Interview with Toph

I just posted an interview with Toph about his amazing stretched piercings, which include a nearly 2″ lip plate. Click through the picture rm bmeto read the interview now, and then come on back to comment or discuss it here.


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  1. some ought to point out that stretching that fast is very stupid… apparently it worked for him but fuck ” i got it pierced at a 16 then went home and put in a 12.” seriously sounds to me like someone is impatiant and cant wait to shock people …… i really needs to be said that stretching like this is dangerous and should not be done…. i know i know “everyoneis different, listen to your body” and all that shit but you cant listen to it if you scaple it, stretch it, scaple it, stretch it, scaple it three days in a row…..

    to all the 12year olds reading this…please dont ever try this.. be patiant and take your time

  2. Nathan – Actually, he’s right in that if you keep up a consistency, that stretching can go very quickly and with little complication. I stretched both my septum and my labret at a similar speed back when I had them without any issues.

    Many people’s bodies do permit rapid stretching, so I think it’s unfair to characterize it as “stupid”.

    The key is not a specific speed, the key is being self-aware and understanding ones body. If one does, then one can set a speed that’s appropriate for ones physiology.

  3. Wow, I actually find it a shame that someone so ‘modified’ is so ignorant towards their body; how could he stretch so fast?

  4. Rory, obviously he’s not ignorant to his body since he’s had no problems with his stretching. If he had blowout, tearing, and scarring, fine, but he doesn’t.

    Can we please drop the instant accusations and negativity? Are people really that desperate to say something unpleasant? It’s getting very tiresome.

  5. Yes, but how was he to know that he would not suffer problems?
    If he had stretched slowly, and safely, I’d have some respect for him and be happy.
    Just my $0.02.

  6. I agree with Shannon… if it works for him, it works for him. It’s his body, and we have no idea how fast it stretches; also, nowhere in the interview did it say he recommended it for anyone else.

    Well, anyways! He’s really cute.

  7. I like the interview, it was definitely interesting and I appreciate Toph’s reminder that being nice to people when they ask questions really can change minds.
    But I wish there was at least some semblance of a reminder that stretching that quickly can result in some pretty nasty consequences. While “many” people’s bodies may permit rapid stretching, I think it’s fair to say that “many” don’t as well.

  8. Rory – He’s had a ton of different piercings and stretched many of them. When you go through that, and you have some level of self awareness, you learn to listen to your body. When you’re able to listen to your body, you can stretch at your potential.

    A person who can’t listen to their body should take it slow to be safe, but if a person is in touch, they can go quickly assuming their body permits it.

    Either way, the key is self-awareness, which I think is a big part of the life journey of people who become seriously involved with body modification.

  9. Smurf – For sure, but remember that this is an interview with Toph, not a general feature on the how-to of stretching so I didn’t really feel it was relevant to get into problems that other people might have.

    Those warnings are in other places, and really, I would hope that someone interested in heavy-duty stretching would have the respect for their body to do research past a single interview… Someone who doesn’t have that respect for themselves isn’t going to listen to a warning anyway.

  10. this is going to start a shit storm of piercers talking about how modblog makes kids like this (stretched piercings to the point of “deformity”) famous.. and how modblog is ruining the whole mod world, and how he is ruining his life, and how young people want to be like that so it must be really BAD and so fourth…

    There are forums devoted to this on IAM.

    I personally think people can make their own decisions about their life and what the do with their bodies, regardless of age. Personal responsibility is exactly that. I guess that’s just me…

  11. OHNO – Like I said in the intro, in 1994, I had roughly 3/4″ lobes, which was extremely unusual to see at the time, even in a studio, and the average person felt that I was definitely “deforming” myself. These days it’s commonplace to see 2″ lobes and I doubt even most non-modified people would be too freaked out.

    Big lips are certainly still unusual today, a la big ears in the early 90s, but they get more and more common every day, and I think it’s definitely conceivable that they’ll be an aesthetic that’s far less shocking a few years from now… The world changes quickly.

    Frester – I can’t access IAM right now — if that’s a youtube link, please feel free to repost it here!

  12. Im just curious since he is unemployed, how he is taken care of financially. Im not coming from a “he cant get a job” standpoint, but most of the more heavily tattooed people I know have careers that allow them to maintain a standard of living.

    Does he live with family? Friends? Independently wealthy? Welfare?

  13. cere – I think he’s just between jobs — he’s been regularly employed until now. So unless I’m reading it wrong, I think it’s just a quirk of the specific moment I did the interview.

  14. “I’ve found that I get more attention from middle aged and older African Americans than I do from white teens and young adults… I don’t know why but I like it.”

    Interesting observation on his part.

  15. shannon… you must never sleep man haha… i feel bad every time i see you posting in defense of this site/community, which is all too often… i mean, c’mon you can’t teach every dog not to eat it’s own shit… some people are just ignorant and incapable of complex thoughts… some people can tie their shoes and some prefer velcro… some people use 15% of their brain, some use 10% and some still eat their own and everyone else’s shit… maybe we should just let them… ya know? well, i gotsta go eat, i’m starving, and as fate would have it i have to shit wicked bad… hmmm

  16. SHANNON: your right it was unfair to jump and call it stupid…. my main concern was that people are going to read the interview, read the rate at which he stretched, and then think they can do it them selves…. i think you would probally have to agree with me that stretching that speed is not advisable in most instances…..

  17. Nathan – Absolutely, many people could not stretch so fast — he’s very lucky to have a body that’s so accepting of stretching.

  18. It’s really funny, because when the people that supposedly support our industry and scene start calling these “kids” stupid for going too extreme it makes a very strange paradox. To prove exactly your point, I saw a young girl with (small but very noticeable) facial tattoo’s and 2 1/4 inch lobes working at a TARGET.

    What’s wrong with CHANGING the social stigma to such extreme measures? Maybe the right of passage past my generation will no longer be navels, they will be tongue splits!

    I see NOTHING wrong with that..

  19. Did he mention what happened to his right cartilage piercing? I noticed in his older pictures he wore a big tunnel in it (not sure what size) but in his recent pictures he doesn’t wear anything in it…?

  20. I agree with the commenters here who recommend adding some note to the effect that most people can’t stretch so fast. But I also agree with Shannon that, well, no harm no foul — this guy clearly is one of the lucky few who can stretch quite quickly. (Unlike me, for one…)

  21. If it works for him great. But what works for him doesnt work for all. Heck im sure some of us who’ve commented may have experiences of stretching that didnt work out to our likings either ^-^ know i have but i learned from it.

    Sure some may say ‘well if he can do it why cant I’ and hey maybe it will work for some and maybe not.

    We all have experimented and learned what worked with our own bodys. ‘Everyones different’ Guess what it all comes down to is its all just an experiment and finding out what works for you.

  22. we don’t need to worry about people reading this and deciding to stretch their piercings too fast…
    those people would have tried it even if they had not seen the interview.

  23. TrinityVA — Re: Warnings

    I understand the concern and it’s appreciated, but I really think we need to avoid getting too obsessed over BME becoming a nanny culture where every single little thing has a warning on it. There are plenty of well-defined areas of BME that cover these sorts of issues in depth, and I think that by keeping that segmentation we (a) make it easier to develop each to their potential, and (b) make it easier for people to find that information.

    I don’t think that we need to build the site around the concept that there are readers with so little respect for themselves that they’ll only read a single article and then use that as inspiration to damage themselves. It’s been my experience that most people who get into serious changes to their bodies OBSESS over informing themselves and read everything they can get their hands on, and I’d like to think that they don’t have to be treated like babies.

  24. Shannon, didn’t he say he had scarring he had to scalpel off on his lip, and minor scarring on his nostrils? … Doesn’t matter.

    What does matter is that 2″ lobes are only commonplace here, on this site. Walking down the street, unless in Camden, and seeing someone with 2″ lobes is quite unlikely. Stretched ears might not be too uncommon in smaller sizes, and are much more common than they were 10 years ago, but they’re far from common in this day and age…

  25. I hugely respect Toph for taking such a huge step in body modification. One thing i noticed, not to be mean and point anything out toph, but im rather curious why your right lobe always seems so inflamed, and im assuming that your right lobe split from stretching. Im not trying to point anything out, im just rather curious.

  26. Rusty – You can see some of that in the pictures, but yes, you understand what I’m saying and I understand what you’re saying.

  27. First off its his body, so its up to him on how fast he should strech. If his body can handle it then so be it. My body also heals fast to streaching and i dont see the problem with streching so fast. Awesome mods man keep it up.

  28. that was a bad trip out to the moutnians, it was snowing at 13* outside. my ear got really pissed off and so did my nostrils and lip that day. i downsized my ear dramatically after that day, my right lobe is only 1 1/2 right now .. still recovering from two weeks ago. like i said before cold weather is a beast to large sized piercings, and i dont argue my piercings have been crusty or inflamed. climate change has kicked my ass this month. thank you for the concern though

  29. Hey really does have stunning eyes, but talking to him with the flapping thing……

    I dunno, it’d be hard to take him seriously I guess.

    Incredible how his body took all the mods though, it looks like he used to have some major piercing numbers, so he’s held up well.

  30. It’s sad that people attack his quick methods of stretching, as if there’s a rule book stating what needs to be done with set directions. Isn’t the whole idea to try to differentiate and do what your body and mind tell you to do?

    My body and many peoples I know would never be able to take what he did. However, appearently he managed it with great success and the best to him for doing so.

  31. First, I have to say it’s hilarious that his face would mess up your standard facial recognition SOFTWARE – given that surely any HUMAN that sees him once, is gonna remember him :) Sort of a weird irony, that!

    About the piercing at 16 and going to 12 right that day – I’m honestly curious, but would that even be the same as a stretch? I mean, the moment it’s pierced it’s a given it’s bloody and unhealed, yes? No fistula to hurt? So wouldn’t it be more akin to perhaps having pierced with a regular pin (i.e. squeezing skin out of the way partly, to make up for the bigger size jewellery) rather than just a crazy stretch, and just heal like that okay anyhow? I honestly don’t know – I’ve not got anything pierced, and people I know who have all just had stuff pierced at bigger sizes to start with (usually 12 or 14).

    I do wonder how such a lip piercing affects pronunciation, particularly sounds like m, b, p. I suppose the plate is a surface like your lip you’d get used to, but just curious.

    I also wonder what such a big lip pierce looks like without the plate in, particularly what the side away from the natural “lip” is like. But, I suppose it’s a fistula, so sort of gets “lippy” (I’m thinking of ears, here) anyway?

    And finally – I hear ya on 3/4″ ears being crazy in 1994. Around then, a friend of mine had little colored metal grommets (00 gauge) and it was quite radical. I liked that particular look then, and still do like that (now “small”) size. I must admit occasionally the idea to try it… is pulling me now :)

  32. After reading the interview, I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this guy. Haha <3

    I get excited when I see modified people in Oklahoma. I just moved here from DC and it’s been really hard to adjust to all the strange looks I get from people because of my mods. I don’t have many but I still receive dirty looks and nasty comments. It’s hard living in the “bible belt.” It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  33. Point taken, Shannon. I followed some bad stretching advice from an old girlfriend when first starting out and made my lobes pissy for a LOOOOOOOONG time. So I’m probably just projecting my own stupidity here. :) Ugh — if I had even bothered to look at anything rather than gone “she’s got a squillion medium-gauge piercings, she has to be right” it would have spared me a great deal of grief. Oh well, live and learn.

  34. #29 – I just can just imagine the commercial. “If THIS guy can use ChapStick, just think what it’ll do for YOU!”

    As for the warnings discussion – if there needs to be a warning, perhaps some sort of general little blurb to be put on all of the interview posts (or all posts, I guess) saying simply “This is an individual experience, nothing in this post should be taken as universal advice, for actual guidance, try [BME]” with a link, or some sort of thing. Or the usual tiny simple “Results not guaranteed.”

  35. Yes, I understand what you’re saying Shannon. Still… Not many people with 2″ lobes around, heh.

    As a side note, what really bugs me about the “his body can handle it” argument is that while *his* body may handle it, far too often I hear from people how fast they heal while their ears are literally splitting apart. Some people heal fast, some don’t – I think the part that some don’t is understated way too often.

  36. I personally give him a lot of respect, I only have had 3 facial mods, being some of the most commom (Eyebrow, monroe, and septum) all at “normal” sizes and you wouldn’t believe how many people I get who give me odd looks, or ask a million questions, especially about my septum, so I can only imagine what he goes through each day. Like I said I give him a lot of respect for being who he wants to be without letting others dictate his appearance. Although not sure how anyone could be too mean to him cause those eyes of his are a knock out. I also agree on being extremely kind and answering questions about mods, I work at a store in the mall, known for having “different” people working there, and even the customers that come in aren’t quite so understanding about any of my mods, espcially if I wear a low cut shirt and my microdermals show, I make sure I give them a nice polite answer on everything and try my best in explaining them without being an asshole, or if I’m somewhere else I always make sure I carry myself respectfully in hopes it’ll maybe change someone’s mind about modified people, besides how hard is it to hold doors open for people and say please and thank you, most of us should be doing this anyways. Well I’m rambling so I’ll just stop now.

  37. Wow, I was so excited when I saw Toph on the front page. I just found his profile on IAM really recently and I was hooked on reading his posts. Congrats Toph! I love what you’ve done with yourself. :)

  38. haha ya toph i do agree, my lobes are only 3/4 but i live in Fargo, North Dakota, and its been down in the -40′s this winter and it does do a number on stretched piercings

  39. I admire him for making the choices he has, but personally I don’t like his mods. I dislike the stretched lip and nostrils, aesthetically they do nothing for me.

  40. If anyone wants to hear him talk with his plate in he has a bunch of videos on I stumbled across them a few days ago.

  41. amazing mods, its hard for me to accept that toph is the same age as me. i ummed and ahhhed for four years before i split my tongue and only did on the basis that i could easily hide it.

    amusingly neither my mother or boss noticed it so all is well! its pretty impressive for a guy to make such a dramatic alteration to their image at 20 – i always think of such mods as a nailing your flag to your mast kind of gesture of solidarity for life with the counterculture.

    bloody impressive toph.

    - sammy the jew

  42. I’ve actually been wondering for a while what happened to his left ear, I’m glad the article covered it… but still, admittedly, his nostrils do look a bit unhappy.

  43. haha i did read it. and i looked at the pictures on his profile. his nostrils ARE blown out and his left ear is torn. ill give you the ear being torn but his nostrils are blown out. i knew cold weather could irritate a stretched piercing but its blown out.

  44. Does anyone else feel like, from an aesthetic point of view, there is a certain point at which nostril and lip piercings “jump the shark” as far as size is concerned? What I mean to say is that there is a size at which nostril and lip piercings are no longer impressive and augmentative to a person’s facial features, but rather a distraction. Obviously it’s a matter of taste and personal choice, though. I’m just saying that just because we can safely do something to our bodies, is it always the right thing to do? Anytime I see someone disagree with the modblog status quo on here, they are branded as “conservative”. I’m all for pushing the boundaries of our bodies for physical and mental sensations we experience, but when someone makes an honest appraisal of the looks of a particular modification, don’t act like its just naysaying for the sake of it.

  45. Kevin – As I said, in the early 90s, people said the same thing about ear stretching if it moved past the point where one starts to distort the natural curve of the lobe. I really think this is an eye of the beholder / relativity issue. I don’t think that one can make universal statements of what’s attractive other than on a few basic levels like facial symmetry and other factors that have a low-level biological reason.

    Obviously there are several cultures where even larger piercings are considered highly attractive, so it’s certainly inside the realm of possible in terms of what humans can appreciate, even if that aesthetic is not one that most westerners share.

