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  1. Why does he sign all of his work? I feel like they kind of distract from the tattoo itself..

  2. ha! that is waaaay better than previous cere tattoos… like the tractor…that one was pretty intense.

    This one looks not all that great but solid – like it was meant to look that way…and therefore is cute.

  3. that is one of the cutest tattoos ever, and it’s not THAT bad, it’s silly so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

  4. i used to be on iam and i’ve seen cere’s page and all the pictures of topless women who have tattoos of his name, or in this case by him. but i still don’t really understand why. perhaps i’ll read the wiki entry, but could someone explain why? i’m sure he’s a nice fellow, or something, but what does he do exactly?

  5. Im currently waiting to be a verified pro. Theres no reasons why I should be denied (except perhaps political) as i fit the criteria perfectly.

  6. And cat, im not sure if you know this or not, but I do know Brian Decker.

    And ive NEVER had an implant ive done reject.

  7. I think you have to know Cere “IN REAL LIFE” to understand… plus he’s that guy that knows Brian Decker.

  8. You really shouldn’t get tattooed by a guy who knows as little about contamination and pathogens as Cere. In fact, there’s probably no one more dangerous, currently, to be tattooed by.

    Please let this one through shannon, so that I don’t have to tell everyone that you knew all about Cere illegally selling silicone to practitioners all over the place.

  9. Cere’s a great guy. He says I’m the best. It’s bragging, I know, but it is documented. 😉

  10. he’s improving by leaps and bounds now that i’ve introduced him to stencils and given him a few pointers… but the artwork he produces for the tattoos are totally his and 100% amazing.

    oh cere, i love you.

    … and if the haters don’t get it by now, they never will.

  11. holy crap Cere! colour me impressed dude! I remember you talking about all this and when you did the first piece I was like: “YIKES” lol but now man like Joy said, leaps and bounds!

    So when you gonna tattoo your face on someone? 😉

    as for WHY he signs it…Its a work of art…So ask yourself why do painting artists,etc sign their paintings when they are done?

    Now that Cere is progressing in the skill, I honestly don’t think his signature takes away from the tattoo.

  12. Cora: I would never in a million years sell someone silicone, I mean how on Earth would I even get my hands on a substance like that! All i sell is a carving material, that i make no claims on its composition. 🙂

    As far as contamination… pffft…

    Dont make me rub some MRSA on ya.

  13. Signing (or initialling) tattoos is hardly unheard of or even uncommon nor is the collecting of ‘name tattoos’ and souvenier tattoos from people who are not otherwise tattoo artists

    You would probably have to know something of tattoo beyond (and before) the internet for such references though 🙂

    Viva Cere!

  14. Everyone is treating it a as a joke and thats cool but Cere did my tattoo under clean and professional circumstances. I was so relieved when I saw the results.Everyone had me thinking it would be awful but its adorable. I hang out in a Tattoo Shop and have been sin-cere-ly complemented on it. Everytime I look at it I smile. And the tattoo always smiles back. As to the uncrustable–Jeez how many people could pull that off?! Beautiful. And from what I hear the design was created spur of the moment. Cere-iously inspired.

  15. Cere, remember that proof of purchase you sent me? That nice little invoice with your name on it? Remember, when I was demanding to know the exact composition of what you were selling? I’m sure you’d recognize it again.

    I still have it. But do keep offending me.

  16. Cere, I’m not trying to get you to be afraid of me, actually I find the thought that anyone is afraid of me quite horrifying.

    But here’s the facts: I’m not the only one who has a copy of what you sent me, because while I am certainly not be feared, I am equally certainly no goddamn fool. Rest well assured that I’ll never do anything with a further reach than a post on a blog or a forum. You can trust in that.

    However, I also know that you’re a malicious tool who cannot be trusted, which is why ten other people had copies of that document within an hour after I received it. Every document I’ve ever gotten my hands on that makes anyone look like an idiot (or a criminal) automatically gets disseminated among a small group of people, just in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow.

    So while you can assuredly trust that I’ll probably never see the need to post what you sent me (because youre a shitty tattoo artist who gives people diseases? thats hardly a reason), and that it’s not anyone else’s place to post it, I can imagine a scene in which you say the wrong thing to the wrong person and suddenly your supplier won’t send you anything again.

    I’ll sum up:

    This is a very, very small scene and you need to be nice.

  17. jeez….i hope there aren’t many people that only know about tattooing from the internet….

    some people just prefer custom spur of the moment art from experienced artists that are also experienced tattoo artists….and some people have lots of friends that fit in that category…

    but hey….i guess tattoos that look like they were done by a child are cool too…

  18. “This is a very, very small scene and you need to be nice.”

