Should I be scared?

Maybe it’s the opium talking, but seriously, does anyone else see a face, maybe two, in that Amboyna Burl plug that Paul Debruyn (Paul’s Plugs) made? In any case, if you haven’t already checked it out, visit the custom body jewelry gallery on BME – it’s an excellent place to find small vendors that can make you one-of-a-kind jewelry if you can’t find what you’re looking for at BMEshop or your local studio…


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45 thoughts on “Should I be scared?

  1. Mariess – Hahha, not that I have an issue with self-promotion, but I’m promoting friends (folks in the jewelry gallery, and Ryan and Corrie from BMEshop), not myself! I haven’t made jewelry in ten years now… I do miss it though.

  2. yep, there’s definitely a face there.

    by the way, have you (or the person responsible) looked at the RSS settings for a way to include the pictures in the RSS feeds, so that those of us who read modblog in an agregator don’t have to switch to a web browser to see the pictures? i asked about it a while ago and you (or whoever responded to me) said to remind them about it, so i thought i’d ask… 8)

  3. Strange, it’s set to show the full posts in my settings… I’ll have to do a little checking as to why it’s not doing so — it may be a modification that’s been done to this particular install but I’m not sure at the moment.

  4. yeah dude, I thought “face” before I even thought “plug”

    I definitely want some of that freaky shit in my ears.(not sarcasm)

  5. yeah, paul mentioned the face when he originally posted that pic in the custom jewelry forum. its kinda terrifying.

  6. Wierd and beautiful. But I agree…I think there’s a wood sprite in there and he’s not happy ;p

  7. I see the face of a bearded man in the lower half of the left plug. But I see the scream in the right one as well.

  8. Shannon: What kind of jewellery did you make? I’m wondering because my grandfather has a lathe and I’d like him to teach me wood turning. How do you prepare a piece like a pair of wood plugs? What do you finish it with? Oils? Is there some kind of… body jewellery DIY tutorial website?

  9. I see a face and I don’t know why but my first thought when seeing it was: “Leatherface”

    Although now that I think about it “The Book of the dead” comes to mind too lol

  10. dimruthien ~ cruise home depot for wood workers and offer them cookies and beer in exchange for lessons. it’s social networking at its finest. mainly because it involves beer.

  11. ok, there’s a face in the right one. but, let me know if i’m a pervert or something, i can clearly see a hardcore scene in the left one! (upper part = spread legs)

  12. I also see the scream (or at least his cousin).

    The color on these is great. I’ve seen some earrings (regular cheese-wire style with the pendant part just hanging) made of polished cross section heather, which this sort of reminds me of too.

  13. I see a bat face in the left with a huge snout and a grotesque looking face in the right with possesed demon eyes..maybe i got the bad batch of shannons LOL

  14. ha, i thought it was an alien monkey, and then i read the entry and realised that it probably isn’t meant to be there.

  15. This was the first time I’ve seen the jewelry gallery, but it won’t be the last. Good idea.

    BTW, the right one is clearly a flaming skull. The left one … well, #31 has given me ideas.

  16. Funny when paul posted these in the custom forum I totally missed the face in the right one but I saw the mother mary in the left one.

    Interesting what we can see in the grain of wood. Congratulations to paul for making modblog with these interesting plugs.

  17. for some reason i see this and think of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” painting. I think its the colors.

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