  46. 49. – Melissa, it’s not just the teenager in you, I’m wondering too.

    I like his mods. It isn’t something I could pull off, but kudos to him! He’s fantastic – there’s no doubt about that. :)

  47. Toph says:
    “When I go out in public I like to inform anyone who has questions about myself and what and why I do this, to my best ability, to try to help the public understand that we’re not freaks or assholes.”

    I think this is a great statement! Immense wisdom in it…
    How many times do you get the “look” from some arrogant asshole, and you feel like flippin’ him the bird and moving on? Or sneer? Or loudly tell him to screw off?

    On reflection, I realized that over the years I’ve been very tempted to meet a sneer with a sneer, but that kind of response only provokes more bigotry and hatred.
    It really does matter if you take the time to talk to people instead of dismissing them as close-minded.

    Maybe it’s you that suppose to help them understand this path and the people making their journey on it…

  48. Kevin – I hear what you’re saying, but everyone has different points. I have differentdegrees personally where I would stretch up to and then higher ones that I can admire on other people :) Toph looks really cool, the face recognition comment made me lol XD I have a split tongue 12mm lobes n 4mm septum and I get enough comments on those (I live in Perth, Australia) but I work at a coffee shop so a lot of people ask and I always try to be nice to spread the view that modified people are friendly too :)

  49. i eat normally , for the most part … what every is to big i just cut up a little smaller, i think the eating was the easiest adjustment

  50. About a month ago, I stumbled across Toph’s page on IAM (since he happened to be in the same state as me) and became hooked on his video blog, which you can find here:

    You can find videos of him talking, eating, drinking, and smoking with the lip plate in place, as well as stupid human tricks like eating the hot dog through his lip, and also a video of him stretching his septum, which is *quite* visibly painful to him (and really makes me wonder about the whole personal capacity for stretching issue). He also seems to run into difficulties talking, eating, and drinking.
    I can’t help but come to the conclusion that since he performs upon request, that a large part of the reason for his facial stretching is a desire for attention, and I’m not necessarily dissuaded from that notion by the interview. That being said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting attention, and I’ve already admitted to being fascinated.
    I was glad to find out more about Toph, his motivations, and his life. Thanks, Shannon!

  51. Toph, I think what you did is pretty cool, and I completely agree with you on being nice and helpful rather than mean and hurtful just because they don’t understand or share our aesthetic values. I do have one of the simples questions though… and I hate to ask, but as other peopel have brought it up, how is kissing possible? I’ve never met anyone with a labret as big as yours so I never had a chance to ask.


  52. yeah thats a good question about kissing…or oral sex! i mean i think if my lip was that far out of my face i don’t think my tongue is much longer ya know? it all just seems very awkward.

  53. #64 – I think at any given point in time, though, there is always that point on the curve that crosses the “way out there” line.

    The line is, as you say, always moving, but it’s there. Whether to cross it or not is a decision to be made at the time.

    In other words, it perhaps took a bit more thinking to get 3/4″ earlobes when you first had them, than it would to try that now that it’s more “mainstream.”

    I certainly remember seeing people with pierced nostrils (not STRETCHED, mind you, just pierced small with a dainty jewel in it, or a very tiny gold ring) and thinking wow, they’ve pierced their NOSE, how unusual! but these days, it’s almost common. It’s still “different” but not in the way it was.

    Of course, each person has their own reason for doing it, I’m sure, but the general public reactions I think do objectively change over time.

    To me, anyway, the line is interesting.

  54. I wish people would actually read the pre-existing comments before posting… then we wouldn’t have a backlog of a million people asking the same pretty much self-explanatory questions. And for the record, I think Toph is gorgeous :D

  55. I spoke with Toph this morning online.
    he told me that he did an interview.
    i was like “oh shit, people are going to fucking get on top of him”
    and im right.
    he did what he did.
    good nothing really bad happened.
    he is lucky.
    no, its not the way to go about stretching and what not.
    but its his life.
    nice of him to even tell us what he did and how.
    despite all his mods.
    Troph is a really NICE GUY.

  56. After a certain point lips are easy to stretch, I got mine up to 23mm in no time. I had complications with it but it had nothing to do with how fast I stretched. I am working my way back up to re unite with the big lip crew!

  57. BME is like a candy store to me.

    i really liked this interview.
    some people can stretch things on there body easily.

    awesome interview Shannon!

  58. 1: In regards to stretching lips quickly, If you look at the people with the lARGEST stretched lips in the WORLD. (the surma/mursi tribes women from Ethiopia), they Stretch they lips even faster than Toph does.

    The avarage Mursi girl will have her lip stretched from an initial cut of about 1-2mm to close to 6-7 INCHES in just a mere six-or so months.

    Every single day these girls put a larger plug in their lip, and I’ve never in my life seen a picture of a women with a torn-through lip. Moe often then not, they are fairly full and healthy.

    and something else to keep in mind, is that they are stretching with jewelry made of wood or clay…

    The body is an incredible thing.

  59. TOPH:

    I was curious if you ever had any plans of removing any of your bottom teeth? I know the surma girls knock their lower front teeth out before piercing their lip, in order to accomodate the plug better.

    Do you find your jewelry puts any odd/uncomfortable pressure on your teeth/gums?

  60. if i ever decided to go past 63mm and my bottom 4 teeth were in the way i wouldnt hessatate to lose them, if it makes it easier then ill do it.

  61. One aspect of society and I find extremely fascinating is who people discuss what freedoms or what other people should be allowed to do. Or do with themselves.

    I think no one should be allowed to dictate or debate what another should do with their bodies or to their bodies.

    A lot of the questions in this current election revolve around what people think others should and shouldn’t be allowed to do.

    I just wanted to remind everyone of this…..

    I also wanted to comment and say that Toph

  62. he’s obviously had problems with his lobes. I’ve seen pics of him on bme and his lobe was torn and looked like it had to be sewn back together. and his lip looks very unhappy.

  63. Great interview Shannon. :)
    Good work again!

    And Toph: I really love your modifications!!

  64. oh didnt read that the lobe rip was from an accident.

    but overall his nostrils and lip are very aesthetically unpleasing to look at. They’re just sloppy looking.

    as long as they make him happy though.

  65. One aspect of society and I find extremely fascinating is who people discuss what freedoms or what other people should be allowed to do. Or do with themselves.

    I think no one should be allowed to dictate or debate what another should do with their bodies or to their bodies.

    A lot of the questions in this current election revolve around what people think others should and shouldn’t be allowed to do.

    I just wanted to remind everyone of that…..

    I also wanted to comment and say that Toph might want to think about going to school or learning a trade. The economy is fucked right now and jobs will be hard to come by. I feel that it is easier for people that have heavy visible mods to be stable in a career or going to school. I think it will make things easier for him in the long run.

    Also… I wonder if there is some truth to what Anton Levey stated in the famous Research interview. I wonder if some of this is self stratification?

  66. it really irks me to read about someone who treats stretching like a race to get to the next size. i am all for stretching your body, but i am for stretching the CORRECT way.

    you know something is wrong when piercings/stretchings look red and irritated twenty-four seven and they are constantly cracking.

    i don’t see how this is considered amazing. anybody can stick a taper through their body and stretch like a bat out of hell. i would like to read about someone who took their time stretching, and the obstacles they have gone through.

    just because your body allows you to stretch it fast, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

  67. Toph, im not an iam member but i have seen almost all of your posts over the last year or so browsing the gallerys. I was amazed when i saw the most recent posts and the interview, you look great! Best wishes and keep up the amazing mods.

  68. eh…fuck the whole debate on stretching too fast…the scarring and that lobe is telling enough that there is a reason you give time between each stretch…rushing=blow outs and thin, weak tissue…if he doesn’t care, and concerns only piss off the editor, then why even bother?

    i just want to watch the hot dog eating video…that’s got to be interesting…

  69. Okey, I have 2 questions. 1. How does he talk? and 2. How the hell will it work if you want to make out with him? Just wondering…

  70. He has really intense eyes, i have to wonder if the nose plugs make it harder or easier to pick his nose

  71. i think their should be a warning on most things, not all people are regulars to the site and they don’t understand all the dangers. and some people will try anything if they think its cool, their should at least be a link to the warning pages.
    i know it seems nannyish but if retards can fall down the crack in the tate in london then who knows what stupid things they’ll try.

    it was an interesting article tho, and dont stop posting “controversial” stuff just because of negative comments.

  72. guess what? I ain’t gonna say a single negative thing…ok some might view something as negative, as there’s always someone who’ll view it that way or vice versa,etc.

    First I’ll agree I think its wrong for people to call other people stupid, ignorant,etc for things they did or what they believe. Because that’s the great thing about being human, we’re all different and we all believe something different…Even if its a subtle difference in some circumstances.

    If Toph wanted to do this, Toph can do this…I didn’t read the interview but I will when I have more time…Some of it might make me shudder a la piercer…But if he’s doing this to himself, I have no negative thing to say…If this is what Toph wants, then nobody can say anything.

    Personally I’m not a fan of extremely large gauge nostrils, but I’m not a hater…Aesthetically I’m just not into them myself, others will be.

    As for lip plates I personally don’t mind them and like how they aesthetically look on some…However I will say I’m not a fan of the extreme sized ones… Without seeing/hearing Toph verbally talk we cannot make a comparison, but I will say although I can easily understand Toph (via his youtube), there is a bit of a speech alteration that can be noticed.

    Now if Toph went to a piercer and got all this done so fast so soon…I would be saying the piercer should have exercised restraint or at least tried to…But since Toph is doing this himself, he only himself to look to…and other people to look to him as well….Can’t point fingers anywhere really for this, it was his own choice and he did it himself.

    I will say I’m always concerned when I see people like Toph because the reality is at this current moment, average society if often put back and because they are not ready to deal with these differences, it can be hard.

    I don’t have serious visible mods like Toph but I will say my scarification arm sleeve OFTEN produces many positive as well as many negative looks, comments, whispers, shouts,etc. Not just on the streets but in the piercing studio as well…Because not everyone is into modifications (on the streets or in the studios) or they are not into them on the same wave length as I am.

    So those who choose to look certain ways have to be willing and accepting of what society gives them, which I firmly will be a life time of acceptance but also ridicule.

    A couple weeks ago I actually watched a documentary on Jesus Fajardo Aceves aka “Chuy The Wolf Boy” ( in that documentary it showed how he was unhappy with the circus life and wanted a “real life” so he returned home to Mexico to his family and tried to make a living and support his family in person (instead of being in the USA,etc).

    Jesus went to MANY places to look for jobs but because of his medical condition (hypertrichosis) and I bet a bit of it was also lack of education/training, he was turned down job after job he applied for…

    So what happened at the end of the documentary? He took the giant leap to shave his facial hair off to try and “look normal”

    Some will say he shouldn’t have to do that, that it is societies fault for being ignorant…And yeah that’s most likely true, but change in this sense is going to occur slowly. It’s not something that will occur over night.

    Toph I commend you for making the choices you made as only you can make them…and I hope things go smoothly for you in your educational pursuits.

  73. read it while I wrote the above…and honestly the only thing I shuddered at was that the piercer Toph went to only had a 16ga labret.

    This is to Toph: 1) Is that literally the only choice they gave you?
    2)Was a larger gauge size discussed as a potential?
    3) If you did not want it done at 16ga, why did you go through with it?

    Those are questions I’m curious to be answered, since they weren’t brought up in the interview.

    As personally I always inform people that piercers should be willing and or able to work with the client in regards to gauge size,etc. And that if the piercer is unable to work with you in these realms, maybe locate one that is.

    For example if someone came to me wanting a labret piercing and I showed them the size i thought would work, and if they asked for larger gauge size…We’d sit down and discuss it in depth and provided it was safe and if its something they really wanted I would do it, if I didn’t have the jewelry, I would order it so we COULD do it.

  74. Without seeing/hearing Toph verbally talk we cannot make a comparison, but I will say although I can easily understand Toph (via his youtube), there is a bit of a speech alteration that can be noticed.

    also that should mean: without seeing/hearing Toph verbally talk before the lip disc we cannot make a comparison.

  75. to warren hiller, when i went to the piercing shop i only asked for a 14g. to my suprise they didnt even have that, so a 16g i settled on because what is one extra size of a stretch ? and i mean honestly, especially at a 16g its so small its not even noticable. At the time i didnt have proper tools to pierce/scalp myself, so all i was looking for was a pierced hole to start with. p.s i liked your opinions, i take alot of criticisum for what i do, and that will never change. people are going to hate, and shun what i have done simply because it doesnt sound safe, or reasonibel.

    now this is coming directly out of my mouth after reading this alot. READ ME – It is not safe nor a good idea for one to stretch as fast as I have, my body is different and handles differently. Attempting to do what I have done can be disasterious, everyones body is different and they should react to the stretching and healing accordenly.

  76. jesus…he is not able to name a reason, why he did that. for me he sounds like some bored teenage kid, who wanted some attention. i can’t imagine that he actually thought about the rest of his life, before he started to deform himself.
    the fact that he is 20, doesn’t have a job and just got divorced makes me think of….uhm, i am sorry…white trash. besides, i love facial ink and piercings in general, but that lipplate and the nose looks disgusting. just my point of view. i think, i would feel different, if he was like 35 years old and able to support himself and live a descent live. but in this case, he might just be forgotten in 3-5 years, because maybe his plan to ‘become involved in the industry’ might not work out. what does he do then? sure, he loves the way he looks and ppl ask him about mods, when is is getting a bottle of milk. but what does that do for you, when you won’t even get a job as a waiter at some shitty truckstop? you screwed up, and can’t name the reason, pal…

  77. this is my body, my life and my choice. i can take my mods out right now and get a job blue collar job and then you wouldnt think my life is ruined. just because you dont like it, doesnt mean my life is ruined or my choice of carrer path wont work out. whos to say you couldnt get fired tomorrow for having a bad attitude. you treat this as if it were a drug addicted criminal who just belongs to rot in jail. doesnt everyone deserve a chance ? im willing to fight for what i believe in, and im not going to change because someone once told me i will never succeed

  78. why are so many people being so negative? Noone is forcing you to get the same mods done and what he has done has absolutely no consquence to your life. He made his face look different.. hes not stretching his lip with a dead baby so why all the controversy?

  79. I think he has the most amazing stretches I have ever seen, well done to him for pushing himself and doing what will make him happy ^.^

    It’d be quite interesting to see what his lip looks like without the jewellery.

  80. This guy didn’t take the time to stretch and is lucky he isn’t covered in blow outs!
    I don’t know why this wasn’t said in the article…!

  81. I think it looks really good on him, especially the lip plate :)

    and sometimes you have to listen to what YOU want with your own body instead of conforming to other people’s standards just for jobs and stuff… there will always be jobs if ya look hard enough. work isnt the be all end all of existence.

  82. @104
    even if it is done out of a desire for attention what does that matter? i think it’s quite clear this guy is not looking for anyones validation.

  83. Personally, I’m just amazed at how he looks exactly like a grown up version of one of my little cousins. I mean, this kid is six and Toph is his spitting image.

  84. vince – Suggesting that he can’t name a reason is ridiculous since he gives them in the article, but to preface that, I don’t think most people can name a coherent reason past “I like it.”

    As well as the simple reasons, he very clearly says that in order to gain self awareness and have personal growth, one must choose a path that is both extremely difficult and something you love, and that this is what it’s about at least in part. I think that’s a profound way of looking at what he’s doing, and I think he’s completely right that this is a true path to wisdom and personal strength.