    I dont think ive ever heard worse advice in my life. Especially from you. Anyone can say anything they want about me, i really dont care. Whether its these “documents” that you claim are spread around and I know dont even exist, or straight lies (“who gives people diseases”).

    Considering I dont sell silicone, why would i care if my “supplier” stopped selling? Thats like me telling you to start kissing my ass or Im gonna make the tooth fairy stop hanging out with you.

    You might intimidate some of these kids around here James, but it really doesnt work on me. And if you didnt want people to be afraid of you, you wouldn’t be running around threatening people.

  19. Id also like to point out about the “I have to be nice rule”.

    Ive always been nice to you James. It wasnt until a few posts ago, that you started attacking me. Take your own advice.

  20. What are you so upset about, cere? Aren’t you the happy clown who lives to get rises out of people?

    Did I just get a rise out of you? Two breathtakingly defensive responses back to back, too. I really didn’t think you’d do it.

    You’ve been piddling in my “getting a rise” territory for years. The bitchslap was a necessary reminder of my superiority.

    Now run along and go sell some more illegal silicone to morons who don’t know any better.

  21. my cere tattoo was done in a filthy hotel room and was possibly the most sterile thing ever! wouldnt have it any other way. why would i want cere to tattoo me if i didnt want to end up with hep C?

    but seriously, stop being an idiot. everyone that lets cere tattoo them knows hes not a “professional” and that he as limited experience (or none, in my case). they are also not idiots, and are very aware of possible contamination issues. Seeing as how they are all iam members, i assume they are fairly versed on sterility issues, etc. free choice, its an amazing thing, isnt it?

    if you dont want a cere tattoo, dont get one. its pretty simple.

  22. Yes yttrx, youve succeeded on getting a rise out of me, although i dont htink you can really chalk it up to superiority or a victory of sorts as what got the rise out me was the fact that you would blatantly LIE instead of using the truth to do it.

    What got a rise out of me was your claims of my “dirtyness”.

    Since youve never seen me work, I have no clue how you stand to make such a claim.

    And since I know, the opposite to be true, the fact that you would resort to lying to mar me and amke yourself feel better got a rise out of me.

    Wanna knock me down, theres ton of REAL shit you could go off on, i dont see your pathetic need to make shit up.

  23. Who said anything about knocking you down, cere? What the hell would the point of THAT be?

    It’s not like you’ll ever be tattooing any one of my friends, so beyond getting the rise, what would the point have been?

  24. Wait, Cere, you know the toothfairy? This changes everything. Oh, and I think that since I’ve given you my thigh to tattoo, I want to be the proud owner of your first self portrait.

  25. Well josh, if this post happens to get through shannon’s bullshit moderation (and really shannon, how long is this going to continue?), you’re happy to come to NYC and meet me in person and see for yourself exactly what I’m like. I’ve extended that offer to *everyone* who’s accused me of being something other in real life than what I appear to be in print.

    So, you’re welcome to meet me. Feel free to email [email protected] to set up a time and place, and if you’re old enough and not a pansy, maybe we can even get a beer.

  26. Cere is an active member of one of the most reutable suspension crews around, Rights Of Passage. In working with them he has demonstrated a competent knowledge of universal precautions and blood borne pathogen awareness. Often with suspension we do them in less than ideal conditions and locations and a trained member of a reputable group, knows how to deal with these and make the best of the situation. There is no doubt in my mind he could easily apply these concepts to tattooing to ensure a safe procedure. As for his art and technical skills that may be up for debate, but the fact is his clients know what they are getting themselves into so why should anyone give a fuck what they choose to do and who they choose to work on them? His tattoos may not be as tasteful and classy as the “What Would Sean Do?” tattoos, but they are kinda cool. I’d let him tattoo my taint for sure.

    By the way, there is really no greater compliment than getting yttrx’s panties in a bunch.

  27. The whole point of getting a tattoo from him is that it’s gonna be crappy and funny. No one gets one thinking it’s going to look professional. Not to mention that Cere could put OSHA and the board of health (any board of health) to S-H-A-M-E with his knowledge of pathogens/contamination ect. Oh yeah then there’s the part where cere is one awesome fuck of a guy with a million friends and you sir, are a weiner.

  28. if i were you cere i would not even respond to yttrx…he seems to lack an intelligence and awareness for reality…well actually if i were you, i bust a nut over myself…

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