply this — there are risks but exaggerating them the way some have makes their argument look ridiculous.

  79. Very interesting post, however personally I would choose not to do this as a body piercer. I wouldn’t never under any circumstance say somebody else shouldn’t..

    It’s crap like this is the reason I no longer read the comments on Modblog. I’m not even sure why I did this time, so much fucking negativity..

  80. I wonder if stretching the skin over time via inplants before the actual piercing would give enough skin to encourage a fistula to form if “tucked” inside?
    It being never healing is what would worry me, tho obviously he has a great immune system.

    (I guess sub-clavicles are non fistula forming as well?)

  81. Perhaps the diameter is just not conducive to it staying open unassisted….



    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

    Shannon is correct that primary closure using healthy skin to “line” the “fistula” would be needed to “heal” this particular piercing. Fibrosis (scarring) would be of poor quality due to location and tissue types and attribute to the “lack of healing” reported.

  82. The first thing I thought was cool it’s nice to see heavy mods. The next thing was “Hey, I can fit that spike in my lobe!”. Regardless of the shit storm between pissy people it’s nice to see people taking risks and pushing their bodies to see what is possible.

  83. I don’t think many “scene kids” will try this to be honest. Mr Tetanus and Circus Bizarre have been around for quite a while with their unique performance art and so far I am unaware of anyone copying their stunts despite having performed live to many thousands.

    The same was said when Jim Rose shot into the public domain, puritanical types complained that we would be swamped with copycat acts. We weren’t.

    I think perhaps it is the smaller scale piercings that are more likely to be copied. I think that many extreme mods don’t actually associate well with “scene kids” who as the name suggests long to belong, rather than be truly individual.

  84. No offense to be taken by anyone here, but i’m starting to get annoyed with Shannon. We get enough of your personal opinions in YOUR posts, so please, just relax about this whole thing and let people enjoy their “freedom” to post whatever opinions they damn well please.

  85. As far as I can tell Shannon was just trying to get people to differentiate between his opinion that to be true members of the bme community people shouldn’t be opposed to informed people taking risks such as in this instance, and a stance that people are being considered whiners for not supporting it. I think some people are just looking for things to get shitty about. He just doesn’t want you to try tell other people what they can and can’t do, pretty much. (tell me if I’m wrong)

  86. In my opinion the subject is amazing! He is really pushing his body and we continue to learn from his self expression. For the debate in the comments section, its just boring and i wont add to it.

  87. #130: Then why is he telling people what they can and can’t do? Correct me if I’m wrong but he’s just said that if you do not support extreme modifications, you are not a BME supporter, and you have no place here. He’s told many people countless times that we cannot have the opinions we have. Hypocrite much? I think so.

  88. I really like it. A lot.

    That being said, I don’t like the thought of it.

    As a result, I’m not going to get one. I’m not going to perform one. I’m not going to whinge that people are performing these allegedly “illegal piercings in dingy hotel rooms”, and I’m not going to whinge that people are refusing to do them.

    What I don’t like is people saying that it shouldn’t have been done.

    If they submitted it to this website, they clearly enjoy having it. If they enjoy having it, GREAT! Don’t rain on people’s parades by slagging off the owners, and don’t accuse the piercer of being amateurish, stupid or unprofessional. The fact that it is an amazing piercing should say more than I ever could about the dedication of the owner, and the expertise of the artist.

    Even if you don’t like it, you have to admit that it is pretty awesome. If you genuinely believe it should be illegal, that’s your right. Go and petition your local member for Parliament, or your local Senator or something.

    That’s my 2 cents. I guess we’re about to see what the exchange rate is like.

  89. PLEASE stop arguing everyone!
    Shannon has a really good point, and this post is amazing.
    It does get really boring when people look at modblog posts and just think of ways to complain about it in the comments.
    I can’t wait for the interview!!

  90. I won’t ever do a suspension, but I am amazed and interested in them, and I think that people who have suspended are really unique, and brave.

    I will never get scarification because I know it will hurt and I’m not a fan of pain, but then again, I will support my friends and fellow community members that do get it done.

    I will not get heavy mods and have no interest in getting heavy mods, but I love that people do get them and I am interested in reading about it.

    I will not do anything too risky like this, but I am glad that people are and I am interested in it. I love reading about this sort of stuff – I love looking at the pictures and finding out more about it. It’s amazing – it’s not for me, but I’m more than happy to support those that it’s for.

    I think that’s what BME’s about…you might not like something/approve of it/want it for yourself, but you should accept and perhaps even respect those that do go through risks etc. It’s really amazing.

  91. Dimruthien…I would probably just stop now, because you’re getting everything misconstrued and are just kinda starting to look like, dare I say it, a whiner. Whining for whining’s sake…I think you’re better than that….

  92. Interesting, “its never truly healed” does this eans he has learned to live with it bothering him from time to time or it just looks funky contantly…

    The man has some balls, I wouldnt be able to do a piercing like this on myself but I do admire hos doing.

  93. “That was the first in a series of events that led me to come to the conclusion that you do not care about anyones rights, anyones safety, or anyone really, other than yourself… So fellow members of IAM, supporters of BME and modified people everywhere, remember that your opinions do not matter”

  94. people like dimruthien and paleblue, if you disagree so much and hate the place so much, why dont you just fuck off and take all your bad feelings someplace else?

  95. Tim – I don’t think they hate the place, they’re just not down with supporting risky mods like this. Which I think is not a good thing…I think we as a community should be proud to be able to show pictures like the Achilles piercing and be able to say “Risk, Schmisk!!!”.

    What I don’t like is that they try and point out that they are always right – we are neither right nor wrong, we just have to be able to step back and agree to disagree.

  96. Wow, what a hole! I’m just speechless. You don’t see that kind of things every day. That’s gorgeous, definitely!

  97. 141 – How presumptuous! I definitely don’t hate BME or the Modblog. What I do hate is the frivolous manner in which the safety of individuals is thrown out the door. I feel safety should be a #1 concern for the body modification community. I am saddened that it is not.

    I don’t even hate extreme mods, which you’d know if you bothered to read my comments :)

    I also don’t resort to unintelligent arguments, and pathetic swearing to get my point across, as you have done!