  85. Toph I won’t say hate or shun from me, even though I will say in my personal opinion it probably wasn’t safe….But the saying, and it was toted around a lot lately, “nobody can dictate to me what I can and can’t do to my body” is what I have often been all about…But more so in the plain and simple form of what it states…If someone wants to do something a bit radical by assuming the risks and responsibilities themselves 100%…Nobody should be able to dictate what they can and can’t do. However when you start including mod practitioners in the equation, that’s when its not just yourself.

    As Haworth quoted in Modify: “Its not self-mutilation if you get someone to do it.” By getting someone else to do it you release everything. (ps: know that I am not claiming anyone is self-mutilating themselves, I just used it as a point of reflecting and analyzing)

    Which is why I cannot and will not ever say anything negative against people like Toph who attempt these things themselves. They did it themselves and nobody else and honestly nobody should be attacking Toph or anyone else….Sure people can say: “I don’t like how it looks” but they should also include: “but hey its their body let them do what they want.” Because in the end just how are people effecting us when they do things like this? They aren’t…Some will say its a negative on the piercing profession, I say its not, simply because Toph(and others who self-stretched,etc) did it themselves.

    As per your reply to me Toph thanks for letting me know some bits and pieces about it, its appreciated.

    Also I agree on a lot of people a 16ga is very small (petite people I think it works best on) but 14ga and 12ga should be the average size used for average individuals or “bigger” shaped individuals (ie: a 14ga will look like a 16ga on a 6’7″ 240lbs-250lbs of muscle guy,etc).

    But one more question you said all you were looking for was a piercer to make the hole. So were you going into get pierced already with the thought that you’re going to just go home and shove a 12ga piece of jewlery in mind? Why not just bring the jewelry in and ask to use it, although a lot of studios won’t do that but it could have been worth a shot.

    Just my piercer side is trying to figure that out because if I knew a client of mine was coming in just for a hole. And that they were going to just go home and shove a larger size in. I would rather them bring the larger sized piece in and offer to insert it for them then let them go about their business self-stretching.

    I guess I’m answering my own question because what is the difference between that, and doing what you said getting it pierced at 16ga or 14ga and then going home an self-stretching up,etc….Like I said I guess its just the piercer in me trying to wrap my head around it, although another part of me can understand it lol

  86. Shannon: “As well as the simple reasons, he very clearly says that in order to gain self awareness and have personal growth, one must choose a path that is both extremely difficult and something you love, and that this is what it’s about at least in part. I think that’s a profound way of looking at what he’s doing, and I think he’s completely right that this is a true path to wisdom and personal strength.

    can’t help but 100% agree with that statement, so very well said.

  87. Why do some peopel feel the need to have a go at him due to his lifestyle choices.
    I think he looks bloody amazing, I love his profile it’s such an extreme change but a good one.
    I’ve watched the youtube videos and can understand him, to be honest most of the problems I have understanding him come from his american accent NOT his mods.
    so what he’s 20, if it makes him happy now thats all that matters.
    I hate the “you’ll regret that when you’re older”
    I’d rather look amazing and have fun with my body while young and at it’s peak, seeing as when you’re old surely you’re going to be more pissed off that you’re old and wrinkly rather than your tats are wrinkly and your stretched piercings might get funny looks from the other people in the home lol
    I just wished my skin was that stretchy I am having huge problems stretching my lip and I might just opt to get it scalpeled as my skin is so tight.

    I’m sure that none of these comments will affect Toph’s decisions because he is doing it for himself.
    Though may I say any woman who makes you choose between her and mods and gives up a marriage for it probably wasn’t ready for marriage in the first place.
    thanks Shannon for another great post and a really interesting interview.

  88. I feel like you should wait until you’re employed in a steady job before doing such heavy modifications. Being twenty and unemployed with giant holes in your face makes job finding difficult. If they genuinely make him happy, that’s fine, but it seems like he’s one of those people that just wants to shock people. I’m not shocked.

  89. i agree with sleepwalker. sure, everybody should do, what he wants to. but hink about it, don’t be so foolish to say…oh, thats what i want now, no need to think about the future…anyways. respect for the pain and time that has been put into this ‘project’.
    still, the reasons…i just don’t get them, i guess. ;)

  90. I’m not shocked either, and its brutally clear that he’s also one of those people who has no problem at all leeching off of others so that he can do his selfish and self centered—whatever the fuck he thinks hes doing.

    But hey, at least he’s got fans. That’s something. He owes shannon a debt of gratitude for that.

  91. there seems to be alot of negetivity on here as usual and much the same dimb questions sorry to get off to a narky start but it bugs me especialy the comments regarding deformation and doing it to shock people, as i have a 41.5mm lip plate which i have been stretching over the past five or so years and see nothing more natural and i can assure you that for the sheer amount of negetive comments looks and abuse. i could never see anyone going to this level of modification to “shock” and as for the question why? (i hate this question) as far as im concerned thats like asking someone why is your hair brown, why is your t-shirt green? and so on the answer coz this is me plain and simple your allowd to be who you are without people questioning it so why cant everybody. toph iv said it before keep on keepin on. i probrably havent word’d this post the best but i tried my best

  92. “I feel like you should wait until you’re employed in a steady job before doing such heavy modifications.”

    sleepwalker: Agreed 1000%. Even if he wants to be a tattoo artist he should wait until he is successful enough in that industry to get mods that would keep him out of any others.

  93. sleepwalker33/Erica/etc – Of course, some people aren’t defined by their jobs. Tangentially related, I just watched an amazing documentary called “Ski Bums” that discusses that at length… Highly recommended.

  94. Shannon: Ensuring that you can be financially responsible for yourself and live as an adult does not mean being “defined” by one’s job.

  95. I’m agreed on the employment issue. I’m not liking the future prospects for Toph if he can’t get into the body mod “industry”, however that’s something he has the learn. I doubt preaching to him is going to make him get his face reconstructed.

    Personally, I think it looks disgusting. I’m not saying that to offend anyone, especially Toph. I just quite honestly find it repulsive, but in a train-wreck-i-just-cant-stop-looking way. I’ve never been a fan of huge gauge piercings, and I doubt that’ll change; but then again I once said I’d never stretch my earlobes either.

    His mods aren’t hurting anyone and they don’t put his life at risk (unless of course one day he passes out and needs CPR – that could be an issue), so why the hell not?

    I’m still concerned about the rest of his life and employment options, but as I said, that’s something he needs to experience for himself.

  96. And shannon, what exactly is your job? What real job have you ever had to hold in your life? You told me personally that you’ve NEVER HAD A “REAL JOB”, so how would you know?

    Despite your claims to the contrary, you’ve never had to once worry about money in your life, ever. This is a fact.

    You live in this dream world in which if a person is “sincere”, then they get what they need, eh? Care to let everyone in on just exactly how much money your daddy has?

    Cause I’d be happy to.

  97. And the battle rages on… I agree that IF Toph is living off of others such as parents and not making an effort to find a job (he seems to be looking judging by his blog posts) then what he is doing is pretty selfish indeed. Otherwise I think he should just be left to his own devices. That’s just my opinion though. Hell, I’d hire him if I owned a place (as long as it wasn’t a food place, people flip their shit with piercings around food).

  98. Obviously you’ve never struggled financially. Personally my job -is- my dream. Why? Because I get to help people in my job. Does that make me a follower of capitalist bullshit? Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  99. Hmmm…though I guess if you let everyone in on how much money your daddy has or what kind of role it’s played in your life, it just might be that a few people could get a little pissed off about the pathetic begging for change you did some months ago–when you absolutely, positively didn’t need it.

    The fact, shannon, is that you have no point of reference for your pontifications about employment at all—you’ve never BEEN employed, really.

  100. Shannon: Delayed gratification does not equal a priority shift. However I think that a lot of young people who have never lived on their own underestimate what it takes to live independently as an adult. I know that it took me a while to assess how much money I needed to be comfortable, as well as what I wanted to wake up and do every day. After a few years, Toph may very well decide that a huge lip plate is what makes him happy above all else, even if he’s living on the streets. But I think that it is wise to wait until one can determine that for sure.

  101. Also: I wholeheartedly endorse following your dreams above becoming a corporate whore, but following your dreams (as well as working a craptastic job for a while in order to achieve them) is one thing. Being a bum is completely different. The money for all of those lip plates has to come from somewhere.

  102. yttrx – I think the fact that I’ve rarely held a “real” job certainly backs up my belief in the statement that jobs should not be life’s priority. I’ve had periods of my life where I’ve been very wealthy, and I’ve had periods of my life where I’ve been in the welfare system and living on almost nothing.

    I’m not sure how my father is relevant, seeing as I’ve never asked either of my parents for money since I left home. My father has had a similarly self-defined life, and has been successful, as was his father before him. I don’t see why that’s a bad thing.

  103. Exactly. You need money for dreams. Things cost money. Funny that. I have to pay for my mods, I have to pay for my education to enter the career that will make me happy. I have to pay money to eat, drink, and have water to flush the fucking toilet after I shit. I have to have money to have a bed to sleep in, and a blanket to cover me. I have to have money so I’m not a begging bum on the street wailing about dreams. What dreams do you have begging for a nickel to buy you a cup of coffee, or a sandwich?

    I’ve been poor. I’ve been on the poverty line. I’ve lived in a leaky shed because I didn’t have money to find a home. I’ve lived on instant noodles. You know what kind of dreams I had then? A home to live in, a job to keep me busy, friends to go to the movies with. Those were my dreams.

  104. Shannon: I’m not saying its a bad thing—here is what I’m saying:

    1. you have absolutely no relevant experience in the matter to draw from at all, and therefore your opinions on it are utterly worthless.
    2. the people whom you convince that your opinions are valuble are left high and dry (see null james) when they discover that your advice *doesn’t actually work*; you abandon them and assume that they must have not been sincere enough.
    3. you are a liar.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  105. And, if I had the stomach for it, I’d seriously think about opening up the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Victims of Shannon’s Advice.

  106. #99 had a very good idea…i’d imagine with extreme posts, it would get redundant to constantly attach a warning, but perhaps at the end of the entries like this, if modblog took a sec to state something along the lines of ‘people wishing to obtain these type of modifications should go to this link (insert link) and read about some of the safety risks and procedural concerns associated with this type of mod’-it would save you from having to re-type the same statements over and over again, but also provide an easy step in finding out more about the modification to make a more informed decission…i realize being a baby sitter isn’t something you want to do, but being a site that promotes body modification and is read by so many-it seems like the responsible thing to do…

    i keep thinking of that phrase in spiderman…”with great power, comes great responsibility…what would spidey do? i think spidey would take the extra, tedious step and link the risks…because a HUGE part of body modification is knowing and understanding the risks that come with them…and you have a wonderful opportunity to make the world more aware of these procedures, why not take the extra second to make them TRULY AWARE of the big picture…knowledge won’t kill body modification, but neglegence could…

    besides, it would probaly eliminate half the bitching that erupts under these posts…

  107. Shannon: have you apologized to nullo james for completely fucking up his life yet with your “acceptance”?

    I know you like to shirk responsibility when and wherever you can, but it’s time to own up, sonny. Why dont you take some of that porn money you keep spending on booze and help a dude out?

    Especially one who was quite well known to be underage when he found the old bme chat?

  108. And by the way, my opinion has been precisely the same for ten years. I’ve given you a brutal time about all of this since we were both regular posters on RAB…and I have the documentation to prove it.

    I very strongly suggest you keep that in mind.

  109. just putting this out there, this is the first time i have ever been unemployed since 15, i looked like this the whole time i was working through my progression… i got fired before christmas becasue my boss was an asshole, first time in my life that has ever happend ok. after christmas i made the decision to move to oklahoma, so i never looked for anothing job in florida because i was moving. #2 ive been here for a month and i have applied everywhere that would be acceptable for me to work and even a few places that are not likely. i buy the snday paper every week for the classifieds.. i went for making 500$ a week in cash to flat on my ass broke, you think i like mooching off of other people huh ? considering ive moved out of my parents house at 16.. and lived on my own with 2 jobs… yeah this was what i wanted.i choose to be unemployed right ??? cause i like not having money. you guys need to read the interview a little better before knocking my work ethic and reasons for being unemployed.

  110. whats to say toph cant find a job i have a 41.5mm lip plate and i have a well paid job that has nothing to do with bodymodefication and set for life all off my own back iv been paying my own way since i was 16 so thats a load of closed minded bullshit all he’s gotta do is get his foot in the door and show that he is willing. my employer said to me a couple of years ago that he didnt realy whant to hire me but he gave me a shot and has since said that i proved him wrong so it can be done it takes people like toph to break down people’s perceptions

  111. I’m always happy to hear from James.

    As to the rest of your silliness, how about getting back to Toph instead of your super-fan/anti-fan obsessive fantasies about me. It’s extremely tiresome.

  112. G.C.: people like toph tragically believe that they CAN break down people’s perceptions as a direct result of what people like Shannon keep trumpeting.

    It’s simply not going to happen—at least not this way. The way to make it work, as I’ve said for over a decade, is to do a stealth infiltration of the industry you want to change, work your way as high as you can in it, and then change it from the top. I have quite a bit of experience doing that, and I am here to tell you that it *works*.

    What doesn’t work is someone like Toph just expecting people to hire him no matter what he looks like, based on his personal merits. While his personal merits may be out of this world impressive—he’s still got a fucking plate in his lip, and despite your raging to the contrary, he’s painted himself into a very tight corner as far as employment.

  113. People like Toph *CAN* and *DO* change people’s perceptions.

    Toph isn’t demanding people hire him, he’s asking that people open a dialog.

  114. Okay, I haven’t read all these comments because there are loads, but what I will say re: stretching capacity/encouraging bad habits:

    Its almost like ‘this packet of peanuts may contain nuts’. He stretched his lip quickly and says it was fine. If someone starting to stretch reads this as a piece of advice and cocks up their labret piercing well that is their own fault. If they find that putting a 5mm or whatever piece of jewellery in a 2mm is bloody/painful then that should be a pretty clear sign to stop. Its called common sense.

  115. seriously this is the wrong place to be doing this shit, lay off of shannon… this has nothing to do with him

  116. Shannon: Again, refusing to take responsibility. Its amazing how far a person can get in life while at the same time being responsible for nothing. Apologize to him for fucking his life up, for pushing him towards very heavy mods when you knew he was underage, and then help him fix it.

    Do it now.

  117. Toph: I’m not implying that you are intentionally mooching or that you are unwilling to work. However, despite your tenacity, your mods render you completely unemployable in a number of industries. My point is that I think it’s wise to wait until you are comfortably in an industry that you enjoy and living a lifestyle which is comfortable to you *before* taking such drastic measures. Some people can live comfortably on $15k per year, others get out into the world and find that despite “not needing money to be happy” they need more than that, lest they be completely preoccupied with stress over money.

    Even within the bodymod industry, often the navel-bejeweled sorority girls are your bread and butter. To that crowd, going beyond heavily modded and looking like a complete freak may scare them off. Or maybe not — but I think it’s a good idea to wait and see.

    There are artists who are renowed enough to not have to do Taz tattoos or navel piercings, but I think it’s best to reach that point of infamy before undergoing such extreme mods.

    You’ve already made your decisions, of course, but I still maintain that a little delayed gratification never hurt anybody.

  118. James, unless you’re suggesting that I apologize in general for the existence of BME and letting people know that these paths are options, it’s silly to demand an apology specific to anyone. That’s like asking the publisher of a snowboarding magazine to apologize to people who get hurt on the mountain.

  119. Hi shannon, I know youre moderating my posts now. I think its time the world know exactly how much you’ve aided underage people in the heavy modification world. I think you should own up to it. And I think you should do it right now.

