The magic of Dermablend

Whenever the discussion turns to “can you still get a job with facial mods”, I always think of Bronte_1975 (I know this entry is a little repetitive), who covers up her facial tattoos for work. I know it’s not an option for piercings, let alone lip plates, of course.


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53 thoughts on “The magic of Dermablend

  1. Her facial tattoos are beautiful! Also, wow, I’ve heard of Dermablend but I didn’t think it’s be THAT good!

  2. No importa cuantas veces publiquen fotografias de este tipo, siempre son impresionantes en especial si te hacen sentir que hay alternativas.

  3. i once saw a repportage on national geografic on tattoos. and there was a japanese guy who was completeley covered in tattoos. but he always covered them up with some make-up. i’m not sure but i think he was a professor at university.

  4. its always amazing to see how well that product works, almost as amazing as how different ppl look with out there facial work esp if you know them well.

    anybody have any idea how well this product would cover knuckle tattoos? just thinking about it lately and it seems with all the motion and wrinkles it could possibly not work all that well. just thinking out loud

  5. I’m totally floored by how well that works… but does it look thick and pasty and cake-face like?

  6. NOW I know what I need to use to hide my tattoos from my family. Totally going to order some of this before my aunts wedding.

  7. I love how my girlfriend is a make-up artist. I never need to worry aboot covering up tattoos, since she’s talented enough to do it herself :)

  8. I just LOVE her facial tattoos! They re amazing!
    And the dermablend works miracles. Though I remain curious how it works with rain & if it looks as good with other light (sunshine n all)

  9. Not sure about other countries, but here in the NL most proper drug stores or Vichy dealers can help you with Dermablend. Everytime I see Bronte’s pics I’m amazed by the great coverage of this stuff.

  10. Just so others aren’t as surprised by this as I was: Dermablend is not a miracle cream. You still need to know how to apply makeup, and it takes more than just this to cover the tattoo and blend it to your skin tone. It took me a long time to figure out how to cover my facial tattoo work, and I found that a simple Mary Kay combination works way better than Dermablend.

    As always, your mileage may vary.

  11. Wow, I never knew it could work that well. Of course, it’s understandable that you need to know how to use makeup to make this work, but I’ve heard so many stories about people using it to cover scars and tattoos, nice to see someone who’s been able to successfully use it :)

  12. The thing with dermablend…visit their counter and ask their rep to show you how the makeup can hide your tattoos. It works very well. I used it on my body and it survived getting wet.

  13. MAC concealer also works really well for coverage of things like scars or tattoos. in my main gallery on IAM, my first picture is of me with makeup over the red scars left from my cheek piercings. its water resistant and stays on for ages, if properly set with powder.

  14. Where can i find dermablend. I’ve heard of it and i would like to get some but don’t know where to get it.

  15. I dont think dermablend would look to good on a dude haha,but it looks great on her.The facial tattoos make here even more beautiful in my eyes,I love the placement of them it really fits her face perfectly.

  16. Her tattoos look lovely :)

    @ #7 – I think I saw a bit about the same guy on a National Geographic documentary called ‘Taboo’ about body modification, tribal and Western. He was this little Japanese guy who looked totally unremarkable and ‘respectable’, and then he took off his clothes, make-up and these glove things he wore and he was absolutely covered in tattoos! It was amazing!

  17. Thats an awesome cover up job. I’d like to see someone cover up a solid black strip somewhere just to see how effective it is on more “outstanding” tattoos.

  18. The tattoos on her face obviously make her very happy to go to the effort to cover them up on a weekly basis for work!

  19. The makeup is sweat proof and water proof. i’ve been caught in a down poor of rain and the makeup didn’t smudge. It’s not regular makeup. It does look like I’m wearing heavy makeup but people often just think “oh she wears a lot of makeup”…kind of like Tammy Fay Baker. I’d rather people in the corporate office comment on my heavy makeup than facial tattoos. It’s a small sacrifice.