  98. Sooo many replies…why?

    “Where I have a problem is if people say that no one should be doing or getting this modification (or other heavy mods).”

    It’s not like Shannon hasn’t posted in that vein before…live and let live…yet people choose to pick up parts n draw conclusions about them because it touches their own sore spots.

    I’m not wording this right. I don’t feel like trying to get it righter, though *sighs*

    Let’s just say I’m looking forward to the interview :)

  99. 134 – Shannon has said nothing regarding what a person can and cannot do. He clearly stated that if you do not support extreme mods, then you do not support what is BME. Sure you like to look at the tattoos so you can steal other peoples ideas but when it comes to seeing someone potentially damaging their body, LOOKOUT! THE WHAAAAMBULANCE IS ON THE WAY!

  100. i have a question….how was this done?!

    seems a silly question but was it pierced at 14g or 12g and then stretched up or was it pierced at a much larger gauge?

    cant wait for the interview.

  101. “How presumptuous! I definitely don’t hate BME or the Modblog. What I do hate is the frivolous manner in which the safety of individuals is thrown out the door. I feel safety should be a #1 concern for the body modification community. I am saddened that it is not.
    I don’t even hate extreme mods, which you’d know if you bothered to read my comments :)
    I also don’t resort to unintelligent arguments, and pathetic swearing to get my point across, as you have done!”

    This is exactly how I feel. Apart from the swearing part. Cunts.

  102. #69


    You’re welcome.

    if6was9 on February 9th, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    hehe, #69, 6, 9, if6was9

  103. It’s very rare I open my mouth and make a statement concerning the drama I see flying around here, but I’m going to now.

    I am a conservative and whiney piercer. I have to say… I would NEVER endorse this type of piercing. I wouldn’t do it, nor would I encourage another piercer to do so.

    When I look at the photos, I am amazed that this person has “healed” this. It’s astounding to me that an infection hasn’t set in, and that he hasn’t had to have some sort of tendon surgery for damage done to it. I’m impressed that it’s gone as far as it has.

    but it’s a bad idea nonetheless, and saying things like “risks shmisks” is irresponsible given the current attitude of “bigger, more extreme, more intense” that is currently in vogue around this site.

    I think what a lot of people forget is that the older conservative piercers helped build this industry, and this scene. We laid the foundation for a lot of what is done today. Of course, there were plenty of old underground cutters and heavy modders out there (anyone remember Phoenix?), but they haven’t really made as much of an apparent impact on the mainstream followers of “the scene” the way the piercers themselves did.

    I just look at the current air here, and it bothers me. Do you think Jim Ward would do this type of piercing? How about Angel, or David Vidra?
    Would you say that they are wrong for saying it’s a bad idea?
    Do any of the people posting in here (save a few) even know who those people are?

    It frustrates me to no end that there is so much infighting and animosity in this “family” these days.

  104. Another member of the gliderettes you mean?

    And a card carrying member of the snarky cunt forum, btw.

    You’ve made your “point”, now STFU.

  105. alright I honestly read the majority of these posts, but gave up cuz I just got back from drinkin with Ferg…

    all I can say is:…..”cant we all just….get along.”

    Rodney King! Rodney King! Rodney King!

    Please don’t beat me with night sticks mista po-po!

    i honestly feel these types of bickering/bantering amongst each other is what is seriously tearing this community apart. because in reality where does it get us? Absolutely no where…

    One side is saying piercers who disagree with this, are whiny and conservative…the other side says that they are simply saying that because they show a disinterest in the wellbeing of the client.

    In the end, where does all this get us? Are we advancing our knowledge/abilities in terms of body modification? No, fighting gets us NOWHERE, except more fighting.

    What we all need to do is…smoke a bowl…down a couple shots…find out chi/center…whatever….whatever we gotta do to calm the fuck down and lets honestly focus on being how we were circa a few years ago. a bit more calm, a bit more laid back, less in a rush to verbally bash people simply for disagreeing.

    deep breaths people, everyone…serious…

    as a piercer thought, what I’d like to point out is that I think what Mr.Tetanus has currently is vastly different to the 14ga barbell (which I’d assume, but might be wrong, was 316L stainless steel externally threaded)…I think with the large size Mr.Tetanus has it would definitely be a viable long term option…But with the smaller gauge sizes, not so much.

    I’m ALWAYS down for pushing the boundaries/envelop…But what I’d LIKE to see happening nowadays is proper scientific experimentation, not just crossing our fingers and hoping. Nowadays piercers are much more educated then they were back in the day and because of that they should be into doing things via the scientific experiment method (proper tests cases and documentation,etc)…not just going ahead and doing things and relying on a whole lot of luck.

    As for the whole argument situation, I’m staying clear away from this…as I’ve spent many years being gunho a fighter in the frontlines for quality and progression of knowledge…and all its given me is serious intestine pain, virtually no sleep and constant stress/worry…I’m surprised I’m not grey and or balding nowadays from everything….hence why I wish everyone would just take a chill pill and relax, because I can barely stand it anymore….I just miss the days of being able to be caring and passionate yet not letting things get to the point of all out war statements.

    again I say…can’t we all just….get along.

  106. I always find it surprising when people consider attacking or restricting someone else’s life a “right”. Rights extend only to ones own life, and they’re either complete, or they’re an illusion.

    I also find it ridiculous that this post should be denounced on a safety/risk level. Safety, in my opinion, comes from an informed public. It does not come from a restricted public.

    Meg – Those piercers you list broke plenty of boundaries. As conservative as they may seem NOW they were quite radical then.

    But in terms of the modern piercing scene, it was defined/re-shaped by one piercer in my opinion — Jon Cobb. He almost single handedly transformed the piercing scene from the “15 basic piercings” to something much more vibrant… And he faced serious criticism and smear campaigns at the time (to some extent from the piercers you list incidentally) for doing it, even though he had a strong focus on health and safety and was very careful in what he did, even though he was pushing limits.