  120. all i was saying was that i was employed the whole time i was modding, so its not like i was begging for piercing money for for someone to buy my scalpels to support my habbit

  121. I haven’t read any of the posts above yet, so I guess it’ll be interesting on its own. As for the interview itself…

    I found it interesting and I guess Shannon tried to cover as many aspects of Toph’s body modifications and choices as possible and yet there are still some aspects of his choices and modifications I’d like to read more about.
    For once, there’s actually nothing about how his body deals with everyday challenges – sure, he drinks by means of straw but what else? did his lip plate change/restrict his diet in any way? How the lower part of his face feels if he’s wearing jewelry around the clock? Did he notice he’s more prone to colds or any other ailments due to his stretched nostrils?(I remember Pauly claimed he doesn’t but don’t we all like to say that “everyone’s different”?) do his mods get in the way while he does sports etc.
    He said something about “image” but what does it mean to him actually? His “inner image” he keeps treasuring and striving for or maybe “image” as the way others perceive him and “give” him “rock star/celeb status” he mentioned? How he understands the term “famous modders”? they’re famous cuz they’re widely known or maybe he thinks more about things and values that stand behind these people and how they influenced the subculture? I must say that The Lizardman for me is not about full body transformation in progress but rather about his intelligence and very interesting articles for BME.

    I guess I have (or will have) even more questions, so – my personal opinion about his choices aside – I’d actually prefer to see him more exposed in terms of how he approaches body modification in general and how his decisions affect his life in as many aspects as possible. Also, what about a follow-up for this article in a few months/years? it’s not even about either shutting these who are skeptical about his “journey” up or proving his own point but rather about being able to observe soemthing so radical and interesting over some time.

  122. yttrx: did you read my whole post i have a lip plate only 1.5 of a mm smaller than his and iv had it quite some time so im speaking from experience youv just got to get people to listen my employers/ colleges dont even notice my mods anymore they just see me. this will happen/has happend for him

  123. And yes, I think you need to apologize to the entire community and begin to make reparations. I think its pretty important that you do that.

  124. I personally wasn’t knocking your work ethic, just making a point about having the money needed to follow your dreams. I wasn’t trying to attack you or Shannon in any way. Just putting it out there. I find it commendable that one as heavily modded as yourself can set such a good standard for the work ethic of other modded people.

  125. By the way, dearie—one post of truth from me for every lie that you’ve told about me that I’ve heard about to date. Are we finished here? Or should I start backing up what I’m saying with hard evidence over on my site, where you have no censoring power?

  126. G.C. yeah, thats why I was addressing you directly. I know you’ve got quite a bit of experience in the matter, but the world is still largely closed for you as far as employment goes, and that’s just the way it is.

    Don’t mistake me please: I’m, not saying that what you’ve done is stupid—I’m saying that shannon’s righteous support of it is *very* dangerous. There’s a difference between really educating people about the dangers—like naming the really bad practitioners that are minutes away from killing someone–and turning a blind eye and doing favors for friends.

  127. thank you, Toph! I guess I’ll get in touch with you soon then.

    I think, however, that a follow-up interview with more focus on this more mundane and not really pretty side of body modification and its both short- and long-term consequences would be interesting to read.

  128. How the hell does every modblog post turn into this lately?

    I’m very interested in all these accusations that have been going both ways, but that’s from a purely voyeuristic point of view as I know none of you and it’s not my business. It blatantly shouldn’t be going on here at any rate, don’t you think?
    As yttrx says, he has his own website to post all this ‘hard evidence’. Maybe piss off over there. I’m on nobody’s side, but I am fucking sick of all this stirring.

    Anyways, prety interesting interview I thought.

  129. I feel like every one of my mods is pretty standard and unobtrusive but it still amazes me the amount of shit I get about them on a daily basis. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for him!

    everyone is being really negative, but i say major props.

  130. unemployeed since christmas?
    jesus christ. That alone should show you
    why its a bad idea to go so far, before being
    financially secure. Any time I’ve ever been
    unemployeed, if it went longer than a week, it
    was because I wasnt looking. Each time I’ve had
    to find a job, I could with in 2 days. Might not
    be the best job ever, but it paid.

    And I dont give a shit about “Oh, I would rather be
    poor and follow my dreams!” If some fuck ends up on
    welfare because they cant get a job, its taking money
    from me and others, who have to pay taxes for that.

    *note, this isnt saying Toph is on or going to be on welfare, but its still something that needs to be said.

  131. i reaslize this, i wouldnt except wellfare if it came down to it, becuase there is no reason i cannot work

  132. Interesting article..only thing I couldn’t believe is that he has already been married and from the sound of it, divorced by the age of twenty! Well, if the person you’re with can’t accept your mods, then obviously they’re not the right person for you. good luck in finding someone who accepts you for all of you :-)

  133. Why get such extreme permanent mods NOW rather than wait a couple years til you’re financially independent?

  134. Awesome article. Ahhm I’m going to have to agree with #46 – Nicole. (that’s as far as I got) for the most part! :) Yeah, Oklahoma has been rather unfriendly to me here, and always cool to see more modified people here.
    Ahh, Toph, I commend you, you’re just awesome!

  135. oh ok , no problem … at the time i was cooking at 8.50 an hour and working landscaping for 10$ and hour cash. i was living on my own paying all my bills and still was making a shit load of money, and it seemed pemenate for the most part considering i was head cook , and my landscaping boss was going to sell me his buisness.. so needless to say things were as good as it could get for me, when your being promised a 120k a year company… so my mods were very comfortable to do being in my situation. to be honest if i never got married no matter how lame and bullshit this sounds i never would of been unemployed. and this is a very true fact. i got fired for being an asshole the next day after the split up and he never returned my calls. so i understand i might be in a hell of a situation right now because i preaviously got screwed. but i am working through this the best i can and i do want a job and i do want to work and i am looking, this town prolly wasent the best one to move to to say the least. no excuses though cause im still looking

  136. no offense, but I’ve seen some of your pics
    on your page with some crusty issues going on.
    I wouldnt want you cooking my food.

  137. thats the thing i can work, but finding it isnt always easy in small towns. if you read my blogs ive been looking since i moved here, secound day i was here i was filling out applications.

  138. the crustys came from the shitty wearther in okalhoma, warm weather is a happy piercing in my opinion, and im not arguing with it either because i dont photoshop my pics nor clean my shit for every pic. im as real as it gets

  139. One positive side to the hoardes shouting about slow stretching – look how many people’ve been paying attention to recommended practise! Didn’t y’all do well! ;)

    Toph – glad it worked for you, keep on keeping on, and all the best in the job-hunt :)

  140. I’m really suprised at all the negativity, especially when you compare it to comments left for images of Pauly Unstoppable, who has changed his appearance just as much, if not more so.

  141. im not going to lie for about 2 months i had a donation button on my page, has been since taken off but it was there.

  142. i personally dont think havin a job is the be all and end all,im in a similar position at the moment findin it hardish to get another job an my lips only17mm but its far from impossible to find work when you have facial mods.

  143. he should pierce and stretch his eyelid and put in lenses, so he could wear permanent sunglasses. that would be rad.

  144. I think the reason Toph is having a hard time finding a job is the fact that hes now living in a small town. I grew up in a small town and I couldnt find a job for the life of me, with no mods, a high school education and 2 years of work exp. under my belt. I grew up there my whole life and when it came down to it, it wasnt what you know but who you know.

    Did you know that most Mcdonalds wont even let you have more then ONE lobe piercing. When I was 17 I applied to my local Mcdonalds and they wouldnt hire me because I had two lobe piercings in each ear – no joke !! Theres no doubt his more extream mods hinder his chances for some jobs but Im sure for one reason or another most of you wouldnt be hired for the same jobs he was just turned away for – as well just because you have a stud in your nostril or a tribal arm band. The way people see modded people is the same for Toph as it is for your average kid with a lip ring.

    Mods are discriminated no matter the size, type or location. And just because some doors may close because you have mods isnt a good enough reason to not do them. Everyday doors close and new ones open, we grown, we change and life goes on just like it always will.

  145. heres a quote by Jon Cobb for all of you:

    “I’ve had a woman trade in a $50,000 job over her labret. It was symbolic of the bigger picture — as soon as she did it, she cried, and realized that she only needed $50,000 a year because $40,000 of it was paying for her huge house and her Jaguar that all she did was look at and cruise around in… and now she may be walking down the beach and eating oranges that cost a couple bucks a day. You want to tell me who’s having the better time? She’s living as a human, as part of the Earth, and not as an alien on it.”

  146. so the new shirts are going to read “BME, a place for people who can’t read” ? lol

    keep on keepin on toph

  147. Good for you Bill 172, just because you are never unemployed for more than a few weeks and can find a job easy doesn’t mean everyone can -_-
    Self ritous people liek you really piss me off.
    I have been unemployed for over 6 months, and yes I am on the dole or welfare as you call it.
    It’s not really taking money from tax payers as I used to be one, there is always money set aside for unemployed people.
    I do look for work, every single day.
    I send of a hell of a lot of spec letters a week. and in the past 6 months I have had 2 interviews.
    Most of the time employers don’t even see you before the interview.
    You’re so full of bull it’s unbelieveable.
    Not being able to find a job has nothing to do with not trying.

  148. Good for you Bill 172, just because you are never unemployed for more than a few weeks and can find a job easy doesn’t mean everyone can -_-
    Self ritous people liek you really piss me off.
    I have been unemployed for over 6 months, and yes I am on the dole or welfare as you call it.
    It’s not really taking money from tax payers as I used to be one, there is always money set aside for unemployed people.
    I do look for work, every single day.
    I send of a hell of a lot of spec letters a week. and in the past 6 months I have had 2 interviews.
    Most of the time employers don’t even see you before the interview.
    You’re so full of bull it’s unbelieveable.
    Not being able to find a job isn’t just about not trying.

  149. Despite accusations by the top of this scene over the last decade, Cobb is not GOD. He is a human and therefore very complicated, and cannot be fairly reduced to a single quote, taken out of context, from years ago.

    Why don’t you go find him and ask him why he stopped piercing? Or why he stopped doing the glassware?

  150. I’ve read all the previous comments, and do have to say this. Body modification for me only passes into the realm of mutilation when done unsafely and far too quickly. Crust, pain, excessive redness, ooze and crust from stretching should be warning signs that “hey moron, that’s not supposed to be doing that!” Toph, you said you could take out your piercings and find a blue collar job. With jewelry or not, there would still be large gaping holes in your face. At that point, say if you ever did decide to take another path, is surgical reconstruction even an option anymore? Or has it gone too far to repair.

  151. ofcourse i would , giles. there would be nothing worse for the thought of its just a whole in ur face then to get the job and not wear the jewelry till your on the payroll, good way to get fired lol.. but i clean up really well even with the jewelry in.. ive noiticed its a 50/50 between weither people think it looks good or are completly disgusted and to say the least i am not surprised one bit. i expected this kind of reaction and you know what… completly normal. i dont take any of these negitive comments to heart because then where would i be if i did ?

  152. if you knew the proper way its vertually self repairable. you go down in size the same way you went up for a semi normal look. that is.. i did put that in the interview didnt i … ? just checking

  153. I wore a transparent plug for my interview but then switched to Tuflon when I started. Nobody batted an eyelid until I wore the transparent one again

    I got “Have you taken it out then?” about 20 times that day.

  154. i can go to baf and get flesh colred for the nostrils but you can all agress the droop in the nostrils will still be way noticable

  155. 206- if you cant find a job in six months, you are an idiot. You might not find a job you like, but you can find something. be a janitor, flip some burgers, dig a fucking ditch. Unless you are disabled, you have no excuse. $6.00 hour may not be $15, but its better than 0.

  156. wtf is up with the negitivity, i could of told corpsesproc the same thing 10 different ways without calling him an idiot… seriously you guys have no respect of others opinions

  157. People have free will to do what they want. People will get their inspiration from where ever. I personally loved looking at the scarifications and piercings on the various tribal people in national geographic as a kid. When I grew up I sought out this culture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advertisement for BME, it’s not something I was subconsciously subjected to. I sought it out as I’m sure the rest of you did.
    To say that it’s Shannon’s fault if someone goes to the extreme is ridiculous. Shannon’s not a g-d, he can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do. He’s a guy that is documenting the culture for the rest of us to read about. If someone gets their inspiration from something he’s documented – it’s still their choice to do it.
    If there is something Shannon should be an inspiration for it would be to be well educated so you can do what ever the hell you want to your body and still make a living.
    On a separate (but related) note I’m glad to read that you won’t accept welfare Toph.

  158. get a grip bill the way youre goin on id gladly take your hard worked for taxes an piss them up the nearest wall.

  159. thank you shelly for being one of the few sticking up for shannon these days.. if you dont like shannons perspective why are you on his site, he had created the biggest body modification site with the most dedicated people you will ever find in the industry.. no one made you come here, bme is a regular part in thousands of peoples lives a day. support what hes doing or hate it bme is still bme

  160. #207 – I never said Jon was a god !?! Actually I didnt even know who he was till you guys brought him up in a previous post yesterday or the day before. But I still think the quote is quite honest and worth shareing – regardless of the reasons why he’s no longer piercing.

    heres a quote from my 4 year old daughter dancing in my kitchen in her princess dress :

    “mommy sometimes even princesses can dance by themselves…”

  161. can i quote music for a secound ? ” what im fighting for, is worth far more then silver and gold ” – matisyahu

  162. Cat says: “This guy didn’t take the time to stretch and is lucky he isn’t covered in blow outs!
    I don’t know why this wasn’t said in the article…!”

    It doesn’t say that because everybody body responds different to stretching. What’s “SAFE” for him might not be for you and vise versa.
    The fact is he did take the proper time to stretch – OBVIOUSLY – since it’s done. He isn’t “covered in blow outs!” so it worked out just fine.
    He’s not advocating for the same method for each person.
    That’s why it wasn’t said in the article.
    There doesn’t need to be a warning for EVERYONE if you know your own body!!

    All the name calling, and ridiculous negativity is AMAZING coming from a group of people professing the want for society to be more accepting of modifications. Try practicing what you preach.

    The mass of constant bigotry is sick!
    And sad…

  163. I never understand why people assume that in order to enjoy BME or IAM, you have to like Shannon. You are allowed to like or dislike someone if you wish. If you want to like him, go for it. If you dont, fine. But to be like “Man, I really like looking at BME, but I wont, cause that Shannon is a douche.” Well, thats just silly.

    And before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I’m not calling Shannon a douche. I’m just saying that you dont have to agree with a person, to like what they do.

  164. “The way people see modded people is the same for Toph as it is for your average kid with a lip ring.

    Mods are discriminated no matter the size, type or location.”

    VERY not true. BEYOND not true. A sailor with an anchor tattoo is viewed differently from a kid with a lip ring, who is viewed differently from a guy with facial tattoos, who is viewed differently from an amputee, who is viewed differently from those like Toph whose features are barely recognizable. By the modded and unmodded alike.

    And can everyone who’s posting, “People should be allowed to do what they want with their OWN BODIES, they’re not hurting anyone else!” please STFU? That is so beyond the point it is ludicrous. Yes, people can do what they want to their own bodies, that doesn’t make it a good idea.

  165. but wether you think its a bad idea is not the point is it?its down to the individual an no one else

  166. love your mods toph! keep it up! the hotdog thing had somekind of eroticism hahaha just made me laugh!
    the best for you! and hope you get a job soon!

    also…. stop being so bitchy people! lately there cant be a post where someone isnt complaining about something!

  167. #224: “but wether you think its a bad idea is not the point is it?”

    Whether or not I think it is a bad idea is *precisely* the point. See, I’m stating my opinion on his mods, not saying that they should be legally prohibited or some bullshit. Do you not see the difference??

