Tentacle Implants

Speaking of squishy sea creature modifications, these tentacle suction-cup implants were done by Dark Freak at Luck All in Sao Paulo, Brasil.


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60 thoughts on “Tentacle Implants

  1. Too much fun, but seeing octopus always makes me hungry, and now I want to chew on his arm. He better watch out around seafood lovers – we’re Hobbesian in our approach to food.

  2. Very cool idea. They would look more like tentacles if they were on the inside of his arm. I wish there were more of them.

  3. Awesome! I agree with kt very cool idea! Is there any way to get that kind of stuff on the inside of your arm?

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  5. thats awesome, i personally have never seen something like that before. i think it would be great to have an entire under-arm of suction-cup implants!

  6. those are the only implants i have seen that i’ve really, really liked. they’re crazy awesome.

  7. You know I’d never seriously considered wanting implants but this may change my mind. It warms my Cthulhu loving heart.

    Tekeli-li! tekeli-li!

  8. I dont know why but I laughed at this. Its beyond awesome. I hope those stay and if he could really get some suction out of them that’d be even more awesome.

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  10. The producer is one of a kind, got an interview with him floating about somewhere… his movies are also well there is nothing like it and when I saw those suckers I just had to wonder if he was inspired by jap tentacle sex and maybe even the 2 or 3 genki octopus movies <3

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  13. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it’s cool but not much thought put into it…wouldn’t it have been cooler if he had a octopus tattoo that worked with the implants, so the tattoo actually became somewhat 3D…now it just looks like a couple of skin type quarters….

  14. kinda cool I guess… but the OCD is burning in me and all I can see is that they’re not in a straight line… would have been cooler on the inner arm

  15. Can he shoot ink from his dink,
    Or spontaneously change his color,
    squeeze into tight spaces?

    Looks like he came down with Octopox?

    i cant believe how freaking awesome that is i HAVE TO HAVE THEM ON MY INNER ARMS AND INNER THIGHS!!!!


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  18. holy crap! thats the best implant idea i have ever seen!
    people is smarts fer thinking outside of boxes and such.

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  20. Does anybody know what the jewellery shape actually is?

    It sort of looks like some facial domes I have, when I flip them upside-down. Hmmn.. Maybe its just the picture, but it actually looks like they protrude more than just circle shape implants would.

    Love the look and they will look SO much nicer on the top of the arm than underneath, due to skin thickness/elasticity.

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  24. It´s only one visual joke,is not a really ,only a tatoo ,goof!!!
    Don´t have nothing up the skin!!!
    Only more one brazilian clown!!!

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  29. These guys are funny. It’s very entertaining looking at what they do to their bodies! I’d never want to do something like this to myself… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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