  107. Wow. That is absolutely amazing. Props to him for having the guts to go through with and keep it after 12 years.

  108. Wow, this was truly sad to read. I made it through about eighty comments, but I genuinely cannot stand to read any more. Whiney. So what? It rings true for some commenters. Fact. Risks? It’s an industry and lifestyle riddled with risks. Some procedures higher, some lower [in terms of risks]. “Safety … #1 concern”? How does this affect your safety Dimruthien? There’s a disclaimer in the post, and then there is common sense. Of course you are taking a huge risk doing something like this. But this is a site documenting body mods, risky or not so risky. This is not a site documenting navel piercings and butterflies on shoulders. It never was, so why should it stop now?

    Aggresiveness man.. damn..

  109. that huge fucking spike has to be the coolest thing i’ve seen for a while! i wanna see his show so i can see this shit right in front of me! that would be intense!

  110. Yes, I understand they were “radical” then.. but they certainly weren’t doing procedures that put clients at SERIOUS risk, and the things they did.. they were well thought out and planned, and a lot of homework was done prior to doing them.

    I’m certainly not saying that whoever put a needle through this guys leg didn’t do his homework.. that person must have done at least basic reading to decide how to proceed..

    What I am saying is that this type of thing gives people the idea that they might not need that homework.. that they might be able to just jump right in and do something similar.

    And that is dangerous.

    Yes, I agree that an informed public is more valuable than a restricted public, but I also can see where basic restrictions are important, and an essential part of society. A parent forbids their child from going near the stove because they could get hurt.. The child may not understand why initially, but over time, the restriction leads to information. I think that lofty ideals of a completely free society will get us no where.

    As I stated earlier in a forum:
    Yes, people have a right to do what they want to their bodies.
    Yes, people have a right to express themselves as they wish.

    I believe that wholeheartedly. I do not believe however, that if a piercer says that they aren’t comfortable doing a procedure, and they think it’s not a wise idea, that they be shat upon by their community.

    If a client comes in and wants a surface piercing in a spot that just will NOT work out.. let’s say a cleavage piercing and a very well-endowed woman, and the piercer says it’s not wise, and they don’t feel comfortable doing it.. are they wrong? Is professional discretion a violation of that person’s rights to modify themselves?

    Because in this industry, that piercer is applauded because they have the professional common sense to just say… NO.

    I think that’s a big part of the problem now. Piercers (mostly the “new generation”) just don’t say NO often enough. They will turn down an un-pierce-able navel, but will put a spike through someone’s heel.

  111. I’ve been lurking here for 7 year and never once posted. I’m not into extreme modifications but I love seeing them. In the 7 years I have visited BME the philosophy espoused by Shannon has remained consistent, and I dig it. He’s got his own brand of politics for which I have the utmost respect. BME has been and continues to be, a guiding wisdom in the path to body modification, and I think the detractors here have missed the point.

    Just my 2 cents.

  112. “But in terms of the modern piercing scene, it was defined/re-shaped by one piercer in my opinion — Jon Cobb. He almost single handedly transformed the piercing scene from the “15 basic piercings” to something much more vibrant”

    And it took a toll on his psyche that most piercers who idolize him will never fully understand. Watching people hurt scores of clients to be the ‘next Jon Cobb’.

    I had a discussion with Jack Yount years and years ago while reading PFIQ at his house in Zephyrhills. I saw the Achilles tendon piercing for the first time and asked what he thought of it. Jack being sort of on the forefront of extreme procedures and all…

    His opinion would have been considered that of a whiney piercer.

  113. Meg – No offense to the early piercing scene, but they spent YEARS doing dumbass stuff like using inappropriate jewelry and atrocious placements, that could have been avoided with some basic research and common sense. Their knowledge of “how piercing works” was shallow at best. Those piercers deserve enormous social credit — ENORMOUS!!! — but in terms of the science and technology of piercing they contributed almost nothing.

    It was the next generation of piercers and mod-artists (Jon Cobb, Steve Haworth, Tom Brazda, etc.) who really transformed this industry, not just because they pushed the borders, but because they did it armed with an obsession with science. How many piercers of that era hung out in medical libraries obsessing over texts? More than you’d imagine.

    And in any case, I wish people would stop attacking the strawman that piercers are being attacked for not DOING a procedure, because there’s no such complaint. The issue is piercers saying that NO ONE should do such a mod. Not that THEY don’t want to do it. Clearly piercers should have personal limits that are self-defined, not defined by others, and I don’t think anyone has ever argued otherwise.

    shawnporter – Certainly Jon was haunted by piercers who sought to emulate him without also emulating the foundation that he built himself on… He was haunted from all sides I think, and he paid a very dear price for the contributions he made.

  114. shannon,
    i want to first say that this post was very interesting, and i was very glad to see a follow up, given i was one of the people debating under the initial post…i remember reading mr tetnus stating he had this and his initial fear about posting the pics for it-because he didn’t want other’s thinking this was recommended or in any way easy to heal…

    i am rather sad however about the overall tone of the article and its condeming nature towards piercers who have reservations about certain procedures…i keep hearing about the freedom to do what you want to your bodies…but it seems the freedom to express an opinion about something that is very important to you and is tied into your professional interests isn’t held in the same regard…i’d like to point out these ‘whiny, conservative piercers’ are just as much a part of this community as those who do nothing more than play cheerleader to every word/pic you post…they help contribute pictures, experiances, and in some cases (as far as the comments following posts) some balance- when its obvious certain risks weren’t addressed…most of these piercers are only voicing their opinions out of concern and love for the art form they live their lives around…it would be nice if that was considered when putting them down for having an opinion that doesn’t showcase yours.

  115. Laura – I’m afraid I can’t wrap my head around the double-think that “the right to restrict the rights of others” is in any way a reasonable right.

    Suggesting that BME ignores risks is ridiculous as there’s no organization out there that’s more aggressively shared information on risks.

  116. While I don’t think BME has ignored risks.. (look at the “risks” section after all) I do think that in a sense, ModBlog rewards the “push it to the limits bigger/faster” mentality. That is dangerous in it’s own way.

    And yes, while there are generally warnings that these things aren’t the best ideas.. it still just puts it out there, and for some, that’s all they need to try to one up it. To take it elsewhere. That’s NOT always a good thing.