    Wait, don’t answer that…

  168. i understand what you mean, and that point had been brought up serveral times, in this forum. but it is the choice of the individual no matter how bad it can be for ones life from anothers point of view

  169. Not really interested in re-reading the posts of someone who can’t spell the word “and” for comprehension. Thanks, though.

  170. Toph, I’m not debating whether or not it’s your choice. I sincerely hope that you prove me wrong and live a happy and fulfilled life.

  171. i really hate seeing people demonize the poor…i keep seeing all these welfare comments and people bitching about taxes going to jobless mod kids, and it makes me really sad…one reason, the bulk of welfare is actually CORPERATE welfare-government giving millions to big bussiness’ for expantion to stimulate economic growth… many of our tax dollars also go to blowing up countries and policing the world-and let’s not forget how much we dump into idealistic, bullshit agenda’s that will never solve much (war on drugs for instance)…and the only thing that never gets backed up by deliberation are the pay raises they give themselves yearly…so if toph here one day finds him needing a little extra support to eat one day-regardless if he did it to himself with his mod decisions-it won’t make that much of a difference in terms of taxes-we’ve been trading worthless paper for sometime now and dining on debt…one hungry modder isn’t going to make or break anything…

  172. an is an abbreviation of the word and,AN if all youve got can do is pick people up on grammar when you clearly dont have a grasp on it yourself youre clearly pretty sad,thanks also

  173. Erica,

    You failed to miss what I was saying I was saying that at one point or another there is someone out there who will judge you no matter if you look like Toph or if you have a lip ring. If people hate mods they hate mods- small ones, big ones, in your face ones, ones that change the way you look, ones that are hidden in special places ALL of them. If he stopped stretching his nose at say 8g and his labret at oh lets say 6g he would still not get most of jobs he applied for just for the simple fact that he has mods.

    “Mods are discriminated no matter the size, type or location.”

    yes yes they are….

  174. #231, very very well put !! Since when did the all mighty dollar mean so much.. oh wait….

  175. Totally of subject ….

    Laura I at least 75% of my clients are on welfare of one form or another and lemme tell you that most not only don’t need it but a good portion purposely milk the system and use welfare dollars to post bond for there criminal family members …so i officially call bullshit on your comment .

  176. #234: Trust me when I say that a guy with a hula girl tat on his shoulder from his navy days is viewed FAR differently from someone like Toph by the status quo. You don’t have to believe it, but it’s true.

  177. Why …Because I shouldn’t have to support someone for there lifestle choices ..just as I feel I shouldn’t have to support the lazy

  178. #237: Thats still not the point Im trying to make Im saying that no matter what mods you have people will judge you. Of course his are more extreme then most out there. Thats a given but MOST people, who wont hire people with mods, wont hire ANY people with mods. Be it size, or type ect.

    Im not arguing your point that a salior with an anchor tattoo will be more accepted then Toph BUT the fact still remains that mods are mods and if they dont hire people with mods then well – they dont.

    yuppers :)

  179. coming from the same background as toph. i know it brings on alot of struggle having big facial mods. granted mine have not pushed into the extremes that him and pauly have but its amazing that theyve pushed forward into whats new for modern grounds

    and Erica, it is EXTREMELY TRU bout being discriminated for his mods. whats funny is that i still work 2 retail jobs never having to hide anything. but i realize tons of kids out there struggle because of having whatever they do. SOME(!), usually a TINY few actually give people the chance to explain cuz curiousity gets the best of them and they ask questions. in that case its times like that i get a chance to explain myself and y ive done what i have and am able to get arround what i have

    but yes mods r mods. hell idk about other states but here in california purely for being VISIBLY modded im considered LEGALLY insane. i have tried to go in and get my paycheck for it but yes its true here… now how r u gonna tell me that isnt discrimination?

  180. 239: Okay, right, if an employer has a policy that he won’t hire anyone with any mods whatsoever, then yes, what you’re saying is correct. But more often than not, there is a gray area. Maybe you’re too entrenched in the hiring policies of minimum-wage corporate jobs like McDonalds where the rules are very black and white on paper. But when the employer is able to make a more subjective decision, say, a private golf course hiring landscapers, it DOES make a difference.

  181. Jeez, some people are such assholes on here…

    His mods aren’t really my “thing” but the interview was interesting and from the comments he left here he sounds like a really nice guy :)

  182. But plenty of people are more willing to hire someone with their 18g nostril piercing, than they are someone with 1/2 inch nostril piercings.

  183. 242. But in the same token cant you say that maybe some people will consider hireing him (in the grey/gray area) because hes qualified or seems like a good worker?

    hows my spelling?

  184. 246: Certainly. Hence I’d wait until securing a job before going forward with such mods, instead of gambling that it’ll happen.

  185. 243. yes and plenty of people are willing to give anyone a chance if they prove themselves to be worth the brush off of corporate rules. But yet again thats not the point I was making…

  186. Your point being what, that if someone discriminates against people with mods no matter what, they won’t hire someone with mods? Yes, I picked up on that tautology.

  187. i think its very very sad that everything has to come down to money,big deal some employers wont hire him im sure some will,some of you on the other hand are born to work

  188. I think Giles makes a really important point with “Since when did a social fund discriminate on the grounds of lifestyle choice?”

    Saying that people with piercings should be denied welfare is only a small step away from saying that pierced people should be denied an education (which happens all the time), to say nothing of other things like saying that people of certain religions, people who are out of the closet, and so on, should be restricted.

  189. ishinenotburn, your point is somewhat ridiculous. Yes, it’s true that someone who hates all types of mods will hate hate themm all, but trust my word on it: that someone *will* hate a labret bigger than most people’s ears than a simple ring, or a discrete tattoo. Trust me on something else, someone who might like tattoos and piercing definitely can hate lip plates. That’s the point. Toph has voluntarily thrown himself out of what most people deem acceptable. Yes, even people who like tattoos and some piercings would say that’s way over board, gross, etc.

    The fact that some people hate everything is irrelevant.

  190. Shannon…I don’t think anyone is saying that pierced people should be denied welfare ( although I think anyone who has $ for things like mods doesn’t need it ) I think the point is people shouldn’t be givin social assistance based on a choice but rather based on real need .

  191. If someone is choosing to abuse the system, for sure, that’s not cool… But if someone can’t get work because they CHOSE to look a certain way, we as a society — the society that denies them the ability to work — should be willing to pay into a welfare system that helps them out.

  192. Wow, what a shitstorm. If Toph is happy and comfortable like this, than good for him. So few people are able to achieve that. As far as jobs and money and all that go- none of that means anything if you’re not happy with yourself. Bravo Toph, for having the balls to do what makes you happy.

  193. If anything, this comment forum is a great example that even modded people can hate Toph’s mods.

  194. >>Why …Because I shouldn’t have to support someone for there lifestle choices ..just as I feel I shouldn’t have to support the lazy

    Welfare is not there for us to pick and choose who we wish to help, it is (or should be) an indiscriminate aid to those who (perhaps through employer discrimination) have been unable to obtain work.

    Should modded people really be forced into poverty by the ignorance of both employers and the welfare state?

  195. he was gainfuly employed at 2 jobs. recently moved and currently out of work. what part of “real need” does that not include?

  196. here’s my thing…when people throw the whole welfare card out there like they will somehow have to shoulder this guy because of his lifestyle choice, i can’t really take it seriously…as someone who has studied political science for 4 years, i’ve spent a great deal of time studying all aspects of the flield…a big part of almost every aspect is MONEY…and when you actually see where the money is REALLY going, it would make you sick…10,000 kids that can’t get jobs because of their nose plugs would be a non-issue. and perhaps if the out right discrimination became an issue to the point that it floods the welfare system, maybe then the government will do something to protect people from being descriminated for employement on those grounds…

  197. Don’t know Shannon. I wouldn’t want my money to go to someone who made a thought out decision to modify themselves in such a way they become mostly unemployable. I keep myself well within well defined limits, and am going to until I know that my choices are not likely to harm me and drive me into the welfare circle. I see no reason to pay for the livelihood of someone who decided to screw themselves over this way…

    Toph himself said he doesn’t want welfare. Hopefully he won’t need it, but if he does – it’s his problem as far as I’m concerned. He made the decision to go down that path, and he knew the consequences that could follow. (Toph is, of course, only an example.) There’s a difference between someone who loses the ability to work, for whatever reason, and one who brings himself into that situation voluntarily.

  198. As an Employer in a service field that deals with customers in their homes, I would be reluctant to hire a person with such extreme mods. I have an employee (Technician) with 1/2″ Lobe plugs, Tounge piercing and Various Tats. I’m not personally bothered by them, but I think some customers are not too cool with them.

    I think that some employers have reservations about hiring extremely modified people because they can’t force a customer to not be uncomfortable being around these folks.

    (people that would suggest that I shouldn’t be serving such customers are delusional–I don’t care. If a customer discriminated on basis of race or disability, would be different)

    When I was growing up, my mother scolded me for staring at someone who had been disfigured in a terrible accident. It wasn’t their choice.

    Folks that wish to render themselves into a subfunctional state should be prepared to have a hard time with it.

  199. Erica,

    “And can everyone who’s posting, “People should be allowed to do what they want with their OWN BODIES, they’re not hurting anyone else!” please STFU? That is so beyond the point it is ludicrous. Yes, people can do what they want to their own bodies, that doesn’t make it a good idea.”


    I would suggest rereading this comments forum. It may take a while, we can wait.

  200. I find myself agreeing with #263 here, to be honest. Some people get mods and use it as an *excuse* not to find work. However, Toph doesn’t seem like a bum to me; his diary entries indicate he’s been looking for a job and he truly does seem determined. He seems like a nice guy and I hope that he DOES secure himself a $120k/year landscaping company. I just would’ve given it a few more years to be absolutely sure that he’s in a position to look however he wants and still be financially independent.

  201. I see the points some of you are trying to make but would he really be secure in a job that hes been with for say 10 years? Whos to say he would have a
    secure hold in a company or job position if/when he started to mod himself in this way? Even with many years under your belt doesnt mean you have a secure job
    that wont let you go when your mods go past thier limits of what they’re willing to turn a blind eye on.

    So what does he do? Does he wait 5-10 years till he has a job that may or may not be secure and then have to start back at square one. Or does he do it now and take
    the gamble/risk of not finding a job (which hes proven he has had jobs looking like this) and live how he wants to live?

    Its all a bunch of maybe, what ifs, who knows. If he wants to find a job Im sure he will.

  202. Also, welfare isn’t what it used to be! People canNOT live off of welfare; you can only get cash for some many months for 3 years. Like 6 months every few years! Wic is to help poor moms but it’s not enough to feed a child for a month.. Even food stamps are not a “forever” thing. So if Toph (or any other modded persons) want to get on welfare, then go ahead! He’s had a job before and has paid his taxes! And even if he hasn’t, who cares? It’s not like he can live off of welfare for the rest of his life. It’ll help him until he gets a job and THEN can support himself.

    Anyway, I’ve had a job where I made $14+ an hour answering phones for a doctor’s office. I had a mohawk, pointed ears and tattoos. As long as I kept my tattoos covered, the doctor didn’t care since I never met with the public! He thought my ears were ‘neat’ since he read an article about them in some medical journal. It was rad and now that I’m out of school, I haven’t had anyone comment on my ears/hair either way..

  203. i tk its hilarious that people asume that becuase toph doesnt have a job at this moment, that hes never gonna have one. Also i think it would probably break some peoples hearts to know that since his mods, toph is truely happy (not naming names), and i feel the same way. You cant feel or understand exctly what someone else feels so you shoud never generalize or assume you do i say let them live and learn eperience is the best teachet, toph keep on keepin on becuase no matter how much negativity is spewing out, it has no effect on your life unless you let it, and its easy to say you honestly dont care what they say becuase the moment you leave the page its already just a memory

  204. RustY – I do want my money going to support people who make themselves difficult to hire, be it because of mods, or religion (which I disagree with anyway), sexuality, racial affectations, or any other factor that can be hidden. The whole point of welfare is to support people who fall through the cracks of society, not to reward people who are good little citizens.

  205. You have the right to state your opinion. That doesn’t change the fact that whether or not he has the “right” or if he’s “hurting anyone else” fails to address the debate of whether or not it’s a good idea.

    Wow, two people have told me to re-read the “It’s his body” arguments for comprehension. As if I haven’t heard that tired and irrelevant argument for years now.

  206. And you know, on that note I’m getting weary of seeing “re-read my post” or “re-read the comments” as a substitute for being able to articulate one’s own point of view.

  207. I think that modifying himself in this way at a young age will help Toph in his pursuits more than if he had waited till later on.Hes still a young kid,but that doesnt mean he doesnt know what he wants.So what if it is even for now,it can be reversed or changed not completely but my point is that when you start at a young age it allows you more time to get comfortable with who you are & the preceptions others have of you & also to realize, where you do fit in & what you can do as far a job.I mean he has ten years till hes 30 that he could use to figure out how to start his own business while hes doing whatever he wants.Anyone can get a job that is an able bodied man no matter what you look like,trust me, sometimes it just takes awhile.People need to stop pointing the finger & realize that just because your young & unemployed at the moment doesnt make someone a loser.People have to go through hard times to find themselves truly,… I believe.No one has a right to judge another person for what they beleive in there heart is right for them,… if there not hurting anyone else.Yes he may have stretched to quickly,its not a race but thats for him to deal with & accept the consequences of his actions which it seems hes aware of.Anyways thats what I know & I feel I can stand behind what I say because haivng a tattooed face carries a huge stigma as well, even though this may be even more extreme to some,its all the same.I just hope people will take time to slow down & do this in a way where in the long run it does look as good as it could & work for them in the best way.

  208. He thinks it’s a good idea. If you read the interview and his responses herein, I’d say he’s happy with his choice, and it word for him.

    You’ve stated your case.

    He’s not here to take your shit.

    Neither am I.

  209. All I want to say is I agree with Erica 100% on everything she has said thus far. It is far more easy for a person with an 18g nose screw to get a job than it would be for someone with a 1/2 in plug. Most people will look differently at the person with a giant lip plate than the one with a 14g ring. Someone said that mods are discriminated no matter the size type or location. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say mods are becoming far less discriminated. A person may be okay with the look of an eyebrow piercing, but it is possible for that same person to be disgusted by the look of a 2 in lip plate. Likewise, many people are okay and do not discriminate a person with a navel piercing, whereas they would discriminate against a person with a facial piercing of any size. Tattoos are a completely different story as well. Some people may be perfectly okay with piercings, for the fact they are temporary, and think a person with a tattoo is a complete idiot. Or someone who has tattoos them self may discriminate against a person with a very distasteful tattoo. And to go up another level, there’s scarification, for which I could list the same types of examples.

    Modifications are not always discriminated. Even when they are, they are not discriminated against evenly. Even modded people can discriminate against other modded people. Being modded myself, I’d be very much put off if I met someone with such a large lip plate in person. Not because I’m narrow minded or anything like that, but because its human nature to react to things out of the ordinary (though everyone will react differently- some curious, some disgusted, some pleased). So for me, obviously the size played into my reaction, for I don’t even take a second glance at a kid with a 14g ring in his lip.

    I suppose, in short, mods are not discriminated against evenly. Size, type, and location matter a whole heck of a lot.

  210. Wow, you know you’re right, I just re-read your comments and I get it now. I had NO IDEA that people have a right to do with their own bodies! And wow, they have a right to state their opinion too! Now I see! And that has SO MUCH TO DO with whether or not mutilating your face at age 20 is a good idea! You sure showed me.