    I also cut the bronzing powder with baby powder to get a more custom shade to my skin tone. If you speak to other people who use Dermablend you can find more tricks to customizing the shades.

    Thanks Shannon for including me here once again!

  20. Dermablend is a specialty makeup developed for use by people with large birth marks and the like and was, for a period, only available through therapy centres, doctors and dermatologists. There are specific guidelines to using it (such as warming it on the palm area) that help with coverage. It works best if you also buy the setting powder which enables people to swim etc without losing coverage. Really, there is no comparison with standard concealers once you know how to use the product properly. If you are in the U.S.A, you can buy it online at

  21. Bronte is beautiful, her inked face is wonderful. And, it is comforting that one can cover up when society makes it more preferable to do so. Facial tattoos rock!

  22. On Bronte’s tattoos, as they’re all small and I haven’t seen the cover-up on the neck tattoo I think it’s important to point out that Dermablend works very well with -small- pieces. My experience and the experience of others has suggested this method will not work well for medium and larger pieces.


    As someone who covers knuckles up for tattoos at work with dermablend, it’s by no means as difficult to spot as the facial applications are for the reason that make-up on a face (even with boys) is understandable and sort of unquestioned but make-up on hands just looks wierd, and no matter how you apply the dermablend it will be noticeable you have make-up on your hands.

    From a distance, yeah, no problem. But if you have any type of job where you write for clients (or students, in my case) they will notice.

  23. i think its wonderful that she can look the way she wants, but on mainstream society’s time, she can fit right in.

  24. You can buy dermablend in the UK from many sources, if you google/other search engine for stage or theatrical make up, you’ll get a whole heap of results come up and most of them will carry the whole dermablend range, which includes a mini set for camoflage which will has the main colours you’ll need to hide any tattooing, IIRC, it also came with a leaflet explaining what to do, but basically you need to take and practise if you’ve never really used make up before. Put a reddish colour over the black/dark colours and a green tone over the reds to do the majority of the neutralising, set it with the dermablend powder, then use the other shades to mix a tone to match with the surround natural skin colour and gently dab (don’t rub) it over the area you’re camoflaging, and again set with the powder. If you’re know you’re going to be exposing the area to water, you can also get a stronger fixative. The main thing is to practice.

    If you have a large area to cover, probably better to see a professional make up artist and get it airbrushed for that special occasion.

    couple of links to where I get my am dram groups make up from with their dermacolour range: (their quick guide to using it)

    It’s not cheap, but a little will go a long way, and like most things, there’s definitely tricks to application that will help if you can find someone to teach/demonstrate it to you

  25. Dookie,

    I think the question is rather obvious. When a woman wears make-up on her face/neck we don’t question that it’s there. However when a man noticeably wears make-up people tend to start asking questions. “is it workable on men” is an obvious question, IE: does it look natural enough that it won’t be questioned on men?

    Not everyone is as enlightened as to assume it’s ok for men to wear make-up.

  26. No really Dermablend is THAT GOOD. Ive used it for my tattoos lots of times, and mine are alot harder to cover up.

    where to get it: best brand ive ever used it by MAKE UP FOR EVER, at Most Sephora locations

    Not to mention…its not that bad for your skin, I break out really easy, and ive never had an issue with it.


  27. i think that the tattoos really bring out her inner self. without them she looks rather plain. but beautiful none the less. but that’s just me. nice to be back by the way.

  28. Dermablend IS that good. I used it when I had to get my present job for the interview. Her tattoos are beautiful; too bad she has to cover them up.

  29. i’d like to see a short vid of her removing the make up and exposing her tattoos, possibly with some scripted fictional dialogue, which i will provide upon request

  30. Well she is a lady and they are such nice tattoos on such a pretty face that you have to be in awe with her. There is balance and symmetry to it all that compliments Bronte’s beauty. Thanks for your pics Bronte

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