    Laura.. the ending of your post was voiced wonderfully. Thank you.

  117. Ok, I gotta admit that I didn’t read past comment #60 or so (short attention span what?), but I have to jump in here.

    I have tendonitis. In my achilles. People, please be careful! Tendons are incredibly strong when it comes to pulling, but they’re also incredibly slow to heal when they’re damaged. I damaged mine by wearing my boots too tight- my boots creased and bruised my achilles. Instead of loosening them, I left it because I had a long way to go, and one blister is better than two, right? Then I didn’t stay off it enough.
    Now, over two years later, I still have to be careful on that foot, stretch it out a lot more, and have lost a lot of stability in the ankle because I can’t do as many weight-bearing exercises. I’ve gained weight, had to stop dancing, rock climbing, skateboarding and bicycling, all because of a stupid mistake.
    Take care of yourselves, listen to your body and play nice around tendons!

    But that’s still a damn amazing piercing, and it’s great that Tetanus has been able to keep it for so long!

  118. Meg – I understand what you’re saying, but I think that the nature of ModBlog being a distilled version of BME is misleading you — things on the border are interesting and thus they get posted about. I don’t personally think ModBlog would be interesting if it was just pictures of the same-old-same-old.

    I also don’t buy the idea that some things should never be talked about, even with warnings, because people will copy them (this point is more commonly raised with the “animal modification” section). That’s saying that you (or I) know better than others and need to censor their knowledge to protect them from themselves… and I don’t believe that.

    Laura – I’d like to add on to the “these people contribute to BME, so you should support their opinions” meme. In the “political tattoos” section there are tattoos from Neo-Nazis. There are tattoos from peaceniks. There are tattoos from American Patriots. There are tattoos from meat eaters, and tattoos from vegans. Many extreme, and often conflicting ideas.

    Because someone contributes to BME, they deserve THANKS for helping create a large snapshot of what’s going on in the world of body modification by sharing how modification manifests itself in their life, but I don’t feel it needs to go farther than that. BME will always be inclusionary, and to do that, the site needs to feature sometimes conflicting ideas, and for that to work, the underlying philosophy of the site needs to be very “live and let live” and generally supportive of all stances (while providing as much information as possible), so long as they don’t restrict someone else’s actions.

  119. shannon, i’m not trying to restrict the actions of others…i’m not law enforcement…i’m not waiting outside the hotel rooms of mod artists performing implants with hand cuffs…i’m just stating that while championing the rights to do whatever you want with your body, that the opinions that follow these articles be valued in the same ‘freedom of expression’ arena as well…i’m not saying that risks aren’t always addressed, but sometimes posts don’t do much to state anything about the risks involved-like the initial post this post grew from…and that having piercers coming together to discuss those risks should be somewhat valued, instead of taken personally…realize what it is: geniune concern from piercers in a public forum under a posted piercing…these artists aren’t there to bust your bubble, infact alot of the same people debating these posts have buttons on their page showing support for you…they just care, and that is something that should be applauded, not brushed off as whining…i think you do alot of wonderful things for the mod community, and i in no way discredit that…i’m just asking that those of us who are just showing some concern, not be discredited either…

    meg, thank you, i thought everything you posted was well said and very accurate! i wish restraint and ethics were valued more these days…i think any piercer who doesn’t know and respect their roots (ward, angel, fakir, and the like) are destined to trip and impail themselves on them…

  120. Laura, AGAIN, the issue is with people who are saying these shouldn’t be done, not with people who are personally careful and play it safe in their own careers. I think that the biggest problem we’re having here is that people are not able to understand there’s an ocean of difference between having personal limits, and believing that ones own personal limits should apply to and restrict others.

    And Laura, you raise Fakir — I think he’d be the first to admit that he pushed his limits far more dangerously than most. Certainly far more dangerously than Mr. Tetanus with this piercing. Fakir almost died from his chest piercings, and did any number of unwatched solo bondage rituals that could easily have gone very, very badly.

  121. I think it’s funny that so many people are saying that it’s terrible and going to cause scene kids to try to copy it and blah blah blah when, in 186 posts, there wasn’t a single “omg i want one”. Just because it exists doesn’t mean that the average person is going to rush out and get one. I’m sure that this mr. tetanus guy knew what he was getting into so whatever.

  122. People who have a pathological desire to attempt dangerous stunts will do so with or without the external stimuli to provoke them.

    Shannon can not (and should not) be held responsible for the actions of others simply because he documents experiences that it is felt others may copy.

  123. I learned a valuable lesson from this post. People are utterly incapable of “listening” to what others are “saying,” especially on the internet. I can’t even count the number of times people have been raising the same straw man in their arguments.

  124. i now loads about fakir’s self rituals, i’ve read lots about him and even got the honor of meeting him at the APP in 2006…his reference was in respect to piercing roots, and he’s like the grand daddy of piercing…seemed apprioprate to add him to the list of those who’ve made contributions in their time.

    i know this is a very intergrated community…i know there’s alot that goes with that…i wasn’t trying to give you a hard time or by any means restrict your publication in any way…i just think that many of the piercers that voice their concerns are doing it from a good place, because they truly love and respect what they do and what to see it evolve, but not self destruct…instead of tagging them whiners, why not say some of the more cautious piercer’s, or a more conservative piercer, but dismissing them as whiny? its not very flattering…and leaves a portion of the community alienated…if the interest is maintaining a utopian balance in a diverse, intergrated community-it doesn’t seem like that would be a very effective approach…

  125. I’m amazed and impressed he’s managed to keep this for so long, and I think it looks quite awesome (in the proper sense of that word).

    I support anyone’s right to do whatever they choose to their body in an informed manner. It’s not for me to say what someone has the right to do to their own body if they fully know and understand the risks. I’m not into heavy mods myself, but I enjoy seeing things that push the boundaries of our physicality. When informed, taking risks is a choice that people ought to be allowed to make.

  126. i’m not sure what to say that hasn’t already been said.

    personally i’m of the opinion that people should be allowed to do whatever they feel like doing.

    i think giles made a really good point when he said “People who have a pathological desire to attempt dangerous stunts will do so with or without the external stimuli to provoke them.”

    this is true, no matter how many disclaimers and warnings, someone will probably try this without thinking and end up being hurt.

    i think shannon feels it’s not those foolish and rash people who need support, it’s the people who are thinking it through and assessing the risks and ending up with a beautiful and apparently healthy modification like this one.