  211. A. Bill, we have a minimum wage here so no one gets paid $6 I’M ENGLISH.
    Stop ASSUMING everyones american, And Toph i’m a fucking girl, i’m sick of the amount of people assuming I am male -_-
    “Flip some fucking burgers”
    Wow your motivational career talks are great.
    Do you not think i’ve applied to macdonalds?
    In fact i’ve applied to all the grotty cafes, cleaning jobs.
    Heck I would love to be a janitor.
    Don’t ASSUME that everything is the same everywhere in the world.
    I live on a very small island, every single job is wanted, very few vacancies ever.
    And here you get offered a job you don’t umm and ahh whether or not to take it you accept it.
    The only jobs are in tourism or for the council.
    Everyone wants to work for biffa here hence there are never any vacancies.
    And the only time there are any jobs are in the summer, most people here end up unemployed in the winter.
    It’s only just starting to come into season.

  212. I forgot to say, that as long as he is happy with every aspect of his life, that is all that matters. I hope he gets everything he wants from life.

    I just thought that comment about mods being discriminated no matter what, that there was no difference between mods, was asinine. So I suppose I got caught up in that. But I truly am not knocking his life choices, so long as they keep him happy.

  213. Fuck Bill you piss me off, I can’t even leave it.
    I would be an idiot if I didn’t apply everywhere possible, again and again just in case a vacancy comes up.
    I remove my mods for interviews and if asked I would choose the job.
    It’s not fun having just enough money to eat.
    And before you go on about affording mods and paying for the internet.
    Mods were when I had a job, and the internet comes free with my flat -_-

  214. I never said I don’t want to support people, and even though I assume you hadn’t meant to it’s implied in your post that I did.

    Sexuality, race, even religion to some extent are not a choice, they’re a given. Modifying your body is a choice. It’s a thought out, rational (I hope) decision to change your appearance (for whatever reasons).

    If you wish to support people who themselves chose to come to a position where they need that support, please do. You can setup your own little welfare system for the modified, and whoever wants to support those people will. I’ll continue to support people who fallen through the cracks, not those who forced their way through them.

    All of the above doesn’t mean I’d rather see people starve to death in the streets because of their decision. All I want to say is that some decisions should be taken more carefully, especially when they change your status withing a society so radically. Like it or not – we live in this society, and we need o work within it.

  215. Scienkoptic what as in do I have to live here/move away?
    Or do you mean commute?
    The only people that can afford to commute to the mainland everyday are the people in the high payed jobs, my sister is on £20k a year so $40 and she could only JUST afford to commute.
    And moving away isn’t really plausible as finding somewhere as cheap as I am now isn’t likley. Even when i get a full time job I’ll only just be able to pay my rent, so somewhere else i wouldn’t be able to afford it.
    To commute to the mainland everyday would cost me £25 a day

  216. 1. Re: Toph and Valentine’s Day. Damn, I’d spend Valentine’s Day with Toph in a heartbeat. Hook a sista’ up! :-D

    2. Re: CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? I usually stay out of the shit storms, but I kind of want to comment on this one. You may disagree with the way this site is run, who is running this site, their opinions, etc., but the simple fact of the matter is that this site has helped a lot of people. For example: I am a nanny to 2 girls, both of whom are deaf and both of whom were adopted from China. The oldest one is absolutely fascinated with my mods and constantly asks me questions about them. Recently, her questions have turned into, “How did they do that?” Now, anyone who has ever worked with kids knows they are never satisfied with just words. They want pictures – they understand things so much better with something tactile to see, feel, etc. So where did I go when the questions started rolling in? BME, of course. I sat down with her at the computer and scrolled through the piercing galleries (don’t worry, we kept it PG) and she had the opportunity to ask questions, get answers and learn something. Throughout the process, I made sure to explain not only how it was done, but how to do it safely and the consequences of doing it the wrong way. I stressed that all mods were a personal choice that individuals made based on personal tastes. When we were done, she looked at me and said, “I think I just like my ears pierced.”

    My point? Anyone saying that disseminating information is going to suddenly turn people into lemmings (well, more then they already are) is stupid. And, if some one does turn into a lemming, well, Darwin had some good ideas about what should happen to them. If a freaking nine-year-old can grasp the relatively simple concepts that BME stands for – personal choice, not letting society dictate how some one should or should live their lives, the safe and free sharing of information to educate and unite – then what’s our problem?

  217. 291:

    Excuses: The foundation upon which the house of failure is built.

    It’s not a real island you are trapped on.

    A computer and internet you have. I know people that have that much and do well designing websites and such.
    Hell they do it in their underwear or naked. No one even sees them.

    I guess if I still had to make a choice about food or computer, I’d eat the computer.

  218. XD it’s not a real island?
    err o.k wtf have you been smoking, i’ll walk across the water to the mainland shall I?
    People who have design skills are obviously going to do well at designing websites XD
    So you’re telling me selling my computer will get me a job?
    Might give it a go oh wait no, that makes no sense -_-
    You don’t even have a fucking clue where I live not a real island my fucking ass.

  219. i can’t help but feel as if the lip plate will be a hindrance in his acquiring an apprenticeship (to pierce, etc.) in the video where he stretched his septum, he seemed to uncontrollably drool a lot. if i was getting pierced by him, getting a microdermal done, etc., i wouldn’t want that risk as a client.

  220. Meh – I’m afraid I have to agree here with Erica also.

    People seem to overlook the in-between option, which is to say that while of course everyone has the right to do what they want with their own bodies, that doesn’t mean that it’s always a good idea. The blunt way to put it, I suppose, would be to say that everyone has the right and the freedom to be foolish. (Mind you, I say that as a general statement, not a direct comment to this thread only.)

    To agree that someone has the right to do something, doesn’t equate to needing to approve of their choices (and why should they need my approval anyway?), to never stating aloud “wow, I don’t think that’s a smart idea” (and not always with the “for ME, of course” on there) or needing to “respect” efforts merely because it’s a done thing and didn’t end badly. People do all sorts of things I find silly or reckless, and occasionally I’ll even say so, but that’s not the same thing as saying they’ve no right to do those things.

    As for mod discrimination – I must agree too that the opposition to having what are these days almost “common” small mods, is very much lessening. It’s still more outre than the sailor with the hula girl scenario, but stretched ears (quite outside the natural curve, but maybe not huge huge), pierced nostrils (not really stretched), I see people with those mods very commonly, also eyebrows, monroes, small labrets. Lip RINGS seem to be less accepted, perhaps because it goes over the lip. But – that’s just details, I only mean to say that, as Erica and Rusty have, there is a gradation. “If you’ll hate a lip plate you’ll hate a tattoo” just doesn’t ring true for me.

    Where is the line? The line moves. It used to be that any stretched ears at all were freakish, now, not so much.

    But at any given time, you can go “way out there” and cross that line.

    Once you do, yeah, it’s going to affect chances for employment, particularly if you’re starting out. Things are different once you’ve already got a resume as long as your arm. But even NOT in customer service, the “wow, crossed the line/that takes balls” out there mods, it’s not only the mod itself that’s the issue, it’s the fact that to many employers the message is “I don’t think about the long term consequences of my actions.” (It’s the same impulse that makes so many people’s first question on these sort of posts be “wow, where does he work? Does he have a job?”)

    Whether that’s a true statement or not, it’s the impression many people get, and so until the general impression of people willfully crossing that line changes (or your particular mod is no longer so “out there” just due to the line moving) it’s something you’ll have to deal with.

    I suppose it’s sort of chicken and egg, really, people get the “she doesn’t think about the long term consequences of her actions” because they assume the consquence is “she’ll never be hired in a million years and is naive enough to be okay with that” and then they won’t hire her due to that thoughtlessness, so those consequences then become real. Jobs on the entry levels, often there are many applicants, so any reason to cull the pool, they will, even if there ISN’T any outright ban on mods and even if the people will be working in the back. Obviously, it depends on the individual case, but there’s no way I would ever say that it doesn’t diminish your chances.

    I think these sort of impressions are also why people don’t ask those same sort of questions about the older people with “out there” mods, it’s assumed they must already be settled in some sort of life.

    Back to the actual thread, I appreciated the videos.

  221. CorpseEsproc – The $6 an hour was just a random lower number I pulled out of my ass. I’m sorry I havent kept up to date with standard English pay rates.

    I’ll leave everything else alone, since you seem to not be able to handle the stress of the internet.

  222. 296:

    Priorities: Some people don’t have any.
    I drive through some poor areas of town. Might be poorest in this region.
    Every F’ing one of those houses has one, two even three Satellite dishes on them.
    No money to learn a skill,or dig themselves out of a hole, but lots’o money for entertainment, gold teeth and spinning rims or monster trucks & lip plates.

    Some people are trapped in a place they have created. Give ‘em a million dollars and they’d find a way to return to position 0.

  223. or maybe people have different aspirations?i for example can live pretty comfortably on say £170 a week an that includes all the family stuff,i just save for mods an stuff people worship money an the highest thing most people can imagine reaching is some shit fuckin job for the rest of their lives woohoo!!

  224. Shannon:

    I don’t think any government should give “welfare” away without requiring the recipient to earn it.

    Money should be in the form of a paycheck for training. When you are done, you should have a skill & be employable.

    Counseling also.

  225. and why would welfare recipients need counselling?ive paid tax for like 10 years and i can honestly say i couldnt give a shit about people claiming the dole or what they spend it on,the goverment waste it on loadsa things i disagree with far more strongly,i also dont care if people work or not you get one life….

  226. I have allready explained, I do not pay for my internet, it comes included in my flat.
    I did not buy this pc either. It was a gift quite a few years ago, my stepdad built it for me.
    It is not the fastest but it works.
    I do not upgrade it or spend money on it.
    I do not have a sattelite dish.
    I do not go out shopping every pay day.
    I do not go out drinking every pay day.
    My prorities in looking for a job is something to cover the rent.
    Or with hours that I can have a second job to cover the rent.
    I do not remember the last time I bought myself new clothes.
    And about the training thing.
    It takes 6 months unempluyed here before they will help you with training. I attend everyday when I am on a course, as well as looking for work.
    “Money should be in the form of a paycheck for training. When you are done, you should have a skill & be employable”
    I have no problems with that, I WANT to be more employable, I have a cv padded out as much as possible but how much padding can you put?
    Work experience is great but if thats all you have they question why you don’t have a job.
    Counselling why that?
    Oh and Bill basic for my age is $9.20 an hour roughly.
    it’s not the stress of the’s people who assume.
    For a supposedly open minded bunch of people a lot of you are narrow minded.
    Priorities very true.
    but also Situations.
    Not everyone is in the same one -_-

  227. #49, never mind kissing i’m wondering how he goes down

    don’t get me wrong I’d love a lip plate that large one day (onlt 1″) for me but I want to eat a lot more girls first hah ;)

    but really a very good interview, I’ve had a few internet chats with toph and he’s lovwely, and it seems that he really does heal very quickly for stretching, more power to him, the amount of times i’ve upsized and had to downsize my lip :)

  228. true but there will always be people that work,there wont always be a welfare system though thats for sure,ive generally worked but ive had long terms of not doin so sometimes through choice and sometimes not,meh

  229. what i really like about those comment forums is the fact, that everyone in here seems to know exactly which way in life is best for everyone else…

    one could just accept the fact, that Toph has thought about- & made his decisions.

    one could as well appreciate the fact, that he is willing to share his story.

    but that would be way too easy, wouldn’t it?

    feels so much better, to give everyone who’s ‘different’ a hard time, doesn’t it?

    ‘why should he be able to live his dream, if i’m not strong enough to even try to live my own?’

    always a real pleasure to read comments in here!

    @Toph: thank you very much for sharing your story & big respect for your mods + the way you chose!

    i definitely wouldn’t be polite enough to walk in your shoes! ;)

  230. I keep thinking about an old Kinison routine about People starving in the desert:

    You shouldn’t feed them, you should move them to where the food is.

    This Toph guy though. I give him a lot of credit for accomplishing what he has. He’s got a tough road ahead.

  231. corpseEsproc i agree with you and mr 295 is being totaly unreasonable and the comment “Folks that wish to render themselves into a subfunctional state should be prepared to have a hard time with it.” just speaking for myself here i belive i was born with the desire to modify myself in the way that i have just the same way as a homosexual is born with their inclination (best comparison i could think of) it just takes us time to figure it out some do it sooner than other’s, since i have realised the way i wanted to look i have never been so happy and confident in myself. why cant people just let people be if you dont like something fair enough but there is no reason to be an ass about it im damn sure i dont go out in the street and start shunning society’s “normal people” so why should the modified have to deal with it i expect in in the street but not here. i bet half the people on here bitching that have mods to their prefurance get shit in the street also, so you would think they would have the respect not to do it to others who they deem to have gone to far if they do in my opinion they are no better than the next biggot sorry this kinda turned into a rant but its a subject close to my heart so i find it hard to stay composed

  232. What I like about the comment forum is that no one really knows much about much of anything.

    I sure don’t.
    I’m an f’ing idiot.

  233. man, I started to read all the comments, but, really, there’s so much “close-minded” thoughts that it just seems everyone wants to start an arguement here…
    like if you guys also don’t get a crusty piercing sometimes…
    and he looks quite hot just like this!

    by living in Brazil I would say that my experience is completely different; unless you work with body modification, it is very unlike that you’ll have any visible mod…
    but I quit my “future” as a body piercer to do university and, well, it’s true that if one gets into know you, this person won’t be bothered by your mods, but, unfortunately, this takes time… a lot of time!

    I’m the same age as Toph, but I still don’t have this courage to go further on my facial mods because I’m afraid of how my family would react and how would employers see me as portuguese teacher… I know that’s silly, but that’s my choice.

    to Toph: you’re really a rock star to manage to live your life like this and be proud of it; I can’t even tell how I look up to you!

  234. Did any of us ever modify our bodies expecting the world to be kind?
    Personally, I feel if you do not care for something you see or read about on this blog, then walk away from it-it is not only rude but really a waste of the time of all here to leave condescending and brutal critiques.
    Something I truly feel would be of benefit to all who could consider themselves as a part of a modified culture to take a stance of someone akin to an anthropologist.
    To bring something analogous to ethnocentrism to the table does nothing at all for understanding ourselves, what we have in common through present day modification, or what type of relationships it holds to the past.
    Think about it people, where do you draw the line? Are we not a culture? Let us judge ourselves for ourselves, and not by appeasing assumptions based on a spreading global mono-culture that would surely attempt do away with your right to express, modify, and enjoy your body as you see fit, if a price tag couldn’t be attached.

  235. –I wouldn’t want my money to go to someone who made a thought out decision to modify themselves in such a way they become mostly unemployable.–
    The problem is that HE IS NOT unemployable, some people would consider him unemployable because they’re not confortable with his figure, but he has nothing that would make him uncapable to work…

  236. To be honest,this isnt really my cup of tea,but i admire his determination to go big :D
    The white looks pretty bad ass too =D

  237. I am a completely tattooed 78 year old man. I am tattooed from my neck to my fingers to my toes. My ear lobes were stretched to 1-3/8 inches. I got most of my stares from older caucasians. I am leaving my plugs out because I can’t keep them. I reached accross my car seat, and the left plug popped out. It was too hard to put back in. I would get the plug in, then put the o-ring on. Then the plug would pop out. I am currently recovering from a mild stroke. I was hospitalized for two weeks, and not driving right now. As soon as I start to drive again, I will go to Black Hold in Portland, and have some smaller plugs inserted. I admire Toph for having the guts to do what he wants to do. His plugs look great. Best wishes to all. InkManLarry

  238. YES it is harder to get a job with any visible “unusual” modification than a tiny dainty nose stud. I don’t think anyone is arguing that. YES there are some jobs that won’t accept you. I don’t understand why these comments are even being suggested; I’m pretty positive EVERYONE recognizes these difficulties. Especially people who choose the heavier mods.

