The Anal Starfish Tattoo

As promised, something fun and ass-related for you, with R’s starfish tattoo — I’m not sure if I pity his partners or am jealous of the hilarity of the scene — done by that poor bastard Tattoo Ron from Tattoo Centre Alkmaar in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Continue reading for the full tattoo and an action shot (of the tattooing procedure, not some other sort of anus-related action) .




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106 thoughts on “The Anal Starfish Tattoo

  1. i cant help but think about how much that would suck to heal.
    id actually be really interested in some sort of mini how he healed it interview

  2. yeah it would be weird healing, youd be tempted to walk around itching your ass all day.

    and hell, wronius sounds about right, lets go with that

  3. ya know hull, thats a good point, i didnt even think about that.

    hell im surprised the guy even tattooed him right there. potentially an inconvenience charge there eh?

  4. 1.) His ass must itch sooooo bad
    2.) Could there be complications or higher risk of infection because of where it’s placed? You can’t very well not poop for 2 weeks!

  5. i hope hes not gay or any parter of his will feel like they are fucking sponge bob!!!!!!
    i think i would feel pretty awkward…..
    anyways, thats gotta ITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think he’s just holding his balls up so the photo can be taken… It looks like they’re still there.

    I think I would laugh a lot if I took some guy home and discovered this tattoo!

  7. I clicked “read more” and was really expecting something a lot more cringeworthy, but I ended up thinking it’s pretty cool… although I agree that it seems like it would be the bitch from hell to heal.

  8. My mind wonders how you even think ” I want a starfish tattooed on my pooper”.

    And I’d love to see the doctor’s face when he has to have his next medical…

  9. and i swear that dude has no wang
    i was convinced it was a woman till
    i saw everyone saying “he”

  10. There seems to be a scar north of the brown hole…

    Strangely… I can’t.. seem to.. look… away..

  11. I’d be curious to know how it healed too. With the moisture in that area and the friction created when one is walking….That had to be terribly uncomfortable.

  12. My balls are really in the unfinished 8-ball. And, NO, I’m not gay. My wife loves the starfish very much.
    I did it because afull bodysuit means really full, also my ass.

    Greetings, Me

  13. That is priceless! I totally wish I had thought of that first, haha! Now my brain is going to be racing like crazy, trying to come up with another good idea for an ass tattoo…hmmmmmm. But yeah, a bit of a shocker for a sexual partner, eh?! In a good/funny/hysterical way. Wow, I totally love this!

  14. Hmmmm, I have fire tatted on my ass. As far as itching, there wasn’t any, and actually, the healing process was shorter than normal. My tat was done with me on my knees, and my knees hurt more than the actual process.

  15. Shannon~ i wiki’d raphe
    i always just called that a gouche…
    at first i thought it was like a baby vagina
    haha mann, i love that everyones supporting
    his cornhole

  16. It is true, it was not itching at all. The healing took about a week. I will send the healed starfish as soon as possible.


  17. I was just thinking ‘wow you only see these things in America’ when I noticed it was done here in the Netherlands. I keep scrollin’ up and down again, can’t take my eyes off it haha… Aaarghh!
    I really like the concept, but I agree with SgtReznor about the quality of the tattoo…

  18. if i were the tattooist doing this, i’d definately be wearing a mask and goggles, to avoid any harmful fumes…and splashback…

  19. #67 ewwwwww!!! hahaha!!! This is soooooo funny!!! One of mine is on my backside too, although it is on my right cheek. It is a blue Motorola batwing “M” with acircle around it about 2 inches in diameter. I got it in 2000 when I lost my 22 year position with the co. due to them going offshore.

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  21. Someone should interview this guy. It would be really interesting to know how he came up with this idea and how was the whole process. How do you tell a tattooist “I want to get my asshole tattooed”? I also would like to know what is that scar he has.
    Is it my idea or is there where his balls should be? I may be imagining things now… this freaked me out a little

  22. Ummm post-op tattoo celebration? ‘Cause ya’ll do notice 2 holes and some sorta slit action. C’mon. You can see it. No?

  23. I as a tattoo artist have to say i think te most uncomfortable part of a tatt like this would have to be when the hair grows back in…thats itchy!!!!

  24. Ahhhhh how the HELL DID YOU WIPE YOUR ASS????? You cannot tell me doo-doo didn’t get into that! Grotz….I mean c’mon did you hold that poo in for 3 weeks??? CANNONBALL!!!!!!!!

  25. fucking gross….. im sure it got infected as soon as he took a shit. that asshole doesnt look very normal or heathy. why?!!!!!!!!

  26. It must have sucked at healing. Just imaging every time you too a dump you would have to disinfect the area.
    But hey who can say that have a starfish on them that actual can take a real dump haha

    But really. I am a fan of tattoos but who would want to put that on their butt?

    The only kind of tattoo i like is the one i seen online where a female has a monkey on her private area so her privates look like the moneys mouth. Haha

  27. I’ve been wanting a small tattoo around my ring for quite some time, but can’t find a tattooist that will do one around that area. I also want a small one done on my butt cheek, but none I’ve found will do it there either. I must live in a very rightous society or something. There must be a tattooist around the Central West to Newcaslte area of NSW or I”ve no hope of my dream tats being realised. And yes, I’m gay and proud of it … if you must use labels.

    On the tat above, hmm, not that big, noooooo way, but it’s a good tat all the same.

  28. I think it’s rather cool, but am also interested as to it’s healing…how do you keep it clean when… also how do you keep it dry?

    I’m wanting a small spiders web around my anus, but trying to find a tattooist in NSW to do it is near impossible.

  29. hmmm,,,,looks like a vagina to me,,,,but not 100%,,,,as far as the tattoo goes….it looks like crap. i could have done a better tattoo with my hands on fire.

  30. LMFAO! This is GREAT! My husband did a image search for “chocolate starfish” and this is what we found. Though i have to admit the comments were the best part!

  31. Intriguing and disturbing on so many levels, it cam up while I was
    looking for erotic tattoo’s… It’s an eye catcher for sure.

  32. where are his ballls?? this raphe thing is a joke. i have balls, and there aint no balls or wang in this here picter.

  33. what a total pole smoker! look at me, look at me……… why is everyone looking at me!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  34. yall keep sayin the person is a “he” that got the tat. i might be wrong but i believe thats a vajayjay on that person. tell me if you see different

  35. Is everyone here frickin blind or just on crack, it’s a woman with the tat. The caption is wrong.

  36. Are you? That’s an anus. Thankfully that’s not what a vagina looks like. Also, you can see dude’s ball sack which he is cupping in the second picture. Just because he’s pulling his dick and balls up does not mean they are not there and no vagina looks like an anus and no vagina is located in your asshole.

  37. Apparently not a lot of the guys commenting on this shave their nuts, because that’s what it is. His nuts are shaved and tattooed. I was actually thinking of getting a really mean looking octopus done in the same fashion but having the legs wrap up the whole way above my waste band so people will be like “Oh what’s that” and I will gladly show them with out warning >:D

  38. hahaha i think i get it, if you think of how a starfish eats, a starfish mouth under its body (pretty much where the guys anus is!) yeah…. but if you really know how it eats, you get some nasty thoughts when you think of the starfish on that guys ass eating something…… eh……………

  39. I am booked in to get a flame emanating from my ring up to just below my balls .. not cheap to get done, but will be happy when it’s done, all I’m worried about is how it’s going to hurt me when getting it done, heard that this area is rather a bad spot for painful tats.

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