  127. Why do so many modblog readers see something like this and immediately comment with their judgement of it and whether it should be, in their opinion, allowed to be done? And why do so many of these judgements stem from whether the reader would “do” the mod or not?

    Body modification isn’t a race, no one on this blog is asking the piercers out there to start offering the achilles piercing, and no one is demanding that all the body modification enthusiasts now try this piercing. It is perfectly possible to appreciate something (and support the right for it to be done) without possessing it.

    Ignorami like paleblue and dimruthien have completely missed the point they are arguing over and not realised that they don’t need to like this mod, or get it, or perform it, but that they should nonetheless support the right of individuals to use their bodies in this way. The whole competitive aspect of body modification is a bit of a joke and has made places like iam seem more like myspace except that celebrity status and the obligatory e-flock of sheep that comes with it is based on the size your nostrils are stretched to, rather than the myspace success barometer of the straightness of your extravagant hairstyle.

  128. okay, so i didn’t read through all of this, because honestly it was making me sick. 1st of all, it’s not about suporting certain mods, its about suporting the people who get them, mind you, we are all here for the same reason. 2nd of all, who fucking cares if he said some people are being whiney??? my god are we 12 years old people? i’m sure most have you have been called worse things in your lifetime. oh 3rd and the most important, this is shannon’s website, if you don’t like what he’s doing or saying, then go, and yes i know it’s a comunity and he wouldn’t have this without everyone else, fact of the matter is if he had not started this years ago, you wouldnt have this right now. so stop bitching and show some respect.

  129. For fuck’s sake. Where did I EVER say that people shouldn’t be allowed to do this?

    My issue isn’t with any mod, no matter how dangerous. Do what you want to yourself; I really don’t care. Wash your mouth out with some pistol listerine like Budd Dwyer if it tickles your taint. I just dislike the greasy, disingenuous manner in which this is sold to people, and it’s exactly that which causes the “e-flock of sheep” that you refer to, v., and I cannot fucking grasp how you can use that term and recognise that phenomenon while simultaneously condemning what me and dimruthien had to say.

    My issue with all this shit is to do with the absolute idiocy of the culture of mod-competition and the individuals who perpetuate it, and the negative light it casts on more reasonable people by association. No more, no less.

  130. Two reasons why I could care less if some random saw this on the internet and decided they liked it enough to get it.

    1) That takes balls; First for someone to have the nerve to actually get that piercing, they’d probably be fairly determined. Determined enough if a practitioner refused them, they’d probably try it themselves. And if the practitioner was convinced to try it…..my second point.

    2) Personal Responsibilty; Where did that go? You know, researching a piercing or a heavier mod before you go through with it. Asking the practitioner about it, checking their backround out…etc.

    There are always going to be people who will do any procedure regardless or risks or knowledge, so it falls to the person getting the work to check out what they are getting into. If they don’t, hey, to quote the Offspring: “One goes to the morgue and the other to jail” as the extreme outcome.

    I hate listening to ethical debates when it comes to this crap to be honest, but I didn’t want to start my homework yet.

    On a side note, paleblue, you are damn irritating dude.

  131. miketheshoe, you failed to come up with a relevant counterpoint to my statements, therefore: I detect fail. Also, I would love to hear a man who quotes GZA on his page attempt to tell me why I’m irritating. I mean, I liked Wu-Tang when I was fourteen, but jesus…

    See, Rusty knows what’s up.

  132. I wasn’t making a point to you, I was just talking in general, hence the on-a-side-note portion of my post.

    “I detect fail”. Sad, and wow lets attempt to make fun of someones taste in music. Are we still 14?

    I just don’t like your pompous attitude which is amplified by the fact that you’ve figured out how to use Thesaurus.com, and you seen to show up everywhere looking for someone to argue with your great opinions. I was looking for a moderately amusing arguement which I baited you for, but you made it boring from the get go.
    I wasn’t going to bother with a personal attack, like musical taste, appearance, or other assumptions of someone based upon their IAM page. But I couldn’t resist, your forehead.

    nighty night love

  133. Dear Mike,

    Not everyone needs to consult a thesaurus to have such an impressive grasp of the English language as I do. More fail here.

    You can’t resist my forehead? I hadn’t heard of that fetish, but if it arouses you, I don’t see the harm in it.

    Also, if I’d know you were menstruating, I would have waited a week or two.



  134. why we gotta be baiting and attacking people? Proper debates and discussions are awesome but lets not let the civility of discussions and debates be thrown away to the waste baskets.

    The great thing about the internet and humans is general is the ability to have our own opinions and make those thoughts/opinions public…Sometimes we won’t agree with someone but does that make their opinions/thoughts any less valid?

    lets all agree to disagree with the peoples opinions that go against what we think, and vice versa.

  135. #199: “For fuck’s sake. Where did I EVER say that people shouldn’t be allowed to do this?”

    I am in agreement. No where did I say this shouldn’t be done, or that I dislike extreme mods. Too many people didn’t read my comments correctly.

  136. we all be no-in i iz ALWAYS sirrrrrius!

    to serious usually…personally i think people need to be held accountable for what they say on the internet, just like what they say/do when you’re at work, walking on the streets, in the pubs, in the car, in the malls,etc.

    an really I just personally believe bickering on the internet is like trying to watch two retards fuck a door knob…sure its funny and somewhat amusing at first…but then you’re like realizing its two retards trying to fuck a door knob and it really sets in…and you’re left in a state of: “why the fuck am I watching this for?”

  137. ps: Shoe…wanna buy me Quiznos and bring it to me? I’m starvins and hankerin for some Quiznos curse this land of kangaroos and their lack of Quiznos!

    There’s a moonshine jug o beer in it for ya ;)

  138. The first thing that entered my mind aside from “ow fuck!” was the part in kill bill when the bride slices through that guys achilles tendon and drops him instantly. I could only imagine getting into a fight and having someone grab ahold of that and drag you around by it.