    I believe discrimination against modifications is extremely racist. I feel modifying yourself to the point where you’re having difficulty finding employment is a lot like being born into a discriminated population. Sure, you don’t have a choice of ethnicity, culture, disability (etc), but for a lot of us who get modified, we’re doing it for a reason bigger than “to look cool” or “because it’s a fad” or whatever. I know personally I feel more complete now (with the work that I have done) than I ever have before. For me, getting modified is a lot more than just for “fun” — it’s a huge part of who I am.

    Criticize me for that all you want; I don’t care, but for some of us, being modified isn’t a choice as much as it’s a drive from within. Sure, I could conform to what society tells me is acceptable and get the retail job (or whatever is so coveted), but I’d feel horrible with myself. And the acceptance and security that I have within MYSELF is worth a million times more than some pay cheque.

    To those of you so against someone on their personal journal through modification: I honestly truely hope you are able to find that comfort in your paycheques. Really, I do. And, on the same note, I’m glad you’re able to forfeit dreams of [whatever mod] due to your career choices. Congrats. But on the same note, you have to realize some people don’t hold the same values as you; some people would rather feel free to be themselves than to chase the dollar at any cost.

  239. …and to all of you who are so terrified of the choices this guy is making, I wonder: what are you so afraid of?

    Seriously. Because somehow I doubt that you’re so caught up in the drama out of fear that you’re going to be losing precious tax dollars to someone who is “beyond work due to mods”.

    So why do you fight this so horribly? I’d think people would be more receptive to the thought of others following their dreams.

  240. 240. You say “Why …Because I shouldn’t have to support someone for there lifestyle choices ..just as I feel I shouldn’t have to support the lazy”….
    So how about supporting someone who has to go on welfare or disability because of an illness due to a lifestyle choice like Smoking?

  241. theNOTHING/#310: If Toph can eat a hotdog through his gaping liphole, I’m sure you could manage to eat some pussy through yours.

    And as for the heavily modified finding jobs, well, isn’t that why they have call centers? :P

  242. What the fuck. How did my comment not get posted but other douchebag comments did? Bullshit.
    Anyways, my ORIGINAL comment was “I’d tap that”.

  243. The difference is that no one intentionally sets out to get cancer ..

  244. 328: You can’t exactly prove an illness is due to something like smoking. Some people are genetically predetermined to have cancer, or other ailments that are “caused” by smoking. Now, that is not to say smoking isn’t bad, or can agitate problems. You can’t prove that your cancer was caused by smoking, but you can prove that smoking causes cancer if that makes any sense. Who is to say you wouldn’t have lung cancer if you hadn’t smoked? Who knows.
    Being lazy and on government welfare and having cancer/ailments that can’t 100% be linked to smoking are two different things.
    Seriously, let us just give EVERYONE free handouts!
    Right, good idea.

  245. Phish – I don’t think people intentionally set out to be unemployed… Like the cancer, it’s an unintended — even if obvious — and undesired side effect.

  246. Ok TPTFK-Phish, That not my point.
    People’s lifestyle choices can affect their ability to work and you cant discriminate against them because of it.
    If the smoking comparison didn’t work maybe try, supporting someone who cant work and is on welfare or disability because they have contracted aids/hiv from unprotected sex?
    Or someone who cant work because they have damaged their body/mind too much from drug use?
    These people might need welfare to live, but their afflictions are all self imposed.
    So which is it? Welfare given based on a choice or real need?

  247. Next time I need a job counselor, I think I need to come here… except that I would have to remove everything that actually made me come here in the first place… ok bad idea.

  248. More seriously, I have seen posts here that were clearly polemic (and I know there were supposed to be.. fascist tatts ect) and right now I feel terrible for Toph, because I don’t ever recall these threads before get so much lynching on someone; as he is getting for giving an interview and opening about his mods. I hope he is stronger than I would be if I was judge by so many unknown people.

  249. I’m amazed at the amount of classist rhetoric here. I don’t know, I grew up poor because my mom was an unmarried single mom and people discriminated against her because of that. Should she have gotten married to someone she didn’t like, or have aborted myself and my little brother to get a job?
    Should a transsexual person NOT transition to their real gender because they might get fired? Should a Muslim woman not wear a hijab because of Islamophobia? These things are all TECHNICALLY choices but in each situation conforming to the norm would greatly hinder their happiness and (arguably?) their mental health.
    I pay the same taxes no matter what; the number of people who aren’t hired because they modify their bodies in such an extreme way and therefore end up on welfare is REALLY tiny and I doubt it even affects what I pay by a fraction of a penny. So saying that it’s a strain on YOU as an INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYER among MILLIONS of taxpayers is pretty ridic.

  250. On a complete side note, InkManLarry, you are awesome (and Shannon is right! You do look younger than 78!). Will you be my honorary grandfather? :-)

    I’m sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts for a speedy and easy recovery.

    May I rock as hard as you do, sir, when I am 78.

  251. all these people who think that theres no discrimination against simple more common mods – must not visit small towns often.

  252. “but what does that do for you, when you won’t even get a job as a waiter at some shitty truckstop?”

    “your mods render you completely unemployable in a number of industries”

    “following your dreams (as well as working a craptastic job for a while in order to achieve them) is one thing. Being a bum is completely different.”

    “unemployeed since christmas?
    jesus christ. That alone should show you
    why its a bad idea to go so far”

    Christ, since when did my grandma start posting comments on modblog?

  253. it sounds like theres alot of unhappy people commenting on this one. alot of the things said, i feel, were out of line and completely irrelevant to the article posted.

    very good interview. i was excited to finally see one with Toph on here:) go Toph.
    and go Shannon as well. i dont care about any of the dramatic bullshit nonsense, im glad he’s still keeping modblog interested to read. that archilles post blew my mind!

  254. #343 – I don’t think there’s no discrimination, I just think there is a range, and that it DOES make a difference how “out there” it is (again, based on what’s generally seen, what’s in the media, all sorts of factors, and with a moving line).

    Surely the town size (or really, demographics) DOES matter, absolutely – that’s part of the “are my mods going to get along with my environment?” question, and yeah, alas, sometimes they don’t. Some people alter the mods, some people change jobs, some people move, some people just put up with it, etc.

    FWIW it seems that things are at least moving in the right direction, even if it’s slow.

  255. Shannon, just out of curiousity, is there anyway we could get a before and after shot? It always great to see how someone can transform themselves with the proper motivation and will. And regardless of what anyone else says, I appreciate you posting these more “controversial” articles (this, the Achilles piercing, etc)

    and i just saw clerks 2, and noone else in the room knew why I was jumping up and down when you came onscreen…..

  256. wow, 344 comments as of me writing this one! i doubt there’s anything i can say that hasn’t already been said.

    regardless, congratulations, Toph, on doing a large part (pun intended) in widening the scope of what western society sees as “normal.” there is no such thing as “normal”; only the extent of what people choose to accept. and kudos to you on working towards slowly erasing that invisible envelope.

  257. Personally I don’t see how he is unemployable. He’s got 2 arms, 2 legs, a brain (plus experience in some jobs) and if someone doesn’t want to hire Toph just because he has a lip plate and giant nostrils, it’s his problem…
    Sure, jobs where you are constantly in contact with clients are mainly closed, but it’s not like it is the only kind of job you can get.

    Anyway, it’s funny because I found his youtube account about a week ago and I liked the videos.

  258. Sorry to say it but that picture of his nostril’s irked me a pretty lot. I’d never want that kinda scared tissue hanging off my nose.

  259. I completely agree with Erica.

    For those of you who insist he is not unemployable, how do you explain the fact that he can’t even get a minimum wage job at the mall or at Dollar General? He may be ABLE to physically put a package of paper plates on a shelf, but I don’t see anybody willing to hire him to do it! How else would you define “unemployable”?

    He’s only been out of work for 2 months, but he only pierced his lip 6 months ago! That means he has been unemployed for 33% of the time since he pierced his lip! Causality? Not necessarily. Correlation? DUH! Maybe instead of spending $8,000 on jewelry, he could have spent it on getting an education.

    Shannon, welfare is for people who have fallen through the cracks, not for people who have purposely WEDGED themselves into the cracks.

  260. First of all …

    I don’t hate his mods.

    All I was trying to point out was where might he get a job? Unless he is wealthy he will have to work. It takes money to live and eat.

    Again .. no hate for the mods. If that makes him happy, then cool. Just a simple question.

    Don’t get all pissy. ;)

  261. I wont comment on everything because it’s too extensive.
    How fast Toph stretched and whether he has blow out or not, shouldn’t matter. He seems very happy with his modifications and I haven’t read a complaint from him.
    He’s content and the modifications are his, why should you or I complain if he doesn’t?

  262. Seems like a cool, well adjusted young man.. I like his disposition, as you will. He talks openly on who has inspired him, and seems very positiive.. I agree about duff though.. she is a hottie for sure but also taken and therefore “off-limits” :)

  263. Clovertastic – 1. I can’t visit his page because I do not have my IAM access back yet, and 2. How do you know if that’s temporary from a fresh stretch, or permanent? I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed to show that their stretching technique is the best. Clearly what he did works for him.

  264. Kero …How is it discrimination?

    Im not saying people with mods shouldn’t be eligible for social programs

    Im saying that they shouldn’t get benefits based on it . Able bodied people should work …plane and simple . I can’t tell you how emasculating it would be for me to have live of the tit of society to support my family . I would rather do the worlds most undesirable jobs the take money I didn’t earn.

  265. Read between the lines regarding the employment comments. It’s not just about having a job. It’s part of the greater context of, “Why so fast? Why NOW?”.

  266. Shannon, because every single picture on his site shows a blowout. Even the ones in your interview, if you look close enough, you can see the ridges around his nose.

  267. I really don’t think they look particularly unusual, and certainly better than average, including on people who choose a slower path to stretching.

  268. He admits that he had scar tissue scalpeled off his labret more than once. While you can argue that everything ended up “okay,” that hardly makes it sound like the stretching was all peaches and cream.

  269. As you say, it’s in the interview. Nothing is being hidden.

    My opinion from what I can see is that it’s fine. His opinion seems to be the same. If someone else wants to draw a different conclusion, that’s alright, but I hope they’ll apply those conclusions to their own life more so than trying to force it onto his.

  270. why are you so worried about how his nose stretching look like? and Shannon is right, even some lobes stretched more “carefully” with “better techniques” have more tissue than his nose

  271. well Toph, im just glad that you managed to stretch up that quickly with no bad consequences. i know some people that go into my towns piercing shop that would be very envious of you! I hope the job hunting is successful soon also, and i do think that people like you help to change things, because the people you talk to and educate generally go on to educate other people. Ive seen that happen with regards to ear stretching here in Southport which is a rather conservative nasty little town. Anyway, all the best for the future!

  272. 1) It’s funny how people try so hard to be “BME Cool.”

    2) People may act like they’re taking you seriously to your face, but the second you leave, I can guarantee that 99% of those people are making fun of the idiot with the giant holes all over his face, interviewers included.

    3) The whole “I just wanted to be me” thing has been totally played out and doesn’t make people think you’re deep. It makes most people think you’re a moron. The bulk of society allows their personality to determine who, exactly, they are – not some big holes in their face that will only prove to hinder interaction with others. It’s off-putting, to say the least.

    4) It’s amazing how an employer goes from offering you a $120,000/year company to firing you. Somehow, I’m guessing something is missing there.

    5) Both my wife and myself are heavily modified and have been sitting here wondering what they fuck you’re thinking.


    Fucking gross.

  273. its amazing how up your own arse you actually sound and im sure a lot of people look at you and your “heavily modified” wife and wonder what the fuck,im thinking that without ever seeing either one of you

  274. OMG! the picture in comment #366!!!

    toph, please slow down…listen to your body…i mean REALLY listen…and consider ALL OF THE SCARRING along the way…you seem like a nice guy, and its great you are willing to go this route and accept the pitfalls-i in no way judge you, and even if you did get on foodstamps one day-i wouldn’t fault you for it…its not fair to be discriminated against-and why should you not eat because of a flaw in the system that allows it to go on…but you are going to destroy those holes if you keep pushing it much farther so quick…if you are content going this route, atleast have something to show for it all and pace yourself, before you destroy those piercings and end up with nothing but blow outs and tears for all your sacrifices…

  275. Certainly if this conversation underscores one thing, it’s the difficulty of Toph’s path — even many self-proclaimed (how true the statement is I don’t know) heavily modified people seem to have a LOT of trouble wrapping their heads around what he’s doing with any sense of decency.

  276. When it gets to 371 comments, you know someone’s been stirring it up. :)
    And when it comes to stretching, everyone is a bigger expert than everyone else, right?

  277. You’re only unemployable if you set your standards higher than the low paying jobs. You can do menial labour and have mods, work in a factory or industrial district.

    I work a job where I’m more highly qualified than all of my bosses and get paid less than a lot of my friends, but at the end of the day the money’s not too bad and they don’t care about visible tatts or piercings :) mod friendly!

    Its really about whether you want to work for little money. And to me, little money is better than none!

  278. I think a few people need to keep in mind that if it weren’t for Shannon we wouldn’t have this website to use and in some cases abuse, and he still puts his heart and soul into it inspite of the negativity that people bring.
    Thank you Shannon for everything.

    And good on Toph for not taking all the negative comments to heart. I really have a lot of respect for you. I don’t think I’d ever want to take my stretching as far as you, but the attitude and example you set really is something we all can look up to.

  279. original_sly – Oh, I don’t know about that — I think higher end jobs are sometimes more permissive (you just have to be ultratalented)! Admittedly Toph has gone much further than Alvar, but NASA is happy to hire the modified. :)

    FredBecca – Thanks, and I agree, Toph definitely gets my respect for weathering this shitstorm!!!

  280. I can’t believe this discussion is still going on.

    It’s his face…it’s his life… how does it effect anyone here at all? Let’s debate about what other freedoms others should/should not have…

    Should a woman be able to have an abortion? Should gay people allowed to get married? Should I be allowed to carry a gun? Should I be allowed to show my tattoos in public? Should I just get sent to a camp because we live in a police state where some one can’t express themselves with out being ridiculed? ;) The media has trained you people well!!!

    My personal opinion has nothing to do with this guy’s face other than I wouldn’t choose it. Now I am going to say “fuck Shannon for publishing such material”? Obviously not…..

    And what is with all the disclaimer talk? Really people wake up!!!

  281. ROFL!

    You all are missing the point.

    I simply asked where will he get a job? Never once did I say anything about hating his mods, or welfare, or not being able to go to school.

    A simple question that is so blown out of proportion because people read what they want instead of what is there.

    It has nothing to do with Shannon or his interview.

    Just a simple question: Where will Toph work? I’m simply curious as to the job opportunities that might be open to him. I never once meant to imply he was not able to be employed.


  282. NASA is happy to hire people who are highly qualified in their field. I’m thinking a twenty year old landscaper isn’t going to get an interview with them whether his face is jacked up or not.

  283. #377
    …and there’s the rub, yeah. When you have a resume as long as your arm, or a lot of education at least, people are willing to look beyond appearance, because there’s not a big pool. If you’re one of 131489341023946 people with similar skills, then not so much, quite frankly, because it’s easy enough to not gamble, say “no” and go to the next guy in line.

    Welcome to the internet. No one is saying anyone should be legally prohibited from doing whatever it is they want to do with their own bodies. No one.

