Therapeutic Genital Vacuum Pumping

A couple pictures for this entry continue after the break and there are of course more in the members galleries on BME.

Joanna, who says she’s a little shy to expose herself due to her handicap (having lost her left leg above the knee), writes,

I am a “big” women, at the end of my 30ies, not slim or looking like almost starving — many people like every grain of my “rich” body, others might think different.

I would like to contribute some pictures showing myself using the genital vacuum pump I had previously been prescribed by order of my gynecologist. He told me that my age-affected vaginal problems like dryness or loss of sensitivity could be solved without a substitutional hormone therapy but instead by a singular physical therapy in form of traditional vacuum suction…

….it works!

It’s definitely been my experience that many “problems” in modern times are solved with expensive, invasive, and dangerous means, when body modification (and other traditional paths) can very often solve the issues in a far simpler — and far more enjoyable — way.



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43 thoughts on “Therapeutic Genital Vacuum Pumping

  1. Wow.. that’s hot… I’ve always wanted to try pumping.. but just my clitoris. I’ve never had the chance to though. Kudos to this wonderful woman for sharing this with us! Way to go darlin’.

  2. @white stuff,

    1) a lot of flash
    2) moister inside the vaccum, hard to latch on to something that isn’t sealed.

  3. that is an awesome way to “self-medicate” without hormones. and to be honest, i’m impressed with how nice her leg has healed over, too.

  4. tbh i think its sad she felt shy to get naked on the internets because she’s missing some of a leg, i have to say she looks good from where im sitting,
    also my friend and i wanna know if the pump makes a descent water pistol or not?

  5. Personally I think her missing limb is attractive. Cool lady, and cool gyno for giving her that option instead of just trying to pump people full of drugs.

  6. wouldn’t it be great if Joanna decided to write and submit an experience about it? *hint* ;)
    it’s different than “usual” genital vacuum pumping one comes across on BME.

  7. I didn’t even register her missing leg when I first looked at the pictures even after reading about it just seconds before! That’s a great couple of pictures and a great story behind them. Hopefully Joanna might read some of the comments here and feel a little better about herself :)

  8. It’s great that she was directed to an option aside from HRT! Not only that – but it works!! Very cool.
    And I love amputees. Sexy is sexy no matter how many legs you have. ;)

  9. Thank you Joanna for sharing your photos. You are gorgeous, and don’t feel shy over you amputation. I’m super impressed at your doctor for going against the traditional hormone replacement therapy and going for a more natural method of treatment (and obviously a successful, minimal side effect technique. In fact, I’m sure if there are any side effects they are fun ones :) )

  10. 1. its nice to hear about a doctor not prescribing a million pills for her to take.
    2. Its nice to see all the support from everyone, she was shy and scared to post but im sure after reading all this she’ll feel much better about it all.

  11. She has a beautiful body. Period.
    And I’m impressed with her doctor’s suggestion. I had no idea that the pump could be used for anything but fun and enlargement.
    Hey, and if it’s a therapy that’s helping her and has some fun side effects, even better.

    And boobies. Boobies are good =)

  12. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing your photos Joanna! I’m really impressed that your doctor recommended that.

  13. Joanna you’re beautiful! And very sexy, you definitely have that Aphrodite thing going on for you! Both of your legs are absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Stunning. Forget all the people who think that a woman experiencing pleasure is less than magical. I think Joanna is beautiful :)

    also, that’s hot! i want to try pumping so bad! :)

  15. absolutly beautiful! and so insanely happy for her that she found a fantastic alternative to crazy hormone therapy! you’re awesome joanna and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

  16. At first I didn’t notice the missing leg even though I had read she was missing one! And it is pretty :)

  17. you know you spend too much time on modblog when a picture like this comes up, and you DON’T EVEN NOTICE A MISSING LIMB.

    Here’s to making your body into something you enjoy, even when fate makes some decisions for us.

  18. That is the coolest leg stump I’ve ever seen. This person, assuming she is for real, should become a model within the Amp/Dev community

  19. I think anytime somebody can find a treatment that works, and does not involve drugs, they should do it! Good for her! And she has a lovely body!

    Oh, and #40, “assuming she is for real”? You think the amputated leg is fake?

  20. What a beautiful body – I love seeing the larger form, I hope Joanna can over come her shyness reading these comments. I’m also gladly surprised her doctor didnt offer to pump her full of drugs, I hope you enjoyed your treatment and hope to see you around BME more often.

  21. Looking for the right place to share my own journey with genital pumping, papyrus injections and gaining back what I had thought was long lost with me Chronic Stenosis, which blocked blood flow to my genitals. Although I have tons to share (and hopefully make it easier for any guys on the pump path) I will leave this post with one;

    Don’t ever let a western traditional practitioner tell you, or hint that your ever shrinking cock, and ever softening erections is just “age related”. After 12 years of desperately seeking to either stop the shrinking, or if at all possible, regain some of what I lost, I finally decided to invest in a medically supervised, individualized program (regimen of timed pumping and “tri-mix” injections for play time.) Guys, it is absolutely amazing, I not only gained my size back, but got so flipped rock hard, I could feel it to my prostate, I truly could not walk.

    The sensation and cellular memories produced by this experience was overwhelming! I can report that I have completely re-gained the width, and so far, exceeded length by 1 1/2 inches from my teenage years.

    Good Luck all, hope to share the trail with you.

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