  139. “…personally i think people need to be held accountable for what they say on the internet, just like what they say/do when you’re at work, walking on the streets, in the pubs, in the car, in the malls,etc.”

    Big Brother?!

  140. I googled Mr. Tetanus because I didn’t know him before and I find him fascinating and happy to have read on his myspace under one of his pix, for people not to try it. If someone really wanted something that dangerous, I hope that there are the qualified piercers to do it out there without having for someone to DIY. Because if the resources are not there, they will. But I will obviously not blame any professionals for feeling like they would not do something like it. I still like the choice though.

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  142. lol…i googled him after i read the post above me…he his an interesting cat…his picture of his piercing does say that…all i ever really wanted was entries to have more info (risks, sucess rates) attached with them…i never thought they shouldn’t be posted…you can’t control what might trigger someone to do a stupid thing…if a kid shot up a school because of music lyrics, i wouldn’t try to get the CD pulled from the shelves…i never once typed “HEY DON’T PRINT THAT!” i just think as a website that centers itself around body modification, that the more extreme procedures that are featured should cover the whole spectrum-not just the ‘hey look at this!’ part…and that when for some reason the post doesn’t address that(not everyone makes use of the BME library or read ever single modblog post), that when concerned professionals address the risks-that they not be dismissed as whiners…obviously the comment option attached to these posts show there is an interest in the response these pictures create…when i post art on the web, if i get some constructive criticism i value it-because its those thoughts that tend to help expand my direction…examine things further and see if there’s weight in the advice…not the 13 token “oh wow! great!” ‘s I get from my friend’s and mother who probally didn’t even really look at my work, but just felt obligated to say something just to be nice…

  143. Augh! Tendons! Augh! I could never do this. Even looking at someone twitch the tendons in their hand freaks me out. But if he can handle it, more power to him, and props to modblog for putting up a picture that shocked me… here I was thinking I’d gotten all desensitized :P

  144. Laura,

    Do you mean a APP certified piercer or a BME verified professional artist? or neither?

  145. Laura,

    Do you mean a APP certified piercer or a BME verified professional artist? or neither?

    Lexci and Warren have raised valid points.

  146. i’m a bit confused by what you are asking…are you asking me if i’m verified??? i have plenty of certfications from various piercing-related seminars-including the APP and have been a professional piercer in a various studios since ’98 (and have paid taxes as such since ’98), but that wasn’t really the point of what i was saying…i was addressing the general tone of how the article read, and how it seemed negitive towards the various piercers that have debated the viability of certain procedures…

  147. Thus Shannon’s “negitive towards the various piercers that have debated the viability of certain procedures…” (sic)

  148. Ok people are freaking out over this but does anyone remember that Fakir was one of the first people to have a permanent chest /peck piercing??
    I’m sure people flipped the fuck out over that one back in the day..

    You know it wasn’t less than 20 years ago that you couldn’t get a male genital piercing unless you went into the local gay bar at night and they would do it right there at the bar, or in the bathroom, no gloves or anything..
    Things have come a very long way since then..
    People like Fakir and Jim Ward did push the envelope.. They pissed a lot of people off with their freaky acts of hanging from flesh hooks, and some of the other stuff they were doing back then that we look at now as pfft that’s nothing..
    I mean come on look at tongue bisection… You think that would of gone over well back then? People would of lost it but now only after 5 years it has become so common that it come close to going into the tongue piercing section of BME…
    I don’t agree with the Achilles piercing any more than I think the eyelid piercings are safe.. but I’m not going to put down the person that felt their piercing was worth sharing.. and I will not put down the piercer.. No one has been hurt by this..

    Look at Shannon with his eyeball tattooing.. he went through a great deal of hell trying to get that to heal up, should we yell and point fingers at the person who tattooed his eye and say he was a bad person and should of known better???
    No, I think not.. It was Shannon’s choice to have his eye tattooed so it is he that lives with the repercussions, and because he documented the healing and problems he went through, there is a better understanding of what to do to improve the procedure next time.

    I mean come on what the fuck?
    Why in a community of “so called” alternative thinking modified people, are we arguing over this crap?!?
    We should be discussing healing, procedure, function.. etc…
    Not crying over who should and should not get things done!

    There are a lot of things on Modblog that give me the willies, but I’ve said it before, I owe it to myself to try to keep my mind open and to try to see things from others point of view.
    How do I learn and grow and make honest decisions in life if my mind is not open?
    I could point at things I don’t understnad and say they are wrong and bad to in fact keep my mind closed.. But why do that when I can learn and even though I don’t possibly agree with something be able to talk about it and inform others of what I have learned from it..

  149. Laura,

    Yes, I was asking if you are a APP certified piercer or a BME verified professional artist, or neither.

  150. 1. I know the person who did the actual procedure for this. It’s an incredible story, and you should probably tell it. If you can find them.

    2. “Risk, Schmisk!!!” —noted.

  151. And as a matter of course, neither APP certification nor BME certified artist mean jack SHIT. APP used to sort of carry a little weight…I think kinda…back in the First Age, but hasn’t been relevant in at least 8 years.

  152. And by the way, shannon, there really was no “industry” to get shut down in 1995 over Cobb’s uvula piercing. You’re being overly dramatic. There were a handful of good shops in north america, and another handful on the other side of the world, and that was it.

    Hell, there’s not even really an industry now.

    And, note that the *really* interesting stuff pretty much disappeared from the scene at the same time Cobb did.

  153. Oh, there’s nothing I like seeing more than folks using conjecture about gay bars and what went on in them decades ago in comparative arguments. Honestly, Shannon…I WANT to hear people naysaying something because *gasp* they might be on to something both useful and practical. And without people pushing the limits of what the body can do Body Modification will die? Please! Who says everyone’s going to just stop? That’s ridiculous. How about giving the millions or so of into this “Rebel Art form” a little more credit? I spent quite a few years researching getting my guiches before I actually got them. Even people like Fakir have said in the past that they all “eventually heal out” even though mine haven’t moved at all in the 10 years I had them-while others can’t even get one to heal. But I’m glad I heard that FIRST because it made me THINK about what I was doing and KEEP thinking about it until I could find a way I felt good and comfortable about having them done. Now I have three. It was the dialogue between the differing viewpoints, not the (at the time very small amount of multiple HEALED guiche piercings) that made me keep at it, not just dive in. saying somebody who questions your reasons for showcasing a piercing that by your own admission is rare and hard to heal, that is obviously NOT healed in the primary example you’ve shown, is conservative makes you sound like your whining-not the other way around. If it was really such a rebel art form as you seem to be claiming it is(there are maybe a handfull of people I would say actually embody that distinction)why are you so worried about a few dissenting voices?