    But if you post pictures of yourself on the ‘net, invariably some are going to start picking at you. Some people will say, hey, that’s a bad idea. They might even say “I think that’s such a bad idea that I’m laughing and I would advise anyone else not to do it.” Is that prohibiting? No. Restricting freedoms? No, it isn’t. It’s being critical.

    I don’t see one post here claiming that this guy or any like him with similar ambition should be prohibited from what they do. But, people are asking questions about the line that most people have sensed, if they’ve done the job interview circuit. The edges are always the most interesting, and that’s why people ask[1], and quite frankly, the other side of “wow, that takes balls” I think is the recognition that you’re crossing that line. If there were no repercussions of crossing the line, there would be no “wow that takes balls.” No line, no balls cred.

    I’m happy such things are posted, I think they do widen what people are familiar with and eventually willing to accept. But the line moving, while still in the permissive direction, is slow. Furthermore, the discussion is more interesting than the usual gaggle of posts all saying “wow, that’s great” or better yet “yes I think that’s great! See how openminded I am??”

    (Mind you, I do enjoy “wow thats great” posts detailing what they think is great. There’s a lot of great stuff.)

    Happily the line is moving though. In customer service just this week I’ve seen some people with multiple very large ear grommets per ear, with rings through those. I make a point to tell the wearers that I like it.

    [1] Particularly on fora like these, because there are a lot of people who realize that it’s rude to just walk up to some random guy in the street and say “wow, man, how does having a lip plate affect your life?” but if someone is voluntarily doing an interview, will eagerly read it and sincerely have questions about that. I was happy to see the videos linked, because it did answer some questions I’d be shy to ask in person, as your random straight-laced going-grey nerd.

  284. While I wouldnt choose this look for me Im always fascinated by the people pushing the envelope, testing the limits of their body.

    The rate that Toph stretched at is rather fast, but clearly its worked for him.

    Theres currently a big shitfest on the BAF forums about this interview because they have hardons for a stretching FAQ that the owner of the site wrote and they treat it like a holy scripture.

  285. i just find it sad that 80 percent of these comments are the kind of shit that you would read from people who have never seen a stretched ear, much less and lip plate before.

    when did modblog become so close minded.

    btw, while watching tophs youtube vids, i stumbled across this jewel:

  286. Maybe I’m simplifying things but I reckon the reason that a lot of African American people stared at him:

    (“I’ve found that I get more attention from middle aged and older African Americans than I do from white teens and young adults… I don’t know why but I like it.”)

    might be due to the fact that this kind of lip stretching is historically more prevalent there.
    Go here for a gallery that would blow young Toph out of the water and many of the comments that go with it:

    And of course this always makes me wonder if white culture (excuse the terribly general term) had a ceremonial reason for doing stuff like this, instead of what appears to be a more decorative one, would we all have the same negativity towards it? I doubt it.

    However on the flip side of that, this extremely interesting and funny moment from the great Scottish pioneer David Livingstone:

    David Livingstone asked a chief the reason for them [the huge lip plugs on the ladies] and in surprise the chief answered:

    “For beauty! They are the only beautiful things women have. Men have beards, women have none. What kind of person would she be without Pelele ? She would not be a woman at all.”

    Go the Scots.

    Also from that web page: In southern Chad, lip plugs might exceed 6 inches. Large sized plugs afforded greater status to the wearer.

    There you have it: status and decoration, much like big gold chains, Tag Heuer watches, Prada mobile phones, diamond rings etc etc.
    Different culture different ideas – what a surprise.

    I predict the same kind of plugs on the upper lip soon, here on ModBlog. Watch this space.

    And for all you money/welfare Fascists out there – go fuck yourselves.

  287. I predict the same kind of plugs on the upper lip soon, here on ModBlog. Watch this space.

    couldn’t agree more with ferg

  288. I’ve read all the posts after this interview (remember, it was an interview, right?!).

    Toph – respect, good on you son. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the interview.

    Shannon – respect, it must be a bitch trying to do what you are, in the midst of such ignorance. Stay calm ;)

    I thought this site was for information, and a community of modified people. It’s difficult to cut through the shit and get to that information when so many people bitch. Less of that please.

    Anyway, I have a degree in Human Biosciences, and have worked for about 2 months in the last 3 years since I graduated. This is because I didn’t want to work. It’s been brilliant, getting up at the crack of noon, veging out all day, doing as I please. You learn to live within your means, sometimes I would blow £100s, sometimes I could afford just a 12p loaf of bread. I live in a house, I have the internet, I have my health, I am happy. Now I’m trying to move out of poverty and do something I enjoy.

    Respect people’s differences, smile at your similarities.
    At the end of the day, we’re alone, even around those who love you, you are only one consciousness, and therefore we should be ourselves more. It doesn’t matter what people do, how they look at you or how you are percieved, as long as you are happy yourself, it doesn’t matter. Thus why body modification is constantly evolving. You’re born alone and you die alone. Love yourself. Make your own informed descisions.

    Enough of the bullshit, back to BME!

    Can anyone think of a use for Toph’s lip…?!
    (And no, 2009′s Goodyear range is out of the question… ;)

  289. An indigenous African tribe member stretches their labret in an entirely different context from an American teenager and it’s misleading to equate the two.

  290. ferg,

    Yes, I was noting that it is those with a historical perspective that were more accepting of his mods in public.

    Different “subculture” therefore different ideas?

  291. #383

    I dont know about the rest of the US (or the world) But I’d say 95% of the black people around here have NO CLUE that lip and ear stretching started from their ancestors. Even though there are pics of tribes members on the wall of my shop. When I point it out, it blows their mind.

  292. #388 ..majority of AA know where such practices come from. Don’t let the few you “pointed” it out to confuse you.

  293. Bill – Suggesting that African Americans don’t know that ear stretching was popular in tribal cultures in Africa seems rather ridiculous to me, as that’s pretty much common knowledge, isn’t it?

    And I think it’s important to point out that ear stretching is far from an “African thing” — it existed in just about every ethic group and every part of the world at one point in history.

  294. I can’t agree that his mods are amazing when he rushed so fast, earn your shit, take your time, we all make mistakes here and there but god damn..

  295. Paleblue, if the stretching is done for beauty then it fits my point as their lip plugs were also done for the same reason according to the chief.
    Consequently he too has some status in his own community (BME) like the Africans in the pictures on that web site.
    Beauty and status: the comparison is the objective and the objectives in this case are the same.

    I don’t see which part is misleading for you.

  296. Yes, but the BME community is still a subculture community in the modern American society at large.

    Simply read the comments above, indicating that in many places there is still discrimination against the modified, never mind the comments which seem to claim that there is no difference between a lip plate and nose ring in that regard.

    There is also the never-ending debate over whether or not breast implants should be considered body modification or not, and usually the argument for “no” comes down to a claim that while breast implants are done to fit in, other body modifications such as the ones done on this site are done to stand OUT, to be different from the norm.

    In a society where the mainstream norm (meaning, the custom of the rulers on downward, not a subset) is to have lip plates, then the decision to get a lip plate will be, I would imagine, somewhat different than a decision to get even an identical lip plate by a young person in the modern United States. If nothing else, his parents don’t have lip plates. Again, it’s back to the “that takes balls” comments. It maybe takes less balls, if your parents are assuming from your birth that well, of course you’ll have the mod like every other person your age has it.

    There is certainly “beauty” in common, but there is a difference between “normative, common beauty” and “wow, that’s beautiful – but very, very unusual, I’ve never seen that on any remotely local before.”

    I do think there is a good and very valid point to the idea of having status in the BME subcommunity, though, which also comes up in the breast augmentation threads.

    Aside from all that – is there a group that only has upper lip plates? I’ve seen lower (though always in still photos – part of the reason I really enjoyed seeing the youtube videos posted here was getting a chance to see how they MOVE) and I’ve read that some of those people do both lips… now I’m curious. I suppose I should google around.

  297. -way back to #184- Haha. Oklahoma does have shitty weather… but at least it’s never boring!

    -Do people forget that we’re talking about actual human beings here and not some abstract concept? It’s really hurtful to say such negative things. You can disapprove all you want, but it’s not nice to be so disrespectful to your fellow man. Maybe you think my mom dresses me funny, but I don’t think you ought to devote the internet to questioning whether or not I’m a good person based on it. So, let’s call it a day and agree to disagree.

    p.s. Toph, I hope you’re not feeling down because people are mean. XOXO

  298. I really enjoyed the interview and reading the comments. It reminded me of when I finally decided to stretch my ears past the “safe” zone (where they could shrink back). I realized during college that I would be miserable working at any job that wasn’t related to my field of study (music), so I knew that if my ears were stretched it would force me to excel at what I do and get the job I want, rather than settling with some bullshit office job like so many liberal arts majors end up doing.

    So Toph, I’m glad to hear that you’re an art student now and that you’re trying to get into a piercing shop. It’s great to see that you can enjoy being yourself.

  299. To be honest, this interview opened my eyes a whole lot. On my IAM page, there’s a really long version of this, but here’s the summary:

    The only criticism that I support in this whole ordeal is the fact that he stretched his piercings way too fast. I’m not saying that some can’t healthily stretch that fast, but his stretches have OBVIOUS damage. I support stretching, but not one when it’s detrimental to the health of one’s piercings.

    I don’t support those who are saying he’s going to get on walfare and stuff. Even if he does get on welfare, there is no way he can life just on welfare. He’ll have to get some type of job somewhere.

    Who remembers ten years ago when if you had a nostril piercing, you were the outcast of society? Now they’re some of the most sought after fashion accessories. How do you know stretched nostrils and labrets won’t be the trend in 10 years? You don’t, so stop bitching about the future. There’s no way you can change society unless you fight for it.

    Toph, I support your stretching 100%, but I can’t say I support the damage you’ve done to yourself. Keep on following your heart, and good lck with the job hunt.

  300. Shannon, it can seem ridiculous to you, but since you do not live here, and have not met the same people I have, it seems a little ridiculous to me to make the assumption that I dont know what I’m talking about. I did not say that all or even most african americans do not know about it. I only refered to those around me.

  301. This is a good reminder of just how much people can, and will, read into appearance.

    Bill, what is it perhaps about those in your area that makes them different?

  302. i dont get y so many people even threw out this whole fuckin community cant agknowledge that, yes, standards have been set as a generalization for the general public cuz the general public has no fuckin clue about their bodies. so generalizations like streaching each 3 months AT minimum is for those who dont know. its not something that ALL must fallow cuz thats defined law.

    were all different, plain and simple. we all heal differently, thats y pauly can take on whatever fuckin project n then another like 2 days later. we all react to things differently and we all streach differently. FLAT FUCKIN OUT! no one is like anyone else, so all that comes threw in all this hatred towards all these people speaking out is jealousy or ignorance. both in most cases


    in response to the post above me. about 3 months is the amount of time it takes for collegen to adequetely build back up in the tissue after a stretch. it helps prevent scarring and the tissue becoming weak. yes, you can stretch faster-but its not recommended because of the risk of tissue damage that could occur. those jacked up nostrils and severe swelling in the pic comment in #366 (or you can even refer to his lateset video blog and see the scarring is back) and the scarring he keeps having to remove from his lip are all signs of …STRETCHING TOO QUICKLY…stretching isn’t supposed to be tramatic-and that scarring and severe swelling are signs of trama.
    its not my place or anyone else’s to tell toph how to live his life, or judge him by his appearance. and the welfare debates are a bit stupid. But obviously, these piercings are important to him-enough so that he’s sacraficed his marriage & family and social acceptance for them. so he should be encouraged to take better care of them. ESPECIALLY BY A WEB SITE THAT CENTERS AROUND MODIFICATION-AND CHOSE TO FEATURE HIS PICS AND STORY.
    i’m not saying he shouldn’t of been featured. this is obviously interesting enough that over 400 people felt compelled to comment. but it would of been a much more informative piece if he (as well as the poster) been more forth coming about all the scarring he’s endured along the way. let people know that going so quick had alot of disadvantages, maybe inform the readers how he approached each scarring challenge… instead of defending his ‘amazing stretching abilities’ when those actually trained to know better, step in and point out the obvious.
    obviously we all have a love for modification and have conflicting ideas on how we think it should evole, and different reasons and methods for protecting it. but ultimately we all have the same goal-it’s preservation. one thing i’ve noticed over the years that has done nothing but good for it is INFORMATION.

    Toph, i wish you luck on your journey…i do hope you take care of your piercings and possibly consider that SOME of these comments were merely just concerned individuals and professionals who just want to see you not destroy your piercings, when its obvious they are very important to you.

  304. My personal opinion is he’s rather sexy :) He’s not stretching other peoples piercings. Its HIS face not yours, I dont know why people feel the need to bitch so much. Its not even like hes telling others to stretch that quickly just stating what he has done. BME is mean to be a community for friends not a place to judge others based on what they choose to do with their own body.

  305. Rachel is 100% right.
    I respect Toph a lot and love his iam and youtube.

    I am abit sad that he is taking a break from iam.
    I guess he was annoyed by many people on here.

    I would like to hear from you on here or youtube very soon.
    I posted on your latest youtube video about the nostrils without jewelry.

  306. toph some suggestions for mod friendly work opportunities:
    basically search out something w/out customer interaction.

    without training:
    warehouse work (fed ex, grocery distributors, etc)
    call centers
    line cook

    if you get training:
    lab technician
    IT guy (back end)

  307. forgive me if this has already been said, there’s 400+ posts here and I don’t really have the patience to read them all

    I can’t understand why this man is being praised for stretching so fast when the average person would be very much put down for it?

    and you say that his stretches are fine, when he mentions having to cut off scar tissue from his lip, when if he’s stretched slowly this wouldn’t have occured in the first place. He also mentions having no problems with his tongue apart from blood! since when is it considered healthy for stretches to bleed?

    I’m sorry if for some reason you disagree with me, but those do not seem like signs of a healthy stretch at all

  308. Toph, I can imagine that scalpelling to 6mm one day and then stretching to 9 the next would actually also cause your tongue to bleed? as making a day old wound larger should

    and I see you have no justification for the scar tissue

    I didn’t mean my most to sound like a personal attack, but its just the idea that these were posted as healthy stretches when clearly they are not, as healthy stretches shouldn’t have such problems

  309. I don’t understand why people feel the need to be mean to someone they don’t know. It obviously makes him happy and that’s all that matters. If it makes someone happy to jog through a suburban community naked dragging a red wagon with a giant inflatable penis in it, then more power to ‘em. You don’t have to agree with someone in order to accept them, especially when what they’re doing has no effect on you what-so-ever.

  310. yh he has gone up really fast fair enuff to him he did it fast with few problems nothing wrong with that i found the whole mods for his wife thing a bit extreme like iv only been with my gf 10 mounths but if she told me 2 take my mods out id just say ill go smaller and no bigger like i said 2 her il lgo no bigger then 30mm but i no shed never leave me if i went bigger but for that women 2 be his wife he must of been with her a few years

    i think thats a bad its not me bein mean i just can relate to the mods or me thing but my gf doesent seem 2 mind its just i love my gf so much it worrys me 2 loose her but man some gd mods

  311. Pingback: ModBlog - Interview with GC and Duff Posted - Body modification and ritual blog sponsored by

  312. Depends on your body, but you can stretch faster then that, this is going to sound stupid but I stretched and downsized fast, so I knew I stretched easily. I went swimming in a creek with a newly stretch ear (bad idea) and it got infected. I took out the jewelry and it went from 1″ down to 8g in about 12 hours. So I knew I stretched easy, once it healed I was back up to 28mm in 3 weeks :D

    Stupid I know, but it works for me, I have healthier ears then my friend who has taken 2 years to get to 22mm

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