  154. I just realized that i am a conservative when it comes to piercing, and this post (instead of inflaming me) has begun to sway my views.

  155. “neither APP certification nor BME certified artist mean jack SHIT.”

    Thus, the “neither” option in my question.

  156. opinions are like assholes… everyone’s got one and most of them are shitty… so please, get the sand out of your vaginas (metaphorically speaking) and slide the fuckin’ tampon in cause it’s gonna be a long week… save the whining for the aborted alien fetus i found in my feces this morning… good day

  157. Several years back I was put in a situation where I was asked to help with something I felt was too risky. It was a 67 year old man who wanted to suspend with hooks THROUGH his feet (some may remember the pics). I expressed my concerns to him, and told him I was not willing to assist. However, I did go and film and photograph the event and had something gone wrong I would have done by best to fix the situation, even if it only meant keeping the bleeding down while help arrived. Had I said no to all of it there would be no pictures and most of us would still believe that was an impossible feat.

    It was other performance artist who pushed the bounds of what could be done with implants, stuff that is “common” place today. You will never see me being the practitioner or the recipient of such risky procedures but goddamn if I am not glad someone is willing to push the limits.

  158. if6was9-i got plenty of pretty certficates from the health board, APP, HAWORTH’S surface to surface seminar-even my tax statements as a commercial body piercer for the last ten years thru the irs … if you feel i should fly a bunch certificates to simply post an opinion in a forum, then post a link that excepts pics and i’ll happily present them :)

    as for being BME Certified…i just never really bothered with it…most of my clientel is local and networking is kinda pointless when they have so many talented piercing artists that pass me in skills and experiance that live in way more interesting places worth flying to…

  159. i don’t use the computer for networking my piercing, but i have a few portfollio pics on my IAM and myspace…i could snap some pics of some of my certificates and post them…but you have to be a friend to see my myspace and an IAM member to see my IAM page…the internet freaks me out some, so i like to maintain a level of privacy…i picked up a few stalkers from having a public page…and its made me a bit weary

  160. Dimruthien and paleblue:

    Stop trolling and continue on /b/.

    While I believe this arguement has become too hot and agitated on both sides, I agree with what Shannon has to say. I think his words and opinion have been seen in an incorrect light in places due to mood, although could say the same for both sides.

    Anyways, I feel I need to quote my shirt here..
    “Freedom is what we are demanding. Freedom to pursue a way of life that enhances us, and we feel enhances the planet without bringing harm to anyone. We recognise everyone’s right to lead their life in any way they see fit as long as it does not encrouach on our freedom to do the same. – Any attempt to deny this freedom shall be seen as an act of war and will be responded to with the full retaliatory force deserved.”

    Why are so many people her surprised at Shannons responses? While you may not have said the piercing should never be done, the general tone was in a lot of the posts. While, only an apprentice in piercing, I believe I would not ever consider doing this piercing, and would not personally recommend anyone to perform or recieve it, we cannot be so closeminded as to boycott it. There are obviously very serious risks associated with it, which Shannon and Mr. Tetanus point out clearly, and any half-logical person would know this, but if a heavily skilled and informed piercer decides to perform this piercer, and likewise a heavily informed piercee is willing to take all risks associated to have it done, then let them be.

  161. Who’s surprised at Shannon’s responses, fearandloathing? I think those of us who vehemently disagree understand fully that the man is a crazy motherfucker who *honestly does not give a rats ass if someone gets hurt, just so long as it was interesting*.

  162. And laura, a certificate in piercing is a lot like a certificate in window cleaning. Both can be very rewarding, but neither are rocket science.

  163. if6was9: ok, we continue on IAM then. my portfollio’s at the shop. i don’t get off till ten tonight, and it takes about an half hour to get home, and i’m sure the old man will want some attention-so somewhere around midnight (or the very latest tomorrow) i’ll post those for you…I suppose i should have them on their anyways, but like i said, i don’t network my piercing much…i’m good at what i do, but i’m no rockstar-so i doubt anyone’s flying to slidell to get pierced by me…and despite piercing and art posts i’ve submited on the world wide web, most of the responses i get are to my fucking cleavage, so why bother…my iam is laura lethal…i guess since i’m going thru all the trouble i might as well verify myself as a piercer thru the site too…some portfollio pics are on there, not my whole portfollio-but there are some…most of my work was shot with a 35mm camera, so i just converted a few pics…like i said, i suck at networking.

    yttrx , not claiming to be a rocket scientist…someone asked for credentials along the lines of certifications-just offering to show them, since it was requested…

  164. if6was9, i searched you and nothing came up in the results…
    sure your not some stalker ready to hack me up and stuff me in pickle jars? lol…kidding… sorry to be sketchy about the net stalker thing…i’ve just had a few really scare me-like one followed me into a dark alley after seeing me at the dungeon (in nola) and recognized me from inkednation…i’ve only been toying with the internet for a couple of years…when i first got a myspace, i didn’t think about who all could be watching me-so i’d be dumb and post stuff like my last name and shows i was going to…and unfortunetly, i’ve had problems because of that naiveness…so please excuse my suspicious nature with strangers on the internet… ;)

  165. oh look – the asshats are back in business. the same people who are so fond of saying if you don’t like what i have to say then fuck off are here not liking what is being said. so it’d be great if they would now fuck off.

    if you don’t want a gaping hole in your foot don’t get one. or don’t do it to someone if you aren’t skilled.

    if you do want one, assume the risks and go nuts.

  166. Oh wow…thats wikkid awesome…but CHRIST!!…OUCH!!!!….hurts me just looking at it….but BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  167. OUCH!!!!I didn’t think that something like this was possible. I wonder if this affects walking, or makes that ankle weaker.

  168. I actually met this guy only a few hours ago and I saw him walk perfectly fine. It was so weird I was having a chat with a friend and he approached her as I guess they know each other and I saw the spike and was absolutely amazed!!

  169. just a little afterthought on number 98, who says:
    ” body modification won’t die if risks aren’t taken… it will just exist in the same state that it does right now. And to suggest (through saying it’ll die *otherwise*) that risks must be taken, as an opinion, is closed-minded. The culture/lifestyle/whatever can evolve without risks being taken.”

    if body modification will
    “just exist in the same state that it does right now” (ie if no risks are taken), it will not evolve. it will stop dead.
    in fact it will be dead.the first piercing was a risk, and so , at an individual level, is every one after that in the history of the world

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  172. I am also a performer with a record-breaking piercing but this just blew me away! Extraordinary!

  173. Hey Shannon, your dorky Libertine philosophy is entirely unrealistic and idiotic. Just because you’re a sociopath with no empathy or concern for potential piercers/ modders who could have their careers/health damaged by doing heavy mods like this one doesn’t mean it’s right. It means you have a damaged though process and hold your personal liberty above safety and health of an entire scene. Grow the fuck up and start looking at the real world for a change.

  174. Fantastic to see jobs like this, they are special in their extremity. Work like this goes hand in hand with trans-scrotals and lingual bifurcation, erring on the extreme, definitely risky, and god-bless trying to find the punter with the bollocks to do it in the first. – I’d have to agreeably mention that it would be a major inconvenience, what with it no doubt banging into things on the daily, I had enough problems with a double dermal anchor bindi, catching on jumpers and whatnot. Amazing he’s not made a cripple out of himself especially considering that it’s right sodding next to the man’s Achilles, but to see photos of him doing so much with it’s pretty damn cool. – But for people to say that such things ought not be done is presumptuous and trifle rude, considering the fact that it’s his sodding leg, if he wants to nail a railway spike through it, that’s on him. – And to say that if these things aren’t done in our societies, that the ‘Rebel Industry’ will ‘die out’, is a bit provincial, and as Aaron said in so many words, is almost criminally reckless. The techniques of body modification that have been so popularized, sterilized, anodized, spayed and neutered so effectively by our industrialized culture, have in point of fact been around for many thousands of years, and that in point of fact we have learned how these things are done from other cultures who’ve come before us (and are still around…), and did not ourselves invent anything new. We are therefore, not endowed with the power to ‘let’ this rebellious industry decay, or otherwise die out by any means, as we have actually done nothing ‘New’, though we may change the means by which old techniques are performed, giving the appearance that it is evolving into something as yet undiscovered. – Didactic commentary aside, good work, and good show.

  175. Shannon, you are by far the biggest, whiniest most egotistical cunt on here. You contradict yourself and are a complete fucking hypocrite. You really need to grow the fuck up and mature some and stop hiding behind strawman arguments and realize that it’s the people like you, not the dumbasses that try to get ‘dangerous’ things banned or the idiots who attempt the more dangerous ones and fuck them up and get attention for it, that make the community laughable in the eyes of everyone else. You’re nothing but a bloated ego hiding behind a scene and everyone but your little fans thinks you’re a joke. I doubt you’ll read this, I doubt anyone will give a damn about this after all I am just a nobody and this is a pretty ancient topic but whatever.

  176. wow, that’s a pretty rad idea. i’d never do it myself, but i like to see other people taking risks with their bodies. it would be a pretty boring world without those brave souls who aren’t afraid to push the limits.

  177. Hey, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about with these piercings… That guy is an extreme example, but he wanted to do it and still enjoys it, so who cares.. good for him. I actually gave myself an achilles piercing on accident, and it didn’t really hurt at all. I was giving myself a homemade ankle tatoo with a safety pin and ink, and when I was pressing down kinda hard in one of the spots, the safety pin actually just kinda slid further into my skin, pretty deep. So I pushed it a little farther and it just went in all the way, seriously hardly any pain involved, I was shocked. It did however hurt a little bit trying to get it to come out the other side of my ankle, but nothing excruiating. lol and I ended up leaving the piercing there for about a year or two.

    Not all people may be like this, but there’s a certain spot on the ankle where you can pretty much pierce with little to no pain. You’ll know you’re in the wrong spot if it really hurts or if it feels like you might be hiting a nerve or something. As long as you make sure to clean your skin and whatever you use to pierce with really well to help reduce infection, and as long as you don’t keep pushing it in if you feel a lot of pain…I’d say almost anyone could try it at home if they really wanted to and were careful…just like any other piercing. That guy’s piercing was a lot larger than mine lol and I don’t think I’d ever want it stretched like that, but still cool how he chose to express himself. Here’s a pic that looks more like a normal one and is a slightly smaller version of what mine looked like:


    Happy Piercing!! :)

  178. Wow FLGirl, Ithink your post is the single most dangerous thing I’ve ever read on Modblog. Congrats!

  179. I’m calling BS on FLGirl. I’m not buying your story.

    That said, I have had several surgeries on my right leg/ankle from a head on collision with an 18 wheeler. 2 of the surgeries involved me having to wear external fixators, the first one was placed after a bone graft in my ankle and I had 2 thick rods going thru my ankle and 4 thinner rods going thru my leg bone with other rods connecting it all together…it was called a Hoffman device external fixation (it looked kind of like surgical steel tinker toys)….I wore that one for almost a year….the second one was placed to lengthen my leg because all of the surgeries, infections and the initial trauma I had lost over 2 inches of length….it involved 16 pins going thru my leg and ankle bones with 4 sets of halo rings and other rods connecting it all together plus some little dials that I had to turn several times a day which performed the actual stretching (millimeters at a time)…it is called an Ilizarov (google it for pics)….I wore that one around 9 months. Both of them were incredibly painful the entire time I had them on. I banged the crap out of my good leg and I hit the metal cages on anything I got close to and would yelp out in pain every time. So you can understand why I would be alarmed with someone doing this for ‘